MLS Week 12: SBI Live Commentary



Two of the hottest teams in Major League Soccer square off at Gillette Stadium tonight as the first-place New England Revolution face D.C. United in a clash of Eastern Conference powers.

New England is riding a five-match unbeaten streak heading into the clash against a D.C. United side that is 5-1-2 in their past eight matches.

The Portland Timbers are at Red Bull Arena tonight to take on the New York Red Bulls in a battle of underachieving teams. These teams led their respective conferences in 2013, but haven’t been able to get going quite yet in 2014.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s MLS matches so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Live Commentary is after the jump):

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16 Responses to MLS Week 12: SBI Live Commentary

  1. reignman says:

    Someone should tell Seattle the game has started, they are making a really bad habit of starting games extremely poorly and today is no different. Seattle is missing 5 key players but that is no excuse for not at least giving effort

  2. Matt says:

    Portland hacks, hacks, hacks year after year. I hate Portland, the vibe has worn off.

  3. Matt says:

    Portland sucks, what did I say? Boo-yah!!

  4. deepvalue says:

    The DC United guy keeps pronouncing the word Artisan like the word Cartesian when he does fast food ads. This is a real problem and it’s been happening for weeks. I can’t take it.

  5. reignman says:

    Seattle just fell apart on the Hurtado goal. Alonso and Traore collide in the box and then Frei refuses to raise his arms to stop a goal. Instead of making yourself big he shrunk, not a good goalie

    • reignman says:

      Confirmed, frei is a terrible goalie, what is gods name is he doing there? Just literally gave a goal away to Vancouver, what a disaster.

  6. start Wondo says:

    Portland just isn’t very good

  7. deepvalue says:

    DC United first half notes: Bill Hamid has raised his game and should continue to get national pool looks. EJ is getting almost no service and looks utterly disinterested in this game.

  8. reignman says:

    Ref just called a horrendous penalty in the Seattle game, Demerrit has done nothing wrong there

    • reignman says:

      This ref has lost it completely, no idea where six minutes comes from. Hurtado fouls Pappa three times and Pappa gets called for something? Hes off his rocker

  9. cak says:

    MLS refs are ruining any enjoyment of watching these games. Last night – the Henry call was shocking. How a FIFA certified ref calls that a penalty is beyond me.

    Tonight the Demerit call is even worse.

    MLS better do something about the refs. I find the quality of play to be good, the style of play to be exciting, but with such horrific reffing I am losing interest in watching MLS games.

  10. RB says:

    Shane O’Neill gets his first MLS goal on a nice blast from distance, after Kamani Hill put in a nicer shot from distance to get his first in over a year.

  11. RB says:

    And speaking of bad reffing, Montreal were just robbed of a goal by an incorrect offside call from the AR…

  12. Fredo says:

    Oh Landon Donovan…