The SBI Show: Episode 132 (Previewing MLS Week 7, talking expansion, and more)

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Technical difficulties prevented us from posting Episode 132 of The SBI Show last week when originally scheduled, but with so many good topics covered on the episode, we decided it was better late than never.

Episode 132 of The SBI Show previewed MLS Week Seven, while also touching on a multitude of topics ranging from promotion and relegation, to the U.S. national team World Cup roster, and more.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly also had our latest edition of Head-to-Head Q&A, where we asked each other questions about any number of topics.

Give Episode 132 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:


What did you think of the show? Glad we ran it late instead of scrapping it altogether? Agree with our take on promotion and relegation? Which co-host’s favorite movies selections did you like more?

Share your thoughts below.






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14 Responses to The SBI Show: Episode 132 (Previewing MLS Week 7, talking expansion, and more)

  1. Neruda says:

    The relegation rant episode. I’m excited for the full relegation episode if this was just a taste.

    • Lindells says:

      To hear Ives rant, whine and moan about people being mis-informed or having opinions different from his own? Count me out. This episode had very close to my limit concerning that. Thanks to Garret for reeling him back in eventually.

      • Brad says:

        For some reason, I don’t mind Ives on the rant, the same way that I do Simon Borg, for instance.

        • Lindells says:

          I can see that. They’re both colorful and charged. I can appreciate that. It’s just not exactly what I look for when a new episode drops.

      • Dace says:

        Didn’t hear any whining or moaning, maybe you’re one of those people he was talking about…a bit butt-hurt that he’s got a soapbox and megaphone when you don’t?

  2. Chris says:

    Warriors is fantastic. Shame on you, Garrett.

  3. Brad says:

    Ives and Garret: Whats with the complaining about how bad the shows have been, during the show recently? I think that if we are still listening to this show 132 shows in, it’s safe to assume we already have pretty low expectations to begin with. 😉

    There is no need to qualify an episode by how you feel its going. This is one of the better soccer podcasts going. Besides, I would hate to have to find something different to listen to while I do my laundry.

  4. Douglas MaKitten says:

    Guys, love the podcast and I have listened to every one of them. I’m glad you posted this one, even though a lot of it is — to be kind — unfocused and it is way late. However you really should have edited out your MLS Week 7 previews since the games have already have been played and this podcast is a very long 82 minutes.

    • Scott says:

      Long, late and rambling. Long is usually good, but factor in the other 2 and… Hunt for this on the way home from work and am usually happy to see a new show drop. Turned this one off to listen to local talk radio. The guys don’t seem to be into it lately. Dropping a show with predictions, after the games are played, seems clumsy. Hope that they get back on track.

  5. Dace says:

    Good call on the FCD-TFC score Ives, totally agree that Blas hasn’t gotten going yet but he was in the right place at the right time for the winner, so he’s on the right track.

  6. bryan says:

    Garrett going with San Diego and Stockholm. couldn’t agree more on those two picks!

  7. MisterJC says:

    I love the shows, and I especially love the self q & a’s. Do those more often, please. I didn’t mind the nature of this show, and didn’t think it was garbage at all. I listen to the show because of the two of you, not necessarily because I agree with every piece of analytic thought y’all give, which I don’t at times. If the show was always structured and concise every time, it’s likely I would not listen nearly as much as I do. Please continue to keep up the great work…