Klinsmann names 30-player USMNT preliminary World Cup squad

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Timmy Chandler, Joe Corona and DeAndre Yedlin were among the 30 players named to the preliminary U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup roster released by Jurgen Klinsmann on Monday.

Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley headline the 30-player preliminary U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup roster submitted to FIFA on Monday.

Among the notable omissions are Eddie Johnson, Juan Agudelo and Tim Ream.

Here is the full preliminary U.S. World Cup roster:


GOALKEEPERS (3) : Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Tim Howard (Everton), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

DEFENDERS (11) : DaMarcus Beasley (Puebla), Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), John Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Timmy Chandler (Nürnberg), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy), Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim), Michael Parkhurst (Columbus Crew), DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders FC)

MIDFIELDERS (10) : Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes), Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Maurice Edu (Philadelphia Union), Julian Green (Bayern Munich), Jermaine Jones (Besiktas), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

FORWARDS (6) : Jozy Altidore (Sunderland), Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna), Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Aron Johannsson (AZ Alkmaar), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)


The USMNT kicks off training camp on Wednesday at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. The team will train for the next two weeks before facing Azerbaijan in a friendly at Candlestick Park on May 27 in the first of three matches in the U.S. team’s World Cup sendoff series.

The final 23-player World Cup roster is due to FIFA by June 2, which means Klinsmann will likely announce his squad after the U.S. plays Turkey at Red Bull Arena on June 1.

What do you think of the squad? Who are you most surprised to see make the team? Who are you shocked to see left out?

Share your thoughts below.

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545 Responses to Klinsmann names 30-player USMNT preliminary World Cup squad

  1. Bach's Thumb says:

    Called it about Shea!

    Good squad. Excited to see the upcoming matches.

    • Increase says:

      Heh, I think many of us were thinking this around the time he got booted of a championship team.

      • Rory Miller says:

        Corona looks like the most obvious of those not making the 23.

        • Bomb Pop says:

          I see mix not making it. Corona can play mid and both wings

          • Paul says:

            Mix has higher future potential in my view, and if JK shares that view, he’ll go this time. At least that’s my guess. Starters will be the guys who can give the most now. Sub selection will be biased with an eye toward 2018.

        • Gary Page says:

          Corona plays in a better league and has played in the equivalent of the CL for Latin America. I haven’t seen anything that shows Diskeruud is a better player.

          • Jesse says:

            neither belongs in the 23, and frankly neither belonged in the 30.

            • bryan says:


              • Jesse D says:

                Just putting your initials out there? Please give me an argument that says a guy not starting in a league lower than MLS deserves to be with the US national team. Or why a guy completely overwhelmed by Central American talent belongs in that pool.

              • Increase says:

                Overwhelmed? I thought Tijuana got to the semi Finals at lost(on penalties) to Athletico Minero who went on to win. That doesn’t sound like overwhelmed to me…

              • bryan says:

                Jesse – no, you know what the BS stands for. Corona didn’t get overrun by anything. as a Xolos fan who watches EVERY SINGLE GAME, i’ll stick with my opinion over yours.

                as for Mix, the guy has shown he is a good player. i agree he needs to get to a better league, and he needs to become more physical, but he’s shown well overall.

                point is, both deserve to be in the 30 and have enough quality to justify it. will they start? not a chance. but they can absolutely bring something to the table off the bench. just liek Mix did against Mexico in Columbus.

              • Jesse says:

                Mexican league soccer… couldn’t care less. Corona has been overwhelmed on the nation stage. I have nothing to gain by him being awful. I wish he had performed. I heard so much about him coming up from the youth league. Unfortunately I saw him play with my own eyes and he doesn’t have the skill set to compete on the international level. I’m not sure I recall him ever making a solid pass in the Gold Cup. He certainly never beat anybody off the dribble. If you can’t pass and you can’t dribble, you’d better play goalie. Mix really is slightly better. He has had moments with the US squad where he looked good. He doesn’t have a role with this team though. Donovan and Dempsey play the role he would be cast in. If he played left wing and was equally talented, sure he would belong here, but we have too many good CM’s and #10’s for Mix to make it in Brazil. He is certainly better than Corona.

              • bryan says:

                Jesse – honestly dude, you are full of it. the guy had a great Gold Cup and if you are trying to say otherwise, then you are clearly not even ATTEMPTING to be objective. because it is widely known/reported that he played strong. which means this is a useless conversation.

                he beat multiple people on the dribble and as someone who has watched him more than once and with my own eyes, i can tell you he does it regularly. also, he is very capable on the wing.

                also, i want what you are smoking if you think, “we have too many good CM’s and #10′s.”

                that statement is so insane i don’t even know how to respond. there is no doubt that one of Mix and Corona make it to Brazil and to suggest we have too many #10s is insane. we have a “bunch” of #8s and #6s.

                whatever, i’m done. your opinion is your right but i’ll stick with Klinsmann’s and Xolos’.

        • bhring says:

          Brad Evans will be easily the first person cut from the team. His lack of speed was exposed during the game with Korea. Barring a large number of injuries to defenders during the camp, Brad Evans will not go to Brasil.

          • KingGoogleyEye says:

            You’d think that Klinsmann, who attended the South Korea match, knows Evans’ speed and yet keeps calling him up. Maybe Evans is there for other reasons. Maybe?

            • Jesse says:

              He is really good at cleaning up the locker room after the games. JK likes that level of dedication.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        really tired of this hyperbole… Shea was booted from a Championship team because he reacted to a fan giving a teammate grief… it was coupled with his salary and the fact that had not had an extremely noticeable impact there… He was not overly poor when playing.

        • Increase says:

          That is true Andy. It wasn’t his play that got him removed. That said the whole event kinda reinforces what most people think about him. Talented physically but doesn’t apply himself mentally. That pig’s head photo was pretty funny but still prolly not the best idea though.

    • no says:

      Yeah, you and everyone else.

    • r.benjamin says:

      when i read your comment.. i double checked thinking.. damn did brek make it?
      But no.. you picked the obvious, he was left off.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I like the picks. My biggest concern is CB, and I think he chose the people just from a shallow pool. Whether he should have worked harder to find new options at CB will be a question that may or may not be asked later on. I’m inclined to think he might have risked Chandler because CB is so bad. If you bracketed two mediocre CBs with Beasley and Cameron or Parkhurst you might as well put on a kick me sign.

      I do see some locker room risk in the picks because Brooks and Green have shown little and Chandler was a long term omit. Then you suddenly bring them back after a sharp final round of qualifying when there was that whole second round struggle and then the Honduras debacle, press furore, etc. Green and Chandler are fairly defensible but people may get upset that some popular eggs (like EJ and Sacha) got broken to make the omelette.

  2. Maykol says:

    Relieved to see timmy chandler. But i was someone who thought EJ would be more useful to us too.

    • Sandtrout says:

      Yeah, I’m disappointed there’s no EJ or Agudelo. Eddie Johnson has often provided an extra something, though he’s been doing bad lately for DC, apparently. I wonder if the idea that he’s trouble in the locker room played any role in this. Agudelo? Man he’s an awfully good player to leave off. Always brings something.

      • r.benjamin says:

        agreed.. woulda liked to see those 3 in camp.. to see if they could bring it and displace someone else.

      • Josh D says:

        As a DCU fan, EJ has seemingly stopped trying. Klinsi loves effort and EJ’s head just isn’t there. I’m not at all shocked he’s been dropped seeing as Wondo has delivered. Saying that, I don’t see Wondo making it to the 23.

        I’m most upset seeing Davis up there. I find his international game to be the weakest of all 30.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          His ability on a dead ball makes him a wild card if you view it from a team concept perspective — I need various tools in my camp, roster, and bench — as opposed to a strict selection of the best players who may have redundant tools. I personally think he’s on the edge of being overmatched and doesn’t necessarily deliver the deadball goods for the NT, but I think if Klinsi can get him sharp in a month he offers a unique situational sub off the bench in some game where we might need service.

          Just like the speed of Green or Wondo’s hustle might be situationally more useful than the next graded player in the pool.

          EJ is a headcase who has done this exact roller coaster over and over. Once Boyd got on track he offers a smarter, taller, slicker alternative.

        • Patrick2 says:

          “I’m most upset seeing Davis up there.” …I was too, but if you play a 4-5-1 with MB pushed up, he may make a pretty credible pairing with Jones as Defensive Midfielder. Given Altidore has a knack for getting even world class defenders in foul trouble and can win you some free kicks, and the US brings a lot of tall dudes to the table, Davis’ prowess on deadballs might be mighty tempting.

          Defending a Davis deadball with both MB and Jones lurking about will give any backline trouble.

          Plus he plays in Houston, so the travel and heat/humidity for the Manaus game won’t phase him. He’d be able to go the full 90 and won’t need to get subbed. If the US is going to win that game it may be because Klinsi can bring in other offensive options late in the game as everyone else on Portugal team not named Ronaldo starts to slow down a bit.

      • Gary Page says:

        To me, the only way you take Green over those two is if that was part of the deal that induced Green to make the switch to the US. Green may turn out to be the better player in the future, but he has close to 0 international experience and close to 0 first division experience. I just don’t see any way you would play Green in a WC, but I could definitely see that happening with an EJ and possibly with an Agudelo.

        • Jesse says:

          really, over an out of form EJ and Agudelo who last scored a goal for the US when? Neither is in good form. Even Agudelo’s limited success has had a lot of empty performances inbetween.

      • captain obvious says:

        I’m feelin for EJ right now. He has done so much for the USMNT that I feel he deserves a shot on that alone. He and Dempsey are tight and work well together up top (see past USMNT games and Sounders games). That being said, Klinsy goes on current form, and the timing isn’t good for EJ. Hopefully Klinsy is considering the “group dynamic” as much as he says he is. EJ is true blue and a stud in front of the goal.

    • Justin El Matador says:

      Big surprise on EJ, and also surprised about Ream and Agudelo to a lesser extent. Maybe Klinsi’s worried that EJ will be a bad influence on Deuce in Brasil 😉

      Either way, he is this cycle’s Connor Casey!

    • James says:

      If you consider Wondo and EJ as guys who will sub on to make an imapct, EJ can make a much bigger impact than Wondo does.

      • Bumby Hemmingway says:

        The recent form of Wondo for the USMT might beg to differ …

        • Maykol says:

          EJ’s aerial abilities and speed might beg to differ

          • Tyrone says:

            So consistent club/NT form or FIFA player abilities? Hmm…

            • Maykol says:

              So we should leave altidore off?

              • Jesse says:

                How “poor” has Altidore played for the US? Tell me about his last 10 games for the US. He has scored 8 goals in the last year for the US. His club form has been poor, but the comment included “NT” work.

              • Maykol says:

                Ok so we are able to excuse one team’s work for another? EJ scored against Bosnia and Mexico at the end of last year. And this year he had a probably legit goal vs mexico. If that goal had counted, how many people would be on EJ’s side? And altidores last three games with the US- 0 goals and definitely was not spectacular.

              • Jesse D says:

                I didn’t say we should leave Altidore or EJ off. I was responding directly to the NT form slam.

            • The Imperative Voice says:

              EJ has no goals for DC this season 8 games in and is tantruming. He is not a lunchpail guy so his sales pitch is productivity. He is not presently productive.

              Meanwhile Boyd has a 4 game goalscoring streak with 6 scored and Wondo has 5 and will hustle.

              Bluntly, this is self inflicted. EJ always chases the money and makes poor career decisions. Seattle had revived his career but he had to make that about money. DC is not a good fit so far, forward is a hot hand spot, and he cooled off again.

              • KingGoogleyEye says:

                “EJ always chases the money and makes poor career decisions.”

                Chasing money is a pretty good career decision. Sure, it can backfire, but has it in EJ’s case? He’s making around $400k, right?

                I’d argue that other…quirks have cost EJ more than “chasing money.”

              • White Kix says:

                And how many goals has Boyd scored for the US???????? He sounds like a player he can score in the Austrian league, but can’t make the jump to the national level.

              • The Imperative Voice says:

                How many goals does EJ have in World Cups?

                Klinsi may also be looking at this from a development perspective. Boyd has better potential to be a quality target player with some touch. So for a forward who may not make the team, and probably at best sits tail end of the bench, you can camp a kid with promise and a few more tournaments in him, or a roller coaster headcase with no more cycles left, who appears to be in another one of his crash downward phases.

    • JayAre says:

      I’m EJ isn’t on the roster. The WC isn’t were we want a wanna be Ronaldo’s. I was on the line with Eddie before but that step over to no where against Mexico sealed it for me. he just seems like he’s about him and whats to get his shine on before the team. He always delays the simple pass and goes for the spectacular even when its not there. By this point in a player like EJ’s career he should be aware of his abilities and thats not the case with him yet. He’s terrible at beating players off the dribble and he still tries it all the time

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Like I said above, I think he’s concerned enough about CB — but bereft of new ideas — and so he’ll risk Chandler back to try and firm up the flanks.

      EJ I think got bumped out by Boyd’s recent form and EJ’s instability. I think Wondo is in to chase people around the park in camp and keep them honest, not to make the team. If he did make it somehow, maybe Klinsi thinks it is more useful to have a game closing honest hustler who would do his job against anyone — but not score — than to have a sloppy poacher unlikely to poach against the teams we drew. If neither he nor Wondo are likely to score, Wondo’s hustling is more reliable. Really, how likely is it EJ ghosts in for a header on Germany, Ghana, or Portugal? More likely someone else scores and we have to bunker and chase to hold a result. Rather have Wondo sicced on them.

  3. Nate Dollars says:

    “Among the notable omissions are Eddie Johnson, Juan Agudelo and Tim Ream.”

    unless he wouldn’t make it back in time from injury, i think the omission of orozco is more notable than ream.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      to clarify, i don’t think either omission is all that surprising, but was far more of a fixture than ream.

    • Increase says:

      I dunno. I rather expected Ream. I mean… he is basically a replacement Besler. Although, I have heard his actual defending isn’t as good as one would hope.

      • ronniet says:

        Ream omission was a straight up snub, plain and simple! There have been raving reviews about him in England all season and he was even voted player of the year for the club and he can’t even get a call up to the preliminary roster?? Don’t get it, but I guess Klinsmann would rather have an injured, consistent mentally collapsing, poor on the ball defender like OG and even Evans over Ream!

        • ronniet says:

          I just don’t see the reasoning behind bringing in 5 right backs and only one (left footed) left back?! That defense looks shaky and no I’m not saying Ream is the answer but he was in excellent form, probably the best of any defender we have and he’s not there smh

        • Josh D says:

          Ream needed to be in the last camp. Klinsi cannot just bring in a guy who hasn’t been there. I thought Ream would make the 30 too, but like Lichaj, you have to be playing out of your skin to be brought in at the last minute.

          Ream has also been playing LB. He’s not international LB material, especially when compared to the others brought.

        • Jesse says:

          Yedlin’s inclusion is the weird one. He has not earned this spot. He is too big of a defensive liability. Maybe JK think’s it is correctable. Ream should have been on this roster over Yedlin in my opinion. It isn’t a “huge” snub though. Ream hasn’t been a part of the NT setup in years. He had a good season by most accounts, but it wasn’t the Premier League or Bundesliga. I think he should have seen a call, but I don’t think he was going to make the 23 any way.

      • JayAre says:

        It’s time for Ream to quit international football. If he’s not good enough now he may never be good enough.

        • Bumby Hemmingway says:

          When is the last time Ream has suited up for the USMT under Klinsman ?

          • JC says:

            He was called in for Ukraine but backed out after his wife gave birth. That probably sealed his fate.

            • slowleftarm says:

              Yeah how dare he have a child. JK probably thinks that isn’t showing enough desire to suffer for the team or whatever pointless buzzwords he likes to throw around.

            • Joe+G says:

              He was also called into the squad for Bosnia, but didn’t play.

          • JayAre says:

            Ream isn’t on the team and Brad Evens and Yedlin made it. The next cycle will have more new young defenders. He should forget international football. I thought he was good enough for the WC or at least preliminary but I guess I was wrong. its time for Ream, Orozco and Castillo to call it quits with the national team.

            • Jesse says:

              Maybe, or maybe not. If Ream goes to the Premier League and continues to impress, he will get another shot.

            • Joamiq says:

              Why are you so obsessed with guys calling it quits? Just because they didn’t make a WC camp doesn’t mean they won’t ever get another cap.

              • JayAre says:

                Because unlike previous coaches Klinsmann creates competition. And we have a lot of players coming thru the pipeline. By the next cycle he’ll have way more competition than he does now.

      • Patrick2 says:

        Yeah, I think no Tim Ream is my biggest disappointment. My biggest worry with the USMNT defenders isn’t lack of physicality or height…its that they’ll get burned by top class attackers, get caught ball watching or some other mental mistake.

        I know some people may disagree, but lets just assume that MLS is roughly on par with the English Championship. If that is the case, then it seems to me that Ream has had a better season than either Goodson or Brad Evans. At 6-1 Ream gives up three inches to Goodson, but I’ll trade it for Ream’s slightly better speed and the fact he’s had a full season playing about as sharp as he can.

        Nothing against Brad Evans, but again, he’s no taller than Ream, and a hot, but not world class New England Revolution picked him and Seattle apart this weekend.

        I have the same issue with Brooks. Does Brooks have immense talent and physical assets? Sure. But he didn’t get than many minutes this year, and is probably less sharp than Ream. I’m less worried about Ream giving up a header that Brooks could defend, than I am that Brooks won’t recognize a crafty run that Ream would see a mile away.

        • JayAre says:

          I’m thinking of it this way maybe Klinsmann is trying to be a master tactician MLS player will have a clear advantage in the WC. All the traveling especially the heat are common in MLS so that may have been the trump card for so may MLS player. Brad Davis can actually be trusted in Brazilian heat since he’s surviving in Houston.

          • Patrick2 says:

            Good Point on the heat/humidity issue, totally had not thought of that as a plus for Davis.

        • Gary Page says:

          To which I would add that Yedlin just doesn’t have enough top class experience. I would take Ream over Yedlin.

          • cps says:

            Yedlin’s just not ready. You don’t give someone a WC spot to get experience, they get that experience at the Gold Cup and come to the WC ready to play. Yedlin might be the future but he has no business being in this camp.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          The problem with your theory is he didn’t impress the coach enough playing in a MLS equivalent league to get called much. Ream is overrated as a defender and while Brooks, Goodson, and Cameron have massive holes in their game, I can at least see some trait like height or physicality where they could make their imprint on the right game. Ream you just have to pretend we’re playing Reading at home.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I am concerned about CB but Ream has gotten reamed most times he put on the shirt, and whatever his form this season, didn’t make his way in the pool. That suggests his cult following has a different assessment than the coach himself, if he doesn’t so much blow a capped appearance like Lichaj as never get the chance in the first place.

  4. Ralph says:

    Klinsmann sending a very clear message that maturity is a big deal by dropping both Shea and Johnson.

    • john@yahoo.com says:

      Slightly disagree: Think it’s more about current form, something he’s stressed since coming in. Wondo gets the nod right now. Not sure I agree, but them’s the breaks….

    • Ted Drews says:

      Any predictions on EJ’s attitude at DC the rest of the season?

      • Ralph says:

        Haha, do you really need me to have a go at that? I don’t think so.

      • Amber says:

        Cant get much worse than it is now lol

      • FulhamDC says:

        Is “pouty” an attitude?

      • TheBlondeTechie says:

        We were discussing EJ’s USMNT position on the way back from the road trip to Philly on Saturday. The DCU supporters I spoke with are not surprised by this. We were hoping he’d go so we could see how DCU would do without him. Now with him staying home, it’s up to Bennie to decide. The fans are at a point where we’re okay with all that money warming the bench.

        Anyone who follows DCU will appreciate the following observation made by a number of fans: At least Pajoy made the effort. :-/

        • MiamiAl says:

          In defense of Eddie Johnson, yes he has not been scoring, but he still has been contributing…He has a couple of assists and he has been pretty good at trying to hold up and get other people involved. Furthermore, the team has been winning.

          • TheBlondeTechie says:

            There are a lot of things seen when you’re at the games, vs what they show on TV.

            I’m sure once he gets in the groove he’ll do better. But when will that be? Where is the spark he had last season? He wanted to be paid, now he is. He wanted to be on a different team, now he is. Now take that and do something with it.

            He’s had one assist. He’s been historically out of position, and doesn’t make the effort to get into position when it’s needed. The fans have started a new chant: “Run Eddie Run.” The team has been winning because they’ve learned how to play around him.

            Does he hold opposing players up? Yes, because they think he’s going to get a break, so they double-team him. Which in turn gives our other guys a chance to score. So in that respect, he’s helpful.

            He is a talented player. While I understand he can’t do it by himself, standing there jumping up and down, flailing your arms, out of position, is not going to make your teammates want to help you get that goal. Grow up and be the professional we’re paying you to be. If you can’t do that, then please keep my bench warm.

          • Dan Daminko says:

            easier to jump on the bandwagon than to think.
            EJ contributed many times during WC qualifying.. that fact doesn’t disappear.

            • TheBlondeTechie says:

              It’s very true that he contributed in WCQ, which is why we thought he’d at least make the 30. But why would Klinsy take EJ when the last few months he’s received what he’s asked for and not done anything with it? If the same effort was shown at RFK as was shown in WCQ, then EJ would have made the 30.

    • James says:

      Meh. Neither were making their case on the field, so it’s hard to say how much attitude played into it.

    • MLSsnob says:

      If it was that big of a message he wouldn’t brought Timmy Chandler or JAB.

      • Bach's Thumb says:

        Wait, what?

        Nobody has ever accused either of those two of being immature. Chandler has an anxiety condition with flying and JAB… got a tattoo?

        • Jesse says:

          I might consider them immature. I wanted them both on this roster and think Chandler belongs on the 23. Brooks tattoo decision is a good example of his immaturity. That was just dumb, he has been pulled this year from a couple of games when he lost his head. I contribute that to a lack of maturity/awareness.
          If Chandler’s comments about deciding if he wanted to play with the US, his temporary benching in Bundesliga, and his attitude about flying didn’t paint a clear enough picture, then the way he holds himself tells you. He is a kid who lacks maturity. I worry about whether or not he will be a cancer to the 23.

        • MLSsnob says:

          More when john brooks coach said “he needs to grow up” just last year. And chandler of course has had committal issues. Of course I wouldn’t mind having him on the 23.

    • Patrick2 says:

      Would like to agree that EJs attitude didn’t help him. However, it seems that on USMNT duty he’s been a team player…I think it has more to do with current form.

      Just maybe I’d have liked to have seen one of EJ, Shea, or Agudelo because I’m a tad concerned that if the US falls behind, and winds up having a hard time maintaining possession (something that may well happen against Germany, Portugal, and Ghana), Klinsman may find his bench doesn’t quite have enough speed for a little counterattacking football.

      EJ and Shea are well suited for that, and Agudelo has an incredible knack for header assists off long passes.

      Wondo is a great opportunistic striker, but it seems that in current from Boyd can fill that role AND the the big target striker too.

      • Gary Page says:

        No one else on the US squad can get as high as EJ does. He can be invaluable on set pieces, and for that reason alone he should have been included as one set piece goal can change a game. remember the qualifier in the first round in the rain at A&B? It was EJ who allowed us to advance because of that skill.

        • Patrick2 says:

          +100 Totally agree. My guess is that Klinsi feels:

          a) EJ is out of form and has a bit of an injury
          b) EJ seems to be going through one of his bad spells mentally, Klinsi is a big believer in team chemistry, which is one of the reasons he loves Bekerman.
          c) Probably feels he can get speed from his left/right backs
          d) On set peices he can get height from Boyd at the Forward position ( who is really hot right now), and from several of the defenders who are pretty tall.

    • Joe+G says:

      Ultimately, Jurgen adopted a “one Johnson” policy.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I think they have attitude problems but I think it’s more of a cold blooded assessment of their current form and usefulness. Chandler has a little attitude issue too but Klinsi plainly thinks he’s better than most RB options. If Shea or EJ were playing well or had a unique something to offer, I don’t think we’d care if they are headcases. I think Davis and Wondo/Boyd then get cut and no one complains.

  5. landon klinsmann says:

    Odds were good if your last name starts with a “B”. No EJ, and Brad Davis is in, are my biggest observations.

  6. Sven Bender's night on the town says:

    Yeah, Wondo! That guy deserves it!!!!

    • Neruda says:

      I’ve got no problems with Wondo on this squad. It comes down to Wondo v T Boyd for what will probably be the last forward spot in Brazil. Yea both could make it but it’s doubtful when the midfield is so packed.

      The US will bring two youngster teens for this WC: Green and Yedlin. JK likes they’re speed and they’ll become veterans in the next incarnation of the US squad.

      • Jesse says:

        Yedlin should not be on the 23. He had no business on the 30 man roster. Too many options at RB. Green is in a different situation, there isn’t much depth at LW.

  7. ROP says:

    Good list. Glad to see Timmy and Fabian on D. we need them on wings

    • PN says:

      Barring a major letdown in form or a subpar camp, I think we’ve identified the two starting on the wing.

      • Umlaut says:

        If Chandler proves in camp and in the friendlies we can rely on him, I like a starting backline of:

        Johnson – Besler – Cameron – Chandler

        If Chandler doesn’t earn the spot I switch Cameron out right and hope one of the other CB’s claims the remaining spot.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Based on what? Beasley routinely starts. FJ just beat out Castillo so far. Chandler also probably has something to prove since I doubt JK just hands it to him.

    • Adam M. says:

      This is the biggest story if Chandler is heatlhy and on form and JK intentionally put F. Johnson’s name down as a defender.

  8. Jack says:

    Would have rather seen Ream over Yedlin, Evans, Brooks probably even Beasley.

    • Gdog says:

      yes, yes, yes & no. ABSOLUTELY over Yedlin & Evans. Brooks as well, though he offers substantial long-term upside. I think I take Beasley because of his wing versatility. just remember, in a pinch you push him up to wing and he’s a bullet, could see him as a super sub. Not to mention I’m to understand his locker room presence is substantial.

      But yes, no Ream is quite dissapionting, Yedlin is just not ready at all, want proof, rewind this weeks MLS game and there you go.

      • Patrick2 says:

        Agree Ream > Brad Evans. Similar size, but I think Ream is sharper right now. As far as Yedlin, I understand bringing him along. Is he more of a risk for a mental mistake? Sure. But all three opponents in the group stage can bring silly amounts of athleticism and possession. If Ronaldo is already bombing down the wings blowing by people, throwing Yedlin on, and moving Cameron into CB may be worth the risk.

      • Neruda says:

        Guessing what Klinsi will do and how everyone performs on the Farm (Stanford) is near impossible but it’s going to be Yedlin in serious contention for a spot on the 23. In fact Yedlin will take Evans spot.

        You get the feeling Klinsi wants him on the team. All he has to do is practice hard and do well in friendlies.

  9. EvertonBrian says:

    I would have preferred Ream over Corona for his recent form and versatility, but otherwise, I’m all in…

    • buttian warlord says:

      not really a 1 for 1 here.

      • Gdog says:

        Yeah but I get it. Corona is nice but he’s not going to Brazil. Likely neither would’ve Ream, but at least he’s at a position that desperately needs alternatives. Midfield not so much

        • Jesse says:

          +1 on your logic. I actually don’t think Corona belongs as on the roster at all.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Corona has infinitely more upside and a month to find himself.

        • buttian warlord says:

          Corona has a left foot. LM is probably our single weakest position IMO.

          • Jesse D says:

            I’ve yet to see any of our players with only one foot or with two right feet. Thanks for clarifying Corona’s big strength though. His weakness is he is a one trick pony. He is a poacher who plays midfield. He doesn’t have the passing, dribbling, or physical attributes to give him “potential”.

            • The Imperative Voice says:

              He’s better than Sacha and the others who got cut, which is all he needs to be at this phase. Holden and Gatt being injured also probably helped him. The only player roughly his quality and healthy is Feilhaber, but he like Lichaj left his best NT performances years back behind us. Corona meanwhile had some positive performances, even if he lost steam last Gold Cup.

              • Jesse says:

                The player with slightly better quality and healthy is on the team. He goes by Mix.
                Mix I can understand being on this team, although I will be very surprised if he makes the final 23. Corona just didn’t make sense coming this far. He is the 7th best player at his position on this roster. Corona is a #10 as he completely lacks the skillset to play out wide. On this roster we have 6 players who would be better in that role Dempsey, Donovan, Bradley, Mix, Zusi, Bedoya. Why the heck is Corona on this team. In case we have a whole lot of injuries?

  10. K2 says:

    A few surprises, but I like the idea of giving question mark guys like Chandler and Yedlin a chance over known mediocre players like Kljestan and Shea. We have no clue if Chandler has the chemistry to help the team, but if this camp shows he does, that will be great news for us.

    • Jack says:

      Chandler is a huge risk, I didn’t think was worth it.

      • Increase says:

        I think Klinsman knew it and brought in Yedlin to avoid blatant favoritism. If you get to see Chandler being better than Yedlin in person it is totally different. That said Yedlin has a chance as Chandler isn’t exactly 100%.

        One of those 2 will get cut. I think neither is a starter.

        • Jack says:

          Also with Green he brings in Yedlin to say look “I brought in a young MLS player too”. There’s no chance Yedlin is going to Brazil.

          • Adam M. says:

            I think this notion is overblown. Yedlin was brought in to run at the defense during camp, not to make a point about young MLS players. Green remains a bit of a mystery to fans of course, but is obviously doing something incredibly right to be touted by Guardiola and Klinsman so highly.

            • Gdog says:

              Very good point about Yedlin playing “Scout team”, well thought out, thanks for giving that take.

            • Jesse D says:

              pretty sure that was Ives point on the podcast. Maybe it makes sense. Otherwise, I don’t understand why he is on this roster.

        • James says:

          What do you mean by showing favoritism? To German Americans? Maybe I’ve naive, but I don’t think there’s much (serious) perception of that.

          • Increase says:

            Well, I don’t think too many of the current team think that. But I worry about that Brain Strauss article sometimes. I honestly have no way to know what goes on in the US locker room.

          • JayAre says:

            I might be missing something here but I think Ream brings more to the table than Yedlin. But who knows anymore. I think the roster is already set and Klinsmann just wants guys to practice with. That the only way I can explain Brad Davis on this roster.

        • biff says:

          yeah, Increase, that was my first thought on the Yedlin inclusion, sort of a smoke screen for a couple of the questionable call-ups. No way is the kid going to Brazil.

        • Patrick2 says:

          I don’t know about either Chandler or Yedlin getting cut. Particularly Chandler. If you look at the midfield, only Bedoya and to an extent LD are speed guys. One, possibly both of those guys may start.

          If you fall behind against Germany, and can’t maintain possession, what do you do? Are Graham Zuzi and Mix going to out “create” Germany?

          Speed is going to have to come from somewhere. What I suspect Klinsman is thinking is that in any scenario in which his team falls behind and needs speed, Cameron will move into CB and his Left and Right backs are going to have to be bombing forward to help with the attack and scrambling back to defend.

          That was apparently Chandlers bread and butter at Nuremberg. His game is the closest to that of a healthy Cherendulo.

          No EJ, no Agudelo, no Shea, means that late in games Goals are going to come from FJ/Beasly on the left and Chandler/Yedlin on the right pushing forward to help LD/Zuzi/Bedoya to get the ball into the area to creative/physical (but not hugely fast) strikers like Alitidore, Boyd , AJ and Wondo.

          Altidore particularly in turn will be looking to feed Dempsey on his dangerous late runs.

          FJ and Chandler can play on either side I believe, but people get tired and hurt, so you still need Beasely and Yedlin if you need to get speed and offensive play out of your DBs.

          • Gary Page says:

            If speed is so vital, he should have brought Marvel Wynne, maybe the fastest US player. The 2009 Confederations Cup showed that speed and MLS experience aren’t good enough by themselves on the international level.

            • Patrick2 says:

              Ok, but FJ, Beasely and Chandler all have International/European experience. At most that argument is only valid against Yedlin.

            • Jesse D says:

              did you use the 2009 Confederations Cup as an example of a failure? I’m pretty sure that is the closest the US has ever come to winning a major international tournament. A victory over spain, and a great first half against Brazil were positives.

          • Jesse D says:

            I have a hard time understanding the Yedlin call up. I guess I should just go along with your logic that it was for speed. Jurgen could have got speed from Eddie though so there must be something else to it.

            I like Bedoya, but I don’t think he “fast”. He is quick, and he has an amazing engine… He doesn’t have elite speed though.

      • Josh D says:

        Chandler is the only RB we have who can keep up with Ronaldo from an athletic standpoint. You really want Evans or Yedlin up against the best player in the world? Yedlin is fast, but he’s positionally awful. He’ll be there next World Cup.

        Klinsi had no choice about Chandler. But Chandler has to come to this camp on his knees begging for foregiveness from the players he let down with his pansy attitude about flying. And Klinsi better have a boat ready to take him down to Brazil.

        • K Haro says:

          klinsi better have a boat…. too funny!

          chandler def better come bearing gifts, and i hope he does, because he really, really needs to be the starting RB, cameron may not have the speed to handle the likes of CR7 and podolski. I hope they play Zusi or Bedoya on the right, because they work hard at getting back and defending, lord knows that side of the field will need it! the more I think about it, i see almost zero chance of LD starting and not that much more chance of coming the bench as an impact sub given that someone like Boyd or AJ is already on the bench with him…

        • biff says:

          Cameron is a much better defender than Chandler, Josh D. Do you really think Mark Hughes would be starting Chandler at Stoke over Geoff. No way.

          • Josh D says:

            Stoke doesn’t play the way Klinsi wants us to play. And Chandler at the top of his game was one of the best rightbacks in Germany. Even at his best, Cameron wouldn’t come close to that level.

            Cameron should be a centerback.

            • JBSoccer says:

              Cameron is a natural defensive mid-fielder. While he could solve a lot of our problems (read:Gonzalez) if he could play center back, I don’t think he can. When he plays CB he tackles like a mid- fielder would, meaning he goes in without seeming to realize he’s the last guy back. I don’t like his judgment.

              I like him at left back with Stoke, but he gets a lot of back tracking help from his mid-fielders. I think Ronaldo would just abuse him.

              Although I know it’s not going to happen, my choice would be to play him in a defensive mid field position and let Bradley go box to box. That means sitting Jones.

            • Umlaut says:

              How is Chandler playing right now, do you know? I was hoping he’d make the squad but assumed he wouldn’t, and now my interest is piqued.

              • Jack says:

                Wasn’t impressive in the match and a half he played coming off the injury.

              • bryan says:

                well Klinsmann made comments on Chandler today and said he has been scouting him all season and over the past few weeks. this includes training sessions. his word is that Chandler is in good form right now and because of that, he was called in. also, JK said he thinks Chandler has had a strong season overall and was very impressed with his form prior to the injury against Munich.

            • chris says:

              One of the best RB’s in Germany? No f*cking way! That is crazy. You’re saying he’s as good as Lahm, Piszczek, Jung, Rafinha, Trasch, Beck, Selassie, Jantschke, or Sakai? There’s no way i buy that. Chandler has been pretty abysmal this season and wasn’t much better before that. He’s rarely put in a good shift for the US either. You are incredibly overrating him and its sad.
              You’re acting like he’s this incredibly gifted athlete when he’s average at best. Cameron is just as athletic if not more.

              Also did you watch Lichaj completely shutdown Bale? Doubt chandler could ever do that

              • Javier says:

                “Also did you watch Lichaj completely shutdown Bale? Doubt chandler could ever do that.”

                I’m a Lichaj fan but Chandler did really well against Argentina in his first cap and is a much better player. Argentina have some exceptional players, no?

              • chris says:

                None with size and pace combo of Bale and Ronaldo

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          “You really want Evans or Yedlin up against the best player in the world?”

          No, and this is why I kept demanding that Klinsmann call up Voltron.

          Funny thing though: Voltron is not eligible to play for the US, so we are stuck not asking absurd rhetorical questions like the one you ask.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        He’s a locker room risk — as are Brooks and Green — but probably more talented than the other RB options. If those picks pan out he will be a genius. If not, he’s re-created his Honduras nadir by throwing out his qualifying squad.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Chandler getting called is a sign he is concerned about the backline and wants to find someone to cover that right flank. He’s probably already scared CB is messed. So he can abandon his pride on Chandler or he can have a 3/4 botch job in the back. With Beasley and Chandler you can at least hope the flanks hold and CB isn’t routinely exposed.

  11. Dave says:

    No real surprises or omissions. EJ off and Wondo on makes perfect sense. Thought Gooch had a shot at the 30, but not the 23….

  12. Mike says:

    Even though I am not the biggest fan of Ream, I wanted to see him get a shot. I have no idea why he bought J Green? I have no idea why he keeps calling up Omar. Both are not ready yet and a waist on the 30.

    • Sandtrout says:

      J Green is a mystery, though Klinsmann’s affinity for Germericans is not. I would think yoiu’d take Agudelo over Green.

      • Mike says:

        I agree. I believe he made a deal underneath the table if he choose to plays for the USA he will be included in the camp.

        • Annelid Gustator says:

          And how would that ever work? There’s absolutely nothing that Green could do that would hold JK to his end.

          • Josh D says:

            Green blackmailing Klinsi about the under the table deal would derail Klinsi’s coaching, and would probably cost him his job.

            Green won’t make the 23. He’s been out injured and while he looks like a talent, he isn’t there yet. I don’t mind his inclusion because we all know we need attacking help.

            • The Imperative Voice says:

              Why can’t he simply be a man of his word who thinks he sees a player of marginal 30 quality, and so he promises him roughly as much as he could achieve this cycle, in exchange for securing him in our tent?

              Klinsi may also think that he can unlock something in him in a month that he might not have been well positioned to do as a young player trying to force his way into a top notch B.1 team. I thought Green looked interesting but raw. So he coaches him up and gets him fit. Worst thing he’s helped launch him for the next cycle, best thing we have a wild card to throw in with some familiarity with Germany and Germans……which is another reason I think you take Brooks and Chandler…..all things being equal they might have more familiarity with what could be a telling opponent.

          • KingGoogleyEye says:

            What Josh D said: If word got out that Klinsmann breaks promises, that would hurt.

            That said, I find it impossible to believe that Klinsmann would ever promise any player a spot on the 23-man roster. A spot in camp, yes.

      • buttian warlord says:

        JG can play LM, (after RB our weakest position). Juan is just another mid tier forward.

      • away goals says:

        On numerous occasions JK has publically demonstrated a clear bias for talented players.

        It’s like, give some of these subpar guys a chance, coach.

  13. Relegate US says:

    Wow, Eddie Johnson did not help himself leaving Seattle and acting the way he has.

    • Luke says:

      This is EJ’s MO. Little bit of success and it goes to his head. Thought he might have learned his lessen after his failure in England. Thought with age his brashness would have tempered down. Obviously not…

  14. JC says:

    Bigger shock? Yedlin or Corona

    • Good Jeremy says:

      More skilled, but in a position with less demand.

      • Increase says:

        I hope Corona makes it over Mix. I feel like Mix is too limited sometimes. I have seen him a lot more than Corona though… So I can’t say that one is outright better. Corona has more experience though. The Copa Lib isn’t a competition for chumps.

        • Josh D says:

          Limited by his ability to only play centrally. But Mix is far more talented than Corona. I expect Mix to make it; Corona needs to really strong camp to as well.

        • biff says:

          Agree again with you, Increase on Joe Corona, who is far more talented than Mix. I expect Corona to make it.

          • Bac says:

            Haven’t seen Mix play in quite some time, just know his PT has dropped, have seen Corona, who looks much better than he did in the Gold Cup

        • Patrick2 says:

          Love Mix. But I don’t see how he will fit in. He is an attacking central midfielder, but nothing special in defending. Given that the US is not going to blow Germany, Ghana or Portugal away in possession, I don’t see how he gets on.

          If you go 4-5-1. I push MB forward and have a choice of Jones, Beckerman, Edu, Davis in back. If that is not working, are you going to pull MB for Mix? NO! Or send MB back to a more defensive midfielder and put Mix on top? I don’t see that happening.

          If you go conventional 4-4-2 with MB and whatever combination of Jones/Edu/Bekerman you want in the defensive midfield, Mix has no place.

          The 4-4-2 Diamond with MB up front and Bekerman in the defensive midfield only works for the US because MB is such a bad ass and can zoom back to help out. If MB gets hurt, am I going to put in Mix and leave the spine of my formation in the hands of Mix and Bekerman against the midfield/strikers of Germany, Ghana, and Portugal? Hell no, I switch back to 4-4-2 with double defensive midfielders in Jones and Edu/Bekerman.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          Increase: I just get the impression that in Klinsmann’s mind, Corona is competing against Bedoya—in which case, Bedoya wins. It has nothing to do with Mix.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I think he picks Corona because with a few weeks to work on his form and fitness, he’s a far more interesting add than EJ, Sacha, or the other options.

        • Patrick2 says:

          Corona also appears to have played pretty well in Copa Libertadores duty for Tijuana, including games in Brazil.

    • T P says:

      Don’t think either have much of a chance of making the 23. I’d say Yedlin myself.

    • Increase says:

      Oh, man considering the rest of the Mid field options. Corona.
      Considering yesterday’s game. Yedlin.

      I’m gunna go with Corona.

    • hartley says:

      Shocked that Yedlin is in the 30. He is great going forward — but he did get burned defensively this weekend didn’t he?

    • buttian warlord says:

      I think that Corona’s ankle injury was misinterpreted by the posters on these boards. A healthy Corona, with his valuable left foot is really not too surprising to me. Personally, I’d take Corona over Davis on the 23 as well.

      I’m not surprised at Yedlin on the 30 man roster either, but don’t expect him on the 23.

    • PN says:

      JK wants stiff competition at every position, so I can see the logic with bringing in both players.
      You cannot compensate for speed and athleticism, especially with the difficult task our RBs will be facing in this draw. Yedlin’s inclusion makes sense.
      I like JK giving a shot to Corona, given the options. Green is raw and unproven, and Davis lacks the pace to defend at this level. I think Corona has a decent shot for a backup role if he shows well in camp.

  15. Tony says:

    Looks like Right Back is still wide-open

  16. ATX_Colin says:

    I am suprised and a little disappointed Gooch was left off. Not calling for him to start but I think it would have been wise to put someone with some WC experience in the fold among the CB optoins.

    • Luke says:

      NO! Do you not remember the Ukraine friendly?

    • Josh D says:

      Agreed. With 15 mins left in a game and we’re playing for the result, you can’t bring in a better defender to park the bus. I guess Ukraine blew it for him. Brooks beats him because of age.

      • Patrick2 says:

        I’m kind of surprised that Brooks made it. I think Klinsmans sees him as along shot too.

        My guess is that Klinsman is thinking he’ll be a great practice player, bringing in a big, tall athletic Bundesliga CB will do the US attackers Zero harm in practice. One of the big drivers behind the Green call up on the other end too I suspect. I bet Klinsi plans to use Green to evaluate his defenders in practice.

        The only way I see Brooks making the 23 is if Klinsi:

        a) Targets him as a sub for the Germany game, if Germany is overrunning the defense anyways, Brook’s athleticism and Budelsiga experience might be very tempting, and

        b) Altidore’s game. What do I mean by that? One of the things I like about Altidore, is that when he has a chip on his shoulder and ISN’T scoring, he looks for other ways to help out, often that means getting defenders into foul trouble, winning free kicks, corners, etc. If the USMNT is able to generate a lot of set pieces in the warm-up games, Brooks might be real tempting to bring along.

      • beachbum says:

        the age reason doesn’t make sense to me unless Klinsmann is expecting Brooks to not make the 23, a possibility; it’s nice to have experienced CBs as long as they can still play. Maybe Klinnsman thinks Gooch cannot play anymore?

    • PN says:

      Onyewu has performed admirably for the Nats over the years, but he’s lost a step, and is not really an upgrade given the other options. Like Cherundolo, he will be missed, but it’s time to move on.

  17. arsenal says:

    I love this roster, for the most part. I am surprised about Brad Davis making the roster. The upcoming friendlies are going to be fun to watch. It will be interested to see what formations we trot out during the friendlies. Overall, I am just excited we are getting closer!

  18. ANM says:

    I’m not surprised by the exclusion of Johnson. One of the strikers had to go, and both of the roles that Johnson plays on the team–left sided fast attacker and substitute big guy–can be played by someone younger and more effective (Johannsson and Boyd respectively). His recent shenanigans sealed the deal.

  19. White Kix says:

    Can’t believe Chandler and Brooks are there.

    • Ralph says:

      You can’t believe two Bundesliga (one considered one of the best right backs) starters aren’t on the roster…?

      • Jack says:

        One’s team relegated the other pulled a number of times for poor performances

      • White Kix says:

        I don’t care where they play, only how they play for the US. While Chandler had a couple decent games for the US, those were about 3 years ago. His few recent performances, (when he is not busy making up excuses to not have to travel anywhere near the US), have been terrible. Brooks’ US performances have been just as bad. I don’t care whet league you play in, or how good you might be in the future. I want players you will perform now, for the US of A.

        • Maykol says:

          What recent performances? He has played well in every US game except versus Honduras in which every other US player was awful as well

          • Jack says:

            Yes but the entire team has played better since, while he hasn’t been seen.

          • White Kix says:

            I was thinking of the Russia game in November, but it looks like that was in 2012, not 13. However, while looking back at the lineups, he played in that game and the Honduras game. Those are his only two appearances since 2011. He looked bad in both of those games. He has shown no commitment to this team, and it shows when he makes his rare appearance on the field. Also, I can not imagine his inclusion is good for the team as a whole.

            • Javier says:

              Look back to Argentina and Paraguay in the Bob Bradley era. He looked like the most dynamic right back we’ve ever had.

        • analyst/therapist says:

          So you’re going to use a small sample size from several years ago vs. consistent performance in a top league?

          • White Kix says:

            If he cared about the team at all, it could be a larger sample size. Also, I admit that I didn’t watch his club performace at all, so, could you fille me in on how he played for his relegated club? I am assuming you watched all his games.

            • analyst/therapist says:

              No sense in being snarky. I obviously didn’t watch all of his games, only saw him play a handful of times. He started regularly in a top-3 global league. Was getting player of the week nods from Kicker before his injury. His size, speed and strength are unmatched among our fullbacks with his level of experience.

              He has a chance to demonstrate his value for the next month, and nobody will have any excuse to make if he earns his spot on our 23.

              That doesn’t excuse you using 3 games from several years ago as “evidence.”

  20. bob says:

    “pay me”

  21. Sharkbait says:

    One or two pleasant surprises (Corona) and none of the snubs are really surprising or disappointing to me honestly. I would’ve liked to see Ream rewarded for his strong year with Bolton but given his lack of time with the team the last few years I’m not surprised.

    • AMP says:

      +1 Not sure why so many people seem down on Corona, I think he has a really good chance to make the 23.

      • Sharkbait says:

        I’ve been trying to cut down the 30 to 23 and am having a horrible time. I’d love to see Corona make it but I just don’t see it happening. I think 3 and potentially even 4 of the 7 cuts will come from the midfield. To me Corona, Mix, Edu, Davis, and Green could all be potential cuts. I don’t see any of the other midfielders being left out. The next 3 weeks are definitely going to be interesting.

      • Patrick2 says:

        Yeah, I probably under rate Corona too since he hasn’t started consistently for Tijuana, but Tijuana IS pretty loaded in the midfield, and he did sub in almost every game from what digging I just did.
        He played in six Copa Liberators games, including two in Brazil versus Palmeiras and Corinthians. Travel, heat and humidity isn’t going to affect him much.

  22. William the Terror says:

    Glad to see Bedoya, Mix and Corona. Glad to not see Shea. Davis and Evans are superfluous. They will not make the plane.

    Excited for the friendlies to begin.

    • Good Jeremy says:

      I dunno, Evans has a decent chance at starting against Ghana. Klinsy seems to love him.

  23. USMNT Fan says:

    Surprise Omission: Johnson

    Surprise Inclusion: Corona

    Undeserved Inclusions: Yedlin, Green, Davis

  24. Shurls says:

    I think that the inclusion of Yedlin, Evans, Parkhurst and Chandler means that we will see Cameron moved to CB to be paired with Besler. Otherwise you have to bring in Tim Ream.

    • Joe says:

      Good point.

    • Good Jeremy says:

      I was thinking the same. Chandler is injured and Yedlin is unproven internationally, it seems like he is giving an open audition for the RB spot with the plan of moving Cameron inside.

    • Increase says:

      Omar being half injured makes this CB situation more complicated. Ream might magically appear later if Omar stays injured.

      • AMP says:

        I don’t think he can. I was under the impression that once the roster is announced, those are the thirty, regardless of injury.

    • byrdman says:

      also notice that FJ was listed as a defender. In the past he has been a midfielder. I think this means Cameron in the middle as well

      • K Haro says:

        yeah this original comment is a very good one; almost certainly cameron will be working as a CB for this camp and into the WC; I hope he has a really good memory because it sure has been awhile! that said, he probably beats out OG to make the CB start against ghana

  25. Joe says:

    I’m actually kind of disappointed by this roster. I don’t think davis or corona are really gonna add anything to this camp. Also I wish orozco or ream would’ve gotten called in instead of evans and yedlin. I’m not sure why Klinsmann called up so many right backs. I’m surprised he actually called up chandler. Davis got called up because he has a left foot. Johnson easily has performed better at the international level. Despite all of that, the locks we expected to see made it so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

    • Josh D says:

      My understanding is that Orozco is still injured. Otherwise, he’s been a Klinsi favorite for awhile so it would be an odd exclusion.

  26. Good Jeremy says:

    Did he watch the games this weekend? Yedlin got torched. I love the guy and what he offers, but he got absolutely destroyed by the Revolution.

    Other than that, I’m happy to see Chandler and Edu on the list. They both have a lot to offer and Chandler may solidify our backline if he recovers completely.

    • Jack says:

      Edu has kind of showed why he never played for Stoke, he is just average

      • byrdman says:

        I think Edu’s speed and strength serve him very well as a dmid. His distribution and touch are well documented as bad. But if we need to close out a game, I will take him over Beckermann due to the athleticism. I don’t want to play him a long time, but for 15 minutes. Yes

    • Dman says:

      I like Yedlin, but in my opinion he is no better than Castillo defensively or offensively. From watching him play for Seattle this year, he makes a lot of defensive mistakes..He is young, but at this point he makes more defensive mistakes than Omar gonzalez does.

      • Joe says:


      • KNPonder says:

        I agree. I would have take Castillo over Yedlin. Then again, I would have taken Gooch, Ream, Fielhaber, or E. Johnson too instead of having Yedlin in the 30. The kid is too raw and is not ready. JK must be desperate for a RB. I think his best solution is to play Fabian Johnson at RB and Beasley at LB. Cameron plays inside.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        Castillo is miles ahead offensively IMHO but he does not quite have the recovery speed that Yedlin has… Castillo loses the ball too often despite causing havoc when he was in the zone.

    • Adam in Cali says:

      Ives made a great point about this in the latest podcast. Yedlin’s inclusion may have more to do with his speed, which can be used to mimic certain players (i.e. Ronaldo) during camp. If he’s being used in that “scout team” type of role, then I have no problem with it. If he’s truly being considered for a seat on the plane, then we may be in serious trouble.

    • Justin El Matador says:

      When does Yedlin not get torched is the question? Very naive defender.

      Also agree on Chandler and Edu.

  27. soccerhorn says:

    Cannot believe Chandler is still being considered. Dude has made it crystal clear that this is so low a priority for him that Klinsmann shouldn’t even bother calling him until now.

    Very sorry for Kljestan. If his current coach at Anderlicht hadn’t benched him for no apparent reason, he’d probably be on a plane to California right now.

    • HoboMike says:

      No he wouldn’t. He has never performed well for the USMNT save for the one game 6 years ago against Sweden (or South Africa – can’t remember).

      • soccerhorn says:

        Can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but… you’re probably right. He hasn’t produced with the Nats the way he has in Belgium. Too bad. Great guy – spent time with my kid once back in his Chivas days, kicking the ball around for an hour when he didn’t have to. Made us both big fans.

        oh and the game you’re thinking of, I think it was Denmark, scored a hat trick in the showcase game at the close of Camp Cupcake. Long time ago.

    • somedude says:

      He got benched because a 17 year old is better at his job.

    • Josh D says:

      Chandler actually came out and apologized months ago. He said he’s matured and he’s ready. He would have played against Ukraine if it wasn’t for injury.

    • Adam M. says:

      Has there been any published confirmation about Chandler’s situation? Is he actually afriad of flying or is that some unconfirmed rumor?

  28. AMP says:

    I think I just won me a signed scarf! If so, I have to give a shoutout to Kelly Whiteside, of USA Today fame.

  29. Matt says:

    6 Germericans

    • Jack says:

      can’t believe Williams didn’t make the cut,

    • RB says:

      Americans, you mean.

    • slowleftarm says:

      I’m sure JK wishes it was 30 Germericans. If only we had stationed more soldiers in Germany during the Cold War, that’s what he’s thinking.

      • Good Jeremy says:

        He probably would have taken 30 Texans, Californians, or Oregonians if they were the 30 best players we have. American citizens are Americans, no matter how many hyphens you throw in their nationality. He is here to win, not to showcase MLS or solely US-born players.

      • RB says:

        The guy can’t win. Remember when he first took over and some were complaining that he was overly focused on bringing in Latino players?

        • Andy in Atlanta says:

          no that is our current youth set up…

          • RB says:

            People were complaining originally, before we all heard about Green or Brooks or Boyd or Chandler or F. Johnson, that Klinsmann was calling in all the Latino players because he was biased in _their_ favor. There were comments on this site about it, too, in reference to JFT, Castillo, Corona, Orozco, et al.

  30. Brian McBrewed says:

    really, really don’t like green, chandler, and brooks.
    i just feel like there are other dudes playing better and having more hunger.

    • SingularityCup says:


    • Patrick2 says:

      Green and Brooks at the least are going to be very useful in practice. As for Chandler, if he has a good camp/ plays well in the warm-ups, his game is the closest to what Cheredulo’s was.

  31. Ussoccer.com says:

    Well there goes the rumors about Gedion Zelalam getting his US citizenship

  32. Engkzl says:

    Beas can’t defend. He’ll get torched by the wingers in our group. Shoulda picked Ream instead.

    • T P says:

      Love Beasley, but agree. He’s a better winger than wingback and F.Johnson’s better at both positions than he. To bad we couldn’t clone Johnson.

    • byrdman says:

      I don’t have a good memory. And I am not being sarcastic. Can you give me an example of a goal that Beasley is responsible for. I know he look bad often, but I don’t remember him costing the US a goal. Help me, please.

      • T P says:

        Honestly, he may not have, I don’t remember. But this isn’t the Gold Cup.

      • Increase says:

        One time a ball went over his head because he is short and didn’t have time to jump…. It skimmed the top of his head. So not a mistake really. But that is the only 1 I can think of.

        • K Haro says:

          confederations cup 2009, brazil, group stage, before we made a comeback run to lose to them in the final. he lost possession pathetically outside Brazils box when we had men forward and a great chance to make something, then got smoked down the flank by kaka i believe, slotted it to one of their forward, easy goal leaving Howard no hope.

          2006 group stage too; one from czechs and also maybe one from ghana? latter one not too sure on…however he did score our only true goal in that same game, which is a pathetic statistic, maybe the worst in USMNT history

          • Byrdman says:

            He was a midfielder in 2009, that play in the Confed Cup was a misplayed corner. Nothing to do with his defense or play as a lb. i should have been more specific.

            I guess my point is, everybody rips DB but there appears to be no proof that he cant do it. I guess we shall see

      • Oliver says:

        I would fault Beasley for the first two goals in the Hex at Costa Rica:

        link to youtube.com

        I love Beasley, but if he is a starting defender in Brazil, I am very nervous. He just doesn’t have the presence required.

        • Patrick2 says:

          I just saw the video. On the first goal he may get some blame for not reacting fast enough to a bullet header at close range since he was on the post, but I think Demsey get more blame given it was his guy that got the header.

          The second goal, well, Omar arguably shouldn’t have let Bolaños get the cross off. Beasly was on the most forward man on the right (Joel Campbel). Even if Beasly was the closest US defender, it was him vs three Costa Rican attackers on that side of the field. Given Beasly was already on Campel, Beasler should have dropped in to cut off the cross, and I think Jeramine Jones who was coming in from the midfield should have picked up Celso Borges run.

          • Patrick2 says:

            To summarize on the last goal, Beasly stopped Campel from making a play on the ball, someone else had to pick up Borges…probably Jones because Beasler (running backwards trying to keep good position to an extent) would have had a hard time elevating as high as Borges got.

            BTW, Fabian Johnson was pretty dangerous in that game. Another reason why we may see Beasly come in to push FJ forward.

            • Patrick2 says:

              Sorry, I’ll stop obsessing, but Geoff Cameron also probably gets some blame on that goal, Omar had to go out an try and cover a winger because Costa Rica blew right past they guy who is arguably the USMNT best defender.

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        I don’t have enough of a memory to point to specifics, but what I remember of Beasley’s mistakes were allowing dangerous crosses to get in. Those won’t always end up as goals of course.

        • Bac says:

          Another thing that happened multiple times, he didn’t step up in line with the other backs , a few times it was glaring and left opponents onside..
          Luckily it didn’t cost us any goals, but we’re not in CONCACAF anymore Toto…

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        Amen. As a defender, it’s far more telling to me that a player gets beat for actual goals (Goodson, Gonzo, Brooks), or gets flat out burned (Castillo) than that he doesn’t fit the usual prototype. Beasley can play and will be the LB starter if healthy. Given our group, any suggestion we favor so-called “composed” defenders or “players who can get forward” is naive. Prime directive is to stop the other team and let the attackers attack.

    • Josh D says:

      And Ream has played leftback against how many wingers even close to those he’ll face in the World Cup? None.

      • Bumby Hemmingway says:

        Beasley has recovery speed – he man not be in the right position when the ball is played – but many times he has the speed to recover from it and salvage a positive play.

  33. William the Terror says:

    The seven cuts: Evans, Yedlin, Parkhurst, Corona, Davis, Edu, and Wondo.

    • T P says:


      I think Parkhurst is there if Chandler fails. Corona if Mix fails. Wondo if Boyd fails.

      • William the Terror says:

        Injuries may also play into the equation. I like Joe Corona and I’m happy he is in camp. I just don’t see him going unless, as you say, Mix fails or gets hurt.

      • Patrick2 says:

        Parkhurst’s ace in the hole is that he can play all along the back line. Including him gives you the flexibility to take less defenders and more midfielders.

    • Chad says:

      Probably, though Edu can play CB and has with USMNT before…so he could bump Goodson or Brooks.

    • PN says:

      Are you picking Beckerman over Edu? I love Beckerman’s game, but we’ve always played a destroyer in the D-Mid in the WC (Mastroeni, Clark). We don’t have a choice. Beckerman doesn’t fit that role.

      Not convinced Corona doesn’t beat out Green. Green has the coveted invite, but no guarantees. Recall he’s spent most of the time in the German 4th division, while Corona is with Xolos. If I’m an MLS GM and can pick one of these two from a draft, I’d go with Corona today.

  34. Brain Guy says:

    Disappointed for Ream. I would have selected him over Yedlin.

  35. Mwing09 says:

    Who/What determines how the players are listed? When I didnt see donovan or deuce in midfield as I was reading through I had a splitsecond heart attack. Is it of note that they are both listed at forward or just a meaningless assignment?

    • Anthony says:

      It doesn’t matter. Different teams might bring different numbers of each to fit differing systems, but no limits or restrictions based on that.

      • Mwing09 says:

        Well I meant it as more of a question of how jk views them. Did he speifically list donovan and deuce as forwards and fj as a D? Or did jk name 30 and someone else just placed them randomly?

        • Bac says:

          Well he’s never named Fabian as a defender during the call up announcement (at least not in recent memory)
          But he has put Deuce and Donovan in both spots before…
          So hopefully this means FJ is a def

          • Byrdman says:

            In his remarks about EJ he referenced Ld and Deuce as forwards. I think he said he sees LD more a forward than Mid.

            • Bac says:

              Yup.. so one could conclude that he listed the 30 himself, which was my point to Mwing, and hopefully that confirms he’s listing Fabian in the back

        • shaggie96 says:

          I believe those who have indicated that Donovan would play wing have been incorrect. I think JK clearly views LD as a forward. It was evidenced when he said he couldn’t start LD in place of Wondo in the Mexico game if he wasn’t 100%. Neither LD or CD has the pace or endurance to play wing in JK’s system. Both will play either forward or the AM role primarily and you may see a 30 min cameo on the wing by LD depending on the opponent.

          • beachbum says:

            LD doesn’t have the pace or endurance? total BS. Last week in Salt Lake City he was running around like a madman in the last 15 minutes of the game. did you see him yesterday? reports of his demise are exaggerated

  36. ZZtoppppp says:

    Hooray for no EJ and all of his Ronaldo-wannabe stepovers!

  37. Dave says:

    No complaints. I’d prefer Agudelo to Wondo, but I get the decision. Other than that, seems pretty straight forward. I like the addition of the young guys too. Get them some reps. No need to waste time on vets who have a slim chance to get in, use the time to get the young guys some experience for 2018.

  38. Nick4235 says:

    Decent team but IMO it’s stupid Ream wasn’t included. He was just named Boltons player of the year but Evans, Yedlin (decent product but not ready for brazil), and Goodson are all deemed better as well as a pretty mediocre Gonzales.

    Williams had an outstanding season when healthy at Reading as well. Idk if he was healthy but if he was, he deserved to be here.

    Minor thing here but as a New England fan I’ve been saying for 2 years now Nguyen at least deserved a January Camp look. I think given his form now and for the past 2 years and Brad Davis complete lack of any useful contribution to the national team all those times he was called up would mean I would definetly take Nguyen over Davis.

    • Joe says:

      I really don’t like davis pick. Wasted opportunity in my opinion.

    • Bac says:

      Article the other day with interview about Danny Williams, knee injury may be worse than originally thought and may require surgery.. surprised it wasnt picked up by more people

    • Dman says:

      I would take Nguyen over Wondo as well. Nguyen actually helps create chances and takes some impressive shots from distance. Wondo is such a pure poacher that you better hope there are balls bouncing around in the 6 yard box, because he doesn’t do much creating from what i have seen.

      • Patrick2 says:

        As far as Wondo, given how hot Boyd is, he can take the (poacher) slot with way more size and physicality too.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      ream definitely had a successful year, but when you mention his POTY award, keep in mind that bolton was horrible this year. and i’m not sure why you’re comparing him to evans and yedlin, when they weren’t competing for the same spot.

      • Nick4235 says:

        They are competing indirectly with eachother. Klinsmann brought in…

        5 RBs: Cameron, Chandler, Parkhurst, Evans, Yedlin
        6 CBs: Cameron, Besler, Gonzales, Parkhurst, Brooks, Goodson
        4 LBs: Beasley, Fabian, Chandler, Parkhurst

        Now obviously I included people twice and I realize Chandler and Parkhurst are both right footed but both have played LB for us before.

        If you take out 2 of Yedlin, Evans, Goodson and add Ream and Orozco (I know he’s been hurt idk if he’s healthy) we add two more players to challenge for a CB spot and let’s be honest our CB pairin has been mediocre recently. This also gives us maximum versatility with…

        4 RBs: Cameron, Chandler, Parkhurst, Orozco
        8 CBs: Cameron, Besler, Brooks, Gonzalez, Goodson, Ream, Orozco, Parkhurst
        5 LBs: Beasley, Fabian, Parkhurst, Chandler, Ream

        Were getting more center backs to look at and were increasing the overall versatility of the group.

      • Nick4235 says:

        Oh and Bolton finished relatively mid table. Wouldn’t call that horrible.

  39. Joe says:

    One thing of note as well, for the first time in a while (at least as I remember it), Fabian is listed as a defender. I seem to remember him more often being listed as a midfielder for the US. I personally would much rather see him at LB rather than Beasley. I still have flashbacks to the first game against Brazil in the conferations cup

    • AMP says:

      Nice point, I think you’re on to something. I’m pretty hopeful now that we’ll be seeing him at one of the fullback spots.

  40. ANM says:

    Obviously injuries might play a role in determining who is on the 23. But to my mind, here are the crucial decisions that determine cuts:

    –Chandler or Yedlin
    –Brooks or Goodson
    — Davis, Corona, or Green (I think there is only room for one of these three)
    –Diskerud or Edu
    –Wondolowski or Boyd
    –Evans or Parkhurst.

    • Increase says:

      Davis, Corona, or Green AND Mix

      Mix goes in there too. Pick 2. I perfect Corona for his Copa Lib experience.

    • JayAre says:

      I think the 23 is already set some of these guys are probably just for training theres no way Wondolowski makes it out of the Forward pool. If he does I’ll be looking forward to 2018

  41. Bac says:

    If anyone listened to Ives podcast, he said Yedlin may be called in because he can give you one thing in PRACTICE… speed…
    He was brought in to play on the scout team…
    He’s not going to Brazil…

    • Increase says:

      Ya, it’s an interesting thought. I can certainly see the logic. He is just about the fastest player we have.

    • Ghost of John OBrien says:

      I agree with you that Yedlin won’t be on the final plane. And I like the practice squad theory, but where is Marvell Wynne when you need him?

      Another theory:
      We know that whoever gets put out against Portugal will probably spend most of their game chasing Ronaldo from behind. Might as well make it someone who is fast and can actually catch up!

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I have the same thought on Wondo. He will run his tail off and keep them honest. If god forbid they make the squad, they offer a speed element and the ability to ramp up, as opposed to being “composed” players who may be run by or overwhelmed by skill.

  42. El Homer Simpson says:

    As expected, but just wish Tim Ream would have at least gotten a chance in the 30. He is very versatile and has experience. Yedlin was probably called in for his ability to get forward, but I don’t seem him in the 23. The camp is probably just a chance at experience for the next round.

  43. AMP says:

    I think Ream has the best case out of the players left off. It would be nice to have a back-up to Besler who could also play LB if needed, but by the other choices, we have plenty of better options at LB, and JAB plays LCB in the Bundesliga. So Ream has the best case, but it isn’t that strong.

  44. KenS says:

    I’m more surprised about no Danny Williams.

    Brad Davis? meh

  45. Dyana says:

    Those of you doubting Brad Davis have clearly never watched him play regularly for his club. In addition to having the best left foot in the league, he is an excellent soccer brain and distributes the ball superbly. Klinnsman knows the US doesn’t stand an ice cream cone’s chance in hell this summer if the team doesn’t stay disciplined and play cohesively. Brad Davis brings consistency and levelheadedness to the team. He’s incredibly well-respected by his peers on the Dynamo and on the national team. This is one player you don’t have to worry about breaking under pressure; I’d take him over Bedoya.

  46. El Homer Simpson says:

    Eddie Johnson is good in CONCACAF but couldn’t seem him contributing much at the World Cup. He has knack for trying to go street ball by staying still with the ball thinking about his next move too much.

  47. Michael says:

    Can’t complain about the 30. The real questions will be raised at the cut to 23. I think Yedlin, Green, Corona won’t make it. Then Davis, Mix, Boyd, Wondo, Brooks, & Goodson are playing for 2 spots.

  48. bryan says:

    not too many surprises. Ream deserved it based on play but he just hasn’t been a part of the group often enough.

    EJ is a big surprise honestly and i thought Agudelo might sneak in, but oh well. i thought Gooch would get in there, but even though I projected him, i always said he was up in the air. Goodson got in over him.

    i am surprised Davis came in. not surprised Evans is there but i still don’t think he makes the 23. also surprised Yedlin made it in but JK did hint that he would be there. he basically took Ream’s place.

    no Williams makes sense given his knee issues. that’s too bad. Shea omission is a “duh”.

    So happy to see Corona make it but I’m not sure there is room for him in the 23 if Mix goes.

    G: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    D: Chandler, Johnson, Besler, Brooks, Omar, Beasley, Parkhurst, Cameron
    M: LD, Zusi, Bedoya, Corona, Mix, Beckerman, Bradley, Jones, Green
    F: Jozy, AJ, Boyd, Dempsey

    i think Evans, Goodson, Corona, Davis, Edu, and Wondo are get left off the 23.

    • bryan says:

      whoops, Yedlin cut too.

    • bryan says:

      son of a…

      Corona should not be listed in the 23.

    • Dan Daminko says:

      Chandler and Green haven’t really “been part of the group” much. Green a short time and Chandler not since Feb 2013. And if Ream “deserves it based on play” then that says it all.
      JK’s reasoning is often double-speak.

      • bryan says:

        that is true, but Chandler is the best pure RB in our pool and plays in the Bundesliga. given our shortage for RB options, JK said F it.

        as for Green, that’s a completely different situation. you just have to chalk that one up to a manager’s decision.

        i agree Ream should be there over someone like Davis (even if they play different positions). heck, even Evans. i think Ream could have offered something. but he is not equivalent to Chandler and he isn’t some young starlet that JK is giving a golden ticket to. not exactly apples to oranges.

  49. CCCC says:

    Hope Beckerman give good competition for the same spot with Jones. Jones going forward too much hurts Bradley’s influence on the game.

  50. Scott e Dio93 says:

    I disagree with Davis being part of 30, Davis is too old with poor performance vs B level teams.

    • bryan says:

      it’s a joke he is there…honestly, it really is.

      • Bumby Hemmingway says:

        Is their a better foot for set pieces than Davis on the USMT?

        • bryan says:

          i am so sick of that excuse for why he should be there. we are talking about a guy who brings only that to the table. this is the World Cup. players need to bring more than just one thing. why waste a bench spot on a guy that is likely to get 0 minutes and can only offer one thing to the team?

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          A better foot than Davis for set pieces? How about “a foot that is about equal and is also good at lots of other things”?

          For that: Zusi, Bedoya, or Evans. Bradley and Donovan have even taken some nice kicks for the US in the past (although I’d want them on the receiving end). And for direct shots on goal: Dempsey or Altidore.

        • Scott e Dio93 says:

          Davis done nothing with USNT, Davis maybe has one good cap vs Jamaica, but Davis is his 30’s without major impact with USNT.

  51. Billy says:

    Julian Green? US has become a last resort for players who can’t make their original national team (Green with Germany, Timmy Chandler with Germany, Fabian Johnson with Germany, etc.). I can assure you, Klinsman told Green, you pick US and I will have you in Brazil with our team. He makes his decision two months before the world cup and automatically is called in…joke.

    Half these German players above won’t even get a sniff for Germany, but US has decided to open their doors to whomever. …..Kinda sad…Bring on the next player who can’t make the French squad because US has room for them.

    • Jack says:

      Well that’s all on Klinsmann, there’s a lot of people who question these moves.

    • Dman says:

      Because we have so many other players with the quality to play for Bayern Munich?

      Get your head out of the sand….The kid probably has more potential than any other player on the USMNT, just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean the Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klinsmann haven’t seen it.

      I think I trust those two gentlemen over “Billy”

      • Jack says:

        Sure he has a great deal of potential,

      • William the Terror says:

        Well, in all fairness, “Billy” is probably still a pre-teen. Because after the age of 12, being called “Billy” makes a guy named William cringe in embarrassment.

        • Dan Daminko says:

          from the guy who calls himself “William the Terror” …that’s funny.
          and terrorble.

        • Billy says:

          Even if I was 12,15 or 35, what does age have to do with my comment. Stay on topic and you will understand what I am talking about …”In all fairness”

      • slowleftarm says:

        Green plays for Bayern Munich reserves, other than one two minute appearance. They play in the fourth division.

      • Jeffrey says:

        He doesn’t play for Bayern Munich. He doesnt even sit on their bench.

        • bryan says:

          but he did sign a professional, first-team contract with them. so he is absolutely a Bayern Munich player. but it is correct that he still plays for BMII way more often than not.

    • Increase says:

      If you think Timmy and Fabian don’t have a chance at Germany… You don’t realize that they basically have no Fullback Depth. Heiko Westerman is not much for competition. Schmelzer is not that great.(Good player but prolly the weakest on Dortmund’s back line.)

      I’m not saying Fabian and Chandler would start but both would be in consideration for backup.

    • analyst/therapist says:

      The fact that 31 year old, out of form Eddie Johnson is the most deserving person that would potentially get Green’s spot takes a lot of the punch out of your argument.

    • Bach's Thumb says:

      Sad comment.

      Germany wanted Green (first team coaching staff even called him when the press hit about declaring for us). Like Germany wants Zelalem. And Germany also wanted Fabian Johnson.

    • Brian says:

      nobody on this roster could make the german team. maybe timmy as a backup.

    • Dirk says:

      Green has already played for the U16,17 and19s for Germany so he would have had a good chance to play for their National team in a few years.

  52. user222 says:

    Im not a fan of Ream but I’d have liked to see him in the 30 list… Can Parkhurst, Yedlin, Evans, Goodson and Davis even pay their way to Championship League? no way!

    Ream’s private training last week at Red Bull’s facilities was a tell that he was being called up… but strange things happens…. that’s Jurgen for you.

    J.Green beat out Shea, I’m convinced the US still needs the big physical body in there against Ghana, Germany.. I guess Shea next shot is Copa Centenario 2016.

    the seven the USMNT dont need today:
    Evans, Davis, Wondo, Yedlin, Corona, Beckerman, Goodson

    Edu is a better athlete than Beck’s and can also play Goodson’s role)

    • Dirk says:

      Can Yedlin make the second tier in the English league? You say “no way!” I will agree with you in part. No way will Yedlin be offered, nor would he accept, an offer from second tier British football.

      However, DeAndre probably will receive, and accept, an offer from a top league team in France, Spain, Italy, Bundesliga, if not after the world cup, then within a year. My thinking he will go to the Bundesliga.

    • EspinDOHla says:

      What has Edu done in the recent past that makes him better than Beckerman?

  53. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Agudelo should have been called in. I could see him making an impact in Brazil and would benefit from the experience in the same fashion as Green. Juan’s experience with the National Team is more than just a cameo but I get the reasoning behind Green. I’m happy Edu is there and I hope he makes the 23. He is an option at CB in a pinch. Speaking of that, did I read that Jermaine Jones played CB this weekend?

  54. Jack says:

    Anyone else kind of wondering if Klinsmann might have also made Brooks a promise awhile ago?

    • Increase says:

      No more than he did Yedlin….

    • Bach's Thumb says:

      What kind of promise?

      JAB is a 21 year old 6’4″ highly athletic center back with great feet who starts in one of the top four leagues in the world at a position that is almost always filled with veterans because it requires such experience and understanding.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        He plays in Germany and has seen that team’s players. He is tall in a game where the opposing team maybe gets in a rut crossing. Otherwise he has actually looked vulnerable and overmatched, but if all we promised was camp and the position has hardly been grabbed by anyone, what can it hurt. I wish we’d scouted and tried other backs but the pool is what it is.

        You also have to consider that maybe he and Green are in camp more as the future for the experience than for what they do now.

  55. Colin in MT says:

    taking only Besler, Goodson, JAB, Gonzalez and Cameron leads me to believe JK plans on playing Cameron as a CB.

    Thank you!

    • KNPonder says:

      As some mentioned above, with all the RBs in the 30, it appears likely that Cameron will be at CB. I would not be surprised of JK only brings three CBs to Brazil (Besler, Cameron, and Goodson). This could give Parkhurst and Edu a better shot of making it due to versatility. I just can’t see JAB making it. Too mistake prone at this point. I would trust any of the 5 above before him . . . heck, I would trust Gooch in Brazil before him. With that said, his upside is definitely greater than all of those guys.

    • Laszlo says:

      Agree. Also may indicate that Omar’s knee injury is more serious than Arena stated last week. Which then means that Chandler, Parkhurst and Evans are fighting for the RB spot.

  56. Eric says:

    The list looks good to me. I’m a little surprised to see Ream left off but can’t say I’m surprised by the EJ and Shea omissions.

  57. Rooney's Hairpiece says:

    If Chandler is healthy, a back four of Johnson, Cameron, Besler, and Chandler could be awesome. It has speed and counter punch.

    • analyst/therapist says:

      those are two CBs who can actually offer something in the way of handling and distribution as well.

    • Patrick2 says:

      Yeah, that is what I want to see. Gives up some size on set pieces….but I’ll take the risk.

  58. Dinho says:

    Biggest surprise exclusion: Ream

    Biggest surprise inclusion: Yedlin

    Personally, I would have liked to have seen Ream, Agudelo and Orozco over Yedlin, Davis, and Goodson.

  59. Other Jack says:

    So what’s everyone’s thinking on the 7 who will be cut? My opinion is it’s Parkhurst, Chandler, Davis, Corona, Wondo, Diskerud and either Beckerman or Edu (hope he keeps Edu. It would be something to be proud of as a Union fan this year haha)

    • T P says:

      I think Yedlin and Green will be cut before Beckerman and Parkhurst/Chandler.

      • Dirk says:

        Don’t believe Yedlin will be cut. And for sure Green won’t.

        My predictions on the 7 to not go to Brazil. Evans, Parkhurst, Davis, Edu, Corona, Wondo and either Goodson or Gonzales.

  60. Josh says:

    Here are my cuts:

    Brooks, Chandler, Yedlin, Corona, Davis, Boyd, Beckerman/Mix

    I personally think Beckerman should make the squad and Mix goes home. Not sure how Klinsmann sees it. I liked what I saw from Beckerman playing as a defensive midfielder while Bradley joined the attack.

  61. JC says:

    Lando – Demps – Zusicakes
    FabJo – Besler – Cameron – Timmy II
    Timmy I

  62. Fan says:

    Where is Freddy Adu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Nandez says:

    Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando

    DaMarcus Beasley, Matt Besler, John Brooks, Geoff Cameron , Timmy Chandler, Omar Gonzalez, Clarence Goodson, Fabian Johnson,DeAndre Yedlin

    Alejandro Bedoya, Michael Bradley, Joe Corona, Julian Green, Jermaine Jones, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Graham Zusi

    Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd, Aron Johannsson

  64. wva97 says:

    Here are the guys that are 25 or younger on the roster (from oldest – Jozy – to youngest)… Positive, but hard to tell how many will be around for 2018. I thought Gil had an outside shot to be in the camp; I would have liked another Bradley-like hope to be part of the camp. Not sure anyone on this list below qualifies.

    Jozy Altidore
    Timothy Chandler
    Joe Corona
    Mix Diskerud
    Aron Johannsson
    Terrence Boyd
    John Brooks
    DeAndre Yedlin
    Julian Green

  65. DB says:

    I know it’s far from a surprise, but I’m still disappointed Feilhaber didn’t get a chance. Offers a skill set that we don’t have in abundance.

  66. AMP says:

    It’s anyones game now, as far as I’m concerned. They have a month and a couple games to make their respective cases/stay healthy.

  67. Jack says:

    In a way I think Jozy’s form is why EJ isn’t here, Klinsmann just couldn’t afford to 3 strikers not scoring goals.

  68. t says:

    Find out what the world cupcake says –

    link to youtu.be

  69. H-town says:

    Cuts will be Evans, Yedlin, Brooks, and Gonzalez (due to lingering effects of injury) for D.
    Corona, Green for mid and Boyd for forwards. Yedlin, Brooks, Green, Corona and Boyd are there for the next gen effect. Get them experience.

    If Gonzalez is recovered and playing well, I see Chandler or Beas going. Probably Chandler who is still recovering himself.

    People can hate on Davis all they want, but the guy’s left foot is going to put him on the plane. He may not get much playing time if any, but he is the best set piece taker in the list, and it ain’t close.

    • KNPonder says:

      I can definitely see Davis getting that last roster spot for that very reason. Would not surprise me at all.

    • Fan says:

      Hmmm, maybe they can cut Davis’s foot off and take it along with, swap it with some one else’s left foot

    • Shawn says:

      Lol we aint going to brazil with barely any right backs and 1 cb nd a rb that can play cb

  70. PghEd says:

    I would have never picked Chandler for this squad. I am assuming that he is a chemistry killer who turned down the US several times. He is probably neither liked by fans or players. Now you take him to camp and he’s going to show well. It’s going to be even harder then to not take him to Brazil, so why include him in the 30? Bad for the team to have a player who turned you down several times before.

    • Jack says:

      At least when the US goes out with zero points we’ll have a 2014 David Regis to blame

    • analyst/therapist says:

      If they are professionals who want to win the WC, they’ll all use this month to determine the best 23.

    • Dirk says:

      Do you really think, at the age of 24, Chandler has been a 3-yr. starter in the Bundesliga without getting along very well with his teammates and coaches?

      • Jack says:

        At what point is he officially a Bundesliga II player?

        • Dirk says:

          If he stays at Nürnberg that will be next season. However, it looks like he will move to another Liga I team this summer.

        • bryan says:

          he won’t be as Stuttgart has already shown interest in signing him. they wanted him in 2011 and still do. further, a few other Bundesliga teams have been linked to him. he’s staying in the Bundesliga.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I see your point but his inclusion could be taken as a sign of desperation about the quality of the RB pool and/or the need to protect the weak CBs on the flanks.

    • FJ-Besler-GC-Timmy backline says:

      Chemistry’s overrated when the talent gap is so large. Chandler’s way better than Evans/Parkhurst. Omar is terrible right now, so Cameron should be at CB. FJ could play RB, but then DMB is at LB and that probably isn’t going to work at WC.

      It seems silly to blame Timmy/chemistry (or Regis before) for causing the entire team to flame out (if that were to happen at WC). You can blame communication problems in the back that lead directly to goals on chemistry/unfamiliarity, but you can’t blame lack of scoring punch on hurt feelings. These are pros and this is the WC! Suck it up and play hard. Scapegoating certain players/chemistry for poor results is just loser talk [meaning the crybaby players are losers, not commenters who put too much faith in chemistry].

  71. David M says:

    I would’ve liked to see Feilhaber in the 30. Not sure why Mix is there. He can’t even get into Rosenborg’s starting line-up (just today, again he spent the whole game on the bench). We’re not talking about a strong league here; it’s Norway, after all! Currently ranked #26 in Europe.

    • bryan says:

      to be fair, his last two games he got a few assists. him and Corona are going to battle it out for one spot.

    • Dan Daminko says:

      I like Mixx but completely valid point.

    • Dan Daminko says:

      That also speaks to JK’s various “Have To” rules.
      “You have to be playing consistently” and “You have to be in good form” seem to be hollow words.

  72. Geico says:

    Is it me or does Zusi look like the caveman from the Geico commercials

  73. Joe Dirt says:

    Best 11 not to make the pre cut 30…


    Shea Feilhaber Johnson

    Williams Klejsten

    Castillo Ream Onyewu Lichij


    Not a bad list. A lot playing in Europe too. Who would have thought we’d have the depth to leave Bolton’s POY, a regular for FC Utrecht, and a key midfielder for Anderlecht at home.

    • Smacking says:

      That’s probably an accurate list. The three you mentioned just weren’t consistent enough. At the top of their game, each could make a case for inclusion.

    • analyst/therapist says:

      Best depth we’ve ever had. The likes of Spector, Gil, Magee floating around as well.

      • t says:

        True we lot of mediocre players, more than ever.

        • Dman says:

          absolutely correct

          we have an ASTOUNDING number of average players.
          If the world cup was something like 200-a-side we might be pretty good

    • KNPonder says:

      Think they could qualify in CONCACAF? I would say they make the HEX. Not sure if they could qualify out of the HEX though.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Or, Yelldell looked like a joke here, Shea couldn’t look composed against Cuba and imploded in club ball, Agudelo is anonymous when he plays, Sacha is on the outs at Anderlecht and overrated for the US, EJ went unproductive mercenary again, Castillo gets burned every time he plays LB, Ream looks bad every time he puts on the colors, Lichaj looked a nervous shell of what he did years ago, Williams generally stunk when played, Gooch was burned by Antigua, blah blah blah.

  74. Phlub says:

    Ream > Yedlin

    Agudelo > Corona

    Wish Shea had better luck this season in club world. Tired of the attitude complaints. Dude has committed attitude on the field and got caught-up in a tough situation at Barnsley … and in turn at Stoke. At least he’s still young. He’s got another chance in him.

    Mix needs a club move. MLS would be great. But definitely proved himself with the nats.

    Green has two senior level cameos at this point in his career. I’m sure he’ll be great. But he should not have been seriously considered at this point. Hope he shows well in camp, but should not be going to Brazil.

    Good to see Edu and Beckerman. Both well deserved.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Why is everyone complaining about Green and Yedlin???? I thought everyone wanted them for the USMNT. All of a sudden they are scum of the earth.Quit whining you guys just like to complain!!!

      • Dirk says:

        Their attitudes concerning Green and Yedlin are indeed questionable. What are their reasons?

        • Dan Daminko says:

          Talent, experience and consistency > talent alone

          • Dirk says:

            All I can say to you Dan is that you are in for quite a shock after the first 2 send-off friendlies.

            Okay, one more thing, your comment makes no sense.

      • Dan Daminko says:

        You’re exaggerating… No one is against them, to the contrary they see talent and potential. Whether they are ready to contribute now or are better than others for the 30 (eventual 23) that is a debatable question.

  75. AMP says:

    what’s the over/under on responses to this report?

  76. wfrw07 says:

    My prediction for the 7 cut:

    Evans, Goodson, Yedlin, Corona, Davis, Diskerud, Wondolowski

    In a camp setting, Chandler will beat out Evans and Yedlin.

    With the flexibility of many others on the backline, I see Goodson as an odd man out, though if he goes instead of Brooks that would make sense too.

    Corona is a bit out of left field, but I don’t see who he necessarily goes over. Davis has a great left foot, but against the teams we play he will never get a ball off. If he makes the 23 he would never see the field anyway, so Green might as well go.

    Diskerud was my toughest omission. I had hit down to him or Edu, but I think JK will depend on a more athletic DM type given the group. I probably wouldn’t agree, but I kind of get it.

    Wondo is kind of in the Davis boat. I don’t see any circumstance he would see the field, so the others go in his place.

  77. user594 says:

    Why does everyone think Goodson won’t make final 23? Gonzales has been terrible, and Goodson has been solid in every USMNT performance. I think they both make the final 23, but Goodson probably plays well before Gonzales

    • KNPonder says:

      I think Goodson is on the plane . . . curious as to why others don’t see him making it myself. He is probably better than Gonzalez right now. Better than JAB right now (JAB is just too mistake prone). One more thing is that Goodson is good in the box. If you need a late goal, he might actually be the guy coming off of the bench instead of a striker.

      • wfrw07 says:

        He might be ahead of Omar and JAB and make it, but there is no shot in a game where we need a late goal that we bring on Goodson to head one in

        • Bumby Hemmingway says:

          I believe you HAVE to take Goodson to Brazil. He has not (maybe never was) spectacular – but he is typically steady. This is the opposite of Gonzalez – especially given Gonzalez’s recent form.

    • BumpBailey says:

      I see Omar being the odd man out as far as the central guys go. A little surprised to see Brooks. I thought Ream was going to sneak in there…. It’s gotta be Besler, Brooks and Goodson as your three central guys with Cameron being able to provide coverage there as well… Goodson has shown to be more reliable that Omar. I also think Beasley is going to be a surprise cut and Yedlin is going to benefit from that which I think also costs Chandler his spot…. I think the 3 walkers from the defense are Beasley, Chandler and Gonzalez.

      I think the three in the middle that will end up on the short end of the stick are Davis, Edu and probably Green. Green is just too much of an unkown with no real professional playing time to speak of… I can’t imagine him getting time in a World Cup when all he has experience wise, is a couple of token minutes in one game that was already decided and an international “freindly” albeit against Mexico…

      And the walkers up top. It pains me to say it but I just don’t think Wondo makes it. Good for the ‘Quakes though.

      BArring injuries, those are the seven guys I see missing out on the plane ticket to Brazil.

  78. sregis says:

    one serious ankle twist in the next month and EJ/et al are back in the mix. crazier things have happened.

    • Jack says:

      Johannsson is already dealing with an ankle injury and has missed his last 3 matches. Something he’s been carrying for awhile, along with a petty drastic drop off in production. If he doesn’t get to 100% or has a poor camp, I can see him missing the 23.

  79. Captain Obvious says:

    Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando

    DaMarcus Beasley, Matt Besler, John Brooks, Geoff Cameron , Timmy Chandler, Omar Gonzalez, Fabian Johnson, DeAndre Yedlin

    Alejandro Bedoya, Michael Bradley, Joe Corona, Julian Green, Jermaine Jones, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Graham Zusi,(Kyle Beckerman or Maurice Edu,)
    Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd, Aron Johannsson

  80. Bac says:

    Definite Cuts:

    Competition Cuts:
    Mix or Corona
    Wondo or Boyd
    Parkhurst or Brooks

    No. 7 cut I can’t predict.. but may be driven by the health of Chandlers knee, AJs ankle, DMBs hammy, or Greens shoulder….

    Why these predictions?
    -He will keep the 4 CM’S, plus either Mix or Corona
    -Not gonna bring too many RBs
    -He’s got Fabian listed as a Def, don’t forget he can play RB also
    -Cam starts camp in the middle, Omars fitness and form up in the air

    • Kodi says:

      A agree with about Yedlin and Davis. Although, Davis’s ability to provide accurate set piece service may be coveted by JK late in a match. I also think JK seems to really like Evans, for whatever reason. Versatile and usually solid maybe? I think you are spot on about Mix or Corona. I think both Wondo and Boyd go. I’d rather see the final battle for a spot you mentioned be between Goodson and Brooks. I tried to come up with my 7 to cut and just can’t do it. Too many variables in place. Some tough decisions ahead.

      • Kodi says:

        Ok this who I’d cut, not who I think JK will cut: D. Beasley, B. Evans, C. Goodson, D. Yedlin, M. Diskerud, J. Green, and B. Davis.

        • Bac says:

          Kodi, yea it’s tough, that’s why he gets paid and we all get to pretend to know what we’re talking bout…
          First, health will play a major role..
          Then, he already has depth charts and scenarios workin…
          You mentioned a few players he likes and why… but you know what he likes more than any of the players??

    • biff says:


  81. PN says:

    All things considered, I like the choices JK has made with this roster. He clearly stated what his expectations were to be selected, and also made inclusions to make each roster spot competitive. I think we are all in agreement that JK needs to select a team that can compete given our difficult draw, regardless of personal or philosophical differences.
    – I sense the plethora of choices for outside back gives JK potential options with Cameron.
    – Given our tough draw, one can hope Chandler is ready and fully committed. Irregardless of the past, he’s a solid choice given the other option options
    – Yedlin is a slight surprise, but he brings athleticism and speed as an outside option, which is lacking in this pool for outside back.
    – It was a foregone conclusion that J Green would make this 30-man list, but he faces some competition to secure a MF spot. Corona, despite his recent lack of playing time, hopefully should give Green a run. I don’t see Davis as having the pace to compete at this competitive level.
    – Diskerud appears to be the only other true insurance option for CAM behind Bradley. I cannot see Edu or Beckerman filling that role if Bradley cannot play for whatever reason.
    – JK may only need one of Edu or Beckerman for CDM to back up Jones. I’m betting on Edu, given our draw. We need a no-nonsense defender to disrupt the attack, and Edu is better suited for that role. And as is usual for Edu, he steps it up and trains seriously when the WC rolls around.
    – Donovan may be listed as a forward here, but my money is he is slotted for MF duty. I expect he may be paired with Bedoya on the wings, as they are the best 2-way wing MFs in the pool.
    – Donovan’s as a MF reduces the current pool. Probably only one of Davis, Green or Corona gets to go.
    – Dempsey is the heir apparent to start up top. Who best complements Dempsey as the strike partner? And how many strikers do we need? I’d go with Altidore, Johannsson and Boyd in that order.

    • Nandez says:

      Mix and Corona are competing against each other

      • PN says:

        I see Corona more likely as competing against Green and Davis. JK sees weaknesses in both of those options (inexperience, pace). I see Mix having the advantage of being the best option in the middle if we lose MB, our most indispensable player. He is a stronger two-way player in the middle than Corona today.

        • bryan says:

          i don’t think so honestly. Green isn’t really competing with anyone. if he shows well in camp, he’s in with a golden ticket.

          Davis is there to show he can bring something to the 23, but that’s extremely unlikely given LD, FJ, Zusi, and Bedoya (all of whom are locks) can play LM.

          yes, Corona is capable of playing on the wing and so it seems logical that he will compete directly with Davis. but assuming Davis is out, Corona still doesn’t have a spot if Mix is there. so that puts them in direct competition since they both prefer that creative CM position.

    • AMP says:

      I have been thinking this about Killa Cam too. If Fabian and Chandler do what they should, and secure the two fullback spots, are we really going to have Cam on the bench? Surely he’ll be getting some looks at CB, maybe even CDM.

      • PN says:

        If F Johnson and Chandler perform in camp, then Cameron can possibly push for a starting CB role. I don’t see him at CDM except in specific game situations. JK may sub in a CB and push Cam up as another CDM to protect a lead late in the game.

        • bryan says:

          also, don’t forget that Chandler can play LB. Klinsmann could decide to use Chandler at LB with Besler/Omar at CB and Cameron at RB. that allows FJ to be used at LM and will leave one of LD/Zusi/Bedoya to start at RM.

          • Paul says:

            It all depends on the impressions in the camp. JK has multiple options. I am assuming Cameron may start over Gonzales in the middle, and Johnson stays on defense. Maybe JK has enough confidence in Gonzales to push Cameon to the wing, and then push Johnson forward. That would be ideal, provided Gonzales steps up. That leaves Donovan an option for striker or midfield.

  82. Bumby Hemmingway says:

    So which seven do YOU cut?

    I think:
    1. Yeldin
    2. Corona
    3. Brooks
    4. Boyd
    5. Green
    6. Evans
    7. Parkhurst

    • JayAre says:

      I think it looks more like:


      I’m taking Mix because he didn’t start in the GC final and Corona did.

  83. MH says:

    According to an article on ESPN, Klinsmann sees Landon as a “pure forward” on this roster. The article does not contain a quote from Klinsmann to this effect, so it’s not clear precisely the language he used. However, if this is accurate, it would seem Landon may be unlike to start, given Klinsmann’s preference for a lone target striker. Can’t see Landon being alone up top with our style of play.

    • Bac says:

      I saw that too, could mean one of several things:
      -He’s Dempseys backup
      -We may play more 4-4-2 than we have in the past
      -JK doesn’t think LDs current fitness or form is good enough to play both ways in MF
      -LD doesn’t make the 23
      -JK could change his mind

      Take your pick

    • Laszlo says:

      I’ve watched 3 or 4 Galaxy games this year. Donovan has looked average, at best. And I think I’m being kind in my assessment. If LD doesn’t step up in the next two weeks, he may get cut, leaving Zusi, Bedoya, Corona and Green as the outside mids that make the final roster. If AJ’s ankle doesn’t heal up, that may leave a spot for LD.

      • beachbum says:

        how about the last 2 games for the Galaxy? what did you see? or did you not see it?

        • Bac says:

          Yo Bum, I’ve only seen them twice this year and to me they just looked like a disjointed squad, the whole team just looked fair to poor…
          I’d trust your take over most, is LD not sharp, not getting chances, is he pressing too much to get that goal….what do u think…
          The 2 games I saw he showed some bursts here and there, but didn’t look in sync with the team- even with Keane…. but it wasn’t just him, nobody looked in sync…

          • beachbum says:

            I’d agree with Arena that LD was the best player on the field in Portland. Started average then just began to take over. Last week in Salt Lake City he impressed as the game wore on again, looked like he let the speed go full throttle and did it late. He’s peaking his form for the WC, my opinion.

            I saw him look out of shape and looking unwilling to cut the speed loose throughout the beginning of the season. I think he was afraid to get hurt or was unsure of his fitness and I was questioning him myself on this board.

  84. Bomb Pop says:

    1. Evans
    2. Wondo
    3. Parkhurst
    4. Davis
    5. Mix
    7.Goodson or Gonzalez

    Yedlin could provide an offensive spark off the bench and he’d be a better RM than rb. Klinsi likes to tinker so I could see Klinsi move him to RM

    • JayAre says:

      I think it looks more like:


      I’m taking Mix because he didn’t start in the GC final and Corona did.

  85. slowleftarm says:

    I realize Green and Agudelo don’t play the same position but how do you take a kid who’s only had two minutes of play above the fourth division instead of Juan? I guess that’s what happens when you have a US coach who thinks US players aren’t good enough.

    • Adam M. says:

      Agudelo is not ahead of any of the other forwards named and does not do anything unique that would differentiate him situationally. That’s why he isn’t there. Green is a burner with ball skills who can play centrally and on the wings. We don’t have anyone else like that in the midfield. That’s why he is in the 30 and probably why he will be in the 23. This has nothing to do with where players grew up. Yes, Green is young and unproven. But that does not mean that he is naive and unskilled. The notion that JK would risk results based on geography is baseless.

      • slowleftarm says:

        Green is a youth prospect who plays in the fourth division. Bayern Munich reserves is not the same as Bayern Munich. When Agudelo was Green’s age, he was playing at a higher level than Green is now. Again, I know it isn’t a like for like comparison but come on. I never said Green is naive or unskilled but I don’t see any evidence that he’s ready for prime time. Maybe next cycle.

        • Dman says:

          I don’t think that you can say Green “plays in the fourth division”
          Yes he PLAYED in the fourth division, and now he is with the 1st team. No he has not played much for the first team, but he has not been with FC Bayern Munich II. for a while now.

          • Dman says:

            And also hes not a youth prospect, he has signed a professional contract to play with the first team.

            you are very full of hyperbole.

          • slowleftarm says:

            He has made one two minute appearance for the first team. Otherwise, all of his appearances have been for Bayern II in the fourth division. He is absolutely a youth prospect.

            Shouldn’t you need more than two minutes of playing time with the first team before you go with the USMNT to the world cup? Everyone’s so desperate for a savior. Ironically, I’m here talking about Agudelo missing the squad and a few years he was the one everyone was hyping.

            • Dman says:

              He certainly does not have experience on his side, but the club that won champions league last year, won the Bundesliga the last 2 years, and went to the semifinals of champions league this year counts him among their top 30 players…..

              I guess he must have won a contest and was put on the roster for Charity?

    • Dinho says:

      slow, you answered your own question. they don’t play the same position. JK works in depth by position. On the wings, you have the following:

      LM: (Landon), Davis, Zusi, Green
      RM: Bedoya, Corona, Green

      Who else is in consideration for a wing position, aside from Shea? I honestly wouldn’t know. Green is at the bottom of the pecking orders, but he is not in competition with Agudelo.

      Agudelo is facing this:

      Personally, I would have preferred to see Agudelo called over one of the right backs called in (Yedlin, Evans, Parkhurst), where there are a lot vying for position. But, its apples and oranges….

    • Dan Daminko says:

      I like Green, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready for a spot in the 30 or 23.
      JK has a bias towards Germans, like an Italian, Spanish or French coach might have a bias towards players from those leagues. it’s what he knows, it’s where his contacts are, it’s his native language, etc.etc. A different coach would have different biases.
      I think JK has done positive things w/ the Nats, I also think JK talks mostly BS when explaining his decisions.

  86. Ted in MN says:

    Would much rather have seen Ream than Yedlin or a couple of others on this list. Player of the year at a championship club is nothing to sniff at especially when we have no idea who’s going to be with Besler.

  87. CCCC says:

    I’d say Wondo (or Boyd), Yedlin, Davis, Corona, Mix, and Green don’t make the final 23…..Yedlin and Green the obvious youngsters getting a chance at experience for the next cycle….Mix is just too inconsistent but could still make it as a sub….Davis is a step slow…Corona is also too inconistent….

    • JayAre says:

      Corona has a chance. Wondo can’t make it out of that forward pool at all.

      • Chris Wondolowski says:

        Hey everyone, remember me? The guy who scored 9 in his last 10 games for the US? The guy who everyone hates after netting three goals in the last two games against South Korea and Mexico? Well, I’m cleaning out my roster to report to camp in two days and you’re reading this at work, hoping your boss doesn’t stop by your cubicle.

        Suck it long and suck it hard,

        • JayAre says:

          Sorry men, we aren’t playing Guatemala in the WC.

          • Dan Daminko says:

            for comparison
            Nice vid of USMNT 2002 WC
            link to youtube.com
            Great spirit w/ that team. Ernie Stewart had a great positive attitude as the captain. Tony Sanneh great defensive presence. Pablo Mastroeni was the original “dread” head. Donovan had hair and speed to burn. Beasley looked about 13 yrs old. John O’Brien, Clint Mathis, games vs Portugal, Poland, South Korea, Mexico and Germany. It’s cool if you have the time.

          • Chris Wondolowski says:

            JayAre, when you say “we,” then yeah “we” aren’t playing anyone in the WC because, unlike *me*, *you* didn’t make camp.

            P.S. Have fun at work today!

        • Chris Wondolowski says:

          cleaning out my locker*

        • Patrick2 says:

          Wondo deserves to go…but LD’s experience and Clint’s hot form are his biggest threats for making the 23 man roster. Given Klinsi can easily push Clint and LD up ( particularly Clint right now), I think Wondo may get sacrificed for additional flexibility in the midfield.

  88. Tim F. says:

    Jose Torres should have been on the list; that’s the only issue I have.

  89. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Not saying I agree with it.. but this is likely how we will line-up on June 16th…

    Cameron / Gonzo / Besler / Beasley

    Jones / Bradley
    Zusi Dempsey

    Donovon or Bacon

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      F Johnson for Beasley if you like… either can play the LW role… how well.. we shall see.

      Dempsey will always cut in so you need an overlapping burner on the left

  90. Dan Daminko says:

    Blast from the past
    Nice vid of USMNT 2002 WC
    link to youtube.com
    Great spirit w/ that team. Ernie Stewart had a great positive attitude as the captain. Tony Sanneh great defensive presence. Pablo Mastroeni was the original “dread” head. Donovan had hair and speed to burn. Beasley looked about 13 yrs old. John O’Brien, Clint Mathis, games vs Portugal, Poland, South Korea, Mexico and Germany. It’s cool if you have the time.

  91. Observation says:

    Bayern Munich Reserves = 4th division in Germany…Green is probably the worst pick up of the group. He didn’t earn it, it was given it to him by Klinsman.

    Klinsman is always saying players need to be playing at the highest form….Last I checked, playing in a reserve league isn’t considered to be the best….Oh wait, he’s German so that will do instead.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      “Bayern Munich Reserves = 4th division in Germany…”

      Question: Where else would you expect Bayern to field players who are not good enough to take a roster spot away from Ribery, Alcantara, Gotze, et al., but are good enough that Bayern doesn’t want to sell them or send them out on long-term loan?

      • Observation says:

        So just because he is in Bayern Munich’s reserve squad he is better than what we have? The kid barely even plays and all the sudden 2 months before the world cup, he get’s a roster spot? The game he did get called up, he was scared. I can only imagine what he will be like on a big stage…

        Klinsman preached about players getting 1st team exposure…if they didn’t, they wouldn’t get called up…

        • Slowreno says:

          Scared and Nervous are two different things. Green was nervous, which is to be expected at 18 years old with many wondering and judgmental eyes watching you on your NT debut. Against Mexico. A scared player doesn’t try to take on two defenders and (nearly) drawing a penalty in the process among other positive runs down the left flank. While he had his “raw” moments, he was anything but scared.

          • Dirk says:

            And don’t forget, when he did take on those two defenders, and faked them both out on the very edge of the box, he did it with a separated shoulder.

            It was an amazing move, there is not another player on the USMNT that could even come close to what he did. Please, go to utube or someplace and look at it again. Pay attention to Julian’s control of the ball while he was in tune with both defenders positions and how he put them in the exact spot he needed to make such a move. Fantastic.

            • Lil' Zeke says:

              What about Adu, DIrk? Couldn’t Adu do dat? By the way Dirk where would you place Adu in the top 30?

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          Observation: You didn’t answer my question. Instead, you assumed a whole lot about what I think and asked a bunch more questions based on those assumptions.

          Just answer my question.

    • Increase says:

      I just wanna throw this out there. I think Donovan was on Bayer Leverkusen II when he got his first call up. I’m not sure when he switched to the MLS though.
      And while researching it I learned that Donovan paralyzed a guy? Sounds accidental but he died later?

      But it looks like he had 1 full season in the MLS before the WC. Bayer II would be in either the 3rd or 4th division in Germany. I dunno how well the MLS would compare to the German 3rd tier at that point in time.

  92. ZZtoppppp says:

    Why is everyone assuming Edu has a lock in the 23? If anything I think he has one of the toughest task in front of him trying to unseat both Beckerman and Mix for a spot on the 23.

    • Patrick2 says:

      He’s strong and fast. More than decently dangerous getting forward and on set pieces.

      He couldn’t get on the field for Stoke for whatever reason, but people forget he played for Rangers for four season, and apparently played well in the Champions League for them. I’d take both Bekerman and Edu. in a 4-5-1 I push MB forward with license to do whatever he wants. Bekerman may be your choice if you play a lone defensive midfielder ( that’s how I understand he plays at RSL), i.e. if you play an “offensive” 4-4-2 with MB at the top of the diamond like they did against Mexico.

      But given the worries at CB, and the quality of the midfields in the Group, a 4-5-1 with MB up top and Jones and Edu as defensive midfielders is probably the most athletic, disruptive, and most experienced against top flight opponents of a midfield Klinsman can put on.

      • Patrick2 says:

        I also think a Jones/Edu defensive midfield with MB disrupting up top means you are more likely to see Gonzo at CB rather than getting replaced by Cameron, or having Cameron out wide if Chandler doesn’t pan out. Having Altidore, MB, Jones, Edu and Gonzo on the field at the same time on set pieces could be a bruising experience for the other side.

  93. Jack says:

    What does Evans have to do to play himself off this team?

  94. Dirk says:

    Here is a question. Which, if any, young American player in MLS do you think will get an offer from a big-time league (Spain, Germany, England, or Italy)?

    I say DeAndre Yedlin, and even further, in the Bundesliga.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      Do you mean out of this 30-man roster or the whole MLS?

      Because if it’s limited to this roster, then only Omar Gonzalez and DeAndre Yedlin qualify as “young American players in MLS.”

      • Dirk says:

        I mean the whole MLS.

        • Increase says:

          Straight to the league? Diego Fagundez to Italy. This would totally blow as I kinda want him to get US citizenship.

          He likely would not go directly as a starter thoguh

  95. KingGoogleyEye says:

    FYI: MLS teams losing the following players to 30-man preliminary squads:

    Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
    Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
    Alvaro Saborio (Real Salt Lake)
    (no Joao Plata to Ecuador)

    Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC)
    DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders FC)
    Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC)

    Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)
    Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes)
    Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)

    Giancarlo Gonzalez (Columbus Crew)
    Waylon Francis (Columbus Crew)
    Michael Parkhurst (Columbus Crew)

    Julio Cesar (Toronto FC)
    Michael Bradley (Toronto FC)

    Roy Miller (Red Bull New York)
    Tim Cahill (Red Bull New York)

    Oscar Garcia (Houston Dynamo)
    Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)

    Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy)
    Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy)

    Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
    Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

    Marvin Chavez (Colorado Rapids)

    Jerry Bengtson (New England Revolution)

    Steven Beitashour (Vancouver Whitecaps)

    That’s 12 MLS teams losing at least one player for at least the camp.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      P.S. I think that list is complete. Not all countries have announced their rosters and FIFA won’t publish them until the 16th.

    • bryan says:

      Don’t forget Edu!

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        Good catch. I had him in my list on Word, but deleted him during the cut and paste.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      Who do you think will suffer most during their players’ absence? There’s no question in my mind: Real Salt Lake. Losing its heart (Beckerman), soul (Rimando), and top scorer (Saborio). Brutal.

      • Increase says:

        Real and Seattle. Martins should keep up the scoring but the games will be a lot closer and they will spend a lot more time defending(badly).

    • Good Jeremy says:

      I wonder how Iranians feel about Beitashour being born and raised in California.
      Death to America… except Steve. Steve is cool.

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        meh… pretty sure just the government and radicals feel that way… most Iranians are nice people who just live in a country that has limited freedom… half of the Iranian population is either not overly devout muslim or is Christian, Bahai and Zoroastrian in private.

        • Increase says:

          Ya, Iran is weird. Their government is pretty radical but you almost never hear about free range terrorists causing trouble in other countries. I think its because the Radical Islam that causes most of the problems in primarily Arab in its source. Persians and Arabs don’t exactly get along.

          Although, there was an Iranian(Had that passport) that blew his feet off with a grenade in Bangkok about 2 years ago.

      • Increase says:

        I should say That I like that he is going. It’s good relations that humanize both sides of the argument. Americans and Iranians become actual people instead of semi fictional apparitions of evil.

  96. 21guns says:

    You guys should forget about the world Ghana will trash usa, your only hope is on Portugal finish

  97. Edu is a great player, but like most of the professional American players, they are not challenged or stimulated in their teams nor when they play matches because the American Teams are so damn bad. I know the Philly Union can’t even execute basic soccer skills like “Give and Go” or putting pressure on the opposing player with the ball. Good players should play overseas to better develop their skills. And we should recruit from overseas to better develop our own professional programs until we are able to develop better homegrown players.