Klinsmann names 23-man World Cup roster, Donovan left out



Jurgen Klinsmann dropped a bombshell on Thursday when he announced his 23-man World Cup roster and Landon Donovan’s name was not on it.

Youngsters Julian Green, DeAndre Yedlin and John Brooks joined Tim Chandler among the players to jump off the bubble and onto the U.S. World Cup roster. Veteran midfielder Brad Davis also made the cut.

The most shocking omission was Donovan, who had played in three straight World Cups and scored five World Cup goals, most in U.S. Men’s National Team history.

Here is the full U.S. World Cup squad:

U.S. World Cup Roster

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando

DEFENDERS– Geoff Cameron, Tim Chandler, Matt Besler, Omar Gonzalez, John Brooks, Fabian Johnson, DaMarcus Beasley, DeAndre Yedlin

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Graham Zusi, Alejandro Bedoya, Brad Davis, Kyle Beckerman, Mix Diskerud, Julian Green

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Aron Johannsson, Chris Wondolowski


What do you think of the team? Shocked to see Donovan left out? Who are you happy to see make the cut? Who is the second-most surprising exclusion for your money?

Share your thoughts below.

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1,041 Responses to Klinsmann names 23-man World Cup roster, Donovan left out

  1. Ramsizzler says:

    Has to be some personal beef between Donovan and Klinsman. Has to.

    • Iggy says:

      Or Landon really has lost a step/ is not up to it. Some of his comments over the past few weeks indicate he may have lost the fighting mentality. I agree though I would still have picked him instead of several guys.

      • mike says:

        knee issues still?

        • Josh D says:

          Donovan has done more than lost a step, he’s admitted himself that he’s lost the will to fight on. Him leaving the game and his team to take time off really impacted Klinsi’s view of him. Plus, Donovan has not done very well this season. If he hasn’t delivered in two years except in the Gold Cup against easier opponents, then I agree leave him for someone who’s hungrier.

          I’m still shocked he had the man parts to drop him. But others have been playing as well as he has and have given their all for the team. You can’t keep going on reputation.

          I don’t understand bringing Davis. He’s awful at the international level.

          • Ramsizzler says:

            If the rationale to keep him off the team is because he’s only succeeded “in the Gold Cup against easier opponents,” then Mix shouldn’t be on this team either. Same for Rimando and Wondo. The fact is, Donovan deserves to be on this team. As an impact guy off the bench, he’s the only guy who could truly TURN a game at the 60+ minute mark when he steps on the field.

            And before anyone lays in to me, I think both Mix and Rimando should be there without a doubt. But I don’t buy the “it was just the Gold Cup” excuse for why he shouldn’t come.

            • robert says:

              Donovan has experiences but he is too old now !

              • Matt says:

                And Beckerman and Davis aren’t too old? The only rational that doesn’t break down completely, when looking at other players chosen, is that Klinsmann had some personal issue and was looking for reasons to exclude him.

          • Vic says:

            What about Chandler declining all those callups but still going to World Cup?

          • SwerveZ says:

            Agree. His will to fight with every ounce is gone. Period. It’s ok, we have young players who will step up. The biggest omission IMO is Goodson. He must have serious faith in Gonzo because I don’t.

          • Dennis says:

            Even my wife, who bemoans anorexia in athletes, noticed that in the training camp videos Donavon was fat. That is a pretty big statement by Donavon that his heart was not in it.

            No surprise there. I am surprised at the dropping of Goodson for Brooks. To me that is a bigger surprise.

            • Me says:

              Fat Donovan can impact a match on the international level more than any other player on that roster other than Howard Dempsey or Bradley. His heart has always been questioned since he was younger and went to player at Bayern Lev. He plays the American way. 8 mean that’s why there are playoffs in most american sports . To make extra money and to see who is clutch under pressure. Donovan proved in 2010 he is the only clutch player US has produced

              • Bitman says:

                More than Fabian Johnson? More than Altidore? More than JJ?

                I’m shocked, but not terribly upset. I love the youth movement approach.

            • johnnyrazor says:

              Brooks for Goodson I think is bigger too. When Gonzo gets burned over and over again against Ghana who do we turn to JAB? It will be like Bornstein only in the middle of the pitch.

          • Muva says:

            You get your way Eurosnobs…Let’s see how 4th Division “Europe” does in the big-time.

            Klinsmann is overlooking the present…Not a sign of confidence heading into Brazil

          • SW says:

            I really see this angle. I think JK is too smart to be petty enough to do it for those personal reasons. LD was not a starter, so he’s weighing the value in a late sub who is experienced and crafty vs fit and eager. It’s hard in the team environment to have a central figure who isn’t even sure of his own heart. With all that said, I would have kept him.

          • White Kix says:

            If you give two points for a goal, and 1 point for an assist. Donovan had his fith best season in 13 MLS seasons last year. Also, in a points per game perspective, it was his best season since 2008. Yes, it was better than both 2009 and 2010. He played pretty well in the last World Cup. So all this talk of him losing it is garbage. Sure he has 2 assists and 0 goals this season, but he has only played 7 games (Due to scheduling). To keep it in perspective, Bradley has 1 goal and 0 assists in 6 games this season.

          • Ken says:

            And the others who did not do well who are on the 23?You are a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am shocked you have the man parts to tell everybody that you are a dope!!!!!!

          • Eurosnob says:

            Davis made the squad as a set piece specialist, but I agree that is a mild surprise since he does not bring much aside from his crossing ability. Yedlin and Wondo are the only other players that I expected would not make the squad. The first one is inexperienced and was torched by MLS attackers on more than one occasion. Perhaps alongside with Green it is investment in future. Wondo, well, he has a lot to prove to justify his inclusion, particularly given that he is 31 and Donovan was left behind.

      • Matt says:

        Don’t care how slow he is, or how bad his fitness is. If we’re down by a goal with 10 minutes left, I’d rather put him in than anyone else on this roster.

        • Bach's Thumb says:

          Good thing you aren’t a coach.

          • Sean says:

            I know where you can still that thumb.

          • ronniet says:

            Good thing JK will only be around for this WC cycle bc this will be a quick WC looking at some of these selections. This screams of some sort of hidden agenda when you leave off Americas best ever player and keep a Brad Davis, Mix, Julian Green and Wondo instead smfh. Gonzo makes the roster too and hasn’t even been able to practice full speed so I really don’t get it! This will end badly I’m afraid!

            • Eurosnob says:

              Klinsi stated that he viewed Donovan as a forward, not a midfielder, so his competition was Wondo. I have hard time believing that Wondo is a better player than Donovan. Mix brings creative element in the middle and Green is an investment in the future. Davis will go as a set piece specialist.

              • Rich says:

                I don’t get this Davis as a set piece specialist thing. This isn’t basketball where you can bring him in whenever you get a set piece. Are you going to have him in the game just in case you get a set piece? He’s useless.

          • Dan Daminko says:

            Don’t spin that stupidity thumb.

        • Chris Becker says:

          @Matt +10

        • Jesse says:

          +1 Donovan is a heck of a lot better as a backed than Mix. No competition. JK just laid out his own funeral. Not if he doesn’t make it into the knockout round he will be fired, and rightfully so.

          • Matt says:

            He’s got a contract through 2018…to expensive to fire him.

            • Buttian_Warlord says:

              One has to wonder if these decisions would have been made without that extension. At the time I was for it, but now…

              • Derek says:

                I feel you. I know it’s knee-jerk, but I still can’t help but wonder if JK is more or less conceding a group-stage exit in Brazil and just looking to 2018.

              • Jesse says:

                Yep. We will get over it if the US performs, if Green starts at left mid and lights the world on fire. If that doesn’t happen Klinnsman will look bad.

          • Bitman says:

            He’s got zero chance to be fired, and no result at this Cup would deserve firing. He’s been a very, very good coach.

            • Jesse says:

              I’m sorry did you say no result would be worth firing? JK could show up drunk, play Howard at Striker and get beat 10- 0 and he shouldn’t be fired??? It is a results driven business. Get them, or move aside.

            • Duke says:

              It’s all about the big show. If we look like crap and go 3 and out (almost for sure now) then why would we want to keep him? He has failed. Sunil fired the Women’s coach for far less than this. He would also fire JK if need be.

              JK’s job was to produce a competitive team. I do not think the team he’s picked today will be competitive. There are problems at every position…. guys that just don’t belong. If he fails, I want him to pay the price

            • Stew says:


            • Stew says:

              Oh really?

            • johnnyrazor says:

              I think Landon sealed his fate when he got owned trying to take Marquez one on one. You could over look what he has said is his inability to train 100% on a daily basis if he still had the moves. He just doesn’t. Its sad, but his national team time has passed. Wish he would have announced his retirement after winning Gold Cup.

        • Brad C says:

          Almost seems like bad karma leaving LD off…

          • The Garrincha says:

            Knock on wood Brad C., I feel you,
            got to get the karma, mojo, and the zen bugs out.
            I’m guessing between now and then,
            one or two players will need replacement?.
            Donovan, Edu, Boyd, next man up…

        • Sabella says:

          Matt, I agree 1000 percent. Julian Green may be great 2.75 years from now but he doesn’t have the experience. Wow. Shocked

        • Broward says:

          Very true. Why Beckerman is here is confusing. He isn’t going to start, and Jurgen can’t be so delusional as to think we are going to be in a position where we start bringing in players to defend a lead where the answer to that call to the bench is Beckerman. Donovan has always shown his emotions, and always let his weakness or emotions lead him. Jurgen probably thinks he doesn’t have the heart to come off the bench.

          • Buttian_Warlord says:

            Beckerman is Jones’ backup. If Jones accumulates cards or can’t handle staying in his position Beckerman plays.

            • Broward says:

              Yes…and we commence to start turning the ball over in defensive positions or passing the ball back to the keeper, every time, while being really slow about it.

            • Duke says:

              If? lmao …. how about when

            • johnnyrazor says:

              +1 My thought exactly. Can anyone see Jones making it to the 3rd game?

      • N-Whit says:

        He must have slept with Wynalda’s wife.

      • MJK says:

        LD looked slow vs Mexico.
        One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is how LD fit in the locker room after his sabbatical. Always had a feeling he was in the doghouse from that.

        • Derek says:

          JK doghouse I could see, but “how LD fit in the locker room?” Come on. Since when has Landon been locker room poison? You sure you’re not confusing him with Eddie Johnson or something?

        • brad k says:

          Tim Howard was quoted not four days ago as saying placing Donovan on the roster was a no brainer. And that he thinks Donovan is one of the top two players on the team!

          • Dan Daminko says:

            Right on brad…as Willy Shakespeare said, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

          • Ray F says:

            And you though he would say anything different? They’ve played together a long time too. C’mon would you really exepct him to say, you know what Landon’s looks kind of fat, probably better for him to this one out.

            You could say “Tim, How do you feel about (NAME ANY PLAYER) , and he would say basically the same thing”

      • Ben says:

        He might have lost a step, but Klinsmann has lost his mind.

    • Maykol says:

      Idk about you guys, but LD, Goodson, and Parkhurst were all 100% locks in my head…

      • BrianSD says:


      • peterprinciple says:

        LD was for me, but I thought Goodson could be in trouble because Brooks had played so well in Europe this season. (dont be surprised if he starts) I would have rather kept Parkhurst than Evans, but Evans played a large role in qualifying and earned a trip to the Cup as roster spot 22 or so.

        • Hogatroge says:

          Personally, I’m glad that JK didn’t feel obligated to reward Evans past achievements and ignore his recent play.

          Don’t get me wrong…I have nothing against Evans, but I just didn’t think he was the best option. Now, taking Yedlin is very surprising.

          • peterprinciple says:

            Reading down the list of comments, I am pretty convinced guys like Yedlin and Green are there to be game in practice and provide pace if deseperate so I like the decision as well considering

          • Zach Scott says:

            I don’t think Evans was fully fit, given that he has just come back from his annual calf injury.

            That said, I am sad for him. But truthfully, on-paper at least, several guys have always been ahead of him, yet mostly unavailable when B-Rad stepped in during qualifying.

            We all know Johnson, Cameron, and Chandler are more talented. And Yedlin is the future.

      • Bitman says:

        I look at it this way: what were you going to win if Goodson and Parkhurst play their best?

        Nothing much.

        What might you win if Brooks and Chandler/Yedlin play their best? It’s unclear, but we don’t know the ceiling.

        Having said that, under no conditions short of injury do I take Diskerud over Donovan. But I’m probably wrong.

    • Buttian_Warlord says:

      With the exception of Davis and Wondo, JK seems to have chosen young blood, over experience. Ballsy move. I wonder if the post cup extension he signed had anything to do with these decisions.

      The lack of Donovan is a straight up snub. Especially after his utter Gold Cup domination. It almost seemed as though Donovan knew in advance he wasn’t going to make it.

      • BK says:

        And that’s exactly what he did in Germany in 2006….can anyone here remind me how that worked out for Klinsmann?

        • Alex says:

          What are you referring to? Leaving Kahn off of the roster?

        • Josh D says:

          Klinsi brought a young squad who went a lot further than most Germans expected. He can keep his head held high there.

          • Ramsizzler says:

            It was also considered a disappointment to bring a young squad to the World Cup that was being held IN GERMANY and only get 3rd place.

            • 1st Time Caller says:

              Thank you

            • MisterJC says:

              How do you ONLY get 3rd place in the World Cup? Host nation or not, that’s a solid campaign…

            • Ralph says:

              Germany’s 3rd place was so far beyond expectations that Munich held a parade to try and convince Klinsmann to stay.

              They had failed to even qualify for the Euro Cup immediately prior. The team was in a mess.

              • whoop-whoop says:

                Thank you.

              • JH says:

                What do you mean? When has Germany ever failed to not qualify for a major tournament Euro/World Cup? The answer the 1968 Euro Championship..

              • White Kix says:

                Third place was only so far below expectations because they had been watching Klinsmann’s team suck. They got second in the previous World Cup. So third place was not a big victory, it is what they always do.

            • ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

              They lost late to the eventual World Cup winners. Not everyone who hosts a world cup wins one.

          • Broward says:

            Yes, because this team is akin to Germany in ’06 it both current form and potential talent. You are so far ahead of the rest of us…thank you for showing us the way!

        • Maykol says:

          They got 3rd place

        • Hogatroge says:

          Um… he ended up in 3rd place IIRC.

    • Tony in Quakeland says:


    • AzTeXan says:

      I was making fun of LD’s sabbatical and calling him washed up before it was cool. Everyone here said I was a fool. Now Klinsy and I are here to say like the soup nazi, “Hey Landy, NO CAKES FOR YOU!!!”

      • LIl' Zeke says:

        Still not cool, fool

      • Larry Berg says:

        This is a really dumb post. Not even funny.

      • Kevin says:

        Haha, I am right there with you. His sabbatical, his recent, blunt comments. Those things have just rubbed me the wrong way, and I would bet they have done the same to Klinsi. If Klinsi feels he isn’t in it all the way like he used to be, then he doesn’t deserve to be taken.

        That being said, I am surprised by Davis’ inclusion. I probably would not have taken him over LD.

    • JayAre says:

      The real question is who wears the 10 jersey now? Dempsey or Zusi?

      • Ramsizzler says:

        The pick of numbers goes off the number of caps you have, so Donovan has always been the most capped player and got first pick. That being said, no way Dempsey switches from #8. I’m guessing, based on who has the most caps and would probably want it, would be Bedoya. I could easily see the #10 shirt falling all the way to Mix or Green though. There isn’t a “true #10″ on this roster, especially when you start figuring out the midfielders/strikers that already have #’s they want to keep (Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Altidore, Johannsson). My guess is Bedoya grabs it, or if he wants to go a different route then Mix gets it.

        • Joe says:

          I hope it falls all the way to Green as a sign of respect for the greatest 10 shirt in USMNT history.

    • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper" says:

      WOW! Can’t believe the roster is out so soon! Also about a few of the cuts the biggest one being Eddie Honson. Can’t believe he doesn’t make the plane. Must be something personal between he and Klinsman. Shame.

    • keithbabs79 says:

      There are so many players on the USMNT who won’t see playing time at the WC. And Donovan’s leadership value trumps all of them. Even on the bench.

    • ChrisB says:

      I’m as angry/shocked as I was when the Red Sox traded Garciaparra…the plus side to this feeling however is that the Red Sox won the World Series that year!

      But seriously, Brad Davis over Donovan? I think this is a major mistake.

    • Ben says:

      I too think It is very personal. I wonder if DL is the 24th player in case someone gets injured. If he does get called in, would LD tell Klinsmann to shove it?

    • Jacob says:


    • Shark says:

      not upset about lando getting left off, but how did wondo beat out boyd? seriously?

    • President Obama says:

      Please sign my White House Petition to get President Obama to put Landon Donovan on the World Cup Team. We need 100,000 signatures . . .

      link to petitions.whitehouse.gov

    • David says:

      Fire Klinsmann

  2. Stinky Pete says:

    No Donovan? How is this possible? No way Davis is better!

    • BFBS says:

      Klinsmann is on record as saying that he sees Donovan as a forward, so the guy to displace him is, technically, Wondo.

      • Iggy says:

        And Donovan said yesterday that wondo is on fire and everything he to touches turns to gold right now.

        • BFBS says:

          Thanks for pointing that out. After seeing your comments, I went looking for a link. Here it is: link to blogs.mercurynews.com

        • Paul says:

          Actually then that shows JK is a man of his word and every spot was up for grabs by the 30. But, still, I don’t think Wondo can do the things LD can do when brought in for the final 10 minutes. Shocking.

          The thing is I’m looking at wingers and don’t see much there. I like Bedoya, but not as a starter, I think I will like Green, but not this year. So… Beasley as a defender and… is JK really thinking that FB is a winger? I know he’s listed as a defender, but… Beasley is there… awful lacking at the wings.

          • Hogatroge says:

            He might be resigning himself to a 4-4-2

          • ZZtoppppp says:

            I’m pretty sure Klinsmann sees FJ as the starting left winger. Zusi should be on the right no matter who is in the roster. I prefer FJ as a fullback as well, but he has shown well in a more advanced role every time he has been given the chance.

            • Paul says:

              I agree he has shown well when given the chance at midfield, but he’s the best LB we have, maybe the best we’ve ever had, and our back line is our biggest problem.

          • Dan Daminko says:

            “man of his word” ?
            JK’s words have been as hollow as an old swamp log.
            He just makes sh*t up. All sound bite all the time.

      • Seriously says:

        Klinsmann forcing that role on Donovan when Donovan is more than capable of playing other positions better than other players reeks of bad blood. Nobody in their right mind would force a player into one role when he is capable of many at a higher level than other players. Brad Davis brings nothing to the table that LD didn’t at the same position in midfield. Playing for 2018 would have been one thing, but you can’t argue that with Wondo over Boyd and Davis over Donovan.

        • Josh D says:

          Donovan is not capable of playing the wing any longer at the international level agains the athleticism we’re facing. His best position is Dempsey’s who’s our captain. Mix and Aron are back ups there.

          • George Baldwin says:

            Yup, Brad Davis is obviously the better choice.

            • Hogatroge says:

              Let’s be serious. Neither would have been starting, and Brad Davis gives amazing service.

              Maybe Donovan was slacking in camp (knowing he’d be a role player) and Davis was busting his butt to get the spot.

              Would I have taken Landon (given that they’re pretty much the same age)…yeah, you bet. But it’s not as big of a crisis as it’s being made out to be.

              • ronniet says:

                it is a big deal when the player who has scored in just about every WC he’s played in is left off the roster for inexperienced bums smh! If JK was going to hold a grudge why even bring him to camp, he knew damn well from the get go he wasn’t taking LD to Brazil and that’s straight up disrespectful if you ask me considering we don’t turn out classy players like other countries do! Oh well this will be a short WC, and no it’s not just because Landon didn’t make it, there are a lot of head scratchers on this roster!

              • Landon Klinsmann says:

                Ronniet, no more trolling my posts and laughing for predicting LDs diminished (now totally diminished) role. We love him and wish him well, but the intelligent ones among us saw this coming. Sorry you couldn’t join in on the knowledge until it became old news.

            • Hopper says:

              You don’t know the meaning of the word obvious apparently. Davis has a decent left foot and that’s about it. No way he’s better than Donovan.

            • skyman says:

              It’s the left foot. . . .did you not do so well on multiple choice tests?

      • Birgit Calhoun says:

        I thought Boyd was competing with Wondo. I am happy that Wondo is in there.

    • danny says:

      There’s got to be some stuff going on we can’t really see. The fact that he was out of shape in the last friendly and perhaps hasn’t gotten in much better shape might be a key part. He’s also not playing well in MLS either. Was there a concern about team chemistry, which we all know is so crucial to the NATs success? Having a primmadonna past his prime thats not fully committed and feels entitled might be bad, especially when Clint has been named captain and plays his position. I also wonder if his presumed past leaks to the press about Klinsmann and discord with the German players was not forgotten. Anyways… those are some of the potential reasons which we can’t really know. Talentwise- I still think it’s crazy to leave him off in favor of Brad Davis.

      • Justice from Brooklyn says says:

        When has Landon ever been a prima donna, though?

        • Bach's Thumb says:


        • wandmdave says:

          I found the sabbatical prima donna-ish. However I’d be the first to admit he’s said and done all the right things since other than score goals in MLS.

      • Jesse says:

        In favor of Mix and Brad. Mix is the understudy to Dempsey in our traditional 4-2-3-1 Donovan played that role in the Gold Cup to perfection. This is JK being arrogant.

      • Dennis says:

        I am not sure an unfit Donavon is that useful. One of his greatest weapons is his speed and quickness and with the weight he is carrying, there is no way he still possesses that.

    • Neruda says:

      It’s excited to see the change happening. Someone will step up in LD spot as a threat. He must not be completely right physically in which case the spot needs to go to a more fit, hungry player.

      • slowleftarm says:

        Or JK made a foolish decision based on a personal grudge.

        • Jesse says:


        • Maykol says:

          Or klismann thought that the Donovan wasnt fit or good enough to play in his system, whater it is

          • Seriously says:

            But Brad Davis totally is…

            • Maykol says:

              In klinsy’s mind apparently

            • Josh D says:

              Davis brings in a left foot and dead ball service. I’d imagine he plays as a sub when we have a last minute dead ball opportunity.

              • QuakerOtis says:

                This. LD does not have the lungs or legs that propelled him in 2010. Didn’t think Davis would make it, but his left foot is handy with JAB/OG/GC and other big guys in the box. MB90 with a late run to the far post… GOOOALL!!

              • Broward says:

                Yes! We finally have that guy to come in and take a corner kick in the 92nd minute.
                I always liked Davis in MLS, and thought he should have had more call-ups. Having said that, he doesn’t bring speed or defense to the position so he has to be a positional sub. I just think, in that game where we are down and need that big play, you chose the guy who has shown the ability to do it before at THIS LEVEL. Not against Belize. Not against the Mexican b-squad who ended up controlling the 2nd half. Not against Chivas USA. Against top level players at the highest level event.

        • Neruda says:

          I can’t see Klinsi, a very competitive person deciding not to bring a player that helps his team win because of a personal grudge like harboring a grudge because of LD’s time off. He was willing to overlook Timmy Chandlers lame excuses for not accepting call-ups because Chandler is a better option and can help win.

          Donovan foreshadowed things with his timid statements about not being a sure of his place etc.

          • Jesse says:

            Personal grudge meaning he didn’t like his attitude. Doesn’t appreciate who the player is, thinks he doesn’t try hard enough. Ignores his talent.

            • arsenal says:

              It doesn’t matter what a player has done. Attitude does matter and who is performing now. Not who was performing 4 years ago.

              • Jesse D says:

                why are you so focused on 4 years ago? Try on year or 8 months ago. Donovan was huge at the Gold Cup. Had a hand in every goal. He also was important in qualifying, scoring against Mexico. That wasn’t 4 years ago. That was this year. He’s scored more for the national team in the past year than Dempsey and it isn’t even close.

        • Byrdman says:

          But how can you say there is a grudge when none of the people involved have ever mentioned an ongoing problem. Arent those who talk of a grudge really just conspiracy thinking, “there has to be something more…”

          Maybe i missed an interview sometime where LD, JK, or another player talked about this problem. If there is factual evidence of this i would love to see it. Not trying to be argumentative but really want to see proof of this issue.

          • Jesse D says:

            There has consistently been a strained relationship between Landon and Klinnsman. Ever since Landon wasn’t available for the March 2013 call ups, Jurgen has been on his case, and Landon has been apologizing. There is a grudge you can here it in every JK interview, just listen to tone of voice and body language.

        • Dan Daminko says:


        • Ray F says:

          Just because he hasn’t given you an explanation you like doesn’t make it a “personal grudge” . Maybe, just maybe, they are professionals and Klins made a very tough call based on current form and how he wants HIS team to play, and not based on what Landon has done in the past when he’s clearly a fitness and mental liability at this point. And that’s by Donovan’s own admission, not conjecture.

      • Four Cents says:

        +1 It’s sad that LD didn’t get his fourth World Cup aperance, but there must of been a good reason for excluding him. Change is upon us.. LETS GO YOU YANKS!!!

      • Kevin says:


      • ronniet says:

        Neruda, if that’s what your going with, why bring OG??

      • Reiter says:

        for what it’s worth, JK brought LD to Bayern and Donovan wilted under the pressure. That contributed to JK losing his job there. I don’t think JK could understand why Donovan didn’t push himself to the limits on the club level. He has/had talent in spades. I think he wanted to see that fight and Donovan, to be honest, acts like he’s got some sort of entitlement. All that said, I struggle to see that Davis is the better choice.

    • agnigrin says:

      Exactly… Davis < Donovan! LD deserves to be on the squad just for his experience.

    • Roy says:

      Davis can only play on the left in midfield, and Donovan can play about 4 positions!

  3. Jovins says:

    Shouldn’t Dempsey be listed as a striker, considering that’s where he was listed before the camp?

    • Jesse says:

      He is listed as a forward on US website.

      • Chris Becker says:

        Wow… a player that can swing between F and MF and not pigeon holed into one or the other when evaluating the whole of a team. That’s an interesting concept.

  4. HoboMike says:

    There’s no way Donovan isn’t a better option than Brad Davis, in my opinion. This is strange.

    I think Yedlin making it is stranger. Or are the Yedlin/Green picks for 2018?

    • Ali Dia says:

      I’m pretty miffed as well, but I don’t think it was a question necessarily of which player is better. Perhaps he saw Davis as a guy who would be comfortable in a bit-part role, while Donovan would likely be a distraction. It’ true, in a sense– every second he wasn’t on the pitch in Brazil–and the US wasn’t winning– the focus would inevitably turn to when LD was going to ride in and “save the day” Not his fault, but it’s the ironic price of his importance over the last decade.

      Man that must’ve been a weird situation in that room….

      • JH says:

        I agree and see your point. I don’t know if I am more upset about him sitting at home or maybe just that its an end of an era. From JKs view maybe a bench role for LD was not possible and would be too much of a distraction, so it was all or nothing. He is focusing on team chemistry most of all which is important, but I hate to wonder if this will negatively effect the team’s chemistry anyway. This can’t be positive on the team’s morale at this moment.

    • Neruda says:

      Yedlin may not play a single minute but experts were saying Yedlin is great for training and mimicking the speed of Ghana and the other teams and perhaps that’s part of the thinking. I think he’s good enough to play and hold is own as long as he doesn’t to crazy in the attack. I knew Yedlin was going to beat out Evans for that spot.

      • Ray F says:

        That’s great but then why not keep him in the 30 for taining and cut yedlin at the june 2 deadline unless you really thought he brought you something in Brazil? strange to me.

    • jones says:

      So, who do you guys think starts on the left wing? I forget if he has deployed Bedoya or Zusi there (I think yes but not as starters?)

      • Jesse says:

        I guess Brad Davis is your starting LM. It is either him or Green.

        • jones says:

          Terrifying. With some of these decisions, it’s like Klinsmann just disregarded everything leading up to this camp.

          Personally, I am not surprised about Donovan based on recent performances, but I would have liked to see pretty much anyone other than Davis. I also don’t think Green is at all ready. The left will be vulnerable.

        • Bac says:

          Don’t count out Fabian.. with DMB starting at LB.. despite what the official roster says..
          Since Chandler and Yedlin are on at RB, Fabian not a RB option, anything possible

          • Jesse says:

            It is possible, and I thought this might be a direction for Klinnsman to go. However, if Jurgen thinks Fabian is his starter at LM, why would he bring two backups in Davis and Green?

        • kctc says:

          -1. Zusi on one side, Bedoya/F. Johnson on the other

          • Jesse says:

            maybe, but Jurgen hasn’t played those guys there much in the past and he brought two pure left mids in Green and Davis.

            • Bac says:

              I may have answered you elsewhere, not sure. You account for potential cards, injuries, and having 3 subs in a short tourney..Since Green, Bedoya, and Zusi can play either side the flexibility is there.
              If that’s the case, JK probably didn’t think Corona impressed enough, didn’t wanna carry 5 CMS so Edu didn’t make it, and regarding Donovan, maybe he just didn’t see him as a midfielder… whether it be the stamina against the 3 teams were playing, or his form overall… that part I can’t answer, but since he’s carrying 8 backs, and normally you never sub defenders.. Fabians flexibility makes the math add up

              • Jesse D says:

                You typically see a backup for every position. 10 starting outfield players and 20 roster spots.
                Julian and Davis are Left Mid’s. The guy who has absolutely no back up is Dempsey. Donovan was the only guy on this roster who could back him up and play that role effectively (although differently for sure). I guess Johannson is Dempsey’s backup, but I’ve never seen Johannson create chances for others. Donovan was our best backup at 3 positions, hard to believe Jurgen didn’t see it that way.

              • Bac says:

                Typically you do, but that’s not in stone, so without emotion consider this:
                – We don’t know for sure what formation, or formations, JK will play
                – A typical team May have a certain number of players at certain spots, but this lineup may be specifically built for the 3 teams we’ll see.. I don’t know
                – The guys I named earlier all have versatility
                – If Deuce goes out, and we need offense he’d go 4-4-2, if not you have other options that are just as good or better in possession… so at that point it goes back to form and fitness.
                – As far as Jurgen not seeing it that way.. time will tell. None of us knows for sure. Maybe his game is just off, maybe he didn’t see him as a tactical fit, maybe JK didn’t see him as a starter and thought it would be worse to have him sitting on the bench-get it out of the way now…
                I don’t know
                But to answer your earlier questions, I see a flexible lineup, despite what the roster says

        • Jovins says:

          Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we played a midfield diamond, and didn’t have a left mid. Bedoya would be a fantastic shuttler, as would Bradley/Jermaine Jones (even possibly Zusi).

        • 1st Time Caller says:

          IF BRAD DAVIS STARTS IN BRAZIL…. with all the midfield hand wringing and the depth we have… a blood vessel will literally BURST in my head.

          • Hogatroge says:

            Dynamo fan here. I totally didn’t expect Davis to make the roster, and I’m not sure I would take him. I’ve had him under extra scrutiny in every USMNT appearance, so when this roster came out, I went back to the Opta Chalkboard for the Mexico match back in April.

            If you look at Zusi & Davis’s stats, they are very comparable (with Davis having a slight edge in almost every category). They also were both subbed out at the same time. Yes, Zusi had an assist, but it was off a dead ball, and we know Davis can do that too against legit competition (reference his 2 assists against Panama in the Hex).

            Now, am I making a homer argument for Davis? No. But I am saying that things aren’t quite as bad as they seem. Maybe Klinsmann just wants to see this again.

            • Broward says:

              Yeah…I really hope more than one guy can make a simple cross to the spot from the side of the box when he is unmarked or we are completely screwed. The play to spotlight on that highlight was the collection and run back into the middle, drawing the defender and opening up the run for Davis. That is what we need more of. Well, that and games against Panama vice Portugal or Germany.

        • Hogatroge says:

          I’d put money on Fabian Johnson starting at LM and Beasley at LB (based on cutting Donovan).

          • Jesse says:

            That seems like it might be our best option now. I just feel like Jurgen will start Davis. I hope I’m wrong.

        • Ray F says:

          FJ at LM, beasly at LB

      • Buttian_Warlord says:

        Fab J. Despite being listed as a defender on the roster he is still our hands down best LM.

        • Maykol says:

          Ok but then who do you have at LB? Beasly? Cause if so, game over

          • jones says:

            Maybe he will put both Germans on the left side and Cameron or Yedlin (yikes!) will start on the right.

            • Maykol says:

              If FJ will play up top, we can play Cameron at rb and chandler at LB. But then we have gonZo and besler in middle

            • Jesse says:

              Jurgen is playing Cameron at CB. Based on the comments from camp, I’m pretty sure Geoff is starting at CB against Ghana.

          • Byrdman says:

            Again, what evidence is there of any goal that Beasley was at fault since he became a LB. have there been ugly moments yes. But no goals. Maybe he just “wins ugly” as they say in other sports.

            • away goals says:

              Even if that’s been true it’s a terrible way to evaluate and it’s definitely not predictive.

              You can’t just count the goals, you have to count every legit goal scoring chance he was responsible for. In the germany friendly beasley was abused repeatedly. The germans missed multiple sitters, but that doesn’t somehow improve beasley’s performance. Unless you want to argue that beasley telepathically causes attackers to miss open goals.

              And I do remember him being completely dominated in the air on 1 (maybe 2?) of costa rica’s goals in the hex. That’s my major concern. Anybody can just loft a ball toward him in the box and there’s nothing he can do to defend it.

      • bryan says:

        Fabian Johnson despite what he said about playing in the back. with LD off, he has to start there.

    • Andrew Smith says:

      Definitely. I think that Klinnsmann is looking toward 2018.

    • r.benjamin says:

      Unless.. the thinking is speed kills and these young kids got it.

      And Landon doesn’t.

    • Dennis says:

      Pretty sure Cameron is a centerback, Chandler is the starting RB and Yedlin is the sub RB.

  5. Alex says:

    Big mistake not to bring LD. He’s a tournament player. Surprised to see Yedlin.

    • Neruda says:

      Why on Yedlin? He’s young and has a lot to learn but he’s speedy, hungry and fearless. Reminds one of a young LD the 2002 WC. He’s very talented and must deserve to be there.

      • Jesse says:

        easier to take risks on offensive players. Young players play without abandon and without fear. That is great for attacking, on defense not so great.

      • Alex says:

        Well, I’m a HUGE Yedlin fan. I personally just thought it was too early for him, but apparently JK thinks differently. I never said I wasn’t happy about it, I certainly am! Just surprised.

      • Buttian_Warlord says:

        Exactly. DMB just had an interview posted on this sight, in which he completely laughs at the idea of taking guys for experience. He also directly states the young guys are good enough for consideration now.

  6. IgnerAnt says:


    That is all.

    • TomDL says:

      Exactly…although I would modify it slightly to:

    • ChicagoBlue says:

      Exactly my thoughts, Igner. Exactly. Sad face.

    • Dan Daminko says:

      Anyone verify the tweet from Juergen’s son …regarding LD being left off the roster?
      What’s up with that bs?

  7. Canucklehead says:

    What the cluck?!?!?!?

  8. Matt says:

    Picking my jaw off the floor..

  9. Chris says:

    A f*cking joke. How are you going to leave off a player that has scored more world cup goals then Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney. Yeah really can’t wait to have Brad Davis come off the bench when we need a goal

    • JayAre says:

      Because Donovan is counted attacking soccer and past his prime. In case you haven’t been watching Klinsmann doesn’t like the counter game he prefers to stay organized. Donovan was the young guy that too someone spot in 2002 and now someone took his spot its soccer and it happens.

      • 1st Time Caller says:

        We will all rue the day. I mean the Germans are bringing KLOSE and he’s 35(!!) and will probably score on us and some baseball announcer who ESPN has forced into covering football for the World Cup will quip “it makes you wonder what a 32 year old Landon Donovan could have done for this US Squad down 1-0″

        • JayAre says:

          This is merica not Germany. i mean Portugal left quersma off the roster

          • JJ says:

            Wrong, this is Germerica. COME ON YOU MERCS!

            Honestly a point would surprise me at this point. Klinnsman better be gone.

      • Broward says:

        Really? Donovan was the young guy who took someones spot in ’02? Yes, a young guy who brought more to the table than just speed. The scary thing is, the number of young defenders (yes, DMB said experience shouldn’t matter because he has not been the most rock solid guy himself against top level competition, quote works for him) is insane. This is like the NHL playoffs, except the NHL team decided to call up half of their minor league team and just sent some of their core players home. This is complete preparation for ’18, and if we do anything, will be seen as a bonus by Jurgen.

  10. A.S. says:


    And I am no Donovan fan.

  11. Maykol says:

    So Brooks as backup CB? And how on earth did Davis make it??

    • Jim says:

      How did Brooks make it? He was completely outclassed when on the field and being confused at this level means a goal. Concerned that without Shea or Johnson that we have an impact player off the bench. Don’t understand the favoring not yet ready for primetime American-German players fro experience but yet taking a 35+ year old GK as the third instead of a possible young back-up to Guzan for the next WC. Seems inconsistent or perhaps there simply isn’t a young German GK with vague American ties that caught JK’s eye.

    • peterprinciple says:

      I think Brooks is a starter.

  12. Stinky Pete says:

    No Donovan! The group of death! I have a bad feeling about this Chewie!

  13. Landy Cakes says:


  14. Joel J says:

    Klinsmann… no Landon? I’m not his biggest fan, but he’s quality on the ball with his touch, making runs into space, and his passing ability. Explanations please!

    • Byrdman says:

      But he is not quality on the ball in tight spaces. He was quality in open space with great pace and vision. Now he apparently is only vision. The pace is gone, and it happens to every player. GREAT CAREER for Landon internationally speaking. Thank you. We all appreciate it, but that doesnt mean JK keeps him as a forward or wing who doesnt have his A game anymore.

      • Ray F says:

        You can take your reasonable logic based comments to another site please.


  15. Yusef says:


  16. kctc says:

    Wow. No Lando, no Edu and Yedlin and Green both make it?!?!? Was Beasley being prophetic in his interview 2 days ago saying that they were in camp for a reason? And so much for waiting until the friendlies to make the decisions. Clearly there was a lot going on in camp that Carlisle and the other US Soccer reporters either couldn’t share or didn’t know about. Have to say though, with or without Landon, they are a strong squad build with speed in mind to counter the quickness of the group opponents. But honestly, how does Brad Davis make the squad?

    • kctc says:

      and Bedoya looks so stoned in his picture

    • Jesse says:

      ESPN releases the 30 for 30 called “making the 23″ Saturday. I should have put that together.

    • JayAre says:

      Beasley’s interview confirmed that Donovan wasn’t going. He fully acknowledged that Green and Yedlin were threats while Donovan tried to play down Greens chances with the “we should be patient” line

  17. Del Griffin says:

    Weird when all donovan has done on the field is produce, yet Jones gets a basically free pass after playing poorly for a long time with usmnt. I wonder if this will affect team’s psyche going forward. Especially the vets

    • Josh D says:

      Jones performs. Get out of here.

      • Stephen says:

        I like Jones, and I think he should be on the team, but he is pretty inconsistent.

        • ChrisB says:


        • Broward says:

          He is completely consistent! What have you been watching? He consistently plays well, then suddenly has a brain fart/emotional freak-out attack at a bad moment for usually no reason putting us in a weak position. That is his consistency.

          • Jack says:

            In Costa Rica he honestly played like he was throwing the match. Had to be one of the worst performances for any US player in years.

        • Brad C says:

          JK needs to tell Jones that he will take him off in the 15th minute if he doesn’t follow directions and stay back while allowing MB to get forward instead…

    • Kevin_H87 says:

      They play different roles, and have different competition. In my opinion, both Donovan and Jones should have made the 23. It would make more sense to compare Donovan’s exclusion with Davis or Green.

  18. Ladon Klinsmann says:

    I will miss Landon’s presence, but I am so mad at the trolls on this site who so assuredly disparaged me for saying that he would not start in WCup and there is only a 90 percent chance he would be on the plane. You people need to offer only informed opinions please.

  19. Ian says:

    Wow. Goes without saying, but there’s some collective shock going on right now. So weird and sad.

  20. LBC203 says:

    A Simple Soccer Logic Question:

    Bornstien, Clark, and Findley are to B. Bradley as ______ is to J. Klinsiman

    A) Bradley
    B) Howard
    C) Davis
    D) Dempsey

    (Note: the Answer is ‘C’)

    • kctc says:

      Only if he starts and is subbed out in the 30th minute

    • Mike R says:

      No that would Can u get a gsm in when u get a chance be e) Wondo

    • Claytron says:

      E. Beckerman

      • Broward says:

        Claytron with the win!!! However, the real answer is Beckerman and Gonzalez, because those two combined are worth at least a point for the opponents each game they play.

    • LBC203 says:

      E.J. was supposedly left off of the 30-man preliminary roster for his pedestrian play at D.C. united this season marked most notably for his lack of any goals prior to camp . . . It almost makes since that L.D. is cut from the 23 for the same reason. Maybe Donovan can go back to work on getting his 135th MLS goal now. Still would have liked to have seen L.D. make it over Davis or Wondo!

    • peterprinciple says:

      How many consistent left footers are in our player pool right now? 1 FJ? And I would argue Davis- while lacking ideal pace- makes better use of that foot than FJ on set pieces and in the run of play. Davis and his left foot just may be needed at some point.

      • LBC203 says:

        I hear Davis can open a can a baked beans wit his left foot! At least that is what one announcer said! So much is hyped about his “cultured” left foot (mostly in hyperbole) that the rest of his game, which is lacking at the international level, is overlooked. Twellman doing commenting in one game gave unsubstantiated praise to Davis for drawing a foul rather than passing the ball saying it was best Davis could do in the situation with two men on him when there was clearly the opportunity to pass the ball backwards toward a defender! I sadly had to agree. . . it was the best he could do! BTW, his left foot is not that impressive when he sometimes stops the ball, takes a step back to wind up to kick rather than just crossing in the run of play!

        • LBC203 says:

          BTW, that last comment about Davis winding up to kick: Davis probably won’t have time to do that with the level of competition the USA will face in the world cup! That will take away from his game tremendously!

          • Ray F says:

            His left foot may not be world class, but it might just be best in class for USMNT. Not saying that makes it all that great, or that he is an all around great player, but I think he is clearly the best for this utility role, if you felt you needed to have that tool in your kit.

  21. Matt says:

    Klinsmann isn’t playing it safe, you have to give him that. They better win, or he’ll be ripped to shreds.

    • Jesse says:

      that’s the call he just made. He would rather be fired than spend a couple weeks in Brazil with Landon.

    • Broward says:

      Are you kidding? Sunil Gulati is calling the shots. His fingerprints are on this as much as Jurgen. Why else does he give Jurgen an extension before the tournament? Can’t we find some evidence of him taking bribes so we can get rid of Gulati?

      • Stew says:

        Finally a post that nails the problem in US Soccer…..Little Sunil

      • Jesse D says:

        If you were to find your evidence, he would be more likely to challenge Blatter for head of FIFA.

  22. Claytron says:

    This is a genuinely surprising decision. Both Green and Davis over Donovan? Would anyone actually rather have them off the bench than Landon?

    • JayAre says:

      With Davis I think he’s a specialist and playing in Houston weather is always a plus when we are going to the Amazon. He’s literally the only person with reasonable experience playing that kind of heat.

      • Claytron says:

        I’ll grant you that Davis is a fine dead ball specialist. But so is Donovan.

        • betamale says:

          As much as I wanted to avoid the hysterical response on the internet, I feel I need to jump in here

          Donovan is hardly a deadball specialist. He is not known for his spectacular free kicks in any circles and has a horrible corner kick delivery. He’s good at the penalty spot but even that is slipping in the past few years.

          Davis has a much better dead ball delivery and with his left foot gives us something that we need on this team.

          Besides he’s not going to start so it’s not that big of a deal.

          • JayAre says:

            Thank you. If people seem not to get that even if Donovan went to Brazil he’d play just as much as Holden did in the last WC and that would be a cancer to the team. Donovan is the kind of player that if he isn’t participating full time its best not to have him.

        • QuakerOtis says:

          Huge LD fan over the years, but no. Not AS good as Davis, who I assume is only there for last gasp set piece delivery.

          • Broward says:

            Exactly, because we want Davis on the pitch for the last 20 minutes of running time for the chance there might be a free kick inside the 30. Or no, we somehow bring him on for the free kick? We need someone with speed, a change of pace and creativity, that can burst through that seam in the 80th minute and get that opportunity. For every set-piece play there are a multitude of opportunities for that type of player at the end of a game. Without Donovan (I believe he would have been used in that position, allowing him to come on fresh with everyone else tired to mitigate his fitness and legs), that falls to who in the midfield/forward group?

            • QuakerOtis says:

              I could see 10 minutes, not a full second half. But yes, that works better than having an extra forward on the bench who will never see the field.

              People keep forgetting Donovan wasn’t competing against Davis too. I think people are comparing them, because, like myself, they didn’t see Davis going. Davis and Green (with “bonus” points for Green) apparently showed more than Corona on that side. It’s also likely that Fabian starts at left mid for at least one game.

              And ffs, all this outrage is a joke. Some of you have fanboy tendencies that are odd to me… or maybe you just don’t watch the games? LD has been poor. He can’t train for more than 12 days in a row, by his own admission. Gee, how long is camp? Hmmmm, how long is the group stage?

              Who are we to argue with him?

  23. wfrw07 says:

    I would think that it is a real possibility his national team career is over, and that is just mind-blowing.

  24. Bach's Thumb says:

    Bite me. All of you.

    Called it.

    • Disclaimer says:

      Bach’s thumb thinks Hart is a top 10 GK.

    • Jesse says:

      Being right, makes you very very wrong. Like when you predict a earthquake is going to kill a bunch of people. Predicting something bad just makes you even more hated.

      • QuakerOtis says:

        Or not…

      • whoop-whoop says:

        An earthquake killing a bunch of people being a calamity would be a universally accepted truth. A declining star missing the cut on a national team….. maybe not. Probably something more along the lines of being a matter of opinion.

        • Jesse D says:

          depends, if your Ukrainian and it kills a bunch of Russians probably not a universal calamity.

  25. JayAre says:

    This explains why they cancelled the Google+ hang out

    I’m glad Goodson and Parkhurst didn’t make it, too many people on SBI were clamoring over them because they hand a few decent performance. We dodged a bullet with them being left off. It was too little too late for Edu and Russia is calling Boyd and Corona as for Donovan I can’t say I told you so loud enough. The guy is clearly not the same anymore. He’s the past lets get over it.

    • analyst/therapist says:

      I don’t think people ever argued that he wasn’t the same as his former self. But I don’t think your “i told you so”s are going to convince anyone that Davis is a better option. We all just assumed JK wasn’t crazy. I’m praying that it was pretty obvious in camp that Donovan didn’t have another WC in him.

      • JayAre says:

        If Davis didn’t make it I still had Corona ahead of Donovan. He’s always looked out of place with klinsmann’s team.

        • Jesse says:

          I’d take Corona ahead of my dog. He is about as talented. Donovan is way better than Mix at his position.

          • JayAre says:

            Donovan was in competition for a forward spot and I’m pretty sure even Boyd was ahead of him

            • Jesse D says:

              Boyd is a striker. He was not in competition for that spot. Maybe, Donovan was competing with Johannson. Not with Boyd.

  26. Bomb Pop says:

    Every pray that Brad Davis and Wondo get injured

    • JanksAbroad says:

      Couldn’t agree more

    • JayAre says:

      Don’t worry there are always those guys that never play in a WC.

    • BFBS says:

      if you don’t believe in our head coach that much, there is no reason you should believe in the team’s success no matter whom he brings to Brazil.

      • Jesse says:

        I believed in him, up until today. I think he made many correct decisions that are being overlooked. Leaving Brad Evans was smart. I can buy into leaving Goodson. Edu is tough, but if you want more depth at other positions, I get it.

        Donovan is inexcusable. Not because Donovan is the best player in US soccer history (which he is), but because he is a better player than Brad Davis and Mix Diskerud. There is really no question about that.

        • 1st Time Caller says:

          Agree on all points. Klinsmann better know what he’s doing, or he better be setting this all up for a Disney like climax one week from now at the roster deadline when someone is magically injured and Donovan has to come back in to save the day. LOL that’s just me in one of the many stages of grief, can’t tell if it’s denial or bargaining.

          • frank from santiago says:

            HAHA…I’m with you…right on the money. donovan deserved better. LEGEND.

          • Jesse D says:

            I buy into fairy tales. Maybe Davis actually has a pulled hamstring, and Jurgen is waiting to announce it until June 10th.

        • Ray F says:

          It’s not inexcusable, Klinnsman gave an excuse already, as did Donovan himself. Donovan is the one who said publicly that he’s not fit.

    • Bach's Thumb says:

      Every pray that Brad Davis and Wondo get injured


      What the h*ll is wrong with you?

      • Jesse says:

        probably lots of people thinking that. I don’t Wondo to get hurt though. He is on fire, and earned his spot.

        • Timberquake says:

          +1000 for both of you. Wondo’s done everything right, and seems to have gotten the endorsement from Donovan as well. And wishing an injury on any player, let alone two of your own internationals who’ve worked their @sses off to make it this far, is just horrible.

    • Derek says:

      Well, aren’t you a class act.

  27. Mike says:

    Donovan would have been the perfect super sub. Shocked to see green make it. Could this be an admission that 2014 is pretty much a guaranteed loss and trying to get the younger guys some vital experience for 2018?

    • Josh D says:

      Donovan would have been the perfect sub if his head was in it. It’s not.

    • Jesse D says:

      If there is anything we know, when the big games come, Donovan is at his best. He never met a big game he wasn’t ready for. Jurgen is missing that. There is something about being clutch and rising to the moment.

  28. Alex says:

    Klinsmann’s little experiment with these young guys better f*cking work wonders. I feel kind of sick.

    • Oliver says:

      I agree. This one feels like a kick straight to the gut.

      I can make no sense of this roster, regardless, but not bringing Donovan just seems like foolishness.

    • BFBS says:

      I felt that way initially, but then realized that the starting 11 is actually pretty solid, assuming everyone is healthy: Howard; FJ, Besler, Cameron, Chandler; Bradley, Jones, Zusi, Bedoya; Dempsey; Altidore. And then you still have AJ available off the bench. It’s beyond these players that there is a substantial drop in quality across the board, especially defensively.

      • Jesse says:

        JK made several curious decision, but only the Donovan decision was truly bad. The others you can use some logic, and understand.

  29. Ok says:

    I am ok with Donovan being left off. Nothing he has said recently, or his club play, has made me think that he looked ready to play. His words recently were more damming. Compare his words about possibly not going to those of Edu who was passionate about giving everything to go.

    • SonicDeathMonkey says:

      This. LD has done zero during the start of the season. Looks kind of lost, if truth be told. Sure hes lost a step, but his issue seems to be more mental/emotional than anything. You have to have a certain mindset going into a World Cup, and obviously JK saw he wasnt prepared.

      As for the Davis selection……I got nothin. :/

    • slowleftarm says:

      A lot of focus on what he says instead of what he’s done the last 12 or so years.

      • Bach's Thumb says:

        “last 12 or so years.”

        Which means nothing. This is now.

        • slowleftarm says:

          Ok so right now Green is a better player than Donovan? How do you figure that?

          • Bach's Thumb says:

            Stop making bullsh*t up.

            Green didn’t take Donovan’s spot. Dempsey did. Wondo did. Altidore did.

            • slowleftarm says:

              Wow, a whole lot of emphasis of where he was listed in the 30 man roster. Donovan was going to play as a target forward like Jozy? Of course not. Stop with this nonsense. He took Brad Davis and Julian “fourth division” Green over LD. Go ahead, please defend that decision making.

              • Jesse says:

                slow you’re right on this. Although I think Mix is the other guy who took his spot.

              • JayAre says:

                Donovan stood no chance as a forward. as a midfielder on the wings he was clearly out of his league. Zusi is a younger and faster Donovan and Bedoya is clearly ahead of him now.

              • SD says:

                well, in 2010 we took robbie findlay if brad david plays slightly better than robbie then we should be ok….

              • Jesse D says:

                Zusi is faster than Donovan? On what universe… maybe Bedoya. Zusi is slow, maybe slower than Bradley.

        • Ray F says:


    • Justice from Brooklyn says says:

      I agree that Edu is a big miss, btw.

      • 1st Time Caller says:

        I think we may arguably miss Edu more than Donovan.

        • Byrdman says:

          Interesting thought. I definitely prefer Edu over beckermann, but i see the otherside as well. Ecu cant pass. I just think he is a beast defensively closing down.

        • Jesse D says:

          Both hurt. Hard to believe Mix got a spot over both of those guys. Mix doesn’t even start, and he is in a league widely considered lower than MLS.

  30. Bomb Pop says:


  31. Dr. Truth says:

    so i guess this world cup is really all about building for next world cup since klinsy already got the job….

    • Alex says:

      Which is wild to me. I never understood people that are all about building for the next thing. Like, you’ve gotta build to THIS. THIS IS THE MAIN EVENT. Are we going to be building for 2022 in 2018? 2026 in 2022? How about build for the WORLD GNIKCUF CUP in the four years leading up to it, huh?

      • JJ says:

        Exactly. How people keep saying this (and seemingly accept it) is incredible to me. Like we’re all ok with failure. Funny thing is I was very optimistic but not anymore. This is a clusterfk waiting to happen, and when it does, Klinnsman should be seriously on the hot seat.

        This whole thing really angers me.

        • Ray F says:

          I dont think people are “accepting it, it’s just what appears to be the reality of the situation. I think Klinsy is realistic in that getting out of the group will be successful in itself, winning the world cup is not a realistic goal and has not been for this whole run up

  32. Vic says:

    I would rather have Donovan than Klinnsmann.

  33. Dc says:

    I just went from loving Klinsmann to thinking he is a moron in 5 seconds.

    • Landon Klinsmann says:

      Then you need to stop watching reruns of the Algeria goal video and get real. Donovan’s skills will all be present on the field by players who also have a bit more athleticism. Green, Johannson aren’t better, but they might not play much either. They are on the roster for the future (and, cynically, as payback for their allegiance).

      • Dc says:

        Yeah, all Donovan has contributed in the Algeria goal, you are right. My mistake, a$$neck.

        • Landon Klinsmann says:

          H8ers B H8in? Who ever limited the scope of LDs contribution to just that goal? Oh, wait, you just did. LD is GOAT USMNT, but the torch is passed.

          • Jesse says:

            Get off your high horse, unless you are willing to come eat crow when our left wingers underperform and we don’t have any spark off the bench.

            • Landon Klinsmann says:

              I have a feeling Fabian Johnson will be left wing in games where Klinsi opts 4-4-2, and he will be more effective than LD. But Landon hasn’t been the best wing option for a couple years. Dempsey is the reason LD out.

              • Jesse D says:

                Dempsey? Pretty sure everyone here complaining about Donovan being cut, wanted Dempsey to make the team to.

            • Byrdman says:

              Are you going to come out and admit that possibly you were wrong if they play solidly?

              • Jesse D says:

                Sure, if the guys that beat Donovan out (Mix and Davis) play well in the World Cup (not against Azerbaijan), I will gladly come and eat it. I ate crow on Charlie Davies once. I thought he was awful after his first 2 caps, I was wrong. I don’t think Davis is going to show well though. We’ve seen what he has to offer, I like the guy, but he isn’t World Class.

      • Alex says:

        Why would you EVER put players on the roster “for the future”? The World Cup is HERE and NOW – you can prepare those guys for the future after the big dance. Is Portugal building for the future? Is Germany building for the future? I don’t think so. You build for the WORLD CUP which is THE showcase international soccer event in the world in the four years leading up to it. You don’t treat a spot in the world cup as preparation for the next one because there’s no guarantee you even GET to the next one. I HATE THIS LINE OF THINKING.

        • Landon Klinsmann says:

          Agreed, present wins. But if it is past v. future, then future wins. That I all. And, yes, other countries do include prospects in their roster, because most teams don’t need 23 spots for what is optimistically only 4-5 soccer games.

        • Byrdman says:

          Who do you want playing in that WC game, a first time player or someone who has been down the road. I understand the reasoning. Maybe not my first choice

      • JJ says:

        I guess Timothy effing Chandler is there for his allegiance as well.

    • JayAre says:

      How Donovan is past his prime big time he’s in decline. Have you watched MLS this season?????

      • Landon Klinsmann says:

        I think he has 1 or 2 goals and a few assists? against MLS opponents? Klinsi doesn’t do nostalgia, my friend.

      • Nandez says:

        Umm yeah but he’s still 100x better than Davis who is also 32 then you have zusi who thinks he’s landon. COME ON MAN!

        • Landon Klinsmann says:

          I admit Davis is hard to explain, but he is not a substitute for LD. The way Klinsi will play them, it will be Dempsey who takes LDs role.

          • Jesse says:

            Dempsey is a starter. He needs a backup. Who is his backup now? It should have been Donovan. Not it is Mix. That is the screwed up thing here.

            • SD says:

              mix is a lucky charm…remember russia and south africa….

              • Jesse D says:

                Donovan is a lucky charm, remember Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Algeria, even Scotland? Actually I think that qualifies as more than luck.

        • JayAre says:

          Once again i say Landon was in camp fighting for a forward spot Davis was going for a midfield role. If he made the WC he would have played as much a Holden did last WC and he would damage the team chemistry

          • Jesse D says:

            How do you figure he would damage the chemistry?

            Landon knows how to play on the biggest stage, he would have shown up. He always does.

            • Ray F says:

              No he does not “always” show up…. remember when he disappeared off the stage for a while, showed up in cambodia?…left his teammates to go find himself or whatever, and then STILL says that he can’t give it his all now.

              • JayAre says:

                People don’t seem to get it. LD has been sounding defeated for the past year now. He literally walked out on club and country while everyone was say I’m breaking my back and giving my all to get a spot LD was saying … yeah I might now make it Im on my last bit of gas blah blah blah… All Klinsmann asked for was a fighting spirit out of LD and he couldn’t give that. He was the only player that sounded defeated in his interview but based on the past everyone seems to vouch for him? Listen to great boxer speak or any great athlete they don’t sound defeated before the big fight if they did they shouldn’t even fight at all!

              • Jesse D says:

                Chandler walked out on his team well after LD did. Yet he is on the team. There is no consistent policy from Jurgen because his policy are always BS to cover for the people he likes. They aren’t always about soccer.

      • JJ says:

        Oddly enough that doesn’t hurt Klinnsy’s view of Altidore.

      • Dan Daminko says:

        Have you watched Julian Green this season….sike

  34. Landon Klinsmann says:

    Clearly, Klinsi is looking toward the future here.

    • JayAre says:

      This roster is the now roster if not Corona and Boyd would have made the 23. Donovan is past is prime. Parkhurst is seriously over the hill over rated. Evans can’t beat out Yedlin for RB playing time in Seattle so there was no way in hell that after he got settled with the national team Evans was going to beat him out and as for Goodson he’s past his prime too watch San Jose this season and you’ll see what I’m talking about and finally NO MORE Donovan!!!!!!!!! I hated how he tried to downplay Green in his interview and I knew Green was a lock when Beasley vouched!

      • slowleftarm says:

        The fix has been in for ages. Donovan may not be as good as he was in 2010 but I certainly would rather have him in Brazil than Julian “fourth division” Green.

        • Landon Klinsmann says:

          Green is not there to replace Donovan. If anyone, Dempsey will replace Donovan in Klinsi’s formation.

          • JayAre says:

            Donovan was fighting for a wide position against Green, Davis, Zusi and Bedoya. He was clearly losing that battle.

          • Jesse says:

            you keep saying that, like Dempsey was previously a bench player. So now with Donovan gone, Dempsey will get a shot to start. That just isn’t the case.

        • JayAre says:

          The argument here should be how Corona didn’t make it and Davis did.

          • Chris Becker says:

            So, good point. I would still have taken LD over Corona. Would have taken either over Davis.

            • Jesse says:

              No, Davis is better Corona, but that is just because he can stand on two legs. (it doesn’t take much).

        • Byrdman says:

          Atta boy Slow. The whine never stops

          • Dan Daminko says:

            Byrdman, the truth ain’t gonna kill ya. What you scared of? Let it play out. If Green pans out you can put extra gold stars on your lunchbox.

    • Alex says:

      Why would you EVER put players on the roster “for the future”? The World Cup is HERE and NOW – you can prepare those guys for the future after the big dance. Is Portugal building for the future? Is Germany building for the future? I don’t think so. You build for the WORLD CUP which is THE showcase international soccer event in the world in the four years leading up to it. You don’t treat a spot in the world cup as preparation for the next one because there’s no guarantee you even GET to the next one. I HATE THIS LINE OF THINKING.

      • Jesse says:

        I don’t think that is what Klinnsman did. He isn’t building for the future as much as he truly doesn’t believe in Landon.

        • Alex says:

          It’s not THAT line of thinking I have an issue with. I think you’re right. But there are people left and right saying that this is obviously building for the future, and that’s absurd logic.

          • Jesse D says:

            I guess I don’t think that is what Jurgen did. They are wrong. I believe Donovan belongs on this team, but Jurgen didn’t leave him because he wants to keep Julian on the bench.

  35. Seriously says:

    Well, that little glimmer of hope we had at surviving this group just winked out. I have no faith in a man willing to bring Brad Davis over Landon Donovan and he can stuff that comment about LD being a forward up his arse.

    • Jesse says:

      There is always a glimmer of hope, but his explanation is BS. We know Klinnsman is lying to us. Tell us the truth, you don’t like Landon. His attitude bugs you, not blue collar enough.

  36. John says:

    So we get Beckerman and Davis? What is this bizzaro world? Neither of those guys are even close to LD, even with him being less than fit.

    JK is now on the clock and if he does not exit the group, he can pack his bags. This has sealed his fate.

    • Jesse says:

      ok. to be fair, Donovan was never competing with Beckerman. Beck beat out Edu for CDM role.

      • Broward says:

        True. Edu is not a great passer of the ball back to the keeper. Beckerman has the most cultured pass to the keeper, especially from the offensive half of the field, it is just breath-taking. The way he can suddenly and completely take all momentum out of the game, right when we need it, is amazing. Or, he can do this: link to youtube.com.

    • Derek says:

      Get real. Donovan or no Donovan, very few have been picking the US to come out of this group. Klinsmann already has signed a contract extension through the 2018 WC. Only way he gets fired is if USMNT has a France-in-2010 style implosion shitshow.

  37. Jack says:

    has to be a joke

  38. Bradtk11 says:

    So basically klinsmann believes brad Davis is better then Donovan? This is the biggest joke ever.

    • Jesse says:

      Klinnsman let his personal bias influence his decisions. unprofessional

      • away goals says:

        You realize it’s literally a coach’s job to let his personal biases dictate decisions right?

        • Jesse says:

          Not his personal feelings about the guy on a soccer field, but the feeling that the guys doesn’t love him enough, that he doesn’t worship the great Jurgen. Jurgen is a guy with a big ego who needs it stroked alot.

  39. Matthew R says:

    I’m honestly very glad Yedlin is on our roster. I understand that his performance against South Korea was shaky but it was his first international start, and against Mexico his defensive play was much improved. What I was most impressed with, however, was Yedlin’s ridiculous speed up the right wing in the Mexico game which is an asset that he and he alone brings to the table for the USMNT. I would not be surprised to see Yedlin subbed in for Chandler or Cameron against Ghana late in the game when we are in need of someone who can keep up with the pace of Ghana’s speedy wingers.

    • Paul6 says:

      You rarely sub in a defender. The back four should be in all 90 minutes of all 3 games barring injury. Yedlin is overrated at the moment. Definitely see him improving over the years. But that’s not exactly the kind of super sub i want late in a game.

      • Matthew R says:

        Fair enough, you make a good point, that being said though here’s to hoping that if Yedlin does play in this WC he’s able to make a difference

    • Laszlo says:

      Yedlin is nothing more than Marvell Wynn – version 2. He can run really fast but has a really low soccer IQ. Even playing for Seattle in MLS he makes so many poor decisions. His speed can make up for it some of the time, but if he plays in Brazil at all, the US is in big trouble. I hope he’s just there for the training sessions.

    • Jesse says:

      Cameron is at Centerback. That is pretty clear now. Yedlin is the backup right back.

    • Yedlin autocorrects to "helfin?!" says:

      More likely Yedlin man-marks CR7.

  40. Dinho says:


    My surprise inclusions over Landon: Wondo, Green and Davis.

    I am shocked.

  41. Benjamin C. says:

    No way he brings three dedicated right backs, correct? Cameron will be playing centrally, methinks.

    • analyst/therapist says:

      Chandler, Johnson, Yedlin, Beas… seems like cameron is deffo a CB

      Although, he might be considering Johnson a midfielder with no donovan on the roster. We don’t have too many capable wide players.

      • Jesse says:

        Cameron is a center back. It is clear by the comments Cameron has been making. Cutting Goodson help solidify that. He made a comment about communicating on the back line and “making sure his right back called out” players sneaking in to the back post.

      • quozzel says:

        I think you nailed it. I think Fabian Johnson starts at left mid.

        Timmy Chandler can play left or right. Cameron can play centrally or right back.

        Yedlin’s a pure RB. Beasley’s a pure LB, at least under Klinsmann.

        One thing they all have is catch-up speed. We’re in an incredibly fast group.

        I think all those wringing their hands about Brad Davis need to remember one thing: he is the USA’s single best dead-ball specialist, the closest thing we’ve produced, honestly, to a David Beckham. That’s why he’s on the roster, period.

        • Shadowfax says:

          I wish you would start a blog. Every time I read one of your comments I don’t bother to look at the name, but then I agree with everything that is said so I know who it is. Good stuff mate.

      • D-Bo says:

        Cameron seems to get used by the USMNT as a Center back, but with that left wing open, I would not be surprised to see:

        Chandler – Besler – Brooks – Cameron

        The other thought is to move Cameron to the middle with FJ moved to LB. Either way, there is a lot of athleticism in those options.

  42. Bach's Thumb says:

    It’d be best if people remember that Donovan was competing against Dempsey and Atidore, not Davis and Green.

    • Dc says:

      That’s senseless my friend, we all know donovan can play both wings, attacking mid and striker.

      • Bach's Thumb says:

        No, he can’t.

        He himself literally JUST SAID he can’t play wide.

        • whoop-whoop says:

          Yup. The biggest difference I’ve seen in his game is the inability to bust it forward and back on defense for anywhere near a full match. A winger needs to be able to do that…. particularly against our group! Our FBs are going to need lots of help. Last few matches w/ Gals, seems, in spurts his speed hasn’t declined as much as some would claim. More like he has to pick his spots in which to blast forward as he can not maintain that anywhere close to a full match. Arena tried him out wide for LA… one match.

    • Reg Chapman says:

      We know that he was listed as a forward but I find it hard to believe he’s not the best or second best LM on the roster.

    • Chris Becker says:

      He’s competing against the pool for 23. Period. LD probably wasn’t going to start. He’s a character / leadership guy and freaking determined when up against it. Would have picked that over Davis right there.

      I’m not JK. Wasn’t at the training – and wouldn’t see what he sees if I was. Still, am shocked.

      • Bach's Thumb says:


        That isn’t how this works. You compete against your spot. Period.

        • Dc says:

          please, pull your bach’s thumb out of your a$$.

        • Chris Becker says:

          Hmm… Don’t know of a FIFA rule that says one must bring X forwards, Y midfielders…

          Believe Deuce just made the team listed as a F in some places and a MF in others.

          It’s a coach’s decision to pick his 23. In part, the flexibility of a LD to play for 20-30 min windows at MF or F is an asset. One that Davis doesn’t bring.

        • JJ says:

          ROFL, I’m sure that’s why Julian Green is in the 23. He earned it with his 4th division mad skillz!

        • Dan Daminko says:

          give it a rest Bach…your thumb is baroque

    • Jesse says:

      Dempsey, Altidore are starters. If Donovan is a backup he was competing with other backups.

  43. coach char says:

    I’m completely shocked and speechless with the exclusion of Donavon.

    The inclusion of Davis and Wondolowski is just as much of a shock. I would take donavon over them any day.

    With the inclusion of Green, Brooks, Yedlin, Klinsmann is clearly stating that he is investing in the next World Cup. Because honestly none of them are ready to play in this tournament.

    kind of bummed right now

    • Jesse says:

      Attacking players can play young. I’m okay with Green on boards. Brooks actually has some experience, if Goodson is out of form, I understand the decision.

      I think Wondo earned a spot. He has been really solid for the team. I’m not a big Wondo fan, but he has performed when given a chance and including him sends a positive message.

  44. Marc says:

    Davis over Donovan is ridiculous. Go USA!

  45. Tim says:

    Wow. That decision will make or break JK.

  46. Surprised Landon won’t at least be a super sub for 20-30min… but he is older, has some xtra weight it seems and may not be as fast as he once was… his defense can also be hit or miss…

    this is why we hired Klinsmann, to make the tough decisions…hopefully they are the right ones…

    he has to be one of the top alternates, right?

    • The Other Jeff says:

      No way he could be brought back in as an injury replacement after this snub. Think of the chemistry.

  47. Chris Becker says:

    After the last cycle, who could have foreseen that Landon would be off and Damarcus would be on four years later.

    I’m with the crowd, do not get LD vs. Davis. Just don’t get it.

  48. Jack says:

    How is Brooks honestly going ?

    • Dc says:

      This is what I am asking myself. Anyone of this board could have played one really crappy game for the US.

    • Jesse says:

      Goodson and Gonzalez are out of form against MLS players. Brooks has played well against Bundesliga players recently. Certainly made him a viable alternative. One poor tactical game when you practiced with the US for 2 days doesn’t define you.

      • Jack says:

        He played one good match against the bottom of the table Bundesliga side. Every other match they gave up a number of goals.

        • Jesse says:

          I didn’t watch, but I read he had a couple good games, even if his team did give up a goal.

  49. Jack says:

    Well first round exit here we go. Klinsmann couldn’t get over a pathological hatred of one of our best players. To be constructive, in a perfect world we play:
    Chandler, Cameron, Besler, Johnson
    Dempey, Zusi Bedoya

    Since Klinsman appears to be high, our actual lineup when we lose to Ghana 3-0:
    Yedlin Gonzalez Besler Beasley
    Davis Green
    Dempsey Wondo

    • kctc says:

      hate is such a strong word. That being said, Klinsmann has long loved Donovan, brought him to Munich after the 2006 WC and has always wanted to push him higher. I think more than all of us, Klinsy saw what Landon could be and was never satisfied with where he turned out. I think its disappointment. He gave LD one more shot to prove it and LD came up short. Any professional willing to leave his teams in a lurch for a sabbatical will always be looked on with skepticism from that point forward. Clearly LD wasn’t bringing enough to the table in camp and guys like Wondo, who were hungry and on fire, did.

  50. tga says:

    Fat Donovan. Time to retire from soccer and head back to Cambodia

  51. Jack says:

    Klinsmann setting himself up to be fired, if the team goes 3 and out.

    • Matt says:

      He’s got a huge contract…pretty much un-fireable until after 2018. That’s probably what emboldened him to make these choices.

      • Jesse says:

        US soccer has money. If JK cost them money with the LD decision they will fire him.

        • Mr_A says:

          I doubt it. The mistakes can’t be undone, and he’s got a lot of cover … good performance up til the WC, even a very long unbeaten run, Gold Cup, CONCACAF, and a pretty good Group of Death argument in his defense. He won’t get fired if we go 3 and out. He’ll just be dissed, and I’ll be one of the first. If it’s not obvious, I’m in the “this gamble better pay off” category. Bad move for lots of reasons. But if we advance, nobody’ll hold it against him.

          • Jesse says:

            you’re right, if we advance all is forgiven. If we are awful at LM, or Dempsey goes down and Mix comes in and stinks… I will absolutely hold it against him.

          • JJ says:

            Memo to all the “we’re in the group of death so it’s all good if we bomb out” people: Unless FIFA changes the way the World Cup is formatted, we’ll probably be in a group of death in the next world cup. And the next.

            Failure will still not be an acceptable outcome, EVER. smh

  52. Alex says:

    So…. Starting XI


    • Duracell says:


      I could see Aron in there as one of the 3 as well, but that’s pretty much it.

    • Jesse says:

      I thought that was what JK told us, but not sure you have LM right. Why would JK bring both Davis and Green to ride the pine. Doesn’t one of your LM’s need to be a starter?

      • Bac says:

        Accounting for potential cards, injuries, and having 3 available subs each game in a tourney.. Green, Zusi, Bedoya can play either side..
        Makes the math work

    • Chase says:

      Looks like a good lineup to me. I’m excited about the selections. Liked Edu and Boyd though. I’m ready to root for our boys and not complaining about omissions from the team because i have as much World Cup and coaching experience as Klinsmann has in one of the atoms in his fingernail. Go USA!

    • Landon Klinsmann says:


    • D-Bo says:

      This would be my guess. I could also see Brooks coming in, FJ moving up to the wing and Bedoya coming off the bench.

    • Ray F says:

      looks like it. I might put beasly LB and Fabian LM, that’s a lot of forward action to one side with not the greatest defense though

  53. tp says:

    Guess Klinsmann really wants that job at Tottenham

  54. Brad C says:

    I have the same reaction as many of you. My initial reaction is that JK probably thinks the odds are against us in 2014 and has decided to develop talent for 2018.

    Or Donovan had a really poor training.

    • roundhead says:

      I think you are right. but it must be something deeper because Davis is older. Wondo is a striker but we already have AJ and Jozy. With so many midfielders that are not ready today I cant see Klinsman thinking too much about this year. a very ballsy move and he should get some kind of award though I disagree with his decision. we cannot leave Captain America behind. I guess Klinsman and Arena wont be going out for a beer anytime soon

    • Landon Klinsmann says:

      no, not true.

      Donovan is out because everything he brings to the table can be brought by someone else who is a little more match fit. His past was only going to give him a tie breaker and Klinsi determined there wasn’t even a tie. Dempsey will be the play making attacker/high midfielder and Johnson and Zusi take the flanks. There is no room left for LD. So you are then only bringing him to ride the pine and why then not consider the next generation, who might also bring the same magic as LD did in 2002?

  55. Courey says:

    Thank you Landon for all you have done for our country on the soccer field. Thank you for rejuvinating American soccer in 2002. Legeneds remain legend, and are never forgotten.

    To the boys in the squad, make us proud.

    • kctc says:


    • Dave says:


      Landon has been pure class for us. Love him or hate, there’s no denying what he’s done for US Soccer.

    • Natsalways says:

      This is the best post yet. Another thing to remember is that both LD and DMB were both last minute, few capped players in 2002. Let’s hope history repeats itself.

      Landon, if you’re reading, you’ve been a big part df so many of my favorite sports moments. Having you left off this roster is like losing a piece of my youth. Thank you for all you’ve given for the red, white and blue.

      And LET’S GO YANKS!

    • Landon Klinsmann says:

      +++++++++++++++++’s all around!

  56. Benjamin C. says:

    Let this sink in for a minute: Landon Donovan’s international career is likely over as long as Klinsmann remains at the helm. It might be over, no matter what. Mindboggling.

  57. Siberian says:

    Absolutely scandalous to leave off Donovan in favor of a player who has never started a first division game in his life. If this team doesn’t get out of the group then Klinsmann will not have my support at all for the next cycle.

  58. Dc says:

    What exactly has brooks or green shown in a game to justify making this roster? This makes no sense at all. What an effing hypocrite he is.

    • Bach's Thumb says:

      Do you realize how dumb you sound? Were you practice? In camp?

      You can’t have seen them practice or play, yet have the nerve to call Klinsmann a hypocrite.

    • Jack says:

      Perhaps Tottenham has offered Klinsmann a deal and he’s looking to get fired.

  59. MikeV says:

    Someone will get hurt, JK will call in Landon and he will score the winning goal that gets us to the knockout stage. (you heard it here first)

  60. AC says:

    Wow. Guess a spot was promised to Green. Davis has no speed.

  61. Gus says:

    INSANITY! Totally biased but… good god really?! If we get chewed up in the group Klinsmann may be out.

  62. USA_Che says:

    Wow. Donovan’s omission was shocking, but not out of the realm of possibilities given his poor form and his comments on the ESPN documentary about not being able to maintain consistent form any longer. Bigger concern maybe that Klinsman may be going too young with the roster by including 3 very young players (Brooks, Green, and Yedlin) with VERY little experience at this level. He has the flexibility of having players who can cover multiple positions, like Cameron (whom I think allowed him to cut Goodson and keep Brooks in the mix) who can cover 3 positions (CB, RB, and DM). But I think he’s a couple of injuries away from being forced to play Brooks and/or Yedlin in the WC. I really don’t think Klinsman wants to do this given their generally erratic form.

    • soccerhorn says:

      By “poor performance,” would you be referring to his recent run at last summer’s Gold Cup? Yeah all he did was win tournament MVP.

      • USA_Che says:

        No. I mean his goalless streak that I think is going on something like 15 games now (I can’t recall the exact number or if that’s just in MLS or also includes the USMNT). Plus, save for a couple games, he’s generally looked lethargic when playing for the Galaxy (not to mention in the last USMNT game against Mexico in Arizona — I know he claimed he had some knee problems, but still…).

        He did play well in the Gold Cup, but that is tempered by a couple things. First, the teams he played against were, quite frankly, teams that he should have dominated given that they were mostly 2nd or 3rd tier teams. Second, it was a year ago (a lot can change in that time) and he had recently come back from sabbatical, feeling fresh and in form. That’s not the case this time around.

        That’s what I mean by his poor form as of late and why I discount is good Gold Cup performance. I didn’t expect it, but it looks like that Gold Cup ended up being his swansong for the USMNT. I think it’s too bad.

  63. Jack says:

    I am being totally serious in thinking that i Klinsmann keeps his normal 4-2-3-1 formation, Julian Green may start. JK obviously has that in his mind if he’s going to cut Donovan and keep Green.

    • Jack says:

      Then why is Brad Davis there?

    • USA_Che says:

      Where would he start? I think clearly Dempsey, Bedoya, and Zusi would start before him in the 3 just below the Jozy.

      • Jack says:

        I know the more logical choice is Bedoya, but based on JK’s German biases, he may start him. I honestly can’t see Davis starting.

        By the way, that is a different Jack commenting haha

        • USA_Che says:

          Interesting. But I don’t see it as decision based on bias based on German versus Americans growing up in the US system. If anything, I think it was a question of old age/motivation v. youth. I think he feels that has enough experience at his disposal to get by without Donovan or, for exemplary purposes, Goodson (who has been a stalwart under JK and pretty much assumed to be a lock as the 3rd CB). As a result, he wanted to expose younger players to the WC experience (2 of which happen to be German). Note: I’m not saying he’s right, just that I think that is how he views it since he’s starting to build a program for the next cycle as well. I don’t see Green starting unless there is a major injury issue during the tournament. If he plays at all, it’ll be off the bench to bring pace and energy. Just my 2 cents…

  64. Joe says:

    Klinssman brings all the germans and leaves out Donovan. Very disrespectful towards the U.S program.

    • shockedandawed says:

      Wow very true

    • iggy says:

      he did drop boyd, but almost all of them.

    • Jack says:

      Boyd not there, but he has an American tattoo so that probably cost him

      • Nick4235 says:

        You’re probably right. I would guess Williams and Morales were not German enough as well…

      • analyst/therapist says:

        This. Everyone raging about the team being a look toward 2018 and favoring Germans have to accept that a red hot young german striker was left off for old man wondo. Corona omission vs davis solidifies the 2018 point as well. JK might have a bias, but I don’t think it’s what many posters are alleging

    • kctc says:

      Every player there is part of the American program and has every right to be there as much as you would. Don’t be a bigot.

      • slowleftarm says:

        JK is a bigot. He belongs to the Thomas Rongen school of “Americans aren’t good enough”

        • kctc says:

          He belongs to the school of best player with qualifying credentials plays. He is after Zelalem, and highly rates Rubin and others. He has given a plethora of chances to mexican americans and he was the one who called in guys like Zusi and Besler. I think he is a soccer first mind, regardless of background. By 2018, he will have so many options it will be unreal.

        • Bomb Pop says:

          Which is why he is coaching American Samoa. Klinsi will probably coach the US Virgin Islands once the US crashes out of the WC

      • JJ says:

        How about you stop the PC hand-wringing, and consider the possibility that 1-Klinnsman does have a bias towards dashed Americans (particularly of his home country), and 2-Not everyone wants to root on a team of mercenaries that are there because they want to play in a world cup.

        That’s not to say they can’t be assimilated — as it appears most of them have — but I for one am sickened at the inclusion of the likes of Timothy Chandler over the snubs. At the end of the day I’d prefer a team of 11 passionate to wear the jersey than a team that’s slightly more skilled without the same passion and pride.

    • SonicDeathMonkey says:

      I’m fairly certain Boyd is not on the roster. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good internet rant.

    • krazymunky says:


  65. Reg Chapman says:

    People can make the “for the future” argument, but then Brad Davis made it over him so that really doesn’t make sense. I’m at a loss for words

  66. Billy Ocean says:

    Dumb move. LD is a gamer who has proven that the he can handle the stress and pressure that comes along w playing in a WC. Having him on the bench as a super sub would have been the smart move. Brad David…Brad F’n Davis???

  67. Mike R says:

    So we are basically going to brazil with no firepower on the bench ..If we are losing who do we put in Wondo ????? Bahahahahahahahhahahaah

    I’d rather see EJ or Shea

    Three and out

    • Jack says:

      Exactly! Super subs often bring a special trait like EJ or Boyd with their heading ability or Shea with his speed. Wondo is a clear-cut poacher and poachers are not very useful as subs.

      • Claytron says:

        We will only start one striker, I’m sure. That leaves us 2 options up top. You don’t need more than that. One injury to a striker, though, and we get uncomfortably thin.

  68. shockedandawed says:

    Julian green and jab agree to commit to USA early for promise of a spot in this WC cycle?

  69. slowleftarm says:

    Glad I got on the record repeatedly with this prediction. This wasn’t remotely surprising. Some German kid who plays in the fourth division makes our WC squad while the greatest player this country has ever produced gets left off. What a joke.

    • Jack says:

      Brooks who has been awful every time he’s played for us and Goodson left off.

      • JayAre says:

        Brooks has been playing well towards the end of the Bundesliga season. Goodson hasn’t look at San Jose record and watch the games. Donovan lost his job to Wondo not anyone in midfield.

    • Duracell says:

      I think if Donovan were to have made the team, it would have been in place of Davis, not Green.

  70. DC says:

    I’m hoping this is a joke or mistake and will not be the real roster. Yedlin, Brooks, Green, not ready for prime time. Wondo I still don’t believe can be a contributor at this level, though I hope to be proven wrong.
    In my opinion, this type of roster should have your job attached to its success. US doesn’t make it out of the group, Klinsy should lose his job.

  71. Shawn says:


    is jurgen retarded!!!!

  72. Jack says:

    I also cannot believe Boyd got cut instead of Wondo. Both have been playing well, but Boyd has been in better form and is a better spark off the bench. We can’t sub Wondo on praying for him to score a poacher’s goal. If he honestly thinks that Wondo is going to score a poacher’s goal against the defense of Portugal and Germany, he is crazy.

    Although I am upset with some of his choices (Davis is another one), we have to put complete confidence into JK’s decision. He knows these guys more than we do.

  73. Chris says:

    As if it isn’t a shocking enough to drop Donovan, Klinsi goes ahead and puts Green on the roster. This kid hasn’t even played one full game with the national team. That is an absolutely sickening decision, sickening.

    And after all his blabbering about taking 30 players and not naming the 23 until the last day he drops this bomb before a single send off game was played? Sickening.

    Disgraceful move.

    • Laszlo says:

      Many posters are concerned about who is available to bring off the bench in case the US needs a late goal. The US defense is so weak and inexperienced (except for Timmy) that it doesn’t matter who’s coming off the bench. By the hour mark, the games will be out of reach and JK will be throwing in the young guys to gain some experience Hate to say this, but the US has no chance to get out of this group, with or without LD.

    • Adi in Oregon says:

      I really agree with your second part of your statement about Klinsi’s poor decision-making in NOT WAITING until the international friendlies were finished before releasing the final 23 USMNT roster. After these games, he may still have seen some value in Donovan over a few other players. Taking some young players like Green (who has some real talent IMO) is not a necessarily a bad decision, otherwise Pele would not have brought Brazil a WC championship at a very young age in Sweden.

  74. Mike R says:

    Chandler Evans Green Yedlin Wondo and Brooks as subs is a joke you really think any if them will do anything in extra time if we were to make it out of the group stage? There is no change of pace players with ANY professional experience

  75. r.benjamin says:

    bummed no Boyd

  76. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Landon gets executed by Klinnsmann and Chandler gets a reprieve. #makesmesick.

    • JayAre says:

      How?? Are you all watching the games or going by reputation??? Donovan represents the old USMNT counter attacking game that Klinsmann doesn’t want. He prefers organized discipline soccer.

      • Ian says:

        LD is brilliant and has proven so time after time. It has nothing to do with reputation and everything to do with track record.

        • JayAre says:

          He’s played in 3 WC’s and 100+ national team games, it’s safe to say we’ve seen him at his best and that no longer where he is. He’s in decline! Big Time!

          • Dan Daminko says:

            Who the f are you. paid troll.
            You’re selling it with too much enthusiasm not to be.
            Are they paying you in deutchemarks?

        • homerica7 says:

          Except current form, i.e. the start of the MLS season, shows otherwise. Donovan also failed in 2006 at the World Cup, so I don’t think his track record is spotless.

  77. Nandez says:

    Klinsi can still change the roster right? What if Klinsi is just tinkering some more and is actually using these matches to see who he’s bringing because he has 24 hours until the whistle to make changes right? I hope I’m right.

  78. bryan says:

    WHOA! i need to process this.

    • bryan says:

      ok, so Davis is a weak call up. i don’t like it all at the expense of LD. it’s ridiculous. maybe Beckerman was consoling LD after the beep test for failing it miserably as opposed to doing well? we found out it was Bradley that won it and not Beckerman like the episode made it seem.

      Evans and Goodson being left off is fine by me. i thought Parkhurst had it, but i’m not opposed to Yedlin going.

      i honestly though Boyd was going to make it, but congrats to Wondo.

      no LD though has left me speechless though.

      • bryan says:

        and just because:


        even though FJ said he think he’ll play in the back, i can’t imagine that being the case now that LD is off. if JK does a 4-2-3-1, i see the above formation.

  79. Bomb Pop says:

    Who is going to the Jacksonville game? I say we boo klinsi

    • ilikefreddyyesadu says:

      LANDON DONOVAN clap clap clap clap clap LANDON DONOVAN followed by USA USA USA!

    • Ali Dia says:

      Understand the rage, but hopefully everybody gets some sleep and the poison wears off in the morning..

      How about you cheer Davis instead. Poor dude is getting hated on from all corners and he is one of ours He is not to blame for earning his spot in the eyes of the coaches … As a Galaxy fan I’m not even sure I feel comfortable saying this, but reality is that dude is a really good player— he’s been the beating heart of the a consistently elite Houston side for years now. He’s also come a LONG way from the player he was when he broke in, who most (myself included) dismissed as a one-dimensional novelty winger with a few cute tricks but little staying power. Heck, I still I can’t even say I like him most of the time. But that’s because he’s consistently found new ways to remain a nuisance.

      Davis may not even play, but worked extremely hard for many years and found a way to make his longshot count. I’m sure Klinsmann has some role in mind for him should the situation present itself. Good for him.

  80. Duracell says:

    I don’t think this is that bad. I would have changed three things.

    Donovan over Davis seems crazy.

    I would have taken Boyd over Wondolowski.

    I would have also taken Edu over Mix, Yedlin, or Beckerman, but I don’t think this omission is that bad.

  81. Jeremy says:

    The writing was on the wall in Phoenix when he was on the bench. I think that if you look LD’s recent comments that Klinsmann has questions about LD’s mentality. Best to get it done with now and deal with the questions now than waiting to name the team right before leaving and facing all of that when you get off the plane in Brazil.

  82. Davis has a killer left foot… serves ’em up on a platter from anywhere on the pitch…

    still a chance someone gets injured and Landon would have to be first alternate, right?

  83. Bach's Thumb says:

    Why even have a coach?

    All you bums snuck into the camp and watched the players. Listen to yourselves. Children.

    • Jack says:

      Some players just got into camp a couple days ago. Klinsmann has his mind made up before they walked into camp.

      • Bach's Thumb says:

        It’s sad that people like you have to lie. Literally, you just made that up. For what?

        • 1st Time Caller says:

          Uh, he didn’t… Camp just got complete like YESTERDAY. Jermaine Jones had a game for Besiktas Saturday, Aron Johannsson had a game Sunday. Know your facts before you open your mouth, or just stick your thumb back in there and go off to mommy.

    • Ian says:

      It’s called emoting, tough guy.

    • Dan Daminko says:

      Are you in JK’s Fahrvergnügen posse or what?
      Loosen your lederhosen the bloods not getting to your brain.

  84. Chucks says:

    Green will be the new Donovan; He even stole the old one’s place!

  85. Dogg says:

    Wow ……internet might explode

  86. myname says:

    This is disgusting.

  87. Benjamin C. says:

    Anyone else plan on putting the end of the Algeria match and Little River Band’s ‘Reminiscing’ on repeat tonight while having a drink? Just me?

  88. Joe says:

    We have two and half centerbacks…..

    • Benjamin C. says:

      This roster tells me there is a very good chance Cameron will be playing centrally. No wat he brings three guys totally dedicated to the right back position.

    • Nick4235 says:

      It’s 3 and a half actually:
      Gonzo, Besler, Brooks, and Cameron.

      I would say four tho because I’m pretty sure Cameron will be a CB considering Klinsmann has brought in both Chander and Yedlin as RBs.

  89. Larry Overton says:

    Really did anyone not see this coming cutting LD? I mean he has only played so many games in his life time and the coach saw something we do not see. If you watch LD with the Galaxy he has not looked good at all and the decision was made. I would still prefer him over Wondolowski who is only a goal poacher. But this team needs to get younger and bringing along Yedlin, Green and Brooks who are basically the future of the team well I have to agree with it. Besides does anyone really think we are going to beat Germany or Portugal? Getting by Ghana can be accomplished not sure on the rest.

  90. MarylandRoyal says:

    No Landycakes? What next, he’s not gonna bring Ricardo Clark!?!?

  91. Alex H says:

    Was the announcement expected at this time or did Jurgen just get up and say “I’ve seen enough, lets get on with it?”

  92. Chicago Josh says:

    If Jozy gets hurt or suspended, who plays target forward? Dempsey? Johannson? Or are we going to concede punts and goal kicks and focus on building out of the back. I was certain Boyd was going to be on the team.

  93. Joe says:

    “Youth” does not explain Davis over Donovan

  94. Chris says:

    And this is why you don’t sign a coach past one cycle. Donovan is better than Davis in every way possible. Dead balls, PK’s, Vision, Touch, Finishing, every facet of the f*cking game he’s better than him. You don’t leave an incredibly world cup experienced player like this at home. A slap in the face to US Soccer and I now see why he never made it at Bayern Munich

  95. jaybeezwax says:

    “Thank you for your service Donovan but now its time we moved in a different direction.” Dudes out of shape and has a baditude. If picks were based on sentimental value, Kaka would be starting for Brazil.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Except the guys Brazil picks instead of Kaka are clearly better right now. They aren’t bringing some 18 year old fourth division player.

      • jaybeezwax says:

        I’ve seen Donovan decline the past two seasons with LA Galaxy. Brad Davis & Zusi are clearly playing better than he is for their clubs. I would have even taken Joe Corona over Donovan. If Donovan’s recent comments to the media about his fitness are true, then why would you want to have that guy standing over a free kick? You need that Kobe Bryant killer instinct mentality and Donovan clearly lacks that. I’d put my money on someone a bit hungrier at this point.

        • QuakerOtis says:


          Based on MLS play, I was suspicious LD was off the squad about a week before the Mexico game. His play there confirmed it.

          Dude never had the killer instinct, and now his body won’t let him make up for it.

          People need to let go of that Algeria aura. One of the best moments of my life, but it’s passed.

          Thank you Landon, but adios.

      • Ralph says:

        Jesus you have problems. Serious mental issues.

        • jaybeezwax says:

          You, myfriend, are a troll. Bless your heart.

        • kctc says:

          Yeah, he gets like this when he doesn’t get his way. Can you imagine being in his house when someone else has the tv remote?

      • bryan says:

        Davis took LD’s spot, not Green.

    • 1st Time Caller says:

      Ronaldinho actually won a World Cup for Brazil, so that name would have made more sense.

  96. Joe says:

    Brad Davis will lead us to glory

  97. I know this sounds nationalistic… but I’m not that Ok with some of the Germans in general…not all of them seems to have that “American Spirit”, never say die, fight until the end sort of attitude…

    Jermain Jones I hated at first and he’s still a yellow/red card waiting to happen, but he’s grown on me a over the years and I feel he has adapted well and certainly still has his place in some matches.

    Fabian Johnson I’ve always liked, runs hard, plays harder, has skill, is versatile all that…

    Boyd not so much… he’s young and improved play at the club level may sway me toward liking him more for us…

    Timmy Chandler… I just cannot trust at all. I feel like he’s a double agent out to sabotage us and I hope he doesnt play in Brazil, but he’s probably starting at right back. His performances have been half-assed and he appeared lazy a number of times after things did not go his way in matches… I just want 100% effort all the time…

    Julian Green seems promising but he’s so young… there is a chance he’ll get some late minutes in Brazil…

    and I know its been said before… props to our Armed Service Members around the world for getting it done between the sheets and helping out the USMNT…

    Lets just hope some tourists can get it done in Brazil this summer…World Cups 2034 and 2038 are just right around the corner…

    • slowleftarm says:

      Let’s just hope we develop players at home instead of spending all our time recruiting foreigners. It’s been, and continues to be, an embarrassment.

    • QuakerOtis says:

      Do you guys want to see their birth certificates, or have you already spoken with their family in Kenya?

  98. Joshua Noble says:

    Massive massive call. I think Donovan’s absence goes further than his ability to contribute through playing. His experience is valuable for the younger guys to learn from. I just think that this was an extremely disruptive move which could cause friction between the young German-Americans and the old Guard (not that I doubt their professionalism). Personally I would have taken Green as a wildcard ahead of Davis and kept Donovan around.

  99. Jack says:

    I just became at least 50% less excited about the World Cup.

    • Dave80 says:

      Wow. I suppose you’ll rethink that after a day or two. Too much great soccer to be watched in June and July to drop the excitement level by 50%. Though I am somewhat wondering if this roster hurts our chances a bit. My Belgian boss said they have 0% chance of getting out of the group, so 50% of 0% is still 0%.

    • Keith says:

      Me too.

    • Bird says:

      I was already at -102% excitement for this world cup, its called the World Cup SansZlatan factor, so technically I think due to a double negative this actually increased my excitement? Not sure, I may need someone more qualified to crunch the numbers. Zlatan prohibits anyone other than Zlatan negatively affecting the World Cup SansZlatan factor, so by the laws of physics the World Cup SansZlatan factor can only improve if it doesn’t involve some form of Zlatanism…..As an example: Gooch being left off the WC roster actually dopped the factor from -100% to -102% due to residual trace amounts of Zlatan levels from his contact with the All Zlatmighty during the training ground fight in Milan……

  100. Joel J says:

    So could this be our 11?
    4-4-2 diamond
    GK: Howard RB: Chandler CB: Besler, Cameron LB: Johnson
    Holding Mid: Jones Left, LM: Dempsey? (who else unless he moves Zusi or Bedoya to their weaker foot), RM: Zusi, AM: Bradley (there’s mentions by Klinsmann that he wants Bradley as his top of the diamond guy), FW: Aron and Jozy

  101. Jack says:

    So when Timmy Chandler scores an own goal in the Germany match, Klinsmann has to get fired right?

    • I don’t trust Chandler’s Americanism one bit… he’s the most suspect of all the Germans…

      I’m cool w/ Fabian and Jermaine…and Green is just a youngin’…

  102. Techskillz416 says:

    Very hard to believe in a team that has Brad Davis, Wondo, Beckerman, Bedoya, Green, over LD. What makes me even more irate is that Team leaders like Howard, Demps, Bradley and LMB will be good little pets and now say a word about this…. Our players are robots no opinions no thoughts no nothing….

    • Sir coble says:

      They will be good soldiers right now. speaking their mind will not help anyone in Brazil.
      I think we will hear desire quotes from jk when discussing Landon’s omission, while ld will speak of vision, timing, and missed opportunities.
      the real scoop will come out 10 years from now when most of our older guard has retired. I would pay good money to ask Tim Howard some questions today.

    • Dan Daminko says:

      Tim Howard came out this week and said he thinks Donovan is “…easily one of our best players.””…If Landon is on the field he’s in our top one or two players”. I don’t think it was an accident that Howard put that quote out there. Yea most aren’t gonna say a peep until much later.

  103. Sam says:

    If the USMNT does miserable at the world cup, Klinsmann head should be on the chopping block. Donovan is tried and true in big games including the last world cup. Seems like a lot of these players were chosen on possible potential and not what they have shown in game. I understand that these players are the future but not the now. USMNT has so few dynamic players that we cannot overlook any of them. Klinsmann either has huge cajones or feels really secure in his job. I just hope its the latter one.

    • Bach's Thumb says:

      Nonsense. The US is going to do miserable with or without Donovan.

      And Donovan isn’t dynamic any longer. Stop living in the past.

      • Techskillz416 says:

        Why are there so many corny white boys thinking they know athletics lol…. don’t get me wrong, there are some ballers out there, but seriously i wouldn’t take your advice for football, or basketball, you know the real sports…i’ll take your opinion with baseball…. you know a sport where you just stand around for most of the game…

    • 1st Time Caller says:

      Agreed. And I think it would be fitting especially how Jurgen has encouraged Americans to hold their players accountable for poor performance (he did say this.)

      Well no one is better at burning poor performing coaches in effigy than US. Well, almost no one… those Cricket fans are pretty crazy… Does anyone know where Jurgen lives? We could go India & Pakistan Cricket World Cup his place. LOL. ‘Murica… okay that was bad taste.

  104. Nordy says:

    Donovan banged Wynalda’s wife.

  105. Nordy says:

    Also, Dempsey listed as midfielder because we’re going to play a 3-6-1

  106. Geo says:

    This is ridiculous klinsmann chose his German boys over USA GREATEST PLAYER smh

  107. EspinDOHla says:

    Wow. LD should be going to Brazil. Shocking.

    I guess this is the end for LD and the USMNT. Thank you so much for your amazing services to the USMNT and the growth of soccer in the USA.

  108. Charles says:

    Well, well, well. What a surprise. What I want to read in posts here is how Yedlin was brought in only as a practice player, and he would be the first player cut.

    Oh, just forget that, I want to read all the posts.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      I loved how Beasley mocked that idea in the interview yesterday.

    • away goals says:

      I was one of the folks who thought yedlin had no shot a month ago, was surprised he made the 30 man, and am shocked he’s going to brazil. Ditto for davis actually.

      Now I can’t wait to see them both lifting the trophy.

  109. Billy Ocean says:

    SMDH…I’m trying very hard to keep myself from thinking that JK is showing favoritism towards the Germans. I’ve always been a fan of dual nationals, but something rubs me the wrong way about a guy like Timmy Chandler, who comes across as someone who doesn’t give two craps about this country, making it in the 23 over LD who has given his sweat and blood for this team. Again, I don’t want to go down this road bc I know how important the dual nationals are and how much most of them seem to care about this team and this country, but still no LD just doesn’t make any sense.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      Maybe Klinsmann should have called up John McCain—I mean, that guy has spent his whole life serving this country.

      • Keith says:

        Not unless John McCain happened to be possibly the best US soccer player the country ever produced, who has demonstrated leadership at every level of the game, could play in multiple positions, has proven himself a game-changing player at the highest level (like the World Cup, for example), and is the probably the most beloved American player who could play in one more World Cup before he retires.

        In other words, shut up King.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          Keith: you used a lot of past tense there to describe Donovan. The only present tense you used was that he “is probably the most beloved.” Since this Cup takes place in the future and not in the past, Donovan’s past is not entirely the issue.

        • Ralph says:

          “most beloved American player who”

          Not a reason to pick him.

          “one more World Cup before he retires.”

          Definitely not a reason to pick him.

          “could play in multiple positions”

          Could. Can’t now. That’s why he asked Klinsmann to move him to the middle/forward spot during the Gold Cup.

          “has proven himself a game-changing player at the highest level”

          If this was last World Cup, you’d have a point. It’s four years, a sabbatical, several injuries, and a lack of motivation later.

          • Ray F says:

            You’re confusing “Could” past tense as in “I could throw a 90mph fast ball when I was 24″ with future tense “I could go to the mall later if it’s not destroyed by aliens” People are saying Donovan could, in Brazil, play multiple positions.

  110. Zachary says:

    Hey guys, I’m a newcomer to the USMNT fan-base. I’m just wondering what the “beef” is between Klinsi and Donovan and if that is the reason why he wasn’t picked?

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      It’s an imaginary feud that exists only in the minds of conspiracy-theorist fans.

      • Juando says:

        Your distance from reality is increasing. Keep drinkin’ the koolaid sheeple eye.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          I’m here to drink Kool-Aid and consider tangible evidence—and there’s no tangible evidence.

          • Dan Daminko says:

            You think not taking LD is solely a “soccer” decision.
            I think you know in your gut that’s not true. You can get to the truth through “tangible evidence” or you can hide the truth by insisting on “tangible evidence”. Works both ways. Don’t drink the kool-aid, it turns your teeth purple.

    • YouGoddaBeKiddinMe says:

      There’s a real feud alright and the @jonklinsmann tweet mocking Donovan, who many consider the heart and soul of the US squad–proves it. Maybe it could be Klinsi’s downfall? Hopefully, and soon.

  111. Big Chil says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with SBI loading as a dark blue background? Have drag & highlight to see the text.

  112. Andrew says:

    Brad Davis sucks. It is absurd to not bring Landon over him. No problems with taking the young kids to Brazil, they aren’t going to play anyway. More importantly, happy to see Chandler on roster with Cameron likely sliding inside.

  113. KingGoogleyEye says:

    The BIGGEST shocker by far was that Klinsmann announced his roster so long before the deadline. Someone check to make sure he isn’t running a fever.

    I am very excited by this selection. A lot of surprise omissions—Donovan, Boyd, Evans—but that’s part of what makes it exciting. Klinsmann has, for me, proven himself as a coach with this team. If Wondo, Yedlin, Green, and Davis played strong enough in camp to take a spot, then for me that’s a good sign. I want our players playing out-of-their-minds good.

    Still a bit sad not to have Edu and Donovan though.

    • Bac says:

      Wow, I had to get through 250+ posts to find one that had some logic and not 100% pure emotion.
      This may upset some, but after the shock wears off and everyone comes back to earth:
      – Choosing a younger group does not mean he’s only looking at 2018, that’s nuts. Despite the extension, he himself even said if they go 0-3 he should be gone. He has a winner’s drive, athletes like that don’t tank a team to plan for 4 years away- lame argument
      – Once a player qualifies to play for us, JKs job is to select the best team, not the politically correct ratio of dual nationals – if you don’t like the 23, that’s a different story, but once they’re on the team, they’re all the same – jealous and lame argument
      – The player selection has a few surprises, but guess what… None of us are in camp. None of us know how they performed. – Too many assumptive arguments
      – A lot of criticism happened when he chose 30, and people said “we need to get our guys to gel ASAP, not a tryout”.. are you the same ones criticising this move? Or is it just because of the 1 or 2 shockers – Flip Flop arguments
      – If he moves Fabian to midfield, will you call him two faced? As if he’s not allowed to change his mind? – Another lame argument

      Other than Landon, none of the other roster decisions bother me. Emotionally, I feel bad for Edu…but soccer related, I’m not as floored. Yedlin & Brooks are young and talented but highly unlikely to see the field. Davis is surprising-but don’t be surprised if Fabian starts at LM

      I am sad and disappointed that Landon won’t be going, but I’m not buying the rift argument that is perpetuated by the media and others, I believe it’s based on form and fitness. I wasn’t in camp, but I don’t believe he would cut him bc of a grudge, only to alienate himself and make his job harder- I’m in the vast minority argument….

      I believe…..

      • kctc says:

        Wow. A cogent, thoughtful and hate free post. Someone who sees the US team for what it is. A melting pot of US eligible players that makes up the best team we can field. Yes, LD may be better than some selected but clearly there was some reasoning (form, passion, commitment, locker room fit) that caused his omission. Lets stop the whining and get behind our team. If you want to exclude players based on color, religion, who their other parent is or where they have lived, I hear the Russian team is looking for additional western hemisphere support.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          kctc: I think it’s reasonable to think that LD was excluded due to form and/or passion/commitment, but no way was it for “locker room fit.” No one has ever criticized Landon as a teammate.

      • Chris Becker says:

        95% of the sound & fury is over LD.

        Personally, I don’t think it was a conspiracy either. JK probably has his reasons (will be an interesting press conference, won’t it). From what I’ve seen — again much less that JK — I’m shocked. Not calling for resignations, blood or body parts. Just shocked. Think that goes for most of us.

        Tomorrow, I’ll be pulling for the 23 who did make it — who ALL worked their asses off (yes, Mr Davis too) deserve our congratulations for their accomplishment.

        But at this moment, I’m still shocked.

        • Bac says:

          You mean you’re initially shocked but you’re not gonna put a contract out on someone’s kneecaps or order a rewrite of FIFA rules or send JK to coach 4th division in Sumatra or root against the U.S.?
          No logic allowed!
          Good response Chris

      • D-Bo says:

        I really like this string of posts. Like anyone else, I am surprised that certain players weren’t included (Boyd) and that certain players were (Wondo, David), but in the end, none of that actually matters to me. I’m rooting for the USMNT at this WC. That includes all of the players and coaches.

        I love what this coaching staff has done with this team. I’ve had more fun watching this team than any other and can’t wait to see what they can do next month.

      • KingGoogleyEye says:

        Bac: I was wondering the same question: “A lot…people said ‘we need to get our guys to gel ASAP, not a tryout’… are you the same ones criticising this move?”

        Not only is it smart to get the 23 to gel asap, but it’s also a professional courtesy to cut guys asap. Now Donovan, Evans, et al can get back to their club teams. Not sure if that applies to Boyd (Austria league is done, right?) but even still now he can take a deserved vacation.

        I will say: I will be surprised if Yedlin doesn’t see the field. Ditto, but to a slightly lesser extent, for Davis. In fact, the only players I do not expect to see are Guzan, Rimando, and Beckerman. If you look at the roster, very few players could be seen as “backups” for any other player. Just look at RB: Chandler, FabJo, Cameron, and Yedlin are the candidates, and every one of them is a very different sort of player. Jozy, Aron, Wondo—again, totally different styles. I think this is important because Klinsmann seems to have selected players who can do something unique—something he plans to utilize at some point. This isn’t just a bunch of copies of the same starting 11.

        • Bac says:

          Very insightful. I’d throw a couple of curveballs:
          Beckerman- I think he does see the field, in any of the following scenarios.. Replacement for JJ late if he’s on a card, or if he’s winded and we’re trying to hold a lead, or in the real possibility that a US middie picks up 2 yellows from an “unbiased” ref..lol
          Brooks- I see him as the longest shot. No way he subs a CB, so to get to Brooks you’d have to lose 2 of Besler, Gonzo, Cam.
          Yedlin- Here’s the real wild card.. what happens if Chandler can’t go or sh!ts the bed.. does he go with Yedlin, or move either Cam or Fabian. Most likely the game scenario would dictate the answer..

          Or we can always go with the Rimando at attacking mid scenario.. He gotz skillz

  114. Jack says:

    Klinsmann’s mind was made up well before the camp. To not even have a friendly. Green hasn’t even played for Bayern II since the Mexico match.

  115. Bearusky says:

    France 98/ a la Harkes?anyone?

  116. Brain Guy says:

    Oh no he di’int!

  117. CSD says:


  118. VMan says:

    Maybe Donovan wasn’t 100 pct. He has a chronic knee problem at this point and has said numerous times that he can’t train the way he wants to. Can’t bring physically hampered players to the World Cup. I trust that Klinsmann knows more than I do. Maybe there was a chemistry problem, saw someone (forget who) make reference to that on twitter.

  119. TomG says:

    My SBI is now completely blue and unreadable on chrome.

  120. Dan says:

    All I know is a 18 year old that has played 15 minutes for the USMNT made it over the best player this country has produced. A player who is without a doubt on the decline but is also playing well in MLS and in international competition. I’m disappointed that Klinsman’s ego has got in the way here. His rigid pseudo-philosophy has steered him wrong on this one.

    • Franken says:

      Did Jurgen Klinsmann tell you that Green was the player chosen over Donovan or did you make that up? Because what is public information–from Donovan and Klinsmann–is that Donovan is a forward now.

    • SD says:

      how is he playing well for club….everyone on here has said he hasn’t lit up mls this season….did you not watch the mexico match…clearly he is not in form right now…if he is not in form, he can’t come….

  121. Ralph says:

    This article makes me ill.

    Not because Landon Donovan didn’t make the team. No, that was a possibility all along, especially with his recent form (very bad), and his comments about losing the spark and fitness.

    What makes me sick is the horrendous bigotry and racism that is flowing eagerly. Someone above wished for two of our players to get injured. What is wrong with you people? Look in the mirror after you calm down.

    I see germanican this, german that. People are completely ignoring that Chris Wondo stepped his game up in camp and made the team over one of the hottest strikers in Europe–Boyd. They also overlook at that Danny Williams was dropped in favor of Kyle Beckerman.

    Landon Donovan can no longer play on the wing. He has said so himself. He tried for a single game during the Gold Cup and then moved inside under the strikers.

    Landon Donovan was competing for Clint Dempsey’s spot. He lost.

    • Franken says:


      This. I lurk on SBI for the most part. The comments here have been nauseating. I’m embarrassed reading them.

    • slowleftarm says:

      I don’t agree with wishing for players to get injured at all. But criticizing this decision isn’t racist or bigoted. It’s easier to just play that card than defend this asinine decision.

      • Ralph says:

        Criticizing a decision by means of “he’s taking the germans and not the americans” is very bigoted. It’s also wrong as there were several “Germans” left off the roster who could have made a case.

    • Sean says:

      Donovan is, for most US soccer fans, the heartbeat of the team. He has done more for US Soccer than maybe any other player and if anything should make you sick, it’s his exclusion. This would have been his last World Cup and he deserved it. Fans deserved it.

      Add on top of that his quality and ability to show up on the World’s stage, his wisdom – leadership – and experience, and his ability to play multiple positions and you have a really poor choice by Klinsmann.

      • Ralph says:

        He can’t even show up on the MLS stage right now or in camp. He said just this week that he is barely interested in even playing any more and that he can’t train like the other guys.

        He’s done.

    • Juando says:

      Ha Horrendous Bigotry and Racism….no dissent allowed….don’t question JK’s motives…don’t have conversations that involve race or nationality, just keep your PC teddy bear close and reality won’t getya.

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  123. Sammy Nishi says:

    WELL DONE JURGEN > Landon is not nearly the same player he was two years ago – physically, mentally or motivation-wise and now is the time to send a message and move onwards .. .. And, his locker room presence probably hasn’t been inspiring of late .. ..

  124. Sean says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever wished for an injury before the World Cup before…

  125. Zachary says:

    Will there be a press conference or statement from Klinsi where he justifies his choices/omissions?

    • Ralph says:

      Why does the head coach have to justify his expert decisions to you–you have not seen these players in camp or have any actual knowledge of how they played?

      • slowleftarm says:

        Ralph are you serious? Why does the coach have to justify his decisions? Oh I don’t know, maybe because he’s the coach? I’d love to see the press conference where the coach is asked why he picked player A over player B and he just says “I don’t have to justify myself, I’m the coach. I make expert decisions.” Every professional coach has to explain why he did whatever he did, that’s part of the job. I’m sure JK will do that, and I’m looking forward to it.

        • Ralph says:

          That’s different. If he’s asked a question like that, I’d expect him to have a rational response.

          But to request a coach give a press conference simply to justify something is absurd.

  126. QuakerOtis says:



  127. The Other Jeff says:

    Four words describe the roster: fast, fit, technical, fearless. Look at the cuts, you’ll find something wanting in one or more of those four. Look at the picks, you’ll see them all across the board. The word JK seems to have disdain for: experience.

    • slowleftarm says:

      I can find plenty wanting in many of the 23 he selected.

    • Sean says:

      lol. Fast, fit, technical, fearless? Really? I can pick out very few players who fit that bill on this roster.

      • Billy Ocean says:

        Fearless??? How do you know? Let’s wait till CR7 is on the other side in front of 60k on the biggest stage in soccer and then decide who is really fearless. LD is a gamer who has excelled at the highest levels, his leadership and experience would have been huge.

  128. Julio says:

    Heads are exploding here at SBI, If I remember correctly there was a poster, Expat, who is gone, who said this would happen. I believe he used the word “shocked”.

    But I will add denial to that myself.

    • Sean says:

      There’s always many opinions. Just because one guy got it right doesn’t mean it’s anything of note.

    • Jack says:

      I thought Expat thought Donovan would start and Dempsey wouldn’t or something.

    • Jack says:

      Expat did call Yedlin being in the team however, which is kind of shocking, and of coarse Green.

      • The Garrincha says:

        Yes Jack it was expat, aka Dirk, aka Julio.
        he asked me about Yedlin. a few days ago.
        Although Expat DJ, had a good feel for Yedlin already and certainly was a big green supporter to begin with.
        Expat DJ. I appreciate your knowledge, loyalty, honesty, and passion.

  129. chuck says:

    If anyone thinks Julian Green is better than Landon Donovan, right now, you are insane. Also, if Brad Davis does anything of note, I will eat my shirt.

    • Chris says:

      I agree. Green and Davis and not Donovan?

      That is a horrific decision. I”m gutted.

    • Julio says:

      If you are right chuck, then Klinsmann is insane. But I believe it may be the other way around.

      • chuck says:

        Klinsi might be. I admit to not know much about Juilan Green, because he plays in the fourth division in German, but I have seen plenty of Donovan and he is still good enough to make an impact.

  130. The Other Jeff says:

    Biggest winner from this roster: Sounders. Get the captain back now, a much-wisened Yedlin later.

  131. Chucks says:


  132. jaybeezwax says:

    Donovan just got Ned Stark’ed.

  133. D-Bo says:

    Probably most surprised to see Wondo over Boyd. I really didn’t see Wondo on the team. I’m also very surprised that Davis is in there.

  134. Birgit Calhoun says:

    The only way the team can win is when the team plays like a team. It is good that Klinsmann decided today whom to bring. This way the team can play together without constantly being afraid to lose the spot on the roster. They can now get to brass tacks and actually hone their skills with their team members rather than against them, I am sad not to see Goodson not be there. But Landon Donovan did his best to indicate to Klinsmann that maybe he should be left out. His talk was not good for the locker room.

  135. Jack says:

    For everyone who says , this is about building the future and Donovan isn’t the player he use to be, I have 2 words for you….Brad Davis.

    • KingGoogleyEye says:

      I counted eighteen words: Brad “Wasn’t in Competition with Donovan Because He Plays as Left Mid but Landon Is a Forward” Davis.

      • slowleftarm says:

        Look, you can pretend that LD wasn’t competing with this or that player but the fact is Green and Davis are on the roster and LD isn’t. He could’ve taken LD over one of those guys. And of course he should have. It’s easier to defend JK if you pretend LD is just a striker but that isn’t reality.

        • GW says:

          Slow left arm

          You are wide of the mark.

          No one was competing with Landon.

          LD was twice the player Davis is. But not anymore. Not in this camp.

          The best soccer player this country has ever produced knew better than anyone, and has for a long time known, what he needed to do to get on this roster.

          Let’s say there was bad blood as you claim.

          So then, LD KNEW that he had to go into that camp and blow everyone away so that JK would have been forced to take him. If you respect LD as much as I do then you should realize that the LD I knew would have been capable of that , even if the fix was in.

          Why did he not put his head down and STF up and train his butt off and report to camp in the best shape of his life?
          How about going on a tear like Clint did with Seattle and dominating all those Galaxy games instead of just the last one?

          Instead we get this mealy mouthed media campaign of:
          “ Just happy to be here, willing to do what is needed , I’m just one of the boys” garbage. B**ls**t! Bad Davis can give you that.

          Landon is supposed to be a super star how about acting like one and making the coaches decision difficult something Beckerman said but I never heard LD say?

          Instead he wages a media campaign and negotiates for a backup position.

          That’s fiery leadership from the f++king greatest player we ever had? F**k that.

          That is a lame surrender! In effect Donovan is saying ” this is what I can do now I can’t do anything more , but my 90% is still better than Davis’ 100%, take it or leave it.”.

          Even if that is true that is bull++t and no self -respecting manager takes that manipulative crap. It means he wants to be there on his terms not the team’s and you can’t trust a guy like that. As much as I love the little pr==k , F==k him.

          “You want to go to Brazil? Then work your fat ass into shape and force me to take you. “

          I’m angry like everyone but I’m mad at Donovan because I won’t get to watch him and DMB get “on the plane” go to four World Cups together.

          He played himself off this team. F++k you, Landon.

          • Kosh says:


            + 1 on everything you said. Spot on!

          • Bac says:

            As this moment in time is looked back upon sometime in the future, one could make a change to your comment…
            “No one was competing with Landon”…
            Except Landon himself…

          • D-Bo says:

            Good post.

          • KingGoogleyEye says:

            GW: this is a pretty awesome (and funny) comment. I don’t hold quite the same level of anger toward Donovan, but my disappointment, like yours, is directed at him not Klinsmann.

            I’m sure there are many, many talented soccer players who, for no fault of their own, miss important opportunities to showcase their talent. Maybe they’re on a no-name club, or have a bad agent, or make a jump to a bigger club just as a new coach is hired who changes the formation, etc. We can feel sorry for these guys. Landon is absolutely not one of them.

            • Bac says:

              That’s almost ditto what I said about EJ also…
              Most in Twitterverse, the interwebs, and SBI are shooting the messenger.. at what point does one say “Hey, the guy has had every chance to prove he belonged, and he just didn’t get it done”?
              Maybe he will look back on this one day and think he let himself down.. in which case JK would have made the right call.

              Lalas put out a tweet saying, “I’m ok with leaving Donovan out, but do it after Cambodia, don’t bring him in the 30 then cut him”
              FACTUAL evidence Lalas is an talking Muppet head dorphus…

          • Griff says:

            Excellent post

            You’re absolutely right

      • MikeV says:

        Dempsey was listed as a forward also, but where is he listed now?

    • GW says:

      When you build for the future you don’t have to throw everything out at once.

      Rather than a build for the future move, which was certainly part of it, it was more about changing a mind set. And having 23 fanatics who all buy wholeheartedly, into that mindset.

      In 2010 this was Clint and Landon’s team.

      In 2014 it is JK’s team.

      I don’t know if that is better but, as has been pointed out, this is exactly what he did in 2006.

      I think JK underachieved because they failed to reach the final even though they had home field advantage but a lot of people thought 3rd place in the World Cup was okay.

      But mostly, and this is the future part, it seemed to get Germany out of the doldrums and move them back onto an upwardly trending path since 2006. Hopefully that happens here as well.

  136. GW says:

    What I’m interested in is seeing if this thing breaks 500-600 responses.

    It looks like JK is going for it, which is about what everyone should have expected.

    Speed, youth, athleticism with some old wise heads.

    This sort of thing happens all the time with the big boy pants teams. I love LD but it seems this is an indicator of how much the program has grown. And of course, none of us saw how all these guys looked in camp.

    Now that the 23 is out of the way ( though injuries await so some of those guys may yet be back)
    I’ll be very curious to see who plays in the Copa America.

    • Ralph says:

      This. Klinsmann is bringing a team of top speed, fitness, and hunger. He’s having a go at getting wins.

    • slowleftarm says:

      It would be an indication of growth if the players going instead of LD were better than he is right now. Unfortunately, it’s Julian Green and Brad Davis going instead. I don’t know how that can be considered growth.

    • Gus says:

      To your first point… this thread is gonna break 1000.

      • The Garrincha says:

        Nice call Gus. one thousand plus,
        can we discuss now just between us.
        So how do you really feel about the team?.

    • The Other Jeff says:

      Yes. This is the way I read it too. He thinks fast, athletic, young and hungry is the way to get out of this group. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but who here can say the kind of bunker-first squads we took in 2010 or 2006 or 2002 would have gotten out of this group? My favorite definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We hired JK to shake things up and he’s doing it. If it works he’s a genius and US coach for life. If we fall flat on our faces, he’ll be sitting on the hot seat. But anyone who thinks he isn’t picking the squad he honestly thinks is most likely to get us into the Round of 16 has no clue about the competitiveness of the man.

      • Dan Daminko says:

        competitiveness doesn’t inoculates JK from bias and bad choices. c’est comme ca.

  137. Adam M. says:

    Wow. With that out of the way, Donovan was simply behind Dempsey, Altidore and and in form Wondo as a forward, he doesn’t have the left foot of a specialist, and he no longer has Green’s speed (and it sure seems that Green may very we’ll start). Plus, it behooves everyone to remember that the Donovan-led US barely escaped with its life in 2010 while playing against weaker opponents. On defense, my sense is that Yedlin and Brooks are unlikely to see the field in an important moment, but then again Brooks was just player of the week in the Bundesliga a few weeks ago. So raise a glass to Landon, he deserves that, but he hasn’t exactly been lighting it up in MLS either.

  138. NASL TO EL PASO TX 915 says:

    Thank god for no donovan but davis,beckerman, beasley, this world cup is gonna suck for usa.
    I always said, usa will b really good by 2018 but will klinsi be there or will usa learn from the big boys for once.
    I.still have argentina winning in brazil n my darkhorse is mexico, remember my words mexico.
    As for donovan, he should have gone to everton for less money but hes pu$$y and overpaid in mls.

  139. mikeg says:

    This roster is clearly about having a core of players in 2014 and experience for a ‘young core’ of players for the 2018 World Cup. When Julian Green came on for his first cap he came on with Donovan. It looks more like a torch passing moment.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Except the world cup is what you build for. It isn’t some place to gain experience. He could have built the 2018 roster beginning immediately after Brazil.

      • Dan Daminko says:

        Rationality like that won’t be tolerated, you must be a racist you typed the word Brazil.

    • Jack says:

      Makes since expect that Brad Davis is in the team

    • away goals says:

      “You can tell Romney is just trying to gain experience in these debates so he can really contend in the 2016 election.”

  140. Jack says:

    Klinsmann plan was actually just to get USMNT on the front page of ESPN.

  141. inkedAG says:

    Over the years, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Donovan’s. However, leaving him off in favor of kids with no proven ability (Green, Brooks, Yedlin to name a few) is a big mistake. HUGE mistake.

  142. Jack says:

    Saer Sene was Bayern II leading scorer in 2012. Scoring 8 goals in 16 matches. Just something to think about.

    • Ralph says:

      He moved there at age 24. He actually scored against AC Milan for Bayern Munich in a tournament.

      • Jack says:

        Well season’s leading scorer was Marius Duhnke, and he now plays for Unterhaching in the 3rd division.

  143. Gus says:

    No Landon Donovan trending WORLD WIDE.

    • Charles says:

      I was in a sports bar when on the sports feed a bottom ticker said; Donovan dropped …. There was nothing more, they were talking about basketball of something, so I came home to check it out.

  144. Julio says:

    What I love the most, I mean in this specific instance, is that the very first predicted cut would be DeAndre Yedlin. Most everyone here said that, even more, he would not be named to make the 30 in camp, and then when he did, it was widely held here that it was as a practice player.

    Go back and read this, it is all there, Yedlin will be the first player cut. Now, what do all of you, who were very wrong, have to say? I can’t wait.

    • Bac says:

      Ok, I’ll own up and say I was one. I did say that, and I missed. I prefer him over Evans, Parkie, and thought JK would only bring 7 defenders because of Cams flexibility and Fabians flexibility…
      Now how many others will own up to their predictions ?

      • Julio says:

        You are a good man Bac. But you explained yourself, you had good reasons for doing so. Now how many others will own up, my prediction is zero more.

        • away goals says:

          I did up above.

          Not sure it shows that we were uninformed though. Sooner or later a 16 seed will upset a 1 seed and only people who are crazy will have predicted it.

        • The Garrincha says:

          Got to love this Julio, “calling em out”.
          I got your back,
          but in the end we are all just one big dysfunctional soccer family.
          Hell, with a thousand plus responses we could be our very own soccer lobby group,(children of the ives),
          if we could all agree on an agenda?.
          My agenda is seeing the highest quality soccer that can be produced.

  145. Zachary says:

    His omission from the team is a major shocker, but still, how stupid was Landon Donovan to take his “sabbatical”? I think that rubbed everyone the wrong way, no matter how honest he was about it.

  146. Eric K says:

    All I can say is J. Green better bring it. Still shocked he even made the 30 (as well as Brooks and Chandler, who kind of jumped in out of nowhere without really contributing anything). Very, very disapointed for Landon.

    On the other hand, props to those who made it, esp. Brad Davis. A great career deserves a world cup inclusion.

  147. 1776croatswede says:

    I personally think that the USA will actually do better with a relatively younger squad, as we will be more unpredictable.

    I am optimistic, and think we can get 7 to 9 points in our group.

    VIVA USA!!

  148. Chris says:

    What happens when we start Green and Yedlin against Portugal and get embarrassingly blown out?

    Like seriously…will that help our team ‘grow’?

    • Jack says:

      Of coarse not, the only thing that makes the team grow is the US doing well and having more and more kids think becoming a professional player is a real option.

    • Julio says:

      Well then Chris, is that wild speculation of yours would happen then all the writers and most of the commenters at SBI will be proved right.

      But, do you really think that will happen

      • Chris says:

        Do I really think two guys Klinsmann has now proven he is desperate to include on the team will playing?

        Do I really think we will be blown out because of it?

        Yes, Yes, and many more Yes’s.

        • Julio says:

          Thank you for your answer Chris. But I am with the old poster here, Expat, he predicted all of this.

          Now, how ’bout we wait and see how it goes.

          • Jack says:

            I thought he said Dempsey was getting dropped and Donovan would start

            • Julio says:

              If I remember correctly he didn’t like Dempsey very much, but I don’t think he ever said Dempsey would be cut. Whether he said Donovan would start or not, I don’t remember.

              I do remember that he said Green would start. I think that is what got him in all the trouble here.

    • Gus says:

      THIS. Related note, you don’t use the 2014 World Cup as some primer for the 2018 World Cup. That’s what all those damn friendlies are for!

      • Jack says:

        Sports are cruel and you have no idea who is and who isn’t going to be playing in 4 years.

  149. 1776croatswede says:

    we won’t, because Altidore will get a hat trick, and Aron Johannson will score a bicycle kick goal.

    oh, I almost forgot, Wondo, he will be known as “Wondo-ful” when he scores a volley in the final, winning the world cup for the USA in the Maracana.

    You have to be optimistic.

    PS. Who thought Greece would beat portugal in portugal in 2004??? This might be the USA’s chance

  150. Zachary says:

    Here’s Klinsmann’s justification, not a whole lot there.


    • Chris says:

      A classless non-answer. He made this decision weeks ago and has been playing with us all.

      • Julio says:

        Your are so right Chris. What a slight, sorry, much more than a slight, I mean, Klinsmann just disrespected everyone, and I mean everyone, associated with SBI!

        How could he do this to us!

  151. Reg Chapman says:

    Don’t know if anyone saw this but it’s interesting: “Steven Goff @SoccerInsider · 1h

    Seems like there may have been a rift…

  152. Julio says:

    Besides all the predictors here that said Yedlin would be the first player cut, what have all those predictors who also said Klinsmann will wait ’till the last minute to name his 23. I believe that was what was posted just this morning.

    I mean, how accurate were the writers and commenters here?

  153. thegazelle says:


  154. Troy says:

    I guess Gooch and Boca don’t feel a smidge as bad right about now.

  155. JoeBob says:

    Julian Green makes this team ahead of Donovan? Really? Green has how many 1st team games? I guess 1 sub apperance for Bayern Munich makes team.

  156. thegazelle says:


  157. NOLAJ says:

    We are in the group of deathliest deathly death. As deep as the squad is, compared to Germany and Portugal it’s 1994 all over again. Klinnsman has to go full on Bora.
    The only way we get out of the group is if every player gives every breath to the very end. As Michael Bradley said the other day we have to be able to suffer more. Watch Landon’s performance in the Mexico game and MLS. He’s missing his fifth gear and his heart is not in the game. This team needs to constantly challenge and improve each other, you can’t have one guy off to the side pondering the meaning of life, even if he is the greatest player the country has ever produced.

  158. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Davis? Davis sucks with USNT since Arena era! Boyd never had a chance to improve with those ‘nickles and dimes’ caps! Donovan has carried USNT!

  159. Julio says:

    I must, out of empathy, tell Slowleftarm how very sorry for him I am. Slow, I know this is the very worst of times for you. I feel for you.

    However, be prepared, things (like what Julian Green does) will get much worse for you. Dang, If I was within 400 miles of you I would come and give you a hug.

    • Juando says:

      Green is all hype, unless your middle name is Nostradamus you don’t know a damn thing more than anyone else.

  160. soccerhorn says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Is it possible I’m now cheering against my own country? I’m certainly cheering against Klinsmann.

    • Brett says:

      Why are people fans of players over being fans of their country/team?

      • Duke says:

        I have a hard time identifying with many on this team and don’t consider them my countrymen. Landon Donovan is my countryman, Julian Green is not and he has no place on this roster.

        I want Klinsmann gone as soon as we’re eliminated

        • Brett says:

          Julian Green’s father served your country. He was born on your soil. Every last one of your countrymen descends from immigrants to this land.

          We won’t miss you. Have fun with your sour grapes.

    • Brad says:

      Don’t worry, we have just taken your Fan Card away. (but not for reasons you think)

    • MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

      See you later bud.You wont be missed.

  161. Brett says:

    Not surprised by Davis, Green, or Yedlin…but LD is a shock. He’s definitely a better option than a few players who made the cut. This team had better score goals or Klinsi will be shredded upon his return. He must have been in pretty poor form during camp, to leave off a player of his experience and soccer IQ.

  162. Brad says:

    Whats really messed up is that if I could sub a player, I would I would take Brooks off for Goodson. I might even choose to add Edu, before I sub in Donovan.

    • MN Footie says:

      I’m right there with you. Not enough people are talking about Goodson’s omission – I mean, he’s not world class or anything, but he’s been a solid backup CB option for us over the past cycle, and with Gonzo being Gonzo, and JAB being… well, not great for us so far, I would have liked to see some more reliable depth in the middle of the back line. Ah, well. Maybe Cameron’s a CB?

  163. Scott e Dio93 says:

    I wish best luck for USNT but Brad Davis isn’t quality for the World Cup, and leaving Donovan is among worse mistak.

  164. RBNY says:

    When you have Brad Davis making the squad over Landon, something is up.

  165. Charles says:

    I must say, heads here are exploding. I didn’t believe it would happen, but Expat said this would happen a long time ago. He really did. And he was attacked for it so he left.

    But, what do all of you say now? Was Expat right?

    • Jack says:

      Which part?

    • Jack says:

      I always give him credit for calling that Martin Vasquez would get fired. He certainly called Green and Yedlin being on the team. However I thought he said Dempsey was getting benched and Donovan would start.

  166. Mark from LA says:

    looks like that Gatorade campaign that includes Donovan is gonna have to go back to the editing bay…

  167. Joe says:

    For those who have mentioned “rooting against the US” one player does not make a team. As bothered by this decision as I am, I’m a supporter of the USMNT first and foremost although I have mixed feelings about Klinsmann now

  168. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Brad Davis = Jason Kreis of USNT….both are/were with their MLS, but both had zero impact with USNT!

  169. KenC says:

    I’m only a little shocked, but not as shocked as I am about how overweight Landon appears to be. He just looks like he needs to lose about 15 pounds to get back to playing shape.

  170. Glove69 says:

    What I don’t seem to understand or like is that JK has named a roster before any games have been played. Look close enough and there are more than a few guys on the roster who were not in the best form coming in from the club or even playing for their club. One week is a decent amount of time but I really think JK did himself and the team disservice buy not seeing them under “real” game pressure to see who performs and who cracks. Practice is important but never mistake it for a game.

    Brooks looked horrible vs. Ukraine and by my account was responsible or partially responsible for the 2 goals. That in itself had me thinking he’s not on plane to Brasil. Sorry Davis has an educated left and nothing else…no wheels and he’s old. What dirty work does he do in Houston to make him so valuable cuz I don’t see much?

    As a few posters have alluded to Wynald/ Harkes ’98 mess, can’t help but wonder if this leaves a really bad taste in Dempsey, Bradley, Beasley and Howard’s mouths (core leadership of team). Lastly bringing in 4 forwards seems a bit light. Only confidence in Aron and Clint. Maybe Jozy surprises us but I don’t care what Wondo does in practice his game is too slow and unskilled for the World Cup. Without service what can he create on his own?

    • Jack says:

      Brooks was also just as bad against Austria and Bosnia.

    • Jack says:

      Pretty sure Brooks was offered the same deal as Green.

    • GW says:

      Mr. 69,

      Ghana is only a few weeks away. If you know your 23 then you need to get working on your plans NOW.

      You were not in camp.

      If the reports are true and LD was just not in game shape or not into it then as unpleasant as this is for Mikey, Howard, Clint and DMB, they have seen worse and they will know they have to suck it up and be even more steadfast, especially now that LD is gone.

      And if he was cut because the fix was in or there was bad blood, they will know that too and they will have a decision to make about which direction to take it.

      When was the last time you saw the USMNT or any team play with 4 forwards?

      As for Wondo, he’s not on this team to “create on his own”. He is on this team to finish off chances.

      • Citronomics says:

        Not surprised at all that Wondo is in the WC 23. Putting aside for a moment the level of international competition Wondo played against, he got into good positions in the box and consistently scored. If Wondo continued this form in camp as some SBI commenters have indicated, then yeah Wondo is our 4th forward.

        I personally would have taken Boyd but that’s my bias as appears both have been on form and therefore Wondo’s play with the NATS earns hi the spot.

      • Citronomics says:

        Not surprised at all that Wondo is in the WC 23. Putting aside for a moment the level of international competition Wondo played against, he got into good positions in the box and consistently scored. If Wondo continued this form in camp as some SBI commenters have indicated, then yeah Wondo is our 4th forward.

        I personally would have taken Boyd but that’s my bias as appears both have been on form and therefore Wondo’s *recent* play and goal scoring record with the NATS earns him the spot.

    • SD says:

      dempsey and donovan are not buddies….known fact

  171. Jack says:

    I’m actually pretty mad about Boyd not making the 23.

    • D-Bo says:

      I wouldn’t say that I’m mad. I would say I’m surprised that he was not selected over Wondo or Davis. A potential goal scorer is always nice to have.

  172. Julio says:

    Okay, now we have something, the 7 were cut, they left camp. We now have the 23 who will train together, play 3 send-off friendlies, and then go to Brazil to play Ghana, Portugal and Germany.

    I wish them well. And yes, it will be something special if we get out of group.

  173. YouGoddaBeKiddinMe says:

    I can’t believe that Timmy Can’t-Be-Bothered-To-Get-On-a-Plane-to-Play-For-the-USA Chandler got on the squad and Landon Donovan. It’s a disgrace, frankly. I hope they lose big time. Maybe Klinsi will get fired.

  174. Boycott2022 says:

    Klinsi is banking on Brooks and Cameron covering for CD weakness (Besler, Gonzo), which left Edu OUT, and as a result Beckerman was IN. Davis beating out LD is the head scratcher. LD has so many more intangibles, but continuously rattled JK cage…. one too many times. I sure hope Green and Mix and contribute. FJ and DB better stand the test.

  175. Juan from L.A. says:

    Is the formation everyone agrees we can see from Klinsi…

    —–Altidore (Johansson)

    ——-FJ(Green)——Dempsey (Mix)——Zusi (Bedoya)—-
    ——-Jones (Beckermann)—-Bradley—–


    ——Howard (Guzan)—–

    • dewey says:

      Nope. FJ is def starting at LB. Beasley is a perfect sub at LB/LM later in the game, and if we need an offensive sub, then FJ will switch to LM w/ Beasley at LB.

      Starting 11 I think most agree on, and what makes the most sense now is:

      —–Altidore (Wondo)

      —— Bedoya (Davis)——Dempsey (Johannson)——Zusi (Green)—-

      ——-Jones (Beckerman)—-Bradley(Mix)—–

      —-F. Johnson(Beasley)—Cameron(Gonzalez)—Besler(Brooks)—Chandler(Yedlin)

      ——Howard (Guzan/Rimando)—–

      We’d likely switch formation around if we need changes, and I honestly think a 4-4-2 w/ a diamond middle might give us the best shot against Ghana, and I’d start AJ there:

      —–Dempsey (Altidore/Wondo)——– Johannson (Green)———–


      —— Bedoya (Davis)—— ——Zusi (Green)—-

      ——-Jones (Beckerman)—

      —-F. Johnson(Beasley)—Cameron(Gonzalez)—Besler(Brooks)—Chandler(Yedlin)

      ——Howard (Guzan/Rimando)—–

  176. Jack says:

    Before I think you could get away with taking Green and perhaps not even playing him. Now he has to play and play a good number of minute, perhaps even start a match or two.

    • Julio says:

      Oh no, that would mean expat would win his bets. We can’t have that.

      • Chris says:

        Just because some NUT predicted this doesn’t mean it is a good thing to happen in reality. Just means Klinsi is equally a NUT.

  177. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    I am actually ok wit no donovan. He seemed uninspired, out of shape and insecure about his chances of making the team.

    He’s a better player than Davis. But do you really want a guy who doesnt seem to care on your team?

  178. Jason b says:

    If a player on the 23 is injured between now and the World Cup, does someone else get to replace him?
    Omar Gonzales is hurt, maybe jk wants to show Donovan how much we love him and will switch OG with him in a few days….. Please be the case!!!!!!!

    • Dc says:

      just found this:

      6. A player listed on the final list may only be replaced in the event of
      serious injury up until 24 hours before the kick-off of his team’s first match.
      The replacement players do not need to be limited to the release list.

    • GW says:

      If any of the 23 get so hurt they can’t make the World Cup, then the US has until the first game to get a note from their doctor and can call up a sub from anywhere. Most likely it would be one of the seven cuts but it is not mandatory.

      They could call up Marvell Wynne or Edgar Castillo but not Lalas or Twellman who are not players anymore.

      Keep an eye on AJ, Omar and Chandler who all had recent injury issues.

      Given the USMNT injury history this may not be over yet.

  179. Alex C says:

    I was surprised at LD being left out, but I take it at face value – LD was not in good form. Every time I saw him play for the Galaxy this year, the lack of form was noticeable and troubling. A great player not in good form can hurt the team a lot.

  180. longtimeSBI lurker says:

    I’ve been reading this site for a long time, thank you Ives.

    My first time post. Please everyone, we want the same thing, for the USMNT to be the best it can be. Please stop with the hate.

  181. Zachary says:

    I think taking Julian Green is a mistake. He’s full of promise and should develop into a solid player for the USMNT. But 99% of teams would not take a guy with a total of 1 cap to the World Cup. This is insane.

    • Dc says:

      don’t forget, no first team minutes, either.

      • Zachary says:

        Yep, it’s really hard to justify bringing him to Brazil. And if he does play, there’s a good chance he’ll be like a deer in the headlights. Which would be very understandable.

        • SBIforever says:

          Zachary, why does’t Klinsmann listen to us? What is wrong with him?

          • Zachary says:

            Personally, I think he probably feels like we are going out in the first round, no matter what team he fields. I don’t think Klinsmann truly believes we can get out of that group.

            With that reasoning, it would explain why he includes a lot of youngsters with little to no experience, and hopes for better luck in 2018. But this is still a World Cup, and not fielding the strongest possible squad is lame.

    • Duke says:

      BINGO… he has earned NOTHING

    • EasyBaygrease says:

      This reminds me of when Theo Walcott was called into the England squad for the 2006 world cup without every having played a match in the Premier League.

      • GW says:

        That’s because he was playing for Southampton then. At the time they were in the Championship.

  182. Glove69 says:

    Oh yea Gatorade you need to take Landon of the ad at the top of the page…oooppps you thought he was a lock as did 95% of us other than the few wise azz posters who think they are a cut above the rest when it comes to really understanding the beautiful game. Pull the tape of Mexico game and ask yourself why JK had Beltran starting over Yedlin? If he likes Yedlin what changed his mind over the last 7 weeks? I think Yedlin has potential but like Green do you see either making an impact. Bringing Green is one think but Yedlin lacks big game experience. Speed can only make up for so much when you put yourself in tight positions. Gutsy calls from JK but I have a German friend who despises him and he lived in Germany until 2008. JK is not well thought of for his tactical or personell decisions there. I think he’s a step up for us in some ways but let’s be honest Germany finishing 3rd on it’s home soil was a disgrace per my friend Lucas. I’d have to agree….

  183. nyrb4ever says:

    this is the beginning of the end for klinsmann. I don’t care how good a player Landon Donovan is, at the very least you take him as a veteran locker room leader. And even more ridiculous how does yedlin make the roster. He is a terrible defender who gets destroyed on a weekly basis by mls guys like fagundez.

  184. Jack says:

    Boyd has to be kicking himself for not holding out for a golden ticket like the others.

  185. clickclackmoo says:

    Klinsmann has previously said that the teams that are willing to suffer and sacrifice the most will have the best chances to advance. I think it’s pretty clear that Donovan has lost that hunger and edge to his game. In an interview after returning from his self-imposed exile he commented on how he envies the fact that Dempsey is still hungry. Frankly, I think Klinsmann could see that Donovan just does not have the same fire anymore and that’s why he’s not going to Brazil.

  186. Duke says:

    I am not happy. This roster has several gaping holes that I had hoped he would have avoided. We will go 3 and out and yes, I am now firmly on the FIRE KLINSMANN bandwagon. He has not picked a team that has any chance of winning a game in this group

  187. SBIforever says:

    I tell you. This is the worst thing that could have happened. Everyone at SBI knows it. I am with all of you, I now hope we don’t score a point in the 3 matches, and furthermore, I hope we don’t score a goal.

    Klinsmann has to be fired today! Tab sent back to the U20s, and Berti to where ever he came from. We need to name Martin Vasquez as our coach. HE DESERVES IT! This will be our worst world cup ever

    • SoccerJosh says:


    • Anthony says:

      Well…that is not foolish or nearsighted. Let’s punish the entire team for the benefit of 1 player.While I don’t agree with it, it am not going to condemn the entire team. In an interview Jurgen says he wants the leaders to put the team first. He is not willing to give Donovan the benefit of the doubt after his hiatus.

  188. Mr_A says:

    First the Popsicle Sticks on Parade uniforms, and now this! They better win. And if they do, we should all photoshop old uniforms onto the players. Maybe cool TV graphics can do that for us anyway. Sheesh!

  189. Fredo says:

    I am furious.

  190. Glove69 says:

    I am still hoping that Aron or Dempsey continue their form at WC and Howard plays lights out along with a solid midfield. That gives some hope but the team is lacking depth all over and as we know in a very difficult group. I think today took some of the wind out of my sails. I just don’t understand why JK did not use the 1st game as measuring stick before he made any decisions on roster. If he is all about competition that that’s fine let those who in practice shined prove it in a game to certify that he has the best squad named. Now if you have a problem what do you do? Fast forward to May 28th. JK “Sorry DeAndre I need to let you go and same with you Brad.” If he brings someone back does that create a sense of confusion? Or will he just order the Titanic full speed ahead and go with a gut feeling?

    • GW says:

      Mr. 69,

      These are exhibition games. The opponents will not be going all out. Think of them as sparring partners.

      If you already are sure about your 23 then they are BEST used to try out tactics, formations, etc. not try out players.

      For better or worse, JK wants to get down to business NOW as soon as possible.

      Does that make sense to you?

    • Jack says:

      Aron’s actually been in pretty poor form over the last few months. He needs to turn it around.

  191. Troy says:

    My theory is that as we play these 3 friendlies, someone pulls a quad and Landon is asked back. Bet if that happens that would light a fire in him.

  192. Steve-0 says:

    Seriously, where is the petition to sign? Or who do I pay to injure Davis?

  193. RogDog says:

    Wow! I only have three things to say.

    1. How bad did Landon do on that beep test?

    2. Did anyone see Landon with any other players wife?

    3. Are you ready to party like it’s 1998?

  194. Gus says:

    From Landon’s FB:

    To my fans,

    It has been an honor and privilege to have represented the US National Team in three World Cups. I was looking forward to playing in Brazil and, as you can imagine, I am very disappointed with today’s decision. Regardless, I will be cheering on my friends and teammates this summer, and I remain committed to helping grow soccer in the US in the years to come.

    Thanks for all your support,


  195. Kevin says:

    Maybe JK doesn’t like sharing the spotlight with such a well known player. Landon can make or break him with an interview.

  196. Expat4455 says:

    Hello all. Been keeping up with the articles and comment threads, check in every other day or so.

    Decided to make this one post, and then maybe make some again after the friendlies or the group. I stand by my bet, I say Julian Green will be in the top 2 on the team in goals scored+assists combined. In both the 3 friendlies and the 3 group games.

    btw, Although I don’t think much of our captain I never said he would be cut, in fact, I believe he will start against Ghana. I never said Landon would start, but I am somewhat surprised that he was cut.

    Best wishes, Expat4455

    • Jack says:

      haha Thanks for clearly that up.

    • Jack says:

      You also called Yedlin being in this team, and considering how he’s looked this year, that’s also pretty shocking.

      • Expat4455 says:

        Thanks Jack, but I have to say, Yedlin was a reach. I knew he was fast and not a bad player. What made up my mind was a short video of the 30 players the first day of camp. DeAndre was running and stopped, made it a point, and introduced himself to Julian. Said something, shook his hand and moved on.

        I thought, that boy (DeAndre) knows what it’s about, I think he can make it. I know how good Julian is, and the only player, or at least the only player on the video, that sought him out was DeAndre. So I went with it.

    • Chris says:

      HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Only way he is top 2 in goals scored and assists combined is if the US scores about 3 goals total during those games.

      Which actually, is probably a good bet. I guess your right.

      And BTW, I’m not sure if correctly predicting ignorant choices makes you look good. I think it just means Klinsi is as demented as you are.

      • Jack says:

        Maybe Expat is Klinsmann

        • Charles says:

          No, my guess is if Expat is anyone it would be Ramos or Vogt. Because, if I remember correctly, Expat doesn’t think very much of Klinsmann as a coach, he said he was a terrible coach.

          That was probably why he predicted, correctly, that there would be a coaching change.

  197. Omaha Central says:

    Rumor on twitter is that Donovan made a pass at Klinsi’s daughter.

  198. Brant says:

    I get the point of leaving Landon off. And I understand having Yedlin, Green, and Brooks at the end of the bench going thru the experience in advance of the next World Cup cycle.
    Even so, I think I’d be more inclined to take Lando over Bedoya.
    The big switch that I would’ve made would’ve been either Brooks or Yedlin for either Parkhurst or Edu. Probably not both swaps, since Klinsi’s clearly wanting to prep some guys for 2018, but both Parkhurst and Edu are pretty versatile guys in good form and would’ve been useful backups.

    • Jack says:

      Everyone keeps running this idea out there that this is about building for 2018. Which is nonsense to start with. However Brad Davis 32, Chris Wondolowski 31, being in this team destroys that argument . You can’t even argue they have World Cup experience to pass on to the younger players.

    • Charles says:

      You still can’t accept reality Brant. Yedlin, Green and Brooks will not be at “the end of the bench”.

      Look, you predicted that they would be cut, would not make the 23, said they didn’t deserve to be in the 30. I can’t wait until Brazil, or wait, no, until the friendlies and see what you have to say when those 3 will be somewhere else, on the field.

      What is wrong with you commenters here like this guy Brant? I mean, seriously, what makes you hate so much that the U.S. team is not associated with your little club.

      • Chris says:

        I think he will probably be saying how disgusted he is, because those three players are not ready for the big leagues yet.

        Like, are you serious? Those guys are going to get torched if they see the field in the World Cup.

      • Brant says:

        “Look, you predicted that they would be cut, would not make the 23, said they didn’t deserve to be in the 30.”

        I dare you to show me where I made any such comments. I have not commented about the USMNT on SBI in over a year.

        I love the USMNT. I was at dos a cero III in Columbus in ’05 and I’ve got years of games stored on my hard drive I’ll still go back and watch on occasion. I’ve got a signed Hejduk jersey from the USMNT hanging on my wall. I’m the guy that started the “Cherundolo-as-a-verb” meme during the US-Argentina game at Giants Stadium back in 2008

        I don’t expect to see a lot of Yedlin, Green, or Brooks ahead of the other guys on the roster, and I can completely understand bringing them along get some experience. That’s not hate, that’s my personal opinion built over 35+ years of playing, coaching, covering, and watching soccer in 6 countries on 2 continents.

        Either way, I don’t expect the presence of any of the three “kids” to make or break the performance of the team in Brazil. I expect the games will be won or lost on the performances of Bradley, Howard, Dempsey, Altidore, and Besler, not Bedoya, Davis, Green, Yedlin, or Beckerman.

        But to pounce on an opinion like you did? You’re going to pull a hamstring jumping to conclusions like that.

  199. fastrightleg says:

    What is really going on?

    link to bleacherreport.com

    • Jack says:

      Something personal no doubt

    • Charles says:

      Like father, like son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      Thank goodness we have Tab and Berti.

    • ilikefreddyyesadu says:

      Really? This disgusting and probably signifies that decision had more to do with personal issues between Klinsmann & Donovan than some people want to believe. My 8-year-old does things like this after hearing me badmouth my neighbor!

  200. Tim F. says:


    Your website is all blue; can’t read any text (not a problem on any other webstie). Can you e-mail me back any setting changes that need to be made for your website.

  201. Ron Konkoma says:

    These conspiracy theories are ridiculous.

    There were no guaranteed roster spots to get the players of german heritage to switch nationalities

    Landon Donovan didn’t make the team because Klinsmann doesn’t rate hi higher than the players he decided to bring

    Klinsmann is only thinking about THIS World Cup, he’s not bringing in players for 2018

    • Chris says:

      So…..Green is going to help us win THIS World Cup? Do you know that he has played 42 minutes of soccer in 2014?

      • Broward says:

        No, but with our defense, do you doubt that Green looked good in camp? Hell, the ball boy got a look too I bet!

      • Charles says:

        Where you get, “help us win THIS world cup” from Chris. Ron didn’t say that, he did not even imply that, you made it up.

        Please, tell me, where did you get the info that Green played 42 minutes in 2014. Or did you make that up too?

        • Chris says:

          It was directly discussed on ESPN buddy, do some research.

          And Ron said the player decisions were about 2014, not 2018. So Green is in, Donovan out, is about 2014. That implies Green could help when THIS World Cup.

          It’s all easy to understand, sorry that you are struggling.

    • Ron Konkoma says:

      I don’t think we’re in a position to win this world cup, but we can go deep into the tournament and I see no reason to believe Green can’t help us do that. Landon Donovan himself was inexperienced when he had his breakout performance in the 2002 world cup, albeit slightly older, with only a little bit more experience.

    • shockedandawed says:

      OK fine. Green has potential off the bench. But brooks? A 21 year old center back vs ghana Portugal and Germany? His appearance vs Ukraine? There must be more to this right?

      • Brett says:

        Are you honestly any more confident in Gonzalez? I think Cameron and Besler are the first choice CBs. Brooks might play against Germany because of his familiarity.

      • Ron Konkoma says:

        I understand, respectfully. But the other side to the thinking about Brooks is that he’s a proven CB in the Bundesliga, where most of the German national team plays.

        P.S. to my earlier comment: this whole idea of players not being American enough is bogus, see: Carlos Llamosa, Earnie Stewart, David Regis, Pablo Mastroeni. All participated in 2002, all were born in another country. Some would argue that they spent some of their development here, but at what point do they become “American enough?” There’s no objective way to assess that. An what about players that move to a foreign academy at a young age. Does their development outside of the US jeopardize their “American enough” status?

  202. AC says:

    Don’t like the Donovan exclusion but still hope this lying team can play with no fear and get out of the group. It sure does have speed for lack of experience

  203. RNG says:

    Well we are now officially a real soccer nation with a real soccer scandal driving everyone crazy. Welcome to the big leagues!

    (And sorry to see Landon go, especially vs Brad Davis)

  204. Good Jeremy says:

    Did anyone see JK’s son mocking Donovan on twitter? That makes me think he is being talked about around the house.
    There were a lot of questionable decisions that I will defer to the coach who scouts for a living and is in practice everyday, but Davis over Donovan is an insult and with what his son said it looks like it’s a personal feud.

    • Sam says:

      No, Green over Donovan is an insult…Eurosnob mentality to point to Davis, who is better than Green right now

  205. Broward says:

    So basically, Green was always going so the late game sub to run like crazy was already set. If you need poise and that instant impact in the box, Jurgen feels he has found that in Wondo so he is that attacking sub. And you need someone to come in and replace a midfield winger, take that pass from Green because he opened up the outside defense with his speed, and put the cross on Wondo’s head, so you have Davis. If this all works, I will now base everything on the philosophy used for picking players on a playstation game. Sadly, I think Jurgen has become a bit too American.

    • Jack says:

      Green is starting. just get use to the idea now.

    • David M says:

      Jurgen has become too American??? I’m beginning to think that he’s an agent sent here to destroy American soccer.

      • Broward says:

        He is bringing the american football to soccer, namely thinking there is a positional player with a specific skill-set for his guys. Look, there is no position in any other athletic endeavor for someone who is 350 lbs and can run a 4.8 40, but dies if he runs 60 yards, except as a lineman in the NFL. Elsewhere, that is a fast dude who is going to die young from health complications. Well, he is using that same scientific method of skill and aptitude defined selection here, it seems to me. Either that, or he has already talked to the several other players who are on the fence for joining the US program and has told them to watch how much play Green and Yedlin get as a way to these prospects that he will play them if they trust him.

  206. Dc says:

    I would be OK with this if Klinsmann came out and said Donovan looked bad in training. I think that would justify this. But he said Landon was “working very hard” and “did nothing wrong.” I am attending an open practice on Monday at Stanford, I have a journalist disguise, and yes, I will ask him.

    • Broward says:

      His kid has already made him look like an as#hat on twitter, you think he is going to say anything other than positives about Donovan? He will thank Donovan for his impact over the past 12 years, and his gracious way of taking the news about being cut, and that will be it. He only courts disaster if he talks any more about it, then after saying who played better in training, puts that guy on against Azerbaijan and he tanks.

      • Jack says:

        Who in the soccer press has the guts to ask Klinsmann about the tweet? Come on Ives!

  207. Shimmzy says: