Green, Yedlin, Brooks heading to Brazil as Klinsmann focuses on youth

Julian Green

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In total Jurgen Klinsmann fashion, the U.S. Men’s National Team head coach surprised all with his roster release on Thursday evening, as well as selecting three promising youngsters with a total of six caps between them: defenders DeAndre Yedlin and John Brooks, and midfielder Julian Green.

So how could Klinsmann exclude players like Landon Donovan, who actually has an appearance for Bayern Munich’s first team, for a player that’s played just north of 30 minutes for his national team and only mere seconds for his club’s first team?

The answer could be a number of things: confidence, fitness, or heart. Perhaps it’s more tactical. Green and Yedlin are speedsters with the ability to run beside the world’s best — something the USMNT will need when they face one of the world’s best in Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Then you have Brooks, who is a towering 6-foot-four-inch defender that can provide depth at one of the team’s most questionable positions.

Considering Klinsmann’s selections, youth will have to play a big role in Brazil for the USMNT.

Six players on the 23-man World Cup roster are younger than 25, including forward Jozy Altidore, who many expect will start for the squad throughout the tournament. Altidore will be joined by 23-year-old forward Aron Johannsson, who has just seven caps to his name. Midfielder Mix Diskerud is another player who could play a role during the USA’s time in Brazil.

Whatever his reasons may be, Klinsmann’s inclusion of some of the country’s brightest prospects sends a resounding message. The USMNT is no longer looking at the achievements of the past, but at the contributions that could be made to the team in both the present and future.

How do you feel about the youth of the 2014 roster? Were they chosen for the present talents or future potential?

Share your thoughts below.

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152 Responses to Green, Yedlin, Brooks heading to Brazil as Klinsmann focuses on youth

  1. PONG says:

    if team USA gets out of their group i will rub my Klinz

  2. Brad Davis says:

    I’m excited and happy that there is focus on the future. I think its a balanced team and should shake things up bit looking at games after worldcup.

    • Citronomics says:

      How’s that left foot feeling BD… ready to whip in a nasty, swervy, tricksy ball to the head of Wondo in the 90+2 to win the match v. Ghana?

      • Ali Dia says:

        + A Large Number

        Friggin only positive comment all day.

        • Patrick2 says:

          Hate to be Mr. Negative now….but in that Scenario I would have preferred Boyd over Wondo… :-( ON the other hand…NOBODY is talking about AJ…that is a good thing. Suspect he is having a solid camp.

    • Alex says:

      Why would you EVER put players on the roster “for the future”? The World Cup is HERE and NOW – you can prepare those guys for the future after the big dance. Is Portugal building for the future? Is Germany building for the future? I don’t think so. You build for the WORLD CUP which is THE showcase international soccer event in the world in the four years leading up to it. You don’t treat a spot in the world cup as preparation for the next one because there’s no guarantee you even GET to the next one. I HATE THIS LINE OF THINKING.

      • arsenal says:

        Or, maybe, something in training has led to Donovan not showing well. He has not been great all season. Yes, he had a good last match, but so what. Its not like he was bound to play forever. I rather see the youth, who have the pace, can train well, and play both ways. It obvious doesn’t have those. He relied on his speed and not its fading.

      • Buttian_Warlord says:

        DMB, our only current (ever?) four cup player straight up said the young guys are good enough to play now, and are not a here for experience. In fact, he borderline laughed at the idea. I largely agree. teams that rest on the laurels of past deeds generally underperform.

      • RB says:

        “You don’t treat a spot in the world cup as preparation for the next one because there’s no guarantee you even GET to the next one.”


        OR, you realize that, whatever the reasons, your team is still very much in transition, and you recall that even a solid team running well on all cynlinders might still go 3 and out when faced with these group stage opponents. So you stop trying to sugar coat the these harsh realities and you go ahead and get what you can out of this WC, namely invaluable experience for your young guys, which will help your chances of not only getting to the next WC (does anyone really doubt the US will do that?!?), but of doing well in it.

        • JJ says:

          Disgusting mentality that I hope no one involved with the USMNT shares. Embarrassing mentality that, as we saw in the Confederations Cup, is also erroneous. smh

          • RB says:

            Not disgusting or embarrassing.

          • Patrick2 says:

            I don’t think that is the primary driver here, but I do think the fact the group is so nasty anyways is a driving element here. A lot of these unexpected players are specialists, and Klinsi and co. probably figure that this roster not only gives the young guys experience, but they fit into specific situational strategies that may make the differences between having a chance to advance, or not even getting one goal. Altidore wins you a late freekick? Perfect, bring in Brooks for Beasler who wasn’t going to give you much on offense anyways. Ronaldo is abusing Chandler and Cameron? Might as well give Yedlin a shot…nothing to lose and lots of upside.

            • RB says:

              Had a longer response that then disappeared into thin air, so I’ll just say, agreed.

            • Eurosnob says:

              I certainly hope we don’t field Yedlin against Ronaldo – he struggled against MLS caliber attackers and Ronaldo is capable of making much better defenders look bad.

              • RB says:

                So you wouldn’t give him a try even if Ronaldo was already “abusing” Chandler and Cameron?

                Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Yedlin fan and agree that much lesser opponents than CR7 have shown him up. But Patrick’s comment makes sense: if your other guys can’t cut it at all, well then what do you have to lose?

              • Patrick2 says:

                Yedlin has a hard time because he gets tricked, or caught out of position. What I see happening is NOT Yedlin being asked to have typical right back responsibilities, it may be more along the lines of taking one of two of a Jones-Bekerman defense midfielders out and told to do ONLY two things:
                1) Man-mark Ronaldo.
                2) When we have the ball bomb forward and try to create havoc, and then haul ass back.

      • MrMaxican says:

        Jürgen Klinsmann is going to take care of Jürgen Klinsmann. He upped his contract. Its easy to see that maybe the whole “group of death” thing is a no win situation but he can position himself to have a great 2016 (Olympics?) and 2018. Hoping for a better draw on the next one as well as giving the kids the experience they need.

      • ann says:

        Germany did the same for WC 2006 and still more for WC 2010 where they fielded the youngest team of the Championship.

  3. OB Rick says:

    I am rubbing mine right now

  4. EastBayGrease says:

    I hope Klinsmann Sr. opens up a can of whoopass on Klinsmann Jr.

    link to

  5. Jack says:

    I keep seeing this idea being put out there that this is some move for 2018? If so, can someone explain why Wondolowski and Davis are in this team over a Boyd and Corona?

    • Robbie says:

      Its like arguing… the atomic bomb was not dropped until after women were able to vote, therefore, women being able to vote led to dropping an atom bomb. You can justify and grab for anything, but it doesn’t make it so.

      My opinion is klinsi decided to leave a top 5 US player at home and there is really no logical soccer based explanation for that.

      • Shimmzy says:

        Why did women voting cause atomic death?

      • Brad C says:

        Or maybe he’s not a top 5 player anymore!!!

        Remember, LD wasn’t going to start anyway. And LD’s spot even if he were starting is now taken by Zusi, Aron, or Bedoya. Not a huge drop off from an out-of-form LD even if you believe they aren’t as good. Some (JK included) might believe they are playing better than LD now.

        • JayAre says:

          The miss conception is that LD was not in form, he is in form it’s just that he’s in the twilight of his career so he’s dipping, he’s not getting any better, he hinted towards it in all his interviews the blind fans just don’t get it all they want to believe is a German American controversy

        • Robbie says:

          Maybe so. There are other quality options, LD must have really stunk at camp. I’d still find a spot for the country’s top goal scorer and a proven wc performer!

          • JJ says:

            Actually Klinsi admitted in an interview that he “did everything right entire camp” or something along those lines — confirming the obvious: he was never going to be selected for the 23 barring injuries. But he brought him to the 30 anyway so he and the rest of us could get this kick in the nuts.

    • Brad C says:

      Good lord man, how many times do you have to read it before you get it?

      Boyd is a Jozy clone, a like for like sub doesn’t add any tactical advantage. Davis and Wondo are specialized players, a set piece maestro/crosser and a “nose for goal” guy who can get on the end of those crosses.

      And maybe, just maybe Davis and Wondo were playing better than Boyd and Corona in camp and in their leagues?

      D & W are glue players that fit in with the team and help the better players do well.

    • John Lowe says:

      @ Jack
      Let’s take a moment and think about that!

      First, we will be bunkering Vs. Germany and Portugal. I know this is supposed to be a different team but those teams are simply better and will have the Lion’s share of possession. So our goal scoring opportunities will be limited. Counterattacks and Set Pieces. If your best scoring opportunities are going to be Set Pieces then bringing in a set piece specialist like Davis makes a lot of sense. Corona cannot bring to the table what Davis can.

      Second, John Terry called Wondo a nightmare to cover. The guy knows how to poach a goal. If were down late in a game a poacher is a great thing to have in your arsenal. Boyd is a great player but he does not bring any better skillset than, Altodore, Dempsey, or Johannsson and can’t poach goals like Wondo.

  6. stargate1 says:

    Green should not be on the roster and Klinsy should not have promised a spot for him

    It is so wrong in many ways. so wrong. Unless Green is next big thing and from some initial videos of him playing in Germany and here. he aint the sh@t

    • Roy says:

      Green’s name represents his useful experience.

    • Maykol says:

      If he impressed in training and Klinsmann sees him useful then he deserves to go to brazil

      • Louis Z says:

        JK already made up his mind over a month ago. why would Johannsson make it when he just got in on Tuesday. I think he is good but JK just had his mind made up long before. So not all players where given an even chance. Boyd, had a better season than Wondo, but Wondo was able to play in CONCACAF friendlies while Boyd didn’t, Boyd even score in the practice game vs. LAGII but didn’t help him secure a spot, why? because Wondo was already in. Then why go through the charade.

  7. downintexas says:

    Seems like JK took one look at our group and decided, well crap we won’t advance, might as well get us ready for 2018.

    • Maykol says:

      If that was true, rimando would have been left off for Bill Hamid. and wondo and Davis would be staying home instead of Boyd and Corona

      • Jack says:

        Could just skip on down to Cody Cropper.

        • Maykol says:

          Damn thats true. We should have probably left off Bradley for that barca kid Lederman! Haha

      • downintexas says:

        yes and no.

        Boyd is the same style player a Jozy, Wondo is that guy you want coming off the bench with 15 min left. None of the younger guys can do that.
        Davis, I have no idea why he is on the team. Yes he can cross the ball in like no one else, but I don’t think we will be getting too many corners and FK in he attacking half. Plus his defense is a bit questionable at least on the international stage.
        Corona, I don’t know much about, so can’t say
        Personally I would rather have any of the younger players instead of Nick. Nick is a great player, but unless the unthinkable happens he is not playing a min. So the 3rd keeper should have been a younger guy.
        I did’t say that’s what I believe he is doing, but it sure seems that way.

        • Jack says:

          You leave off EJ and Boyd, who is even that good on corners? Omar I guess, but is he even starting? Wondo maybe? So yeah I wouldn’t worry to much abut who can take a good corner anyway.

        • Jack says:

          Also I thought that was a weakness for Portugal who gave up a number of set pieces to teams like Northern Ireland in qualifying.

        • Maykol says:

          No EJ is the guy you want coming off the bench. Wondo has looked bad every time he plays actual good teams

          • downintexas says:

            I would agree with EJ, but Klinsy didn’t bring him in.

          • Jack says:

            Its hard not to think back to Wondo struggling in the Gold Cup against El Salvador, and the EJ coming on a scoring in seconds. Then Wondo pretty much being bench the rest of the tournament.

  8. Matt says:

    How is Brad Davis focusing on youth?

    • Jack says:

      He’s has a golden left foot apparently. Even though there’s little chance he can create the separation needed at this level to make any use of it.

  9. Ben says:

    The focus on youth is a snap judgment that is inaccurate. If there was a focus on youth, there would not be a:

    1. Wondo
    2. Jermaine Jones
    3. Beckerman
    4. Brad Davis

    Duh! Fair to question Klinsmann, but he had a pretty good run with Germany. Granted, we won’t be as easy an auto to drive, but he’s the man, so bury him or praise him based on performance, Sr. Antony.

    • Bac says:

      Don’t forget that youngster Beasley…

    • downintexas says:

      No one is ever going to bring in a whole team of under 25 year olds. But if you think Brooks and Green have earned a call up please refer m to the US game in which they proved to be in the WC.

      • Maykol says:

        They earned a call-up because they impressed in camp. Brooks has already shown he can compete with the best with his stunning form at the last few weeks of the Bundesliga. He has already performed better at a higher level that Wondo ever has. As far as Green goes, like i said above, if he didnt impress in training obviously he wouldnt be going

        • downintexas says:

          All the training in the world does not prep one for the WC, you only get that with games, international games. Cause club games are not the same as international games. We only have 3 games to prove we get out of the group. We don’t get 30 games to win don’t kid yourself.

          Look I’m still rooting for the team, but I’m not going to be shocked if Brooks, green, or yedlin are deer in the headlights when they/if they play in brazil.

          • Maykol says:

            Well i doubt yedlin plays a single minute in Brazil. As far as Brooks and Green, im not 100% sure where they are in the roster so far, which is why i cant wait to see them and get a better opinion on the upcoming friendlies

            • downintexas says:

              If they can play and prove it in the friendlies then I will feel better. I just wish Green had played some real minutes this year, then I would not have any issue with him over LD. But we have a month to figure it all out.

        • blokhin says:

          very nice circular logic there-nonsense, but well-packaged…

    • Buttian_Warlord says:

      I disagree with your basic premise. In the event of a real toss up JK did choose youth. (1 exception being Wondo). Beckerman and ones were never really going to be replaced by Edu. Beasely was a lock to make the team. Davis is a surprise but of the LM options he showed superior to Corona.

      • Buttian_Warlord says:


      • Louis Z says:

        that is because LD was not tried at midfield but as forward. he LD was tried at midfield he surely beat out Davis.

      • away goals says:

        Begging the question badly here.

        Edu over beckerman would have been far less surprising than brooks over goodson or yedlin over… anybody.

        So you can’t just look at all the youth inclusions and say “musta been a toss up” but then look at all the veteran inclusions and say “davis must have been clearly superior.”

  10. Ah says:

    Brad Davis made the 23??? Smh.

  11. JayAre says:

    I don’t question Klinsmann I believe in his coaching methods. F**ck what Alexi Lalas or anyone else say (especially Alexi) they act like they have all the answers but have never played or done anything , won anything at the level Klinsmann has. If it is true that LD didn’t want to come around to Klinsmanns style then LD doesn’t need to be on the team. Its time for everyone to open their eyes and stop being bias. Klinsmann is the best and most qualified coach we’ve had. More that Arena more that Bradley. Those guys didn’t go pro!! so stop crying about the decisions that a guy that actually knows what he’s doing makes or have you all even thought about this…. This isn’t Klinsmanns first WC as a player or coach. How many WC have our past coaches played or coached in?? With the exception of Bora Milutinović all their records were piss poor. and everyone needs to get over Green. it’s LD’s job to beat out an 18 year old and leave no doubt about his superiority he clearly couldn’t do that because if I had a choice between an ascending 18 and a descending 32 year old guess who i’d choose too?

    • Mwing09 says:

      Disagree with Alexi all you want, but so say he has never “played or done anything” is ridiculous. Also, since when do coaches need to be pros to be a good coach? Gregg Popovich would like a word with you….

      • arsenal says:

        Well, first, he was comparing Alexi to Klinsmann. Klinsmann has won a ton for club and country. He coached a German team that was previously in shambles to a third place finish. Ill take him over any coach that has previously coached.

    • slowleftarm says:

      So many absurdities and it’s too late to respond to them all tonight.

    • Jack says:

      All Klinsmann has done is put himself in a position where if this comes off he’ll be the great coach in US history. However if he doesn’t and the US loose all 3 matches, he’ll be destroyed and most likely fired.

      • Maykol says:

        Idk if he will be fired. Remember that his contract extension was given right after the world cup draw. Once they saw the US was in the group of death, they probably sonewhat expect us to go 3 and out. So unless we get totally blown away in every game, i dont think he gets fired

        • Jack says:

          The way the pots are set up, we’re always going to be in a difficult group. Yes we got crazy lucky in 2010 but that’s rare. Thinking we’ll have it much easier in 4 years is foolish.

          • JJ says:

            This. And the idea that being in a tough group somehow makes failure to advance acceptable is just an astonishing mentality that I continue to be baffled to see.

            Like why show up? Why watch the games if not only you expect failure, but will be satisfied with it? Wtf is wrong with you people? Go root for Canada or something.

            • JJ says:

              Oh…and unless or until we get in the top 8 in the world, get used to this draw.

              I guess USMNT fans are ok never advancing unless it’s a soft group. Because, you know, games are always decided on paper. Not signed, countless games in almost every sport ever.

      • GW says:


        No matter what, with this group this was always going to be a tough World Cup.

        Obviously JK believes this group gives him the best shot at making some noise.

        If it were me I’d want to go out there with all guns blazing, with a team playing the way I believe they should play. Otherwise, you don’t need a manager. You can just run a poll on SBI for everything from the final 23 to team tactics and selections.

        And Ives and Garrett can run the team on game day with subs being sent in on twitter by contest winners.

        • Jack says:

          haha look everyone is just sharing there opinion and having a debate. That’s just mine. At the end of the days it’s going to be fun to see what happens.

  12. Mwing09 says:

    Crazy to think for all these years we have been talking about our midfield depth, and our midfield looks set to be Zusi-Bradley-Jones-Bedoya with Green/Mix/BRAD DAVIS coming off the bench. Scary to think how that group will fare against the likes of Reus/Gotze/Ozil/Kroos/etc….

    • B says:

      You’re delusional if you think any US players, ever really, could compete with the German midfield. We’re not winning that game.

      • Mwing09 says:

        Never said that, Just pointing out the fact that for so long midfield seemed like such a strength, but with drops in form/injuries/selections it doesnt look too hot anymore, at least on the wings.

        • Increase says:

          Even with Donovan it wouldn’t feel that good. Were stacked for ConCaf and well off for a normal group. Not this one though… were boned.

    • Buttian_Warlord says:

      Zusi wont play left

  13. Roman Lewandowski says:

    A meme from the Spain-Ireland Euro 2012 game showed the Spaniards standing in a huddle and snickering, “They’re bringing on Paul Green!” We can replace the Spaniards with the Germans and Paul Green with Brad Davis (or Wondo).

  14. Ah says:

    Yedlin? Davis? This is underwhelming to say the least. There is NO WAY Davis has more to offer than Donovan. Really weird stuff here.

    Anyone remember how it turned out when we left John Harkes at home for personal reasons?

    • GW says:

      Harkes had more to do with that team than LD had to do with this team.

      He has chosen to not be around much.

      If you don’t pay attention to your spouse don’t be shocked when they divorce you.

      • JJ says:

        Funny how people can make this argument despite 1-He was the MVP of the Gold Cup less than a year ago, and 2-A decent chunk of the 23 were around a lot less than Donovan. I guess we can selectively apply things like “commitment” and “form” when it only fits our argument.

  15. Hd says:

    Quick… We go down 1-0 to Ghana in the first half… You bring johannson at 60 minutes. 15 minutes later, we are still down 1-0… What do you do? Your bench is literally defenders, beckerman, wondo, green, or Davis…. So defenders, defensive midfielders, slow possession focused winger, a completely unproven player, or a striker who’s never scored against quality international competition….

    Feels like green is your best option in this case, which is scary, and may be klinnsy will be proven right, but id rather see Donovan. Plus you could take Donovan and green… Plus every borderline player had some reason to not make it (experience, international experience, speed, etc.), so unless there are chemistry issues with Landon, makes no sense

    • iggy says:

      You probably bring on an extra defender, like DMB, or Yedlin, and push Fab Jo or the RB up to MF, and instruct them to try to kick the ball off Wondo’s head and in.

      I agree with you, the better scenario sounds like you take off Zusi or Bedoya and bring in LD, but that’s all gone now.

      • Patrick2 says:

        I actually think you are very on point. I see a lot of this coming from Berti Vogts who coached against Germany in qualifying. He’s probably told Klinsi: “look, you are NOT going to tiki-taka any of these teams off the field, but what you CAN do is overwhelm them with numbers in bursts…and THAT is going to require fast DBs to storm forward and surprise/overwhelm Portugal,Ghana, and Germany’s talented but not perfect defenders…and you DO have some guys that can play that role…so load up on them.”

    • Chupacabra says:

      If Yedelin’s out there we’ll be lucky to be down 3-0 at the half.

  16. arsenal says:

    Many of you are so irrational. You don’t know what camp was and has been like. You are not there evaluating players. Its obvious from Donovan’s form and comments that he is declining and seems to be losing interest. If you can’t keep up everyday in practice you don’t belong on the team. Its really not that hard of a concept to grasp. It should never be on what someone has done, but what are they doing now and in training.

    • Maykol says:


    • blokhin says:

      soooo…were you in camp?

    • Ah says:

      Haven’t been in camp but I’ve seen Donovan play recently and I’ve seen brad Davis play recently. So I feel alright in stating that this can’t be justified on merit.

    • Mwing09 says:

      Valid point. But remember, camp is only, what, 8 days in? I dont think Klinsmann has made any decisions based off of 8 days of closed-door training. Beyond that, we have seen and been able to evaluate what these players have been doing over the past season and in qualifying. Whether its about Donovan or not, certainly there are some puzzling selections based on the large amount of in-game production we have been able to watch/evaluate..

    • Jack says:

      Johannsson just got into camp, isn’t in form dealing with injuries, only has 1 goal in last 12 matches. Klinsmann’s mind was made up before the 30 walked in.

  17. WxELFxW says:

    Or another way of trying to spin it into a more positive light and draw on Klinsi’s past roster decisions is his benching of Oliver Kahn, former Bayern gk for Germany when they made their third place run. That’s when Jans Lehmann came in performed admirably. I think it’s similar with LD except he’s not even on the bench. However, I read an article (pasted below) where he asked Kahn if he minded being on the bench and while he was pissed but said he’d do everything he can to help the team. I wonder if Klinsi asked the same of LD and he refused?

    link to

    • White Kix says:

      Except Donovan has been telling the media for weeks that he is willing to cheer from the bench if that is what will help the team. But everyone on this site seems to think that means he doesn’t care and is disinterested.

  18. Ah says:

    Looks like JK kept his end of the Julian Green secret deal.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      A deal so secret that it was never made.

      • Jack says:

        In the ESPN 30 for 30 you can see Lalas asking if Green has to perform well in the build up matches to make the team, Klinsmann says yes, of coarse……well he played poorly in Mexico and now is on the team.

        • SingularityCup says:

          He didn’t play poorly in that game. Christ. Donovan did though.

          • Jack says:

            If that was all we really had to go on with Donovan sure hewasn’t good enough. However Green still played rather poor. Even Shea looked better the first time he played Mexico.

          • Beckster says:

            What game were you watching. I saw 2nd rate Mexican players stripping the ball from Green every time he got it.

  19. recovered amishman says:

    In JK’s words, Donovan was behind the other guys in camp right now. That pretty much explains his decision. All of the theories about a special deal for Green or animosity between LD and JK are pretty obviously coming from the “low information” fan boys who tune in occasionally and aren’t satisfied unless they see their favorite players even if they are well past their prime and going through the motions. Maybe it’s the wrong decision, but it was JK’s to make and to his credit, he did what he thought was best without regard to the feelings of a guy looking for one more bit of glory. I’ve been an LD fan for his entire career and his accomplishments are worth celebrating, but they don’t entitle him to a roster spot.

  20. beto says:

    What ever happened to that “body of work” that Ives always talks about how Klinsmann rates players?

    Appearently you need to have about 10 mins of national team experience vs Korea or Mexico plus a good week long camp to make the World Cup…

  21. jkldsflkjaf says:

    Lets be honest. Goodson, parkhust, and LD playing to 100% of their ability would get smoked by the teams in our group. The likes of Green and Brooks probably wont do much better, but there is a chance they rise to the occasion and manage to shine. Its a small chance, but its still a chance. One thing jozy has done consistently his entire career is draw fouls against top tier opponents in dangerous positions. Davis can deliver those free kicks very precisely and wondo can compete with top tier opposition at getting on the end of those very specific kind of chances. With how hugely overmatched we are in this group, the best course of action is to isolate a few, specific areas we can take advantage of. For example, LD’s greatest strength has been playing in open space and hes too slow to take advantage of that anymore, nor is counterattacking the way this team attacks most often. Things look pretty bad, but I can at least envision a way this strategy can work.

    • Jack says:

      Brooks is there to make Omar look like he knows what he is doing, and isn’t completely lost.

    • Patrick2 says:

      Bingo on Altidore. People forget that decisions often hinge on roster decisions that at first light have various degrees of separation. Even at his WORST (this season at Sunderland) Altidore draws fouls and wins free kicks. If MB and Jones are playing well, and are fit, late in games in the Brazilian heat they are going to wreck havoc and force some turnovers up field…if they can get the ball to Altidore good things can happen, and that created an opportunity for Davis as a free kick specialist.

  22. KingGoogleyEye says:

    The youthiness of this squad, by the numbers, compared to Portugal:

    Average Age:
    USA, 27.2 (stdev = 4.6)
    POR, 28.0 (stdev = 3.4)
    p = 0.489

    Average Age, excluding goalkeepers:
    USA, 26.4 (stdev = 4.2)
    POR, 27.8 (stdev = 3.4)
    p = 0.255

    Number of players under 25:
    USA, 5
    POR, 3

    Median Age:
    USA, 27
    POR, 29

    Median Age, excluding goalkeepers:
    USA, 26.5
    POR, 28.5

  23. bryan says:

    I like that these three are on the team. LD missing out has nothing to do with them, including Green. Dude was going either way. Davis beat out LD, it’s that simple. And it’s BS, in my opinion. Sorry Davis, but I’ll take LD any day.

    Anyway, enough about LD. I think the inclusion of these three guys is pretty awesome. Yedlin is by far the biggest surprise. Curious to see how each are used.

  24. leej says:

    old v young naah try brooks-chandler-green play in germany our 3rd game is against ——- we need that tie

  25. Dave-O says:

    Up until now I have supported Jurgen’s decisions, no matter how seemingly bizzare. But I’m not on board with this. Landon Donovan has earned the right to represent his country at another world cup. It would be one thing if Julian Green were in far far better form, but all things being virtually equal Landon should be there. I’m not even particularly a fan of his, but if the goal is to get the layman American more interested in soccer you have to include Landon Donovan to get their eyeballs on the games. It’s a huge mistake and I think Jurgen is going to catch more heat for this than he anticipates. Bad move if you want to get America behind soccer. You might have just set us back 4 years dood, thanks.

    • JJ says:

      Wrong — 16 years.

      But the apologists already say a three-and-out is super cool with them, so it’s all good.

    • White Kix says:

      You make a good point about Green’s form. He hasn’t played since the Mexico game because of his shoulder.

  26. Fredy's Friend says:

    Look, the US is not going anywhere in this World Cup no matter what combination of the best players of our team is on the field. It is best to have as many young guys as possible and hope that in the future their Brazilian experience will pay dividends.

  27. KB says:

    If this team were focused on youth, then Boyd would be going over Wondo and Harrison Shipp or Dillon Powers would be going over Davis. I don’t see that being the case.

  28. Mike W says:

    This attitude about LD is why US soccer has foundered in the states. Green entered the pitch and should have earned a PK or free kick just outside the box. He is truly dynamic, and the present and future. Didn’t y’all see Bradley’s comments on “road to Brazil”? He said the US needs to be the team willing to suffer the most. The heat of Manaus will not look kindly on an old 32 yo Donovan who is getting thick in the middle and thin on top. Klinnsman gets it. And Ronaldo cannot outrun our young speedsters who will be in his back pocket for 90 minutes. I can’t watch LDs Algeria goal without tearing up. That being said, klinsy thinks it’s time, and he’s the only one within a light year of the team who has won the freaking thing. Be mad at Donovan that he lost his drive, went to Cambodia

    • White Kix says:

      Donovan took a three month offseason after not having probably more than a month offseason for 12 years or more. It’s not like he took the whole season off.

    • Jack says:

      I’m sure Chandler is ready to suffer for this team, give me a break.

  29. Clover362 says:

    I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist but I think there is a real possibility of a quid pro quo having been in place for Green and Brooks. If that was the price to get those guys to commit to the USA I’m good with it. So for me it comes down to Donovan vs. Davis, Wondo and Yedllin. For me Davis is the stand out of who possible shouldn’t be there. Wondo is a pure goal poacher, who has shown that can translate to the international level (play against mexico). That has value and makes sense to be included. Yedlin is a pure athlete. The USA willlay the 3 teams with possibily the most athletic attacking players in the world. My guess Klinnsman is willing to sacrifice skill for an ability to recover when they get beat. Evans will get beat probably as easily as Yedlin will, but Yedlin will catch the guy. Davis makes no sense to me. He has a good left cross on set pieces but it’s not like Donovan is a scrub when it comes to taking set pieces. Donovan at 32 is still a better athlete than Davis. And Donovan is way more skillful and less likely to cause turnovers from bad touches and bad decisions. The only thing that makes sense to me in taking Davis over Donovan is that at this point Klinsmann sees both players as subs and the group dynamic doesn’t work with Donovan on the bench.

  30. Ronaldo Messi says:

    Klinsmann might’ve just said at the end of the conference “Viva Mexico.”

  31. Jeff says:

    Hopefully none of them hit the pitch

  32. Pedro says:

    Maybe he thought he would still be on the team without putting in the work. He should have known that K is a coach who creates competition for playing spots. It is not what you did last year, it is what you are doing now. Players now got the message that they must perform now or risk being left out. If he can get rid of Landon, he can get rid of anyone. I love it.

  33. President Obama says:

    Please sign my petition to get President Obama to put Landon Donovan on the US team. We need 100,000 signatures…

    link to

  34. Pedro Guerra says:

    Maybe he thought he would still be on the team without putting in the work. He should have known that K is a coach who creates competition for playing spots. It is not what you did last year, it is what you are doing now. Players now got the message that they must perform now or risk being left out. If he can get rid of Landon, he can get rid of anyone. Hope taking a vacation during eliminations to find himself worked. Instead he found himself out of job with National team.

    • Jack says:

      The real pressure is going be for the next month every time some one makes a bad pass or misses a shot you’re going to have the entire country saying “really this guy is better then Landon Donovan” Now if they get out of the group of coarse they will cast that shadow but not until then.

  35. Dennis says:

    Making a team is not always about choosing the “best” players or those who are “deserving”. There are other players who could be called deserving of at least a call into the 30: Magee, EJ, Feilhaver, Castilla, Ream, Spector, Bocanegra … or “deserving” to be in the 23: Goodson, Edu. I do not believe many people are all that twisted up about their lack of inclusion in either group and are willing to go with the coach’s choices.

    Of course Donavon is special. His absence will be noticed simply because it might be hard to imagine anyone (even Donavon) would actually have more success in Brazil than Donavon has enjoyed in past world cups. But, that is past tense. Sports is all about “What can you do for me today?”