Must-See Goal: Alexander Stølås

AlexanderStølåsHaugesund (RBnett)

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11 Responses to Must-See Goal: Alexander Stølås

  1. Brain Guy says:

    Thanks for the nod to the Norwegian league. The slow-motion shot is great. The ball made less than one rotation over 40 yards.

  2. Frank says:

    No UEFA CL story for all the eurosnobs on here?

    • Clyde Frog says:

      If you care about the Champions League your a eurosnob? God, that word has lost all meaning.

  3. Jamie Z. says:

    Phsaw. Typical. Terrible defense. There must not have been an opposing player within ten-yards of him. You’ve got to close people down.

  4. hmmm I'm a SWEDE says:


    They have all that oil. So greedy.

    they have lots of social problems but their leaders have adopted a head in the sand policy

  5. JakeTheSnake says:

    RA Dickey and Tim Wakefield would appreciate this goal.

  6. John e Helgeland says:

    Swede, sosial problems ??? Compered with USA ?? What goal!!!