Uruguay controversially take down Italy to advance to knockout stage

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Diego Godin seems to have a fondness for scoring big goals in hugely important matches.

Godin’s thumping 81st minute header led Uruguay to a 1-0 victory over 10-man Italy, sealing Uruguay’s place in the tournament’s knockout round while also dooming Italy to an early exit. Godin’s finish off of substitute Gaston Ramirez’s corner may have sent the Uruguayans through, but it was what happened just before it that will be the game’s lasting memory.

Uruguay star Luis Suarez found himself in yet another controversial incident just one minute prior to Godin’s finish. The Uruguayan forward jostled with Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, with the latter claiming that he had been bitten by the star striker. The accusations would mark the third biting incident surrounding Suarez since the last World Cup, although the referee took no action.

La Celeste benefitted from the Italians being down a man due to a Claudio Marchisio red card in the 59th minute. The Juventus midfielder was sent off for a tackle on Arévalo Rios, as Marchisio placed his studs up high in a tackle on the Uruguyan shortly after losing the ball.

Prior to Marchisio’s sending off, the former World Cup champions were very much in control of the game, as the Azzurri needed only a draw to progress to the next round. Even after going down to ten men, Italy appeared to be the stronger side until the Suarez incident sent the game into a frenzy, leading to Godin’s game-winning header.

With the win, Uruguay progress to the knockout rounds, where they will take on either Colombia or the Ivory Coast. Meanwhile, Italy fail to make the knockout stage in back-to-back tournaments for the first time since 1966.

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88 Responses to Uruguay controversially take down Italy to advance to knockout stage

  1. K2 says:

    Adios, Luis

    • James says:

      Does anyone know FIFA’s protocol for post match punishment? I know everyone is looking for him to be banned (including myself), but is there anything in the rules that FIFA can actually do?

      • Raymon says:

        The FA and Liverpool should also look into this and consider action. There is probably some sort of morals clause in his contract, and in virtually every culture cannibalism is immoral.

        • Abe Lincoln says:

          Let’s not forget the Suarez’s absurd dive immediately after he bit Chiellini. Suarez plays with such heart and determination and is fun to watch when he is on, but this is getting ridiculous.

      • Leo says:

        link to sportinglife.com

        The meat of the article:

        “FIFA’s disciplinary code sets a maximum ban of 24 matches or two years, but the longest ban in World Cup history was eight games for Italy’s Mauro Tassotti for breaking Spain’s Luis Enrique’s nose in 1994 with an elbow.”

        I hope he gets the full 24.

    • futbolisimo says:

      Tenia hambre para la Copa.

      Seriously, seems like such a child-like psychosis. Anyone psychologists or shrink futbol fans out there able to weight in with some insight?

  2. Luis Suarez Dentist says:

    What did Suarez say after biting Chiellini? This Italian tastes like chicken

  3. The Ugly Game says:

    Bite once = OK heat of the moment, twice = obviously has serious self control issues, third time..
    This guy obviously has real psychological problems. He should be sent home immediately, banned for at least a season and required to undergo psychological evaluation.

    Are you watching Barcelona? Better put that checkbook away.

  4. Clover362 says:

    Suarez needs a life time ban from international competition. This is his 3rd time biting an opposing player and he did it at a World cup in front of a billion people. FIFA needs to make a clear example out of him. The man needs counseling or criminal prosecution.

  5. Arkie says:

    I mean, this is childish of him, but it’s much less dangerous than 100s of Rafa Marquez’s challenges throughout his career. I kind of like Luis Suarez being around because watching Suarez seems to be a bit like what it must have felt like to watch Maradona play. He’s a pure footballing genius, no doubt, but he has that obvious touch of madness.

    • PSU says:

      It is a “bit” like that.

      I think the difference is that violent tackles are a part of the game to a degree and biting has no place in the game. It’s just so strange and weird that it totally freaks people out. Suarez could have licked a player and there would be no chance of injury, but it doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable or something that should be allowed. What if he stripped down and ran across the field? That wouldn’t hurt anyone, but I’d hope he’d get banned for life for that.

      • Eurosnob says:

        The bite was pure madness, unless he tried to provoke Chiellini and get him sent off. It looked like Suarez grabbed his face after the contact pretending that he got an elbow in his face.

  6. USMNT says:

    Did not know that the wocheechoo, er Suarez’s, were BITERS!

  7. r.benjamin says:

    What did the replay show? I’m at work.. is there video evidence? I’m not neccesarily doubting it occurred..

    • HoboMike says:

      The video evidence is pretty conclusive. He bit Chiellini on the back of the left shoulder.

      link to espnfc.us

      • r.benjamin says:

        wow.. what a mad man. fifa’s response will be interesting. conclusive but also understand why the ref didnt do anything. although if he didnt have the history i might have a shred of doubt.

        • Luke says:

          At that level, the refs most assuredly know the tendencies of the players from each team.

          Giorgio Chiellini said, “The gesture is clear. Referees document themselves on players and Suarez has a very clear history. The referee has given a clear address, he hasn’t spoken throughout the game.”

      • beachbum says:


        thanks for the link

      • Scott1 says:

        I can’t view that one, not working on my browsers. I saw replays on youtube and it only shows him from behind putting his head down on Chiellini’s shoulder. Is this supposed to be the conclusive proof or is there another one??? Because from behind the play, you can only assume. The one where he bites Ivanovich is conclusive.

  8. HoboMike says:

    ESPN’s montage of his biting controversies was hysterical.

  9. Dawwilly says:

    If you are not biting, you are not trying! The Italians can cry me a river. They have pulled more cheap crap in the World Cup that just about anyone else. Perhaps Chiellini called Suarez a pillow biter and Suarez responded with I am shoulder biter.

    • r.benjamin says:

      true that about the italians and others.. nut grabbing etc. i would rather get a little shoulder bite.. than some of the other cheap shots i’ve seen experienced..

      • iggy says:

        But more conventional ‘cheap shots’ are just that. Suarez is just nuts with the biting.

    • Scott1 says:

      Chiellini most likely did something to antagonize Suarez beforehand. I also wonder if Chiellini dug his fingernail in afterwards to make it look like teeth marks. I think Suarez is like OJ Simpson, he thinks he can get away with stuff!!! But still, a lot of outrage, but do I see these same people outraged over hockey or kick boxing?? Nooooooo. Anyone outraged over Dempsey getting his nose broken? Anyone asking for the Ghanian player to get suspended? Noooooooooo. We live in a weird world.

  10. rick says:

    Luis Suarez should get nothing less than a lifetime ban. His teammates and country should be mortified by his behavior. What a complete loser.

  11. Josh says:

    Chiellini must have said the same thing to Suarez as materazzi said to zidane!

  12. Jb says:

    Forgive me if I don’t quite get the hysterical reactions. If the ref had seen the incident, then I would understand a card, maybe even a red. But for me it’s no worse than pepes headbutting for example. These people shouting about lifetime bans need to get a grip.

    • Raymon says:

      It’s a combination of violent behavior (head butt, kick to the knee, etc) and biohazard type danger (why players cant play with blood on their clothes or bodies). What if he has cooties? It’s shocking behavior in any culture for grown ups to bite each other. Somewhat related, it also takes away from the game and event. Now everyone will focus on the Italian snack instead of what happened on the pitch. Finally, the shouts for “lifetime bans” are justified by his recidivism. He already got banned something like 15 or so games for biting before, so obviously,. long bans dont deter his hunger for salty human flesh.

    • Luke says:

      Problem is that this is the third time Suarez has bitten an opponent. Calling what Pepe did as a headbutt is being very generous, still wrong and a red card but let’s get real it was his head against Mueller’s head with a little force and screaming at Mueller for diving. Even still if Pepe made a habit of doing what he did then I would expect the suspensions to get longer and longer.

    • rick says:

      It’s biting! Worse, biting by an adult in a game. Most responsible parents would be furious if their child did this. There is no room for that sort of behavior in sport or in society. Perhaps that is why biting in an incident in society can result in a felony assault charges. I guess you are fine with people biting to gain an advantage.

      • Dawwilly says:

        I encourage my kids to bite the living crap out of other players and/or poke people in the eye when they are on the bottom of the pile, and I am president of our local PTA.

  13. blokhin says:

    Cavani to Suarez “homey, you want to go grab a bit after the game?”

    Suarez” sorry, mate, I made plants to have Chiellini for dinner”

    • Neruda says:

      Don’t ever goad Suarez with “Bite me.” Mike Tysons short lived soccer academy has their proudest trainee chomping his way through the world cup.

  14. Older & Wiser says:

    It’s real simple. If I’m the Uruguayan coach, I stop calling him up for international duty. That behavior is indefensible and a lifetime ban is not too harsh. A single such instance in my men’s league and he’d be gone for life.

    • Shark says:

      Why? So they can lose 3-1 to the Costa Ricas of the world? It’s not the manager’s job to ban players, it’s to win games. FIFA would have to ban him for him not to play, no way Uruguay would drop the best player in their country.

  15. take a deep breath says:

    Agree that Suarez should be banned if it is proven that he bit Chiellini. And most likely he did. But up to now the video evidence is not conclusive. Plus the accuser, Chiellini has a long history of being one of the dirtiest most despicable players in soccer. In today’s game he faked being elbowed twice rolling on the ground in agony when he wasn’t even touched. And even then was thinking about the little boy who cries wolf and what happens if he truly gets elbowed. The ref will be skeptical. And his post-game comments are just trying to make excuses for being knocked out of the World Cup. Italy was being led by a coach who is a great guy but had completely lost the plot and played for a tie when they should have attacked early and Italy paid the price. Italy deserved to lose.

    • beachbum says:

      good post, agree with all you said except about Prandelli but you could be right about that too

      but, Italy messed with Rodriguez. Just not a smart way to approach a game with a ref like that seems to me, but Italy can’t help themselves. Balotelli seemed headed for red too. Rodriguez has sucked the blood out of many teams, he’s just looking for a reason to let you know he’s the man. Can’t give it to him because he’s too happy to oblige with the cards

      was so looking forward to this match, what a letdown. Wish both teams had been eliminated today.

      • beachbum says:

        just saw the replay…definitely bit him

        1 year ban for me, and more of a bummer, I can’t root for Uruguay anymore and I like them!

  16. Dawwilly says:

    People need to stop crying about this whole deal. And so what if biting is against the law? How many incidents happen in the NHL that wouldn’t get that average person sentenced for felonious assault with the intent of causing great bodily harm. These statements about soccer being so noble are rubbish. Soccer is the gentlemen’s game played by hooligans. Plus I don’t think any kids will be irrevocably harmed by these actions. The outrage is absurd. In South Africa, Nigel De Jong karate kicks a guy in the chest with no consequence. What is the difference? Neither of those actions are soccer plays. I would give Suarez more style points if he gave the guy a wet willie.

    • Master Cheech says:

      Your an a$$. No one has said is a gentlemen’s game. Neither should be tolerated. After the third incident, Suarez he should be banned from International play.

      • Dawwilly says:

        Actually that is taken from old saying comparing soccer to rugby. Often cited in Britain. And this guy Rick here must have been traumatized as a child. Referring to all people who engage in biting as fetish lovers is a little over the top.

        • rick says:

          Actually had a great childhood and even better adult life. Seems like I struck a nerve Dawwilly.

          • dawwilly says:

            I leave bit marks on all my lovers. That’s how I let the next person know that I have been there. It is not fun without a little slap and tickle.

    • rick says:

      Sounds like you need to be on the end of a good biting. Keep defending him. Biting is for animals and fetish lovers.

      • Dawwilly says:

        It is hilarious to watch people like you go through the roof over this issue. What did you do the last time during a hockey match when some player jabbed another with the butt of his stick in the groin? Write a letter to your Congressman? Threaten legal sanctions?

        • rick says:

          No, because stick play is a common occurrence in hockey. Furthermore usually followed up with a suspension and fine.(40 suspension this year). I didn’t realize biting was tolerated in soccer. Maybe you should try it out next time you play a sport. See what reaction you get.

        • frank from santiago says:

          hahaha…wet willie, i’m with you…Dawwilly.

    • Scott1 says:

      I agree, people are reacting more to this than other more dangerous stunts done by soccer players, simply because it’s unusual. It’s a psychological reaction that people don’t understand they’re doing–it’s like how people freak out about a new disease which kills 1 person when common infections are killing people all the time. People focus on unusual things. Go ahead and try to make rationale statements but people freaking out are not going to understand you. I know when I freak out I don’t listen to logic either.

      If Suarez can get hit with a suspension then I think we have to open the door and examine everything in replay after the game and apply suspensions for every infraction that occurs. What’s fair is fair.

  17. Hanibal Soccer says:

    I ate his shoulder, with some farva beans and a nice chianti

  18. Kung Fu Kangaroos says:

    Maybe he has autism? A soccer savant … but not really good at interpersonal skills?

  19. Neruda says:

    Chiqui dracula (mexican ref) was never going to punish another footballing vampire for having a nibble on a succulent italian. FIFA is downright vampiric but those bloodsuckers will turn on their own and punish Suarez. It’s a wood stake through the heart for Luis.

  20. beachbum says:

    gut wrenching for Ivory Coast, glory for Greece

  21. rick says:

    Luis Suarez- Great striker and….Suspended for biting in Holland, suspended for biting in the EPL, suspended for racial comments on the pitch in the EPL, and now…chomp, chomp, chomp. This guy is an embarrassment to himself, family, and his country.

  22. shawn says:

    Why is everyone being a puss about someone being bit Yall acting like he bit the dude like a zombie on the walking dead. It’s not the bite that’s bad it’s that he was dumb enough to do it in the first place. I rather be bit then kicked (Pepe ).

    • Scott1 says:

      I’d agree. Chiellini didn’t look like he was in any incredible lingering pain for the rest of the game. I’d even take today’s chomp over studs being driven into my feet. The Chelsea incident looked worse. I’d take studs landing on my feet over the Ivanovich bite. However, I’d take a Suarez bite over a strong elbow to the face and any broken bones or nose. Any day.

      • Jack says:

        It has nothing to do with the degree of the injury Suarez inflicted. At this point its the fact that a 27 year old man apparently can’t stop himself from biting everyone.

  23. JAC1950 says:

    Looked at You Tube. Inconclusive. Saw only a shot from behind the players. No bite actually seen. Happened so quickly, not sure a bite was even possible. Looked like a head bump to me.

    Also, the photo of the “bite marks” doesn’t match LS’s front teeth pattern.

    Further, assuming there was a bite, it had to be very brief, given the very short period of contact between the two players. Any bite impression would be gone quickly. Funny how the Italians came up with photo in the first place.

    And the ref, there on the spot, took no action.

    From what I’ve seen and heard (de Rossi’s brutal elbow to McBride’s head, the verbal provocation that got to ZZ, etc.) the Italians should be expected to do things like this when things are not in their favor. They should not be given the benefit of the doubt here.

    • Raymon says:

      Good thing they didnt put you in charge of investigating the Kennedy assassination, or it would still be unresolved today.

      • JAC1950 says:

        Saw a different angle a moment ago. LS was like a Great White on a blue fin tuna. My mistake.

  24. Scott1 says:

    Based on an enlarged pixelated replay from a new angle, it looks to me like he did, and based on his history, he most assuredly did. However, it’s not conclusive. His other chomps were much more obvious. I’m not sure why the whole soccer world is clamoring for a suspension when guys are getting away with stuff all the time. Why doesn’t the US protest to have Ghanians removed from their next game based on what we pick up up on film replay? Let’s review the film of that game and list all the infractions that went unnoticed by the ref. What about the kick on Dempsey that broke his nose? Clearly a suspension for the rest of the tournament if Suarez deserves to be removed.

    • Jack says:

      I can’t believe people are actually defending Suarez. Everyone else in the world seems to be able to control them self from running around biting everyone. Apparently he learned nothing for the 10 match ban he already got.
      Boye went up for a ball and lost control. It’s in no way equal to deciding your going to bite another player…. again. It’s not something that just accidentally happens in part of the match.

      • Scott1 says:

        You can’t believe people are defending Suarez and then you go on and defend Boye? That comes across as being hypocritical don’t you think?

        I’d like to see FIFA follow through and investigate every player every minute of every match and apply suspensions afterwards. Or at least American fans need to be outraged over every infraction to get players suspended (if it benefits us later) since justice is only applied when there is mass outrage.

  25. CPTKevin says:

    Just went to FIFA official website. NOT ONE WORD about the “bite”. NOTHING. Guess they don’t want the bad press on their own site. I have little faith in FIFA to do the right thing. Will hold out hope that someone has the “intestinal fortitude” to do the right thing. Hope Liverpool cuts ties with him as well.

  26. Dr.K says:

    pleasae, enough about this biting crop, He bites ,he gets 1 year. How about the horrific display by Italy. I said before the first game, If Pirlo plays, bet against Italy. It was sooo clear if you really watch these games. Just do the statistics, damn it. As soon as they went down to 10 , You must sub Pirlo out or you are playing 9 vs. 11. Did anyone see the pathetic defense ,the zero work rate? Juventus goes nowhere in Europe if Pirlo is playing.