Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

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For many, Wednesday brings about the midweek blues. However, don’t fear, soccer fans, as there are a variety of games to keep your head on straight right in the middle of your work week.

Headlining Wednesday’s action is the most recent edition of European soccer’s biggest rivalry: El Classico. Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona , who currently sit second and third in La Liga, respectively, collide in Wednesday’s Copa del Rey final in what has a chance to be both clubs’ best chance at ending their 2013-14 campaign with a trophy. Barcelona enter the matchup having been upset in their last league game against midtable Granada. However, Real Madrid will be without Cristiano Ronaldo due to a nagging hamstring injury.

In England, the Premier League schedule features two of the five teams vying for Champions League qualification, as Manchester City takes on relegation-threatened Sunderland, while Everton hosts Crystal Palace. The Citizens, who were knocked off by league leaders Liverpool over the weekend, currently sit seven points back in third place with two games in hand on both Chelsea and the aforementioned Reds. Meanwhile, Everton will look to once again leapfrog Arsenal for the fourth and final Champions League qualification spot.

Back stateside, the New York Red Bulls look to pick up their first win of the 2014 season when they host the Philadelphia Union, who look to improve upon three draws from their last three outings.

In other action, Bayern Munich will take on second division side Kaiserslautern in the DFB Pokal semifinals, while AS Monaco faces Guingamp in the Coupe de France. Finally, a trio of Copa Libertadores rounds out the day’s action, as Lanus hosts Santos, Leon takes on Bolivar and Cruzeiro matches up with Cerro Porteño.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action. (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

2:30pm – Bayern Munich vs.Kaiserslautern –  ESPN3

2:45pm – Everton vs. Crystal Palace – NBC Sports Live Extra

2:45pm- Manchester City vs. Sunderland – NBCSN

3:30pm – Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – ESPN

6:00pm- Lanus vs. Santos Laguna – Fox Deportes

7:30pm – New York Red Bulls vs. Philadelphia Union – MLS Direct Kick

9:00pm – Leon vs. Bolivar – Fox Deportes


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96 Responses to Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. SBI TroII says:

    Jozy on the bench.

  2. EspinDOHla says:

    Off Topic, but haven’t seen anything on SBI so….

    If you missed the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary film “Hillsborough” I highly recommend checking it out. Very, very powerful stuff.

    Re-airs this Sunday, ESPN2 at 10pm ET.

    • arsenal says:

      It was soooo good. But, all the 30 for 30 are good.

    • Bac says:

      That was so well done…and with Gerrards cousin being the youngest victim at 10 years old, such a powerful documentary

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      I thought I knew a lot about Hillsborough, but this blew me away. It was powerful, deeply moving and an incredible story. So many of the Liverpool fans should have been lauded as heroes, yet they were vsmeared in a pointless cover up. The scene at the 20th anniversary was astonishing. Absolutely see it.

  3. arsenal says:

    Crystal Palace is going to be a tough match for Everton. Palace is in excellent form and could possibly break into the top ten.

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      And… they also could end up losing every game remaining and get relegated on the last day… They ought to be able to beat West Ham but if not then I doubt they will beat title pushing City and Liverpool… then on the last they have relegation threatened Fulham…

      They need a result today to ensure safety.

  4. Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

    Off Topic, it shouldn’t be, but there is no where to type this.

    There is no coverage of the Toluca – Cruz Azul game ?
    Come on.

  5. fastrightleg says:

    I actually have a choice of games to watch today! Games on different networks at the same time, unbelievable!

  6. fastrightleg says:

    Big crowd for the Manchester City v Sunderland match (sarcasm). The attendance looks similar to a NYRB home game.

  7. fastrightleg says:

    So, will Jozy be blamed for this loss as well?

    • Maykol says:

      Oh god, why do US fans always try to make americans be a victim of everything. So many of you act like sunderland fans love everybody but hate jozy. Sunderland fans hardcore hate on plenty of their players, especially fletcher. Stop acting like sunderland fans only hate on jozy

  8. jones says:

    Watching Everton today, Sunderland…don’t care

  9. fastrightleg says:

    Howard came out quickly to stop a chance. He is looking as good as ever right now.

  10. fastrightleg says:

    Borini with plenty of space to do something, anything — but he wastes the chance.

  11. A says:

    Sunderland is horrific.

  12. jones says:

    Howard with one nice save but couldn’t do much about the other – great shot from Palace

  13. pgloerse says:

    A little off topic but found this on the interwebs: “Melbourne Heart is changing its colors to sky blue so it’s the same as Manchester City, its parent club. The only problem? Sky blue is also worn by Melbourne Heart’s rival, Sydney FC, which has filed a complaint to Football Federation Australia.”

    link to

    Will be interesting to see what degree of influence Man City exerts on the NYC franchise.

    • Increase0 says:

      Okay, thats kinda silly if someone is already wearing the same color. There aren’t exactly a lot of teams in that League…

  14. A says:

    How do you even defend that tackle? Barely touches the ball. Left the ground with studs fully exposed and crunches through the upper ankle/shin.

    Lucky he didn’t get a red card. Commentator? “Derr, well he touched the ball so derrrr”

    • John says:

      the one from Brown? yeah i was wondering the same thing, not so sure he even got the ball

      • A says:

        Yeah, I’m sitting there thinking woah, that’s a horrendous tackle–is his leg broken?

        Announcer, “that’s a good tackle, his coach would expect him to make that.”

  15. jones says:

    Don’t think that should’ve been a penalty – he made the most out of not much at all

  16. jones says:

    Palace looking really sharp. Everton need to do more at both ends if they want to show they deserve top 4.

  17. jones says:

    I hope Martinez makes some changes sooner rather than later. McGeady or Mirallas out.

  18. Atletico Man says:

    First yellow for Real in the third minute.

  19. El Homer Simpson says:

    Is Sunderland attempting to obtain the record for the most outside the box shots taken in a season? Good gosh, they have no attacking third plan, crossing, etc.

  20. A says:

    What the heck, ESPN? FIX THE SOUND.

  21. Pete says:

    Goal for Madrid

  22. A says:

    Pinto’s first major gaffe… and it’s in the Copa Del Rey final against Madrid. Ouch.

    • Atletico Man says:

      You think that was on Pinto? Alves lost the ball and ended up out of position on the counter…

    • Atletico Man says:

      And DiMaria’s shot was well placed. Even if he was off side when he got the ball….

  23. bryan says:

    Di Maria!!!!

  24. bryan says:

    neymar lucky to only get a yellow there.

  25. Pete says:

    The amount of acting in these games is always cringe worthy

  26. malkin says:

    ::Waiting patiently for Josmer::

    (yes, I realize I’ll be waiting a long time)

  27. jones says:

    And Everton can kiss their Champions League hopes goodbye, not going to happen this year.

    • jones says:

      (ok, so this is a little premature, but it will take a lot for them to make it now and they don’t look up to the task.)

  28. A says:

    Wickham doubles Jozy’s entire season out put in 90 minutes against Manchester City.

  29. JayAre says:

    MATCH FIXING!!!!! Sunderland what the F*ck Was that????

    • reignman says:

      Mannone forgot he wasn’t an Arsenal goalie anymore for a moment there, that blunder was vintage Almunia

  30. hudson says:

    Connor Wickham just doubled Jozy’s Premiere League goal total for the season. Doesn’t bode well for him getting any remaining playing time this season.

  31. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Arsenal’s champions league fate back in their hads. Thank you Crystal Palace!

  32. joe says:

    Poyet finally puts Giaccherini in, and gets two assists in ~25 minutes.

    Why’s he on the field again?

  33. reignman says:

    I said after the weekend games that the race for CL was far from over in England. Arsenal have it in their hands and their schedule is soft, however today was proof that bottom table teams can be very dangerous late in the year.

  34. Atletico Man says:

    Barca has looked awful since the half. Cannot get the ball out of their own half.

  35. A says:


    What a ridiculous header…

  36. Atletico Man says:

    And just like that, Barca ties it up.

  37. A says:

    Horrific refereeing! What in the world is the center official doing?!

  38. Largeist says:

    So Neymar is in on goal inside the 18… referee decides he’s going to call offside from 15 seconds prior… but the linesmen never flagged for it, so he then turns it into a drop ball and makes Madrid kick it back to Barcelona.

    Either he is hallucinating or he just fixed the match when he thought Neymar was going to score.

    • Increase0 says:

      It was so odd. Spanish Ref’s listen to players in La Liga.

      I won’t say a goal was going to happen or that it wouldn’t. It was kinda a flat moment. But the timing, position, everything was odd. I think he got confused by the fact that 2 Barsca players were in fact offside but not Neymar.

  39. bryan says:


  40. Increase0 says:

    Bale run fast! Run Bale run.

  41. Largeist says:

    Pinto is a joke haha

  42. Pete says:

    That was awesome

  43. Atletico Man says:

    Barca now has no centerbacks on the field.

    And it shows.

    • Increase0 says:

      I just realized that they don’t really have any strong back up Left/Right backs either. How do you let a defense get that soft…. Oddly, I don’t think defense was the problem here. I feel like Real didn’t really play that well on the counter.(Except for Bale’s solo run.) A team like Dortmund would have Punished Barsca sooooo much more.

  44. Largeist says:

    Neymar choking.

  45. Atletico Man says:

    Casillas just high-fived his post.

  46. A says:

    Neymar choked so hard right there.

  47. bryan says:

    that sweet, sweet karma! stop diving now Neymar! 😉

  48. Pete says:

    Alves is such an unlikeable player

  49. Atletico Man says:

    Well, that’s the only hardware either of those teams will see this season.


  50. MiamiAl says:

    And that’s why Tony Pulis will be named Manager of the Year. What a dream season for Crystal Palace! Smallest payroll in EPL now sits at 11th with dreams to crack into the top 10!

  51. UclaBruinGreat says:

    Timewarner Sports net has the Dallas Cup on.. US-20 losing 1-2 to River Plate in the 70th minute.