SBI MLS Save of the Week: Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Photo by Michael Janosz/

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6 Responses to SBI MLS Save of the Week: Dan Kennedy

  1. slowleftarm says:

    Great shot from Dax and great save from Kennedy. If it wasn’t for Kennedy’s saves in the second half, RBNY wins that game fairly comfortably.

  2. Horsewhistle says:

    I’ve seen Kennedy play but don’t have an opinion how he compares to the other MLS keepers getting the USMNT call ups behind Rimando. Is it a combination of Kennedy’s age and that he plays for Chivas? I’ve always felt him to be a top MLS keeper and would appreciate some insights.

    • SilverRey says:

      One of the best things a keeper can do during his career is play for a really bad teamt. Lots of shot stopping practice….

    • beto says:

      +1, Hamid and Johnson certainly have potential and along with Cropper are best suited to take over in a couple cycles from now, hence the call ups.

      If Jurgen was to call the 3 best US-MLS keepers today id say Rimando, Kennedy and Tally Hall

  3. Paul Miller says:

    Don’t mean to sound too cynical but was that really a great save? A soft shot from beyond the 18, keeper was back on the line with a lot of time to watch the ball, and the it wasn’t even headed for the upper corner. That was two casual shuffle steps, and while Kennedy was right not to try to pull it down, he also added some agile theatrics to it (as keepers like to do when taking a ball over the crossbar).

    • Horsewhistle says:

      Paul, personally when I provide criticism I usually like to provide an alternative view, so I would be interested in knowing what your MLS save from last week was and maybe those two can be compared?