Klinsmann ‘hugely disappointed’ in his son’s Donovan tweet

Jurgen Klinsmann

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U.S. Men’s National Team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has had to deal with the fallout of his decision to leave Landon Donovan off the final 23-man roster for the World Cup in the last 24 hours, but before speaking with the media, he had to deal with his son.

After news broke of Donovan’s omission, Klinsmann’s son Jonathan took to social media to give his reaction to the news on Twitter, a reaction that lacked context, prudence, and any understanding of the situation at USMNT camp. The backlash he received from his Twitter followers may have been bad, but the response from his father just might have been worse.

“I was hugely disappointed,” said Jurgen Klinsmann in response to his son’s damaging tweet. “I called him right away. He realized just a few minutes after that what he had done. He came out of school kind of fooling around with his classmates and it kind of just went off on Twitter, not being aware that he’s actually followed on Twitter.”

The German-born head coach went on to say that his son meant no ill will towards Donovan, as the youngster is actually a big fan of the LA Galaxy forward.

“He has huge a admiration for Landon,” said the elder Klinsmann. “He’s actually been a big fan of his since many, many years ago. He actually has his jersey in his room and he realized what he’s done. He was devastated yesterday.

“Obviously, as a father, you put him in line and he owes him a huge, huge apology,” Klinsmann continued. “That was highly disrespectful and I think he got his biggest social media lesson that he could imagine, but it was very disappointing.”

What do you think of Klinsmann’s response? Did he handle the situation correctly?

Share your thoughts below.

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188 Responses to Klinsmann ‘hugely disappointed’ in his son’s Donovan tweet

  1. Ali Dia says:

    Buy him a new keyboard. Or at least fix that Caps-Lock button. He sounds like an American teenager.

    Ok. Can we close the book on this story now?

    • Dave says:

      No we can’t. Nice statement that a US Soccer pr flak wrote for him. I know everything i need to know about the kid based on that one tweet. He’s soft and coddled, he’s an arrogant twat, and spoiled. F him, and btw, F his dad.

      Go USA, bring on Ghana

      • Maykol says:

        Well we cant beat ghana if we f his dad

      • arsenal says:

        I guess I know you by your comment here. You judge everyone based off one action, you have no tolerance, and seemed filled with anger because a declining player, who has done nothing this year, didn’t make the team.

        • Dave says:

          Close, very close. But not exact. You can turn this on me all you want, but i didn’t bring out the dirty family secrets into the public arena. Yeah, Davis > Landon. Right. And i guess you’re nothing but an apologist for the party line.

          • Anthony says:

            You are really annoying. Why don’t you do society a favor and go lay across some train tracks.

          • arsenal says:

            Do I think Davis is better than Donovan? No. But, Donovan was brought in as a forward. He was competing against them and lost out to better competition. Davis was brought for tactical reasons, I believe. He has a particular skill set that could be useful on set pieces.

            Where is the proof this is a “dirty family secret”? I’m not trying to be a dbag to you, but I just don’t get it. I’ve never seen any valid proof.

            • Dave says:

              The problem with that reasoning is that if Davis is on the field we are less likely to *generate* set pieces in the first place.

            • Drock_18 says:

              So as a forward, you think that Wondo is better than Landon?? Come on man. Sure, Wondo works hard and finds himself in good spots but no way does he bring the quality that Landon does. Sure he’s lost a bit of pace but his technical ability and vision has not.

            • Joe says:

              He was brought in as a forward so that JK could justify cutting him. The fact is he can play forward of outside mid. Can Sir Jozy? he can’t even play one position.

              It’s called setting him up to fail

            • Joamiq says:

              The “brought in as a forward” notion is itself a problem. You can’t limit a versatile player to one position and say he has to make it there or else he doesn’t make it at all. That’s not a level playing field.

        • Paul says:

          I could not have said it better.

        • Jesse says:

          I judge another corrupt German “Hitler” on one action (setting up concentration camps) I don’t need to know more. I can judge Jurgen on a whole web of lies that led up to this. His son let the cat out of the bag.

          • Ralph says:

            This is a f********* insane comment.

            You are really, really messed up.

            • Jesse says:

              At least I didn’t resort to swearing. The statement I responded to was dumb. You can’t judge anyone on one action. Well yes you can. Murder is just one action, and you can be judge on it. Obviously an extreme example but proof you can and should be judged on what you do.

              • Skyclad@hotmail.com says:

                What a person says matters more than the words used to say it. Your comment is much more offensive than the f word.

                Nobodies perfect, but it’s much better to own mistakes than defend them.

                … and yes, people can be judged by one action. Is it fair? It’s certainly not representative. Would you like to be judged solely based on your “Hitler” post?

                Off my pulpit. Go USA, and wishing/praying for safety to all supporters traveling to Brazil.

              • Jesse D says:

                I think my comment was misunderstood, but I once again apologize for it.

          • Bach's Thumb says:

            What the f*#$ is this?

          • Mike Gardino says:

            Speaking of letting cats out of bags. What in the hell is wrong with you?

            • Jesse says:

              what’s wrong with you. An extreme example to prove the other commentator is wrong. You can judge people on their actions.

          • Kosh says:

            This is absolutely classless.

            Being upset about the choice and your irrational, baseless hatred of JK is one thing but your statement is downright classless and offensive on so many levels. The sad thing is you have no clue what you just did here.

            What’s tragic of it all is that this happens in a thread that is about a kid acting stupidly and making a poor decision. The things is at least the kid was able to understand his misstep and apologize.

            This was a very tasteless move.

            • Jesse says:

              It was an extreme example and I apologize to those I offended. You’re right that I don’t fully understand why using an example about extreme bad behavior to prove some can be judged on it, hit a nerve so closely.
              It was not intended to equate all bads as being equal. Is that what you think I was saying? Hitler was evil and offended God, Jurgen just offended the US soccer world.

              • MLSsnob says:

                Come on, man. At least stand by your comment. I might not agree with you but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

              • Jesse D says:

                I stand by the point I was trying to convey, which is you can be judged on your actions. People, I am guessing, believed I was drawing an equivalency? That was not my intent, so I apologize for saying something that came off in that way. I don’t stand by that interpretation. Not sure if the PC police can point to something else in it that is offensive??? Is it just the name, you don’t want to use it, like a modern day swear word?

          • away goals says:

            *backs away from Jesse slowly, never taking my eyes off him*

        • Joe says:

          unlilke Jozy who has also done nothing but in his case… its the poor team he’s on. Oh wait… LA sux too. Even with Robby and Donovan.

          Klinsmann wanted him gone because he wants this to be his team. Donovan has too many ties to the past.

      • Camb says:

        Dave you’re wrong in speculating without evidence. Right now I’m watching a group of teenagers at my subway stop try and slap eachother in the balls. I suppose by your logic we must assume their dads love to ball slap people, and make it known “at the dinner table” or whatever other whack examples people are submitting to implicate klinsmann had anything to do with this.

        • downintexas says:

          Okay then what logic do you have for the tweet. Other than he is an dumb kid. Why didn’t he go off on Edu, or Parkhurst? Did LD not sign an autograph for him?

          • away goals says:

            Because edu and parkhurst aren’t sexy, attention grabbing topics to tweet about. A 17 year-old kid took a sensational story and put himself in the middle of it, as 17 year-olds are want to do.

        • Joe says:

          They should watch the Dempsey video if they want to learn how to do it right

        • MLSsnob says:

          That’s not a good example. Generally views on people you don’t know are based off of opinions of people close to you who do know them. If you think that he got his “seeming” dislike for Donovan anywhere else but his dad then I don’t know what to tell you.

  2. skyman says:

    Jeezus I’m sick of this . . . . . his son just dumped more pressure on his Pops, but what was behind his sentiment? THAT is still what we have left to ponder. . .

    • angstchild says:

      Exactly. It seems too easy to give a “yeah, kids are dumb” pass. Why the hell would he resent Donovan so much without knowing more of the backstory. There must be some behind the scenes hijinx – Landon is just too classy to get into specifics.

      • downintexas says:

        +1, but those on Klinsmann jock don’t care about logic or reasoning.

        • SwerveZ says:

          Bullsh*t, I’m a disturbed as you are about this, but seriously, it IS a teenager. Are they predictable?? They form their own opinions just as easily as following their parents’ opinions. Blown way outta proportion and you guys are just blowin’ it up even more. Let’s concentrate on Brazil.

    • Diego's Maradoughnuts says:

      That part is actually very easy. The sentiment almost certainly started something like this:

      “Did I tell you I brought the American player you are so enamored with to Bayern Munich? Turns out he is a p*ssy. Also, I was fired today. Please pass the schitzel.”

      and resurfaced as:

      “Did I mention I got a phone call from Landon Donovan today? Yes seems he is still a p*ssy. I told him to enjoy Cambodia and recommended some herbal teas. Please pass the Hefeweissbier”

      and most recently

      “Son you cannot be tweeting such remarks at that little p*ssy, unless you want to end up like him, drinking Light Budweiser out of some regional scrap-metal Cup like a peasant. And please pass the Sauerbraten.”

      Relax. I kid.

    • Matt C says:

      you can bet that Der Dad is pissed.

  3. William the Terror says:

    He’s “hugely disappointed” in the fact that his kid’ tweet let the not-so-secret family secret get publicized. Crocodile tears. You suck, Klinsmann.

    • Kosh says:

      So the whole Klinsmann family hates Donovan now, or is it a Donovan-Klinsmann family feud? You know one that is so top secret that everyone on SBI either knows or “wants answers to”. Give me a break with this conspiracy theory stuff.

      EVEN if there is some hidden, top secret CIA level beef between JK and LD (which both have said there is not but hey why believe in them when strange made up stuff or the insinuation of it’s existence is better) who cares? People have tiffs all the time. BB and Convey never got along. This kind if stuff is all over the soccer world. Not that this is the case by any means, I mean besides this X Files stuff going on, the pick was made and now we’re done and past that.

      This irresponsible insinuation reminds me of dirty politics – “I am not saying my opponent hasn’t done “X” but why hasn’t he come out to say he hasn’t done it? Huh? Huh? People want to know! People have the right to know!!”

  4. Andy in Atlanta says:

    The tweet revealed everything I need to know… there is a Landon hating going on in that household…anyone that does not get that has their head in the sand…

    “Who taught you how to do this stuff? You, alright… I learned from watching you!”

    link to youtube.com

    • Dave says:


    • Ralph says:

      Let me ask you something, why did the tweet reveal anything about Klinsmann? Do you honestly believe that everything children do and say is representative of their parents? I’m going to take this to a

      I’m taking this to an extreme, but I think it makes the point. Do children who commit vicious crimes, are they acting in their parents’ stead? If a child calls another child a slur at school, does that automatically mean the child’s parent also feels that way?

      • arsenal says:

        Logic doesn’t work here, sadly.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        If you majored in sociology like I did… you would know the answer is a lot of the times a resounding yes…

        • Ralph says:

          The answer is also very often, no. As the research plays out, the people around a child outside of the house have as much or greater an impact on their development as their parents.

          You can only do so much as a parent, something we all struggle with.

          • Matt J. Brooks says:

            The thing is the vast majority of USA soccer fans would not have that kind of reaction towards Donovan so the people he surrounds himself with is most likely not where that tweet came from.

          • wood chip zip says:

            The kid is around US Soccer people. He is in the Development Academy. Most US Soccer people would not react that way about Donovan getting cut. . . or anyone getting cut. but then this twerp has never in his life had to worry about getting cut has he?

          • MLSsnob says:

            So then go with the statistics, if it’s more often yes then no, which one is more likely?

      • Joe says:

        I think there’s a better than even chance he’s heard his father upset with Donovan, most likely after he didnt play in the qualifiers. Why else would he even care?

        If you cant believe that then take the example of Mikey Bradley. When his dad was coach, he was often times a jerk. Following refs down the tunnel yelling at them after a game. Silly, reckless fouls during a game. Since his dad has gone, he’s been a much better, more in control, level headed player.

        Kids pick up on their parents thoughts and things they hear around the house. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard my wife say “your son sounds just like you. Things he says are the same things you say.” That tweet didnt just come from nowhere. There has to be more behind it than just a kid being a kid.

        As my father used to say… and now Ill say about JK…”You’ve made yur bed now lie in it.” If we tank in Brazil, we’ll see if JK takes responsibility for failing his mission and resigns. I’m betting he won’t and he will have to be fired

      • Kosh says:

        + 1

        • Kosh says:

          dammit…my +1 for Ralph soooo went to the wrong place. Man the internets are broken!!!

      • Sean says:

        No but it does reflect on the parent’s ability to parent. And it often is a reflection of the points of view of the parent when dealing with topics. This is not some kid he knew at school, this is a “topic”.

    • DT says:

      I know when I come home from work, I sit at the dinner table and we all discuss coworkers I don’t like. Me: “I left Eric off my team that is going to handle the acquisition.” My kid: “yeah, Eric is a loozer, lols.” My wife: “his wife is such a b1tch.” I imagine the Klinsmann dinner table is the same way.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        thanks for the hyperbole.. in healthy families that actually converse with each other…more often than not kids pick up on their parents stances on things… then kids often mimic them in real life until they get to college or move out… it just happens time and again..

      • ChicagoBlue says:

        Well, if you had a very public job and your son was in that exact line of work himself, I suspect you would discuss it a lot.

    • Luke says:

      Since you are saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Jonathan Klinsmann is going be a world class striker that wins us the World Cup?

    • Jesse says:


  5. Ralph says:

    17 year-old acts like 17 year-old with a giant microphone. News at 11.

    Glad there wasn’t social media when I was 17. Some of the things I said/did would have caused some real havoc for my family. I think we can all attest to that.

    Also would not be surprised if he felt animosity toward Donovan for what happened at Munich years back. If the reports from that time are to be believed, Donovan’s failure to pan out was the proverbial last straw in the already strained relationship between Klinsmann and Uli.

    Granted, Uli is now in prison… so hey.

  6. DanO says:

    Why is everyone assuming a 17 year old is on the same page with his pops? I love a conspiracy as much as the next guy, but factoring in the whims of a teenager… I just don’t think there’s much to see here…

    • Jesse says:

      that’s naive. Kids learn about dad employees from dad. That sentiment came from dad.

      • DanO says:

        Your logic escapes me. Maybe Jurgen was still pissed Donovan showed up out of shape for the Mexico camp. Maybe Landon blew Jon off sometime not knowing who he was. Maybe Jon was mad at Daddy over his curfew and decided to say something controversial. Then again, MAYBE he’s just a 17 year old kid, who did something stupid, and his dad really doesn’t agree.

        • Jesse says:

          Did your parents ever talk about their employees or bosses around the dinner table? Don’t you think your formed an opinion on those people based on those conversations?

          Of course Jonathon learned his opinion of Donovan from dad.

          • Sharkbait says:

            “Did your parents ever talk about their employees or bosses around the dinner table?”

            No, absolutely not. Every family is different. I have absolutely no clue what kind of father Jurgen Klinsmann is or what his household is like.

            • Jesse says:

              I know his personality. He is one to have strong opinions and to trust his secrets to those around him.

          • DanO says:

            What’s naive is assuming all of our parents act the same way.

      • Ron Konkoma says:

        17 years old is old enough to make his own opinion. Frankly, Jurgen Klinsmann cannot be held accountable for what his son says.

  7. BrianVT says:

    News flash! 17-yo behaves stupidly & immaturely on social media. Now *there’s* something you don’t see every day!

  8. OB Rick says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that the son is a Donovan fan-if he was remotely a fan he would never have tweeted that…ever.

    • ChicagoBlue says:

      Agreed. Doesn’t make any sense at all that he is a fan.

    • Jesse says:

      yeah, no way. Maybe when he was 10 he was a Donovan fan. He certainly isn’t now.

    • AMP says:

      It happens to me all the time, forgetting that I like certain people to the point where it seems like I hate them. I don’t have any examples, but trust me, it’s a constant issue.

  9. arsenal says:

    We don’t even know what the tweet exactly meant. He could have been goofing off with his friends and was laughing, not because he is glad, but he was shocked or he was just being a troll. We have no context for it. Its not a big deal. People tweet stupid stuff all the time and his father should not be held accountable. He is old enough to think for himself. This is an extreme, but we going to blame the unibombers parents for his actions? Its ridiculous to always blame the parents for everything, especially when he is 17.

    • Lucas says:

      You’re completely out of touch. Caps locked, hahaha, etc. You still need context? Wow! It’s not about accountability you goof. The kid went out of his way to announce his satisfaction of the news. Why

  10. Gus says:

    I call BS on all this.

    “He realized a few minutes after what he had done.” – Why? Because he tweets unconsciously? His fingers just magically typed that and tweeted it out? His son is a diplodocus and there’s a lag between his extremities and his brain?

    “not being aware he’s followed on twitter” – HUH? It’s right there on your home screen. If he, like most teenagers, is on his phone all the time is he not seeing all those “X is now following you” notifications? You don’t think those are adding up? You’re just totally oblivious? The only thing redeeming about any of this is that all Klinsmann’s excuses are essentially saying repeatedly “Yea my son is dumb as hell”

    “He has huge admiration for Landon” – Obviously not.

    “He’s been a big fan of his since many, many years ago” – Call me old fashioned but that’s not how I treat the people I respect and admire.

    “He has his jersey in his room” He must use it as a skeet blanket then for all the respect he’s shown it.

    “He was devastated yesterday.” – So now he’s the victim? We’re supposed to feel bad? Oh sorry everybody DUMB OL JONNY felt bad for insulting an Icon of the sport he claims to respect with his dumb fingers that work independently of his brain. Let’s all line up and tell him its okay and we’re all sorry for being mad at him and hurting his widdle feewings.

    Sorry, but I want my pound of flesh, I want a public apology and Klinsy Jr can get a little misty for the cameras. A little contrition and I’m willing to say, fine dumbo, just don’t do it again. But you don’t just kick a US Soccer Icon while he’s down then delete your account and run off and have daddy fight your battles for you.

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      total LOL on the skeet blanket comment… My Friday needed that laugh.

    • Ralph says:

      “He realized a few minutes after what he had done.” – Why? Because he tweets unconsciously? His fingers just magically typed that and tweeted it out? His son is a diplodocus and there’s a lag between his extremities and his brain?


      The same way a number of posters immediately replied to the news of Donovan being left off that they HOPED Wondo would injure himself so that Donovan could play.

      And the same way you will probably regret this comment,

      “A little contrition and I’m willing to say, fine dumbo, just don’t do it again. But you don’t just kick a US Soccer Icon while he’s down then delete your account and run off and have daddy fight your battles for you,”

      after you cool down a bit.

      You’re talking about someone’s child. A barely 17 year old kid. ‘Daddy’ is going to be fighting his battles. Because he’s his father. And the kid is a kid. A child. A child who said something he might not have even meant or thought about.

      Asking for a 17 year old to be placed on a podium in front of reporters to satisfy… whatever it is you need satisfied… is psychotic.

      • Detroit! says:


      • Jesse says:

        A 17 year old is not a child. They are months away from being old enough to be sent around the globe to be shot at for their country. A 17 year old is old enough to come out and take a little crow in front of the camera’s. He doesn’t need to do a Q&A. He does need to step in front of a microphone, put a couple sentences together of remorse. Blow a little bit of smoke about how much he has admired Landon through the years. Then I will be willing to accept the apology and move on. He made the comment, he needs to come out and directly address it on camera and apologize.

        • Ralph says:

          Which says more about our country than a child.

          The brain doesn’t even finish developing physically until the mid 20s.

          • Jesse says:

            That is not just our country. That is a near universally recognized age. Some countries 19, some 16. It is in that range where you are expected to have some personal responsibility.

    • Dave says:

      Exactly… a pr flak obviously wrote that. The only thing he’s “disappointed’ in is the public backlash. The apologists are going to get you in 3,2,1…

    • Charles says:

      Thank you Gus! I have, more often than I would liked to, wondered why there were so very many angry, attacking, uninformed, comments here. Especially those comments made against commenters who were informed and actually knew what they were talking about. Like that guy who said Green would make the team, even start.

      Now I know. They must be “diplodocuses (or is it diplodocusi?) and there’s a lag between their extremities and their brains”

    • Jesse says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Those who disagree with you are just naive. Let them keep their head in the sand.

  11. grant says:

    Next headline: “Klinsmann ‘hugely disappointed’ that son is revealed as SBI poster named FRANK”

  12. Pep Guardiola says:

    So another kid acts like a moron on social media…. next topic.

    • The Garrincha says:

      Pepe G is in the house, hey everybody, Pepe G is in the house!,
      Pepe G. what’s the matter you bored?,
      Pepe G. “oh”, What?, you don’t like that topic.
      ok, next topic for Pepe G. please….
      Whatever Pepe G. want, Pepe G. gets, OK…

  13. Footballisking says:

    I think as we’re all keenly aware, American Teenagers who grow up in the public eye, are not very good at doing things that are sensible. What he said is wrong, yes, but, very seldom does anyone get on here and rail about an adult saying these things.
    Jurgen Klinsmann should be given a pat on the back for making a bold move and leaving Landon Donovan home. He has not been the same player this year, there is a noticeable drop off. You can’t have played as much soccer as he did over the last few years, and not have it take a toll on your body. If Julien Green, or anyone steps up, and the US makes it out of the group, all those doubters will say “I knew it all along” Would Bob Bradley or Bruce Arena have had the guts to make that call?

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      Bob Bradley and Bruce Arena got out of their groups… will JK?

      • Footballisking says:

        I think there is a very good chance…Ghana is beatable. a win and two draws will get the US out of the group. I think the US matches up well with Portugal. I don’t see them being able to get over the americans ability to frustrate them.

      • Joe says:

        No chance. Unless JK shakes up the starters, we won’t even score a goal

  14. Marcello says:

    Wait a minute!….I thought his son’s name was Julian? 😀

  15. GOYA-GOYA says:

    The kid is 17. Cut him some slack.

    Show me an adult that didn’t do something as a minor that they later regretted, and I’ll show you a LIAR!!!!

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      you are not grasping the root here… nobody cares what the kid said… he is a stupid kid.. the root is why would he say that? He clearly formed a negative opinion of Landon… where did it take shape…. the speculation is all from dad…

      • arsenal says:

        Key word: speculation.

      • GOYA-GOYA says:

        I am grasping the root. If you asked my son a question regarding my job, you would receive an answer as if it came from my lips behind closed doors. The issue is NOT what he said. The issue is he said anything. He is 17. Cut him some slack!

      • Jesse says:

        your right the sentiment that Jurgen made a decision that was not about soccer, but was about personality and power is harden now. That is biggest problem. A million teenagers could have said good riddance to Donovan, but if they didn’t learn everything they know about Donovan, from Donovans boss. This kid did.

        • GOYA-GOYA says:

          Ummmm, you make no sense. Sorry.

          The only thing of relevance is that it shows that Klinsi doesn’t respect Donovan any longer. I would venture to say this stems from the self-imposed sabbatical to Cambodia. Perhaps it was from LD’s frank conversation that he isn’t trying every day due to his body.

          When the coach loses confidence…no Brazil. Very simple.

          • Jesse says:

            So you just said it. Klins doesn’t respect Donovan. Isn’t it his job to be respectful, to act with dignity? As the head of this team, he needs to lead by example and he failed.

            • AMP says:

              If that turned out to be the case, yes, but this is all still speculation.

              • Jesse D says:

                People have been speculating it for awhile based on Jurgen’s body language and the backhanded compliments he gives Donovan. I gave JK the benefit of the doubt. I thought he was trying to motivate LD. JK’s son coming out and letting it all hang like that was the tipping point for me. That is when it was clear this wasn’t about soccer, but about personality.

  16. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I am going to say this for everyone that has given the standard “He is a typical 17 year kid doing something dumb on social media…

    you are not grasping the root here… nobody on SBI cares what the kid said he means nothing… he is a stupid kid.. the root is why would he say that? He clearly formed a negative opinion of Landon… where did it take shape…. the speculation is all from dad…

    that is why this IS a big deal…

    • Camb says:

      Thanks for the explanation, scientist. Bunch of overblown BS because of bad timing. You are all jumping to wild conclusions about the meaning behind the tweet and what that says about klinsmanns opinion of Donovan. Stop acting like the 17 year old your harping on.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:


        • GW says:

          Still haven’t gotten over Lichaj have you?

        • Camb says:

          I’ll repeat what I said earlir: you’re wrong in speculating without evidence. Right now I’m watching a group of teenagers at my subway stop try and slap eachother in the balls. I suppose by your logic we must assume their dads love to ball slap people, and make it known “at the dinner table” or whatever other whack examples people are submitting to implicate klinsmann had anything to do with this.

          • Lucas says:

            We fry people on speculative evidence based on circumstances. There seems to be pretty decent circumstantial evidence here.

            • Ron Konkoma says:

              So lemme just summarize what you’re saying here:

              because circumstantial evidence is used in court rooms to convict defendants sometimes
              Jurgen Klinsmann has to have the same opinions as his son

      • Jesse says:

        Good ole, head in the sand Camb.

        • Ron Konkoma says:

          good ole, impetuous Jesse

          • Jesse says:

            Maybe on this website, but certainly not in real life.
            It’s easy to lose your cool when people defend the very people who have shamed them, and made a circus out of their passion.

    • chicagoan in DC says:

      But Landon has been terrible for 2 months. He had(operative word) an exceptional Gold Cup. But what have you done for me lately? Complain about your health and show up to the Mexico friendly fat. This is Mexico!!!! You’re a professional athlete and you come in to camp fat? Think about that for a minute. You’re a professional athlete, your job is to be athletic and you’re fat( relative to the sport requirements) And the Coach is wrong for cutting him? I’d question the Coach if he didn’t cut him. I love Landon more than anyone, but this was the correct decision and thats regardless of our world cup outcome.

      • Jesse says:

        in a few weeks Landon can get fit, in a few weeks Davis can’t learn to dribble, run and shoot.

  17. Soccerhorn says:

    So now Klimsmann is forced to LIE directly to the American public. “My son is a huge fan of (LD). Which explains exactly why the kid said what he did. LIAR. What a circus this has become. Nice work Klinsi. LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR.

    • William the Terror says:

      Pants on fire.

    • Joe says:

      I have inside information that JK got some advice from Jay Carney on what to say. This is all the result of and anti German-American video on Youtube

  18. Joe says:

    In other news Jonathan’s USMNT for the next cycle is still safe despite public backlash.
    Klinsmann: “He had a bad moment but he’s shown a lot of maturity since then. Plus he’s german and a goalkeeper. That’s the german-american dream.

  19. Mission Viejo says:

    If Klinsmann didn’t have a tendency to lie whenever they put a mic in front of him I could be convinced to believe him.

  20. chicagoan in DC says:

    I’m 31 and I volunteer my time tutoring/mentoring children. With that said dealing with young children and their use of social media is intriguing but rather unfortunate. You get no do overs. Thank God Facebook twitter Instagram etc wasn’t available to my friends and I, in High school. I may not have been able to get a job or get into college . The transgression of a 17 year old child who Jurgen himself has admitted has been a handful since he’s become a teen should not reflect on the the Dad.
    And side note: Landon over the last 2 months has not been one of the best 23 players in the USA. Seriously coming in fat to any camp, let alone one vs Mexico, admitting you can’t train the same as everyone else, admitting you lost your desire etc. If I were a boss of any company, let alone managing a World Cup team, I’d seriously wonder if that member of my company should be usherd along to pasture. Bradley got subbed and earned his spot back. Dempsey got dissed and proved Klinsy wrong. Donovan got reprimanded and after and wildly successful Gold CUp rested on his laurels. In my opinion Klinsmann did right by the National Team and did right by the fans in this instance. #USAUP

    • Joe says:

      No one questions or is concerned with Klinsmann’s parenting its the fact that his son seems to share the same negative perception of Donovan and the fact that its become such a personal issue instead of a professional issue.

      • chicagoan in DC says:

        You think Klinsmann’s decision wasn’t professional? As I stated in an earlier post, Donovan was called in to the Mexico friendly and was severely out of shape. If you ask me thats a slap in the face to the whole program. I think Klinsmann was left no real choice. You basically semi retire from the sport are let back in to the fold and come in to your Rivalry game fat? C’mon people be reasonable about this at least. Would you have been happier if he wasn’t invited to the camp at all? Based on his form I’m not sure he deserved to be called in to the 30. his legacy got this far in my opinion.

        • Joe says:

          Entirely professional? No I don’t think so.

          • chicagoan in DC says:

            i disagree. I think you’re arguments generally are very well thought out, but i haven’t read one logical reason as to why dude should be this squad. Now passionate is a different story.

            • Nate says:

              Experience. How about that? England’s bringing Lampard. Italy’s bringing Pirlo. Donovan means as much to the US team as those guys mean to England and Italy, and perhaps more…

            • AMP says:

              From what I’ve been reading (everything above this) the overwhelming majority of people aren’t trying to claim that Lando was worthy of being on the team. That was a couple articles ago. Here, I think the issue is that Klinsmann’s son’s comments and JK’s apology and excuses for his son, lead some to believe that JK’s personal feelings toward LD might have swayed his judgement. Of course these people are speculating, but I think it’s well-reasoned enough.

              JK said the decision was based on “today,” and not on how certain players have performed or underperformed in past matches and camps.

  21. Matt C says:

    Cut him some slack. He’ll have to crawl to Landy for forgiveness.

    Remember when Landy said stupid/immature sh*t about Becks?

    you make mistakes….you apologize…and we move on.

    nothing to see here…move on.

    • Vic says:

      Those were all true statements Donovan said about Beckham. At the time Beckham had never been on a losing team (Manunited, Real Madrid) so I don’t necessarily blame Beckham for losing interest.

      • Ralph says:

        Donovan skipped out on WCQ camp during Bob Bradley to go to a wedding.

        • MesaATLien says:

          It wasn’t just some random wedding it was his sister’s wedding. And he only left for one game (just like Dempsey during that Gold Cup, IIRC). Sometimes, players have personal matters to attend to. Are you also saying that Tim Ream should have missed the birth of his first child for a USMNT call up?

  22. QuakerOtis says:

    Wow. This board has gone the way of the dodos.

    So many would rather make this about some high school drama than the game, would rather trash the coach and forsake the team (and bash other fans) because their poster hero (the one no one has apparently been watching or listening to for the last 3 years) got dumped from a team, and a kid made a mistake on social media.

    Well, I guess that means soccer has arrived in America…?

    • chicagoan in DC says:

      end of discussion +100000. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

      • Dave says:

        If you think Green beat out Donovan on merit, you obviously live in Colorado. This was personal.

        I don’t have that much of a problem with that if he actually said that,the lying and the spin is a bit much.

        • chicagoan in DC says:

          The fact remains that Landon is listed as a Forward so the question is was he better than wondo. On history and pedigree, I’d say yes. On current form I’d say no no way.

        • Ralph says:

          Look at this.

          It doesn’t matter that they play different positions to you.

          It doesn’t matter that Donovan says they play different positions to you.

          It doesn’t matter that Klinsmann stated prior to all of this that Donovan and Green weren’t competing.

          You will believe whatever you want to believe.

        • QuakerOtis says:

          Don’t live in Colorado. I live in SF, and… yes.

          What’s your excuse?

  23. papi grande says:

    plain and simple…cutting Donovan was a mistake by Klinnsman…anyone who says davis and his skill set of free kicks/crosses is more of a strategical advantage over Donovan, even a reduced Donovan, has not clue about soccer…and you can substitute green, wondolowski, bedoya, and diskerud, in place of davis…none of the aforementioned players deserve a seat on the plane to brazil more than Donovan…and I am talking about Donovan in his present form…mark my words, the usa goes three and out…and in very UGLY fashion in Brazil…hopefully that leads to Klinnsman getting the ax

    • Joe says:

      ME too and this was the final straw for me. I had so much hope when JK got the job. All gone now. Hes as bad as BB and Arena were when it comes to playing favs. He was setting this move up for some time… knew all along he was going to axe him. Dropped little hints about nobody being safe…HA

      This roster has multiple problems as we will see when we get on the field. Why the Hell Sunil ever extended JK before the WC is beyond me? It’s like he knew we were going to tank and JK has sold Sunil a pile of crap about needing 4 more years. Plus if we do tank, how can Sunil justify extending JK when he pulled the plug on the womans coach for essentially the same reason. Poor result in big tournament.

  24. UclaBruinGreat says:

    If you are a Klinsmann fanboy that thinks he sh*ts gold; well that’s fine, more power to you.

    If you don’t like Donovan as a player and/or person and are glad that he didn’t make the World Cup squad; well that’s fine too, more power to you.

    But don’t let those two things combine into making you stick your head in the sand and play dumb/be clueless.

    We have seen an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows that:
    a.) Klinsmann can be a hypocrite. He has double standards for different players.
    b.) He lies to the press.
    c.) Has not been Donovan’s biggest fan since he became the USMNT coach.

    So it makes perfect sense to deduce that the feelings expressed in Klinsmann’s son’s tweet are probably/highly-likely a mirror image of Klinsmann’s.

    For heavens sake! Yedlin, J. Green, Wondo, and B. Davis made the roster and Donovan didn’t! Good form or not, in what world is Donovan not better than those players right now? Watching those Tim Howard and Michael Bradley interviews today was hilarious. You can clearly see it in their face that they are basically saying, “look man, I can’t really tell you how I feel about this decision. It’s BS but I gotta keep my mouth shut about it.”

    • chicagoan in DC says:

      Ummm this world

    • chicagoan in DC says:

      Let me ask you, and be honest. What evidence have you seen in the last 3 months that leads you to believe that Landon Donovan deserves to be on the team. Look Jurgen isn’t the be all end all, but i can’t argue that this was a bad move. So I’d like people to seriously chime in. Where’s the evidence that Landon was such an incredible omission. Y’all acting like he left of Michael Bradley or something.

      • Jesse says:

        tell me and be honest who evidence have you seen from Chandler, from Omar, from Guzan, from Altidore, from Mix, etc. etc. in the last 3 months that shows they belong on the team.

        All those players have been out of form. Yet they made the squad based on a resume and because they steal Jurgen’s spot light.

        • Ralph says:

          Tim Chandler was just on the consecutive Bundesliga teams of the week.

          Why do you lie?

          • Jesse says:

            LAST 3 MONTHS! That was the criteria. I didn’t make it up. Chandler was on the team of the week 4 Months ago.

            Don’t call me a liar when I get the facts right. Save the juvenile comments for those who are making up facts.

        • Jack says:

          Even Johannsson has just one goal in his last 12 matches, missing a number of chances along the way.

          • Jesse D says:

            There are less than 10 players you can say have been “good” in the past 3 months. Howard, Dempsey, Bradley, Fabian, maybe Cameron, Jones, Wondo and Besler?

      • UclaBruinGreat says:

        I am willing to bet a lot of money that you have not watched many L.A. Galaxy games this year. Well I live in Los Angeles, and have watched every single Galaxy game this season so far, including the Champions League games, and even a friendly vs La Galaxy 2. Most i’ve watched on TV, and some at Stub Hub Center. Donovan is not in horrible form like many people that just read internet links and online-stories are saying he is. If you would have also watched the games, then you would have the evidence you seek in your memory banks.

        • Jesse says:

          Donovan has looked good. He hasn’t been on fire. He certainly hasn’t been “way out of form” like some many are suggesting.

      • wscaddie56 says:

        Speaking of form over the last three months, Bradley for just them couldn’t get back on the field for Roma. Scintillating that.
        This is like leaving Tiger off the ryder cup team, legends can do amazing things when the big stage comes.

  25. Stephanie says:

    What a joke Klinsman trying to rationalize away what his son did by saying his son didn’t know he had any actual followers on twitter. Every 17 year old on twitter can tell you exactly how many followers they have. I think the son should be dropped from the u18 team. Anyone who shows such disrespect for an icon of an organization has no business being a part of it. I really don’t think such a classless brat should have the honor of wearing our countries jersey.

    • Jesse says:

      That is absolutely fair. A player will get cut from a college team if they disrespect the institution. This kid should absolutely not be allowed to where the Red, White and Blue until he comes in front of a Mic and gives a heart felt apology.

    • Ron Konkoma says:

      The truth: Jurgen Klinsmann is not accountable for what his son says.

  26. George says:

    Like father like son. Arrogant and self-centered and apparently not very smart if he failed to realize the effect of revealing the family’s dirty laundry the ugly truth on the Internet.

  27. DJ777 says:

    is there any talent coming out of the US Military bases in Italy?

    thats what i wanna know

    • Joe says:

      Or maybe we need to open a military base in Brazil and give all the service men stationed there 4 day passes every other week so they can father the next generation of “American” soccer players.

  28. JoeL says:

    We all have a huge admiration for Donovan and not just your son coach! He’s an American soccer icon with a proven record and should have not been left out of the WC roster.

  29. Chad says:

    How can the kid have: “..huge admiration for Landon”?

    After this unbelievable tale, I’ll second guess Jurgen’s future comments.

  30. Dennis says:

    I have never been a fan of how JK handles personnel matters in the press and do believe that his responsibility for the US recent successes has been over-blown. BUT the vitriol being spewed towards JK by posters here is absolutely uncalled for.

    It took some courage for JK to drop Donavon. He knew it would raise a firestorm.

    Donavon admitted he coud/would not go hard in training every day. Every other player was expected to give their all. Most coaches would find that a no-brainer and the slacker would at least be benched, some coaches would not have the courage and would have weaseled out by keeping Donavon on the roster, but not playing him. I think the latter would be a mistake simply because no matter what team the US puts out in the WC, the players will have to give their all and be able to trust that their teammates are doing the same.

    As a general rule teenagers should not Tweet. It is too short a trip from a half-formed thought to eyes of millions of people. As Pooh-bear said
    “When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.”
    So I have to give JK and sone a pass on that.

    • Jesse says:

      maybe it was courage, maybe it was ego. Donovan’s head was to big and Jurgen wanted to show off his power.

  31. espada says:

    Wow, look at all the people that took a teen’s tweet too seriously. Highly doubt JK lets his family know about sensitive issues like future US rosters at the dinner table. I’ll give Klinsy the benefit of the doubt and say it was another troll tweet from a teen that could be another LD hater like other people on the interwebz.

  32. David M says:

    Of course, Klinsmann was hugely disappointed. His son’s indescretion revealed the real reason for Donovan’s omission. At least, Klinsmann’s son, being only 17, is much more honest than his dad is.