Must-See Commercial: ESPN World Cup Promo 2

Neymar, Joao Moutinho

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54 Responses to Must-See Commercial: ESPN World Cup Promo 2

  1. downintexas says:

    Awesome, last part is the best!

  2. Increase says:

    Hehe, kinda cool tag line.

  3. win the WORLD CUP or don't come home says:

    O/T but off with their heads.

    Donovan, Goodson, Parkhurst, Evans. JK is the 1 supreme NT coach in this country. He shall not be doubted or up for deceit. He will lead us to the Semi’s in a most glorious manner. Have faith my brothers n sisters. The former is washed up and the other 3 had no chance in Brazil other than being water boys.

  4. w says:

    Is this offensive? Saying there is no electricity in Ghana?

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      here come the PC police… and being someone that has been there… plenty of places have no electricity..

    • Ian says:

      It does smack of stereotype, but only 60% of rural Ghana is on the electrical grid (thanks, Google), so it isn’t inaccurate.

      • Everton Fan says:

        Most stereotypes have some truth to them, but that does not make it acceptable to highlight them in, what is upposed to be, a ‘multicultural commercial.’ I still liked the commericial, but I certainly felt weird watching it and have to wonder if some non-americans would find it offensive.

    • Del Griffin says:

      I love that you are asking if this is offensive. Should I be offended? Is there some downtrodden group here being made fun of that I can defend and feel superior?

    • QuakerOtis says:

      That Seattle guy made me smile, because that would be me… if I hadn’t taken the month off.

    • Everton Fan says:

      I also thought this commerical was perhaps a little offensive–it seems to rely on a lot on stereotypes. Still enjoyed it though.

    • Joamiq says:

      I actually came here to post about the same thing. I was in a far more rural area of Ghana during the Confed Cup in 2009, and I watched it all without a problem. Kumasi ain’t rural Ghana. It’s the largest city in one of the most developed and stable African countries. There’s no shortage of electricity there. Ghanaians probably won’t be happy about that one.

    • Twomilerule says:

      Yeah, prior to the TVA dams a lot of folks in the South didn’t have electricity!

    • Ian says:

      To that end, Brazil is not unanimously enamored with World Cup ’14 – not by a long shot. The idea that every favela-dweller will be stoked and cooking sausages on his shanty rooftop terrace is a farce. The protests are well documented.

      But that isn’t the point. ESPN tried to sum up mankind’s love of, and dedication to, the World Cup in a one-minute commercial. If we deconstruct every scene, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about and yet completely miss the point.

    • 407 says:

      The image was of one small saloon in the largest city in Ghana.

      Maybe the offensive part is stereotyping an entire block, or neighborhood, or city, or country based on imagery by an advertising agency from Portland, Oregon, showing one small saloon.

      Surely if someone is conscious and sensitive enough to pre-emptively sniff offensiveness where it may not actually exist, they’re also conscious and sensitive enough to tell the difference between an advertisement and a documentary.

    • o bi says:

      No is not offensive. .. actually is ironic because there are constant lights off for a country that is a major producer of electricity

  5. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Perfect commericial.

  6. KGB says:

    That was all kinds of awesome.

  7. Ian says:

    Got me some goosebumps. I’m beyond stoked. June 12 cannot get here soon enough.

  8. Landon Klinsmann says:

    I am so screwed, got scheduled for “training” at work on June 16. Going to take more than calling in sick to get out of this one.

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      Ladies and gentlemen… Lunch will be from 3-5 PM today…

      • Landon Klinsmann says:


        • Rory Miller says:

          I ducked out of a pd event four years ago and went to watch the US-Algeria game with a friend. I picked up a KFC bucket on my way back to the PD (it was a potluck lunch) and was the hero.

          So my advice is obvious: KFC bucket on your return.

  9. slughog says:

    Yes, the stereotypes in this commercial ARE offensive.

  10. Jim says:

    For the US, should have shown Donovan on his couch, giving a “salute” to JK. Would have been appropriate.

  11. Maykol says:

    Didnt know people were oh so sensitive

    • Ian says:

      Welcome to 2014. Our skin has been replaced with translucent tissue paper. Be very careful.

  12. The recently deceased Bert Cooper, from the great beyond says:


  13. win the WORLD CUP or don't come home says:

    Yay I made a point and made you guys all think


    Vote against PUTIN

  14. Cliff says:

    I’m Ghanaian and my first reaction when I saw this was to laugh. Yes the guy on the bike is a bit of a stretch but there are times when rolling blackouts occur. Even though Kumasi is a large city, blackouts do occur from time to time.