Chandler expecting to sign with Eintracht Frankfurt in coming days

Timmy Chandler

photo by David Bernal/


NEW YORK — Timmy Chandler believes he will soon have a new club to call home.

Having seen FC Nurnberg suffer relegation from the Bundesliga this past season, Chandler is on the brink of signing a deal with Eintracht Frankfurt. The 24-year-old U.S. Men’s National Team right back spent many of his youth years with the first division club, and he said Friday that he is close to making a return there.

“Yes, it’s the frontrunner,” said Chandler of Eintracht Frankfurt during his media session. “I talk with them already because I play with the youth teams 10 years there before so it’s a frontrunner.”

“I think it’ll be ironed out before the World Cup. I think next week, next couple of days.”

Eintracht Frankfurt finished in 13th place in the Bundesliga this past campaign, and are looking to bolster their roster ahead of the new season. Chandler had been linked with them in recent weeks, and it appears that him joining the club is all but guaranteed.

“Yes, it’s already done in my head because my agents work in Germany, I don’t care what they do,” joked Chandler. “They call me just and tell me if they want it. I’m focused here on the World Cup.”

Chandler is currently with the U.S. preparing for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. The Americans were drawn into Group G alongside Ghana, Portugal and Germany.


What do you think of Chandler signing with Eintracht Frankfurt? Do you see this as a good move for him? Wish he would have tried his luck with a different team or in a different league?

Share your thoughts below.

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111 Responses to Chandler expecting to sign with Eintracht Frankfurt in coming days

  1. Curtis says:

    Meh. I miss Cherundolo.

  2. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Does Chandler conduct his interviews in English? When applicable, of course. Obviously if he’s being interviewed in Germany by Bild, it would be in German. But in camp does he speak English? (Not that it matters, just curious.)

    • ronniet says:

      All of our Germericans can speak good english that is understandable! I get the feeling that some of posters on this site(uh hm slowleft) look for any reason to badmouth our dual nationals because they don’t agree with the process or the americanism of these players!

    • Abe says:

      Chandler of course speaks German, But he and the other German-Americans probably also speak a few more languages than German and English. I know, it is difficult for an American to understand that most people in Europe, even besides the German-American soccer players, speak 4 or 5 languages.

      We Americans are true-blue, we speak one language. Right Slowleft?

      • Jack says:

        Just calm down, the simple answer is Yes, Chandler speaks English well. He also fields questions from American press in English just fine as well.

        • Abe says:

          I think your colors are showing Jack. I know, you speak only English, as well as your family and everyone you know.

          Why did you change the subject, or did you misplace your reply?

          • Jack says:

            My “calm down” was directed to everyone. Everyone’s getting way to worked up about this.

            • Abe says:

              If your calm down was directed to everyone as you claim, then you would have just posted it, not posted in reply to my post, Then, if it is as you claim your would have said you’re sorry, it wasn’t meant to me specifically. But you didn’t. I once knew a girl like you.

              btw Jack, On a lower thread I asked you a question. Why you so obsessed about expat. For weeks now you have been talking about him every day, more than that, several times a day.

              What did expat do to you, did he marry your daughter or something?

              • Mensrea says:

                I would now agree that you should calm down. I am sensitive to veiled criticism of the German-based players, but I don’t see how that was going on here, by anyone.

              • Reader says:

                You got Jack pegged Abe.

              • malkin says:

                Dude, I hate to break this to ya, but you’re really creepy.

              • analyst/therapist says:

                Abe, you are projecting a whole lot. Its a terrible technique for arguments.

            • Abe says:

              Is that you Jack?

              • Jack says:

                I don’t know, I liked Expat, I find his ideas interesting and he’s been on point with a number of things. I wish he would just keep the name Expat tho.

              • Abe says:

                You didn’t answer the question Jack. Why are you so obsessed with him? You accuse many posters of being him. What did he do to you to deserve this?

                And you absolutely did make a direct reply to my post and you denied it.

              • Jack says:

                No you do need to calm down.

      • Roman Lewandowski says:

        I highly doubt any of our players can speak 4-5 languages. I laugh when people think being European is some kind of golden ticket.

        • Sean357 says:

          Most Europeans but not all can speak English plus native language. Some 3. 4 or 5 is exceedingly rare. Soccer players who’ve transferred around a lot do often though there are just as many who can’t get it down. Soccer is one of the few jobs where they will hire you with no knowledge of the working language and pay for people to teach you the language.
          With regards to English speaking only as an Americans thing look at the English. Native English speakers are less likely to be forced to learn a language as its the most common second language for various reasons, not least that its considered the lingua Franca of business, aviation, etc.

          • GW says:


            It’s geography.

            If you drive from LA to Seattle to see the Galaxy play the Sounders you are still in the US.
            If you drive the same distance in Europe might pass thru several countries and a number of different languages.

            If that were as common a circumstance in the US as it is in Europe then you would see the average American be more multi lingual.

      • sir coble says:

        Okay, okay, okay. Slow left holds an unpopular opinion around here, but the guy has never been full of vinegar. He states his opinion without name calling, while exercising an American freedom. I would also bet slowleft speaks more than one language if you care to wager. None of us can qualify what “a true” national player is, but I will admit a small part of me feels like we are cheating sometimes. I can’t stand that Rossi left and I don’t believe what Costa has done this year but just like simulation it is apparently part of the game : (

      • slowleftarm says:

        Abe, you’re a fool and your attempts to portray me as some backwoods redneck because I don’t think the USMNT should be full of Germans is embarrassing. I don’t have any problems with anyone speaking German. You’ll note that not one of my numerous comments on the Green interview yesterday had anything to do with the interview being in German. I couldn’t care less about that but I guess it’s easier for you to completely misrepresent what I say.

        My problem with the large number of Germericans (and others not raised here) playing for us is the attitude of our NT staff that Americans don’t meet their standards so we have to recruit foreigners who qualify for the US. It’s damaging to US soccer and hurts the game in this country. Plus, these guys aren’t even that good. Timmy was a RB for a relegated Bundesliga team and just joined another mid-level team. He isn’t any better than what we have now, particularly given his lackluster commitment to the USMNT in the past.

        • GW says:

          “My problem with the large number of Germericans (and others not raised here) playing for us is the attitude of our NT staff that Americans don’t meet their standards so we have to recruit foreigners who qualify for the US.”


          Why is that a problem?

          JK and his staff were hired to presumably take the US to the “next level”.

          For better or worse that means getting to the World Cup and making a good showing at the World Cup. The importance of the World Cup is debatable but no other tournament that the US plays in is as well respected in the greater soccer world.
          The USSF wants more respect in that world like it or not.

          If the domestic product were not “good enough”” then it is clear the USSF has given JK and his staff license to find players wherever. So JK is just doing his job. It’s part of leveling the playing field. Even Coach K at Duke now has his “one and done” players. Evolve or go extinct

          Your problem is not with JK it is with the USSF who have sanctioned this approach. If they had hired a guy with an Argentinean background maybe we would see lots of dual nationals with an Argentinian flavor.

          In fact Bradley brought in Jones and Chandler and had he stayed would probably have continued in this vein. It is more obvious with JK because he has a better network of contacts and more star power than BB.

          You say that it’s more about being a product of the “US system”, whatever that is, which is why you approve of Zelalem but not Green.

          If you follow your logic just a bit then I don’t see how you can approve of for example Howard, Dempsey, Bedoya and Bradley and in the recent past , Charlie Davies, Dolo, Demerit, Gooch and Boca.

          I would argue that the important part of their development was in Europe and that they would not have attained their USMNT best level if they had not moved to Europe.

        • rick says:

          If you have an American parent it doesn’t matter where you are raised, what language is native for you, you are American. If you are born in the US and your parents aren’t citizens, it does’t matter, you are American. Moreover, three of the German-Americans are sons of US Military fathers. Their father’s have done more to protect our freedoms and rights of this country than most citizens. If they are more talented than the players in the US than they deserve to play for the US. Bottom line is-they are just as American as the next citizen.

    • Hogatroge says:

      All of our dual nationals speak English passably.

      Mix is the best…he speaks absolutely fluently with no accent (though it might be hard to place where he’s from if you didn’t know).

      Fabian Johnson’s next best. Jones, Boyd, and Danny Williams are a tier below (though I expect Danny’s will get better playing in England). Chandler, Brooks, and Green are the lowest tier (even though they’re not bad), but it makes sense because they’re the youngest with the least practice.

      If you watch Inside US Soccer: March to Brazil (first 2 episodes on Youtube for the time being), you can catch pretty much all of them speaking English.

  3. Abe says:

    Frankfurt should sigh Donovan!

    • Lost in Space says:

      Don’t they already have a water boy @ Frankfort?

    • Remy says:

      He is a legend, after all. Maybe even Bayern Munich. Oh, wait. He already tried that.

      • Abe says:

        The word is that Landon has offers at this very moment. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, Man United, Juventus, and Dortmunt are in a bidding war for him.

        His agent was just quoted in the Daily Mail, “We would love to play in the BPL but we must consider all offers”.

        • Remy says:

          LOL! Bale and Ronaldo are pretty mad. I hear.

        • Josh D says:

          Galaxy better than most BPL teams…Euroclowns

          Wouldn’t be surprised about Juvy after the beating Galaxy gave them.

          • Remy says:

            Correction, Josh. I am not an Eurosnob. I love MLS. I subscribe to MLS live and attend games whenever possible. But I am not delusional, the Bundesliga is way better than MLS.

  4. GJJ says:

    One of the my big hopes when Klinsy took over was that we could get some kids over to continental Europe where launching it is frowned upon. I would like to see some of our kids go to the lower leagues in Germany and am more than happy to see our guys land in places like France which appears to be a fantastic incubator of talent for the larger leagues. Come on Klinsy…….once this world cup thingy is over, let’s get some bodies moving.

  5. Abe says:

    Look, we did well in 2006, mainly because we had our team leave their hotel and go to the Manstein military base to live, as it was quoted throughout the German press, because we have to learn how to fight. The rest of the world cup teams stayed in their hotels and seemed to have a good time. The U.S. lost all 3 group games.

    Then we hit the jack-pot, we set records in 2010. In 4 matches we won 1! We got out or group with 2 ties and a 1-0 win against Algeria. Then Ghana sent us home, but it was a fantastic display of out talent. In 4 matches we scored 5 goals and held the opposition to 5 goals.

    • Jack says:

      The US didn’t loose all 3 games, they drew Italy who went on the win the tournament.

      • Abe says:

        My mistake, we finished last in group in 2006, not with 0 points but with 1, I stand corrected.

        • Steve says:

          Yeah I was gonna let it go, but lost ghana czech draw with italy, and I believe you were looking for Ramstein Air Force Base. Why so nasty towards the US, we went a win and two draws in 2010 winning group and moving on to knockout stage… are you informing us that the US is not a world power? For Brazil, Spain, Germany, sure this would be a bummer, but I think if the US advances at any world cup they were successful. How many of our guys would make any other roster in our group?

          • Abe says:

            Sorry Steve, it was a typo, it was Ramstein base they moved to. I was not being nasty to the US, I was only saying what they did in 2006. The German Press had interviews with many players and the coach, why did they do that?

            They all replied that by going to the military base they would learn how to “fight”. that is what they said and what was reported. At the time, being an American visiting Germany at the time, I was aghast.

            I am sorry, it was a very bad world cup for us. I wish the team were allowed to spent the 6 weeks somewhere else than Ramstein.

    • beachbum says:

      we also overcame 2 honest goals disallowed in the group stage to still win the group, something we hadn’t done in 60+ years. to do that, we actually won our final group stage game for the very first time, and dramatically a that (after getting screwed on Clint’s goal from the Herc assist being wrongly disallowed in the first half)

      the 2006 team was gutless and scared EXCEPT for the Italy game; reminded me of Sampson’s team in too many ways

  6. Dean says:

    I hope we can beat Ghana and get out of group. But it is unlikely.

    However, I also wonder what’s up with Jack. He made a direct reply to Abe, we read it, then he said he didn’t. I also agree with Abe, I think he has an obsession with expat, to a point where, and I am not a psychologist, he needs help.

    I would like to have Jack make a response, but seeing how he responded to Abe, it is hopeless.

    • Jack says:

      It was directed to Abe and everyone else making it into a far larger deal then it is.

      • Dean says:

        Wait a minute Jack, you now say it was directed to Abe and everyone else but yet earlier, when he questioned you, you said “My ‘calm down’ was directed to everyone”.

        Why are you changing your story?

        • Jack says:

          I was trying to be nice, and say perhaps a number of people have gotten a little too worked up about this. However i guess no one wants to just let it go.

    • Captain America says:

      Dude, you’re really weird. We can all tell you’re the same person posting weird theories and conspiracies about US Soccer and using different names. You need to find a better hobbie.

  7. Raymond says:

    Look, let it go. Jack is what Abe or someone said he is, a woman. Jack will change his words at the flick of a switch. Stop replying to Jack.

  8. Matt J. Brooks says:

    When did this sites comment section become as bad as a WWE youtube video comment section?? Everyone is at eachothers throats

  9. Mikeg says:

    Eintracht Frankfurt will be a good fit. Different coaches and systems have come and gone at Frankfurt since Chandler, but at least Chandler will know where the locker room and bathroom is at. Last year Eintracht tried to get some top talent from second Bundesliga teams. They proved to not be much of an upgrade. Chandler is an upgrade for Eintracht. Eintracht Frankfurt has produced Jermaine Jones and Timothy Chandler through there youth ranks. Eintracht has produced German National Team players in the past too. The youth teams continue to produce there own.

  10. Dirk says:

    I agree with Abe. It was big, really big, news in Germany when the U.S. national team left their hotel and went to the Ramstein base. The newspapers had the story front page in the sports sections. No one in Germany, the Germans or the visitors could understand it. I personally heard more than a few ask “why do they think this is war, it is football”. Then those who answered said something like, those are Americans, and everyone always laughed.

    Accuse me of what you will, but as an American, I am only telling you what what happened and what was said. I always spoke up, and worked things out, to the point where they asked me why weren’t Americans they know like me. I answered, I don’t know, but even with that, we, you and me, can see each other, we can be friends.

    You know, I spent more than half my time defending American people, giving excuses.

    • Jackson says:

      Is that you expat?

    • Chris says:

      And we should care what they think because……? If they can’t understand why the USMNT would pay their respect to US service men and make that headline news then their publications are no better than english tabloids

      • Dirk says:

        No, you should not care Chris. But I did, I care’d what the Germans, the Ghanians, the Tunsians, what everyone said about us. You see Chris, I am not like you, I do not believe I, or the U.S. are the center of the universe, the biggest baddest people walking the earth. In fact, living away I have learned the opposite is true.

        I hate to say it, but we are the laughing stalk of the world. Yes in football, but in everything else too.

        So Chris, go on posting as you do, tell all that no one, at least no true American that is, should care, not a twit, not even a little bit about what any foreigner thinks about us. We are the best.

        You know, it makes me sick to know that you and I are Americans.

        • Jackson says:

          That is you expat. Bravo! If it is not you expat then to Dirk, Bravo!

        • Jack says:

          You need to calm down

        • Chris says:

          Did i say i think the US is at the center of the universe? No but please go on about how you’re so wordily and cultured and how much better of a person that makes you. And I’m the arrogant one?

          We are the laughing stock of the world? Well then let them laugh. You sound insecure. I don’t live my life constantly seeking approval from people and you shouldn’t either but hey to each their own

          • trueblue says:

            Yes, that is what you already said Chris, you are secure, supremely so, you are a true American. And I might add, you live in the USA, you probably don’t even have a passport.

            But you are so wrong about security. I am secure, it is you who is insecure. I can, and I have and I do, live away, with foreigners, and I can tell you two things. 1. I get along very well, 2. you couldn’t do it, because you know what would happen to you.

            Oh yeah, one more, 3. I am so sorry that you and I share a nationality. But what can I do

            • Jack says:

              Who are you? He was talking to Dirk.

            • Chris says:

              Such a classy comment. hahaha what would happen to me? We got a tough guy over here huh. I have a passport, I make frequent trips to the Bahamas, I take fishing trips to Costa Rica, I have traveled Europe and I have never had a problem getting along with the locals.

              No need to switch your name btw

        • Mikeg says:

          I know how the Germans and Brits go: if you’re not German or British you are not $hit. The Brits and Germans do not think much of the rest of Europe either. This is mostly the stereotyping that goes on even with the edumacated class down to the unemployed and lazy. Unfortunately, for a yank in Europe, you hear a lot of biased stereotyping. I heard it too when I lived in Germany for 5 years. I also had fun throwing dirt in there faces too, especially the one’s who really deserved it. It happens whatever country you happen to visit or live in. People are the same everywhere. Every country has good and bad. We all live under the same block of molten rock called Earth.

        • Clover362 says:

          Yea the US is a laughing stock, that is why every European nation west of Ukrainre relies on us for the protection of their national sovereignty. They think we are jokes which is why exporting our culture and products are the most successful around the world, Americans are just lining up to see the latest blockbuster from Belgium. We are such jokes that our currency isn’t the ones that other counties trust and use as a global reserve currency and conduct most international transactionsin. Every body thinks we are rediculous which is why The US is the 2nd most visited country for international tourists and the us is the highest earner from international tourism in the world.

        • MLSsnob says:

          What? Dude, you’re on the wrong site to be slinging anti-American sentiment.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Well we might be the biggest… in terms of obesity, that is.

        • beachbum says:


          I lived in Italy for almost 2 years and have been back a few times, among other foreign experiences I’ve enjoyed. In ’88 I was in Munich for Oktoberfest with some other Americans. we had our bags and sleeping bags under one of those big tables they have in those tents, you know, drinking steins of everything, partying with everyone. I remember speaking Italian to converse with a group of Brazilians speaking Portuguese and also with Spaniards speaking Spanish. Then a group of young, muscle head German males sat down and forced their way in between us all and urinated on all of our bags.

          A holes are not confined to nationalities. Tell me, how does the rest of Europe feel about vacationing Germans in their countries, generally speaking? with your knowledge, you should know what an easy question that is

          ugly Americans embarrass me too, not making any excuses for them or for any ugly folks in any nationality, but folks ‘hate’ Americans because of our national politics seems to me, our military industrial complex, and the unbalanced wealth we have enjoyed because of our geography and natural resources (wealth which is moving to the East more and more every day btw), among other things. they see us as relatively uneducated for the gains we enjoy I think…probably true too

          but I’m a believer that our soccer team can help bridge some things with the world, help promote better understanding, help provide opportunities to interact positively, even just a little bit at a time. I’m proud to be American without pretending to be the center of anything or the laughing stock of anything

          I think you paint with much too broad a stroke with your opinions, just like those you accuse of ignorance

          anyway, rip me if you want. I tried to be civil

        • GW says:

          “You see Chris, I am not like you, I do not believe I, or the U.S. are the center of the universe, the biggest baddest people walking the earth. In fact, living away I have learned the opposite is true.”

          We have some world- class c++ks***ers ( as opposed to just MLS class) here but America has no monopoly on the kind of people you describe.

          If you have truly traveled as much as you say and experienced as much as you claim to then you would know that.

  11. Jackson says:

    I’s a toss up. There are several Bundesliga sides wanting him. He may wind up at Hannover. In fact, that is where I think he will go.

  12. trueblue says:

    who cares, Chandler stinks, there are 20 backs in the MLS better than him. And Yedlin is not one of the 20.

    • JakeTheSnake says:

      Be careful, your ignorance is showing.

      • trueblue says:

        sorry, just a little sarcasm.

        • JakeTheSnake says:

          The English language is in desperate need of a sarcasm punctuation or font.

          • GW says:

            Not really, sarcasm is essentially ineffective in a medium such as SBI.

            It’s impossible to dsetect when a person is just ignorant or is playing at it. Unless they want you to.

    • GW says:

      Then it must have been hard for JK to take Yedlin over those 20.

    • Remy says:

      It’s more like 21 if you include Landon Donovan. After all, he can play many positions, including left back and goal keepers.

      • beachbum says:

        no he can’t, but he can play anywhere across the front line in multiple formations, and even in midfield in numerous positions from different formations implementing various tactics

  13. JakeTheSnake says:

    Good move for Chandler…no need for him to play in second division.

  14. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Oh please.

  15. trueblue says:

    Okay, It is clear, ganz klar, Chandler will not play in the second division with Nürnberg next year. He is too good. The only question is which Bundesliga team will he play for.

    My question is why are so many here so upset about it. Don’t you people know how good Timothy is?

  16. Reader says:

    From what I can tell there is a big disconnect. Sports on the one hand and the smug sanctification of a non jock, like a want-to-be chess player, on the other. someone who can not play any sport, and not even chess, but they read books, poems and can make quotes.

    So here they are, they picked a sport, one that they would never be found out about, soccer. And guess what, it is catching on in America, and they are afraid.

    You know what I think, they should go back to what they do best, whatever that is.

  17. Mike R says:

    This is good for Frankfurt. In chandler they get a player they don’t have to worry about losing to intl games since he only shows up for World Cups

  18. FRANK says:


  19. FRANK says:


  20. FRANK says:


  21. David M says:

    Now that Chandler’s dream of going to the WC has been fulfilled, I wonder if he’ll play for the US ever again after Brazil? After all, there might be a lot of flying involved to places like Honduras and Guatemala.

  22. RB says:


    Is there any topic around here that brings out the crazy as much as players who happen to have 2 passports? (Especially when the other passport was issued by Germany?)

    • GW says:

      This is the site that goes nuts because Jozy half squats for the team photo.

      Or does not sing the national anthem.

      • RB says:


      • MLSsnob says:

        Half squat?! You SOB Jozy better not half squat for the next team photo or there will be to hell to pay. You hear me, Jozy? HELL TO PAY .

      • RB says:

        Also, have you noticed how prematurely Gonzalez steps away from the line and begins his ritual warm-up jumping before the national anthem has ended?

        • GW says:

          You must long for the days when white hot hatred and laser like criticism revolved around vital topics like B Bradley wearing tracks suits or Sacha’s porno’stache

          • RB says:


            Can I let you know when your comment coalesces into something I can make sense of? :-)

            (I DO hope it’s not the case that you think the other passports some players may hold, for countries they’re nevertheless not playing for, is somehow a more vital topic than the ones you mention here…)

  23. Jack says:

    Off subject, but anyone else watch the Ghana match?