SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Obafemi Martins

ObafemiMartins (JaneG Photography)

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17 Responses to SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Obafemi Martins

  1. Brett says:

    That look made me laugh so hard.

  2. reignman says:

    This was my choice but that Higuain goal was really really nice as well. Long distance chip goal

  3. Quit whining about soccer in the US says:

    Oba has pencil legs….lift some weights or something.

    • Lindells says:

      What photos or videos are you seeing? Oba is one stout little dude. Just look at the top photo of this article. Unless you’re a body builder with disgustingly huge legs, I’m pretty those aren’t pencil legs.

  4. Broadsthooligans says:

    I saw Noguiera’s goal at the beginning of the Union game and then suffered through the depression of the rest ofthe game. In the lot we all agreed that at least he’d win goal of the week. It was our one drip of solace from the most miserable game I’ve seen in a long time. And before we even get out ofthe lot someone in the backseat catches a tweet. Simply the word wow with a link to a video. The hope was gone before Oba even turned his lanky little legs.

  5. solles says:

    it wasnt THAT great a goal, but it was really nice. some flounders are honestly, with astraight face, saying this should be the FIFA world goal of the year. god those people have an inflated ego.

    • Clyde Frog says:

      I check out lots of Sounders related sites and I haven’t seen such comments. But hey, whatever sustains your negative stereotypes I guess.

      And also, this really shouldn’t have to even been said, but no intelligent comment about a group of people has ever referred to them as “those people”.

    • SteveE says:

      No one has said FIFA goal of the year. Get over yourself.

      • solles says:

        oh yes they have, ive seen it on two different message boards including

  6. Bach's Thumb says:

    He’s good at soccer.

  7. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Some people we complaining about Martins, last year.