ESPN unveils Bradley Sportscenter commercial

Michael Bradley


With the World Cup exactly one week away, ESPN has unveiled their latest soccer-themed commercial.

The commercial, starring U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder Michael Bradley, pokes fun at the game’s longstanding tradition of including local youth in pre-game entrances. Bradley’s ad joins the ranks of U.S. Soccer SportsCenter commercials that have included Landon Donovan, Abby Wambach and Jozy Altidore.

Here is the newest USMNT ESPN commercial:

What do you think of the commercial? How does it compare to ESPN’s past soccer ads?

Share your thoughts below.

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45 Responses to ESPN unveils Bradley Sportscenter commercial

  1. nato says:

    I love the promotional material but why aren’t Jermaine Jones and Jozy Altidore more in the foreground?

    PR should go in this order- Dempsey, Bradley, Howard, Jozy, Jones.

    those are the 5 most famous. Jones’ story is good as he was born abroad but coming to love the nation of his forefathers.

    JOzy because he’s young and battling the odds to get to the TOP

  2. lize says:

    damn he is TALL. I read he was like 5’7 when he was 15 and a year later grew to 6’2

    anyone ever had that kinda growth spurt growing up?

    • vik says:

      My brother was 5’2″ at 18 and got up to 5’10” in college. Late growth spurt.

    • Dace says:

      I was pretty much the same, was about 5’6-5’8 in 7th grade and by the time i was done with 9th I was 6’2-6’3.

      Just under 6’5 now, didn’t do much more growing in high school…or growing up for that matter…

    • 1st Time Caller says:

      I had an almost identical spurt. Was 5’7″ to start 8th grade, a year later I was 6’4″ starting my freshman year. Then grew an inch every year thereafter was 6’8″ by the time I was graduating high school.

  3. Del Griffin says:

    dumb, espn is dumb

  4. ZTom says:

    “”damn he is TALL. I read he (Bardley) was like 5’7 when he was 15 and a year later grew to 6’2″”

    Being tall, and naturally having good family connections within the USSF heirarchy, are prerequisites if you want to go anywhere in the US youth sawker system. They don’t call the ODP program, Overly Determined Parents for naught, you know.

    Same with baseball, too. They don’t recruit pitchers under 6’2″ for sure. The exceptions are the rule of course, Tim Lincecum, being one.

  5. smartestonthepitch says:

    odd, very odd. A little bit creepy to.

  6. Jonathan H says:

    If you’re looking for evidence that the USMNT is in desperate need of some personality this is it.

    Did they even show MB’s face for more than 5 seconds in this spot ?

  7. MLSsnob says:

    I kinda liked it, guess I’m in the minority.

  8. Chicago Josh says:

    Booooooorrrrriiiiiiing. The one with LD kicking the photocopy machine four years ago was better. Not much charisma on this team.

  9. Brett says:

    Not as good as LD being sent off by the copier/fax, but still funny.

  10. Cabrito says:

    Should have been Klinsmann holding hands with Julian Green.

  11. J443UU3ENENWNWNW33 says:

    this was decent but forgettable.

    where are the ones for Jozy and Dempsey and Howard?

    come on CORDDRY

  12. Jonathan H says:

    Even though MB is the engine of the team I’m not sure the guy with the reputation of never smiling should be making promotional spots.

    If only Mix was in the starting 11…

  13. Royals says:

    Bradley is the Xavi of the USMNT.

  14. Courey says:

    Lame. Don’t think it is all that creative either.

  15. Ryan SATX says:

    I liked it ok, but the Donovan one with the printer is the best. Love that commercial.

  16. Mr_A says:

    They could do the Landon Donovan one again, and it would still be better. They could bring it up to date, and get him sent off the roster, and Landon might even go along with it with a good sense of humor.

  17. Brain Guy says:

    I like it, but I’m still waiting for a spot where Tim Howard is in full GK mode, shouting and clapping and encouraging and berating people in their cubicles.

  18. Stew says:

    Regardless of the commercial the kid should be the model for how we develop players in this country.

    My college teammate grew up near him and said he was the most athletic but became our most valuable player by (among other things):
    *Spending hours a day on technical repetition
    *Always seeking good pick up games against older players
    *Learning how to compete
    US Soccer should take all of this into consideration instead of that bullsh8t curriculum that Javier Perez handed us
    MB had some advantages but the kid is self made and earned his stripes

    • Smith says:

      Until your last sentence I thought you were talking about the kid in the commercial.

      • Steve says:

        Please explain how the curriculum does not address the development of technical, intelligent, competitive players.

  19. Stew says:

    Ha….good one Smith…yeah it does look like that but what I said is so true.

  20. Stew says:

    Steve please tell me you are joking. I don’t even no where to begin. Almost speechless if you think this drivel is going to produce players. Plus do you know anything about Perez?

    • Steve says:

      Figure out where you want you to begin with your explanation and go for it. I am really interested to hear what you think of the curriculum (regardless, if I believe you are partially/completely right/wrong about it). And yes, I do know who Javier Perez is. I love working with clubs and colleges to help develop players, so I have a very deep interest in what goes on with U.S. Soccer’s curriculum and the implementation of it.

  21. Eric says:

    Haha, I’m liking that commercial. Good stuff, ESPN.