UEFA Champions League Final: Your Running Commentary

CristianoRonaldoRealMadrid1-AtleticoMadridLaLiga2013 (Getty)

The Madrid Derby has made it to Lisbon, where newly-crowned La Liga champion Atletico Madrid take on arch-rival Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Final (2:45pm, FOX).

Cristiano Ronaldo will look to lift the trophy for the second time in his career, while also trying to help Real Madrid win a 10th Champions League title. Diego Costa has made a remarkable recovery from injury to make his way into the starting lineup for Atletico Madrid, which has not lost to Real Madrid this season.

If you will be watching today’s final, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinion and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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125 Responses to UEFA Champions League Final: Your Running Commentary

  1. hmmm I'm a SWEDE says:

    honestly why isn’t there a Yank in the CL?

    surely the likes of Dempsey or Howard or Bradley or Jones could be in the CL at some club

    • Pete says:


    • Lu says:

      Bradley left Roma

    • Argy says:

      Dear god, someone tell Gus Johnson to stop referring to these historic European CLUBS as “franchises”. There is a huge difference (which he os apparently unaware of), and it’s a sore spot for a lot of people.

      Also, does the decision maker at Fox realize how cringe-inducing this guy is to fans who know anything about the game? Really, really distracting when trying to view a match.

      • Argy says:

        (And what’s with all the screaming? If they want screaming, they should get Ray Hudson. At least he has a sense of humor and knows the game.)

  2. nato says:

    why do people act as if David Villa doesn’t exist anymre? Dude was a world class striker up until 2011. He was 1 of the best. As good as Thierry Henry/Ruud Van Nistlerooy.

  3. PABLO says:


  4. Marc says:

    So there is a way to cover Ronaldo. Just knock him over without a yellow kind of foul.

    • JayAre says:

      This must be done in a land far far away from your 18 yard box if you are to be successful.

  5. arsenal says:

    Must be a personal vendetta.

  6. Razak Pimpong says:

    First name Brad

    Last name Davis

    If we’re down for the count

    Klinsi thinks I can save us

  7. nato says:

    Honestly to me Diego Costa is overrated

  8. atleticodemadridfan says:

    Vamos colchoneros!
    Casillas has never lost to AdeM.
    It’s about time for him to drop one.

  9. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Atletico gets away with a lot of dirty fouling. The ref was told to keep the game close.

  10. jones says:

    Typical Ramos idiocy

  11. Lu says:


  12. arsenal says:

    That will be costly, casillas

  13. Julio says:

    What a first half of football. Atletico 1, Real 0. Athetico aren’t giving Ronaldo an inch.

  14. Captain Obvious says:

    Ronaldo is going to Mortal Kombat Fatality Brad Davis

  15. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Atletico has been allowed to get away with excessive rough play and that really makes a difference in a player’s psyche and approach to the game, on both sides.

    • atleticodemadridfan says:

      I don’t see anybody getting away with anything. Yellow cards all around, left and right for both sides. It’s an athletic game, both teams are cutting the lumber and dishing it out. Atletico are just a little bit more committed, fired up and willing to go the extra sprint, the second effort to recover a 50/50 ball, etc. – they just want it more.

      • Julio says:


        • atleticodemadridfan says:

          Who’s getting away with cheap dirty tackles now? Morata should have been thrown out of the game for that one. Didn’t even get a yellow. Ridiculous.

          • nomoreklinsmann says:

            Who in Atletico did not get a yellow today. Far less than those who did and the ref was pro-Atletico.

    • GW says:

      In Champion’s league parlance Atletico are playing stout defensively. Nothing but good solid defense there.

  16. Runawray says:

    Bill Hamid in goal for real today

  17. Nandez says:

    Atleast Khedira isn’t in form but wait hes going to brazil. #BringbackLandonDonovan

  18. "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

    Atleti putting on some real pressure on Real

  19. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Carvajal is a bad player. Confirmed today.

  20. atleticodemadridfan says:

    Real starting to look like they remembered that they had a game to play today.

  21. atleticodemadridfan says:

    ….and Atletico still dangerous on the counter, winning corners.

  22. EspinDOHla says:

    Thank goodness we have Wynalda informing us that Real is “going for it” in this Champions League Final.

  23. Julio says:

    What a game Atletico are playing, fantastic.

  24. Julio says:

    What a move by the Atletico fullback to save a corner!

  25. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Awesome game. And after sucking last week… Wynalda and Johnson aren’t bad today

  26. Julio says:

    Real scores in 93 minute. What a match!

  27. Jack says:


  28. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Deserved. Now let’s play. Ronaldo is kaka.

  29. Tony in Quakeland says:

    what a game…

  30. Isaac says:

    The commentators voice though…

  31. Lu says:


  32. Paul6 says:

    Bale has looked awful today. Better finishing on his part and game would be over. Di Maria has looked like the best player. Going up and down that left flank all game long. Ronaldo hasn’t had a very big game but he has created a lot with very little space. I can only imagine what he does to us on the 22nd :/

    • nomoreklinsmann says:

      Wrong again.

      • Paul6 says:

        Wrong where? Bale finished and they won comfortably. Just like I said. Di Maria creates the game winning goal. Ronaldo got himself a goal. Again, where was I wrong?

  33. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Lots of respect gained by DiMaria and Modric here. Two warriors. Ronaldo is kaka and Benzema is urine. When it matters they disappear. mdrid needs not to go to PKs. That Cortuois is a monster.

    • Paul6 says:

      What? Ronaldo disappears? Eesh. Tell that to Sweden or Chelsea at the 08 final. The man disappears at times. But he steps up when needed. Big game player.

    • GW says:

      You think de Maria and Bale get open like that if Atletico aren’t doubling down on Cristiano?.

  34. kodi says:

    I’m a neutral but I jumped out of my seat on that goal. Love this sport.

  35. Julio says:

    I hope the U.S. Nat. Team coaches and players watch a replay of this match at least 4 times.
    Especially paying attention to the back line of Atlitico.

    • atleticodemadridfan says:


    • nomoreklinsmann says:

      You wanna go back to the Bradley era? Did you not suffer enough with that style of play?

      • Dozy says:

        Klinsmann isn’t really changing anything, against teams with superior firepower there is no other option than park it, you are never going to challenge teams like Germany and Portugal if you try to play at their same level.

  36. atleticodemadridfan says:

    When it goes to an extra 30 (15+15) each team should get at least one, if not two extra substitutions.

  37. Lu says:

    Di Maria is MOTM

  38. Citronomics says:

    Wow. Di Maria with the burners on after 110 mins of play to run at the Atleti back line and Bale cleans up the save. Com’mon Los Blancos!

  39. nomoreklinsmann says:

    The best FC Team of the world will win. Simeone with his South American bush soccer tactics has been demolished.

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      Bush tactics? He’s got to be one of the hottest coaching candidates in the world. What he’s done has been incredible. As a neutral, I have been incredibly impressed with them. Tough, smart football.

  40. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Humiliate those bus soccer players.

    • reignman says:

      A Real fan calling out another team for parking the bus is rich, your team is known heavily for wanting to sit back and counter. Stop the trolling

      • nomoreklinsmann says:

        Real is the Champions of Europe and bes team in the world after demolishing a bush soccer team.

        • reignman says:

          Just leave if you aren’t going to add anything to the conversation here. Real are one of the best in the world but stop this nonsense. It was a good game, Atletico have a much smaller (and cheaper) squad, of course they weren’t going to try and go toe to toe with Real.

    • Tony in Quakeland says:

      Yeah, hit them with your checkbook..

  41. reignman says:

    Di Maria was by far Real’s best player on the pitch today, wonder if it might be his last game as well, rumors are he isnt thrilled with his role there right now. The decision to go with Costa may have killed Atletico in the end, burning a sub 9 minutes into a final is a massive blow. Bit saddened to see Atletico not be able to pull it out, hopefully they can keep most of their team together but I think it may be a bad summer for them.

  42. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Demolition time anybody?

  43. Julio says:

    Wow! Atletico were only 2 minutes away from victory and lose 1-3. It was maybe the best football match I have watched this year.

  44. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Simeone and his South American re loser mentality.

  45. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Please, do not not leave yet. Let’s watch those Champions get their deserved trophy.

  46. nomoreklinsmann says:

    I said before DiMaria and Modric in that order best for real today. Wish Bradley had been in this final.

  47. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Honestly, let’s give it for Atletico this season. They overachieved, but deserved at least the La Liga trophy. Despite what I have said today (true as well) Simeone has my respects.

  48. Brad C says:

    And this is why JK has the USMNT working on conditioning all the time.

    I hope JK was taking notes on how to shut-down Ronaldo. But honestly there’s no trick, it’s a total team effort. At least the fact that he didn’t show up in a big game is a positive for the USA.

    • Pete says:

      It helps to have the technical skill atletico players do

      • Brad C says:

        Yeah, obviously. Hence I don’t think there is any real trick or technique to covering Ronaldo other than being really good at defending…

      • GW says:

        I haven’t seen them this year but I’m thinking Cristiano does not have quite as good a supporting cast with Portugal as he does with Real..

  49. nomoreklinsmann says:

    Even Friedel said it, IT HAS TO BE PERSONAL. My respects Friedel.

  50. nomoreklinsmann says:

    After watching it again, Gareth Bale’s goal was more difficult that it seems, with all that spin the ball had after the save on DiMaria’s rocket.

  51. nomoreklinsmann says:

    The sore losers in the Hispanic channek fox are making a issue of the 5 minuadded, when it was the right thing to do after all the time wasting Atletico playrs did. But, they did not make an issue of the camptain’s hand ball (elbow) on Ronaldo’s free kick which would’ve been a penalty. No n no that was not an issue.

  52. nomoreklinsmann says:

    See you in the WC Final “Argentina vs. Uruguay”. Bye.

  53. Nate Dollars says:

    love that i was able to watch the game instead of just following along in the comments. this nomoreklinsmann sh!t would’ve ruined it.

  54. beachbum says:

    what a great game. admit to being crushed in the end. not that I don’t like RM, just like the overachiever story more, with the injuries and still almost doing it, etc. Bale did score over Luis’ replacement and I think his injury the most damaging imo, a bridge too far

  55. bryan says:

    man, i knew Ives didn’t like Real Madrid, but not even an article after winning their 10th CL is pretty harsh! 😉