Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

GotzeBayern (Getty Images Europe)

The unstoppable force that is reigning European champion Bayern Munich looks like the odds-on favorite to lift the biggest trophy in club soccer yet again, but Manchester United will try to play the role of spoiler when the sides meet in their quarterfinal first leg in Manchester.

Bayern is heavily favored against the struggling English side, but Manchester United has enough weapons to make things interesting.

In the day’s other UEFA Champions League quarterfinal, Barcelona takes on La Liga rival Atletico Madrid in a match-up that is tougher for Barca than some realize. The loss of Victor Valdes to injury could hurt Barcelona’s chances of making another deep tournament run as they face an in-form Atleti side.

If you will be watching today’s action please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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48 Responses to Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. William the Terror says:

    United holding Bayern scoreless at the half. David Moyes is a tactical genius!

  2. JayAre says:

    Why Welbeck Whyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  3. Jake.... From State Farm says:

    No Julian Green for Bayern.
    I just don’t understand.

    • William the Terror says:

      Perhaps because he’s in the States right now? Just a guess, mind you.

      • Jake.... From State Farm says:

        That has to be it. I just can’t see any other reason.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        just troIIin’

        • William the Terror says:

          Yeah. My apologies. But it’s like seeing that homeless guy at the intersection. Sometimes, you just have to roll down the window and give him a dollar. Same way with Jake. He’s just so pathetic and hungry for attention that occasionally he has to be fed.

  4. Matt says:

    GOLAZO!!!!!!! Leti leti

  5. manicmessiah says:

    Can’t believe Vidic is left unmarked. He’s not exactly diminutive.

  6. William the Terror says:

    Vidic! Great cross. Wayne Rooney! The best Rooney since Principal Rooney.

  7. beachbum says:

    that didn’t take long, Mandzukic makes the play in midfield shortly after coming on, simple play, and Bayern score on the subsequent attack

  8. byrdman says:

    Watched 10 minutes of the Man U – Bayern game. Struck by the sheer laziness of Fellaini. Don’t remember him being this lethargic. Maybe it’s just me.

  9. Matt says:

    Neymar ties it up after a defensive lapse by Atletico

  10. Increase says:

    Is valencia okay to play? He clearly wanted out.. now is he right back? That could be bad.

    • beachbum says:

      looks like he’s ok, pushing forward in the second half as opposed to the first, and as the game wears on

  11. William the Terror says:

    Bayern scores. Fire Moyes now!

  12. Matt says:

    Great finger tip save by Courtois off a Messi free kick from just outside the box in the 86th minute.

  13. beachbum says:

    Rooney looked to make a meal out of that and Schweinsteiger gets his second yellow, he’s off

    • Francois says:

      Hideous dive by Rooney there, typical United. Can’t believe they got a draw, Bayern completely dominated the game.

      • Increase0 says:

        It was late from Schweini but It wasn’t particularly bad. But I will say this it doesn’t feel inconsistent from this ref. He has been giving some “soft” yellows.

        Either way… Schweinsteiger just got the least dangous red card I have even seen. It was two soft yellows.(What I mean by soft is I don’t think they were really dangerous.)

  14. Matt says:

    1-1 FT; Typical Barcelona call at the end; Atletico wins a free kick with a chance to put it in the box and the referee blows the whistle before they can put it in play.

  15. Increase0 says:

    I’m no longer convinced that Moyes is doing a bad job at Manu. The players aren’t quite giving enough effort or aren’t young enough to play every game full out. You could see it this game what Ferdinand and Vidic can do. Its combination of age and effort but I can’t put it all on Moyes.

  16. Francois says:

    Soooo, Valencia makes a horrible studs up challenge on Boateng and he avoids a second yellow, but Rooney dives after Bastian completely misses him and that’s a second yellow. Horrible call/s.

  17. MikeG says:

    Pretty much what I expected from both Bayern and Manchester. I thought Bayern would start shooting from just outside the box and look for a rebound since Manchester was putting everyone inside of it. You miss every shot you do not take.

    • Increase0 says:

      It’s kinda that old Barcelona problem. People pack the box and you can’t score. Mandzukic is a pretty good fix for that and Levendoski will help even more next year.

      • MikeG says:

        Sure would love to see those kinds of issues with the USMNT. When that happens I know the USMNT has ARRIVED!

  18. Yournamehere says:

    I was impressed by Man U. Thought it was going to be lots more goals by Pep and the gang.

  19. seeing red (bulls) says:

    I left fox sports 1 in the background after the munich game and just heard some ex-NFL rocket scientist say the MLS is a step UP from Liga MX.

    At least ESPN knows better than to have their SportsCenter talking heads comment on soccer outside the realm of TOP 10 plays.


    • MiamiAl says:

      The audacity that someone would think MLS is better than the Mexican stuff…Who plays in Mexican league again???

      • kevin says:

        Bunch of teams I don’t remember, America, Chiba’s, tj, ect. You should just Google it, stop being the typical lazy American

  20. Fredo says:

    What a pass by Iniesta.

  21. ben says:

    Surprised no mention of Diego’s goal. That was a thing of beauty

  22. bryan says:

    Corona and Castillo starting. Both look good so far. Corona especially. He has created a number of chances and probably should have an assist. 0-0 39th

    • The Garrincha says:

      I like Corona,
      still has a a lot of upside.
      in another observation.
      MX teams appear to keep their form and movement in sync,
      at times much more attractive team soccer.
      I can see how they dispatched the MLS, more clearly now.

    • Fredo says:

      That was a sweet pass from Joe Benny. Yeah, what’s his face should have one-timed it into the net. Xolos win.