The SBI Show: Episode 133 (Recapping MLS Week 7, Talking American Abroad, and more)

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The SBI Show is back after a brief hiatus, and there was no shortage of topics to discuss after an eventful week in Major League Soccer.

Episode 133 of The SBI Show took a look back at MLS Week Seven, which featured Real Salt Lake’s latest victory against the Portland Timbers, as well as several comebacks.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discussed all the latest on the MLS expansion front, including updates on stadium situations in Orlando and Miami.

Give Episode 133 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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12 Responses to The SBI Show: Episode 133 (Recapping MLS Week 7, Talking American Abroad, and more)

  1. Dainja says:

    You’ve outdone yourself with this intro, IG! Where do you think I got my Dj name from??? For real.

    “Put out the word, Blahzay has emerged!”

  2. bryan says:

    oh man, two episodes in one day.

  3. Todd says:


    Just wanted to say I loved episode 132, I couldn’t stop laughing at my desk. Its good not to take the show so serious. Also, greatest movie ever has to be Braveheart, hands down.

  4. Brad says:

    I need to find more laundry to do to fit the 2nd episode in today!

  5. Dace says:

    Shenanigans, Ives! You said a couple of times that Bradley wasn’t playing for Toronto, when he started and went 90.

    Good showing against Seattle, win over (an admittedly weakened yet still dangerous) TFC, and probably the most deadly set piece team in the league… Unless we have an epic downfall like last season (not gonna happen under Oscar) we’re set for a place in the playoffs. We won’t have many if any players leaving for WC duty so we should be able to hold firm throughout the whole year and make a good deep run into both the USOC and the playoffs, if not winning one or both (both may be a bit ambitious).

    I know we won’t be moving up to first next week unless the wheels come off for RSL, but if we blow out DC away then there will be a case to be made.

  6. MMV says:

    Did Garret drop the F-Bomb at roughly 44:30 of the podcast???? Love it, it so!

  7. Bill Carroll says:

    Ives were you drinking durning your last show, you stated “KC would run away with the east unless Toronto got their act together” you can’t believe that Toronto is the 2nd best team in the east.

  8. MisterJC says:

    Solid show, folks.

    Ives, can you (or anyone else that knows) tell me the name of the intro beat, please? Thanks in advance…