The SBI Show: Episode 145 (Recapping USA-Turkey, looking back at MLS Week 13, and more)

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The U.S. Men’s National Team beat Turkey on Sunday in a match that answered some questions, but also raised new ones for Jurgen Klinsmann’s squad with the World Cup drawing closer.

Episode 145 of The SBI Show takes a look back at the USMNT’s 2-1 victory against Turkey, including strong performances by Jozy Altidore and John Brooks, and we also discuss Julian Green’s Send-Off Series debut. Be warned, Episode 145 is a rant-heavy episode so you will either love it or really hate it.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also look back at MLS Week 13, and also discuss the David Villa signing by NYC FC.

Give Episode 145 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:


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110 Responses to The SBI Show: Episode 145 (Recapping USA-Turkey, looking back at MLS Week 13, and more)

  1. Ah says:

    Love the show and always look forward to new episodes. Thanks.

    That said, I’m not a huge Donovan and doubt his presence on the roster would materially change our chances in Brazil, but it is laughable that Garrett and Ives both would have had them in the 23 the day before the roster dropped but now act like it was the only logical decision and any person who points out that he would have more to offer than player x in the squad must only be expressing some irrational emotional tie to the man. I know this topic is beat but couldn’t let that segment of the show pass without comment.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      I had Donovan on the 23, and would have him on the 23 if I picked the team today, but the point, at least for me, in breaking down how Donovan matches up with the other players we mentioned was in order to consider just WHY Klinsmann made the decision he made. Not to say I would have agreed with him. I personally take Donovan AND Green and leave Brad Davis, though Davis has shown some quality in the send-off series.

      The big issue is the fact that if not for Donovan’s omission not nearly as many people would care that Klinsmann is spending a 23rd roster spot on young kid who may not be ready to contribute at the World Cup, but since Donovan isn’t on the team this whole thing has become about Green when the reality is Donovan’s snub is more about Klinsmann thinking Brad Davis does more for the team.

      • BrianK says:


        Hope you are well. A quick question,….I have 3 tickets to the USA v. Ghana and USA v. Portugal that I cannot use. They are category I seats. Do you or anyone you know have a need for tickets or otherwise would like to upgrade to Category I? Not looking to make money,…just looking for face value. Thanks.

        • Bossoccer says:

          Go to YanksBRA at yahoo groups. It’s people going to world cup and someone was just looking for tix.

      • smartestonthepitch says:

        This is Klinsmann fault. He said his selections were about “the now”. Is Green ready now? If Klinsmann would be a little more transparent there would be less issues.

        I for one think it is a good political move to include Green. It shows to other potential transfers that they have a chance to go to the WC with the US. Hopefully the ones to follow will be required to earn the spot.

    • Matt says:

      So that’s his take in this episode? OK then. I’ll pass and listening to it. In fact, based on his last few, I’m going to just pass on this Klinsmann apologist completely.

      I’m sure, like the weathervane he is, the moment Klinsmann is shown the door, is the moment he starts ripping into him.

      US Soccer is becoming a joke. And their PR reps in the media, like this guy, who will rationalize their every choice have turned me off from this team for good.

      • Anthony says:

        Ok…don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

        On to more important news, where did I drop my penny…

  2. Dainja says:

    Preemo on the intro!!! Nice.


  3. graylo says:

    (Listen Graylo, you can disagree all you want but watch the tone because if you come here with suspect language and attitude you won’t be on these boards long– SBI)

    It is possible to criticize Julian Green and his selection without condemning him to obscurity for all of eternity. It is possible to criticize him without being a Landon Donovan homer.

    Yelling at everyone to calm down, because it was just 27 minutes is ridiculous in this case, and it show’s you’ve lost some perspective. You can dismiss Besler’s two bad performances, because we have tons of examples where he’s done well recently. You can dismiss Brooks’ Ukraine game, because as you said he starts in one of the best leagues in the world and finished the year strong. You can dismiss those bad performances because we have other examples to base our faith in that player on. What has Julian Green done that shows we should put our faith in him? Is it the German 4th division? Is it the 2 garbage minutes he got in the Champions league? Is it the 60 minutes he’s played across two USMNT games?

    I get it. Julian Green is very talented. Having the youthful ignorance and speed coming off the bench could be an asset in the right situation. I hope he continues to develop and becomes awesome for the USMNT, but it’s not unreasonable to say he’s not ready yet, and suggest that other people might have been a better selection.

    And one last thing, don’t bring up the two “almost penalties” anymore. You know what an “almost penalties” is? It’s a counter attack going in the other direction. It’s a homer trying to look for the positive in a bad situation. It is absolutely nothing.
    Normally I think your analysis of these situations is fairly on point, and you generally bring a calmer perspective to the situation. In this case you missed the boat.

    • Ah says:

      He could still prove otherwise, but on the evidence we have it doesn’t seem like Green is deserving of being on the roster. Heck, it doesn’t even look like he deserves it over out giraffe on roller skates Brek Shea.

      Maybe it’s worth burning a roster spot to have secured his services for the future, bit we should at least talk about it honestly (we meaning observers, not JK obviously).

      • NolaJ says:

        I always tell my kids that as a defender if you fail one time out of ten you’re considered a goat, and as an attacker if you succeed one out of ten you’re a hero. I wouldn’t close the book on Julian Green in this cycle yet. It’s obvious he’s got quality, and every time he comes down the flank he’s drawing an extra defender. I think he’ll surprise some people in Brazil when he gets on the field.

        • smartestonthepitch says:

          Why is it obvious Green has Quality? I have not seen it, and I have been watching and following.
          Please point to something he has done.

          • NolaJ says:

            Sorry, “obvious” was a poor choice of words. Until he produces highlight reel moments, which I have no doubt will come, it’s hard to point to much specific other than his ease on the ball, and the way the players and coaches talk about him and react to him. In his debut against Mexico he consistently drew two defenders, (This was against a Mexican defense that left LD basically unmarked on a free kick) and the same thing against Turkey. I hope these are signs of things to come, and that the respect the defense is showing him (would you really risk fouling someone on the edge of the box if they didn’t pose a threat? Maybe it was just a “welcome to Concacaf”
            moment…) is deserved. Yeah, maybe it’s a bit of a bandwagon, but it’s always exciting to see a kid break onto the team, and as the saying goes, “hope springs eternal”. I hope Pep Guardiola and JK are right about him. Sure would be nice. But I can’t blame anyone who is holding out for something more concrete. We’ve certainly lost our way down the “next big thing” path several times before.

        • graylo says:

          I’m not a Julian Green hater. I don’t have a problem with him being on the roster, and I’m not writing him off for this cycle or any other cycle.

          The problem with Julian Green is that there isn’t enough data to make any firm conclusions, and the little data we do have isn’t all that positive. So, it bugs me when Ives dismisses his bad performance as just 27 minutes. We are headed into a world cup. There are only 180 more minutes to be played before the first game. There isn’t a whole lot of time left for him to prove his worth, and he doesn’t have any kind of history that we can rest our faith on. Therefore, I don’t think it is unreasonable to question his selection as Garrett did.

          • Ives Galarcep says:

            Graylo, what you seem to be oblivious about is the fact the U.S. coaching staff has more to go on regarding Green than you do. They have scouted him in the German 4th division, have had him in training on multiple occasions and a full training camp. They have a body of work to go on, as do his teammates, and his teammates rave about the kid. So when the actual sample size of playing time is small I’m inclined to look at all those other factors and discern that it’s a bit premature to pass judgment. It goes back to what I said on the show. People who hold on to their own limited sample size of info generally tend to lean too heavily on that small sample size of info, even at the cost of ignoring other signs. Same applied to John Brooks, and only now that he got 45 minutes and was very good do we see people calming down about him being unworthy of a spot on the team.

            Question the selection all you want, and I said that in the show in another segment regarding Brooks. Green’s selection is the most questionable one on the team, I’m not denying that, what I’m saying is I just think it’s silly to take the cameo and say “A-HA, this kid’s trash, get him off the team.”

            • graylo says:

              First, I didn’t mean to offend with my first post. I only ment to show how strongly I disagreed with you. I applogize.

              That said, I am not oblivious to the fact that the USMNT coaching staff has more data then we do. If you look at the above post again you will see that I don’t have a problem with him being on the roster.

              My point is, that we fans have very little information about Julian Green, and the information we do have isn’t all that positive. Just because Jurgen has more information doesn’t mean we can’t have our doubts and question his judgement.

              In the podcast Garrett questioned his inclusion and you went off on an extended rant about how it’s just 27 minutes, and seemed to imply that his selection is above reproach. I realize that a lot of that rant was probably focused more at the people who are whining over Donovan and saying that Julian Green is a bust, but in this case I think you overreacted to the actual question posed.

              I think it’s fair to question Julain’s roster spot. To be fair there aren’t a whole lot of better options. If you’re looking for a left sided Midfielder then a way out of form Brek Shea is probaby our best option. If you look at other style of players you could go for Donovan or Corona but there are several other people on the roster already that fill those types of rolls. Do we really need another one. I get that these aren’t great options, but I do think it’s debatible that they are worse then the extremely raw Julian Green that we’ve seen so far. Thats not to say I wouldn’t have picked Julian, but he’s not above reporach and I think your rant was over the top.

      • Ives Galarcep says:

        Talking about Green honestly would be to criticize him on a match-by-match basis and wait for a real body of work before drawing final conclusions on the kid. That isn’t what’s happening right now.

        • DCUPedro says:

          I don’t think that people are drawing conclusions about his whole career, but they are drawing conclusions on his ability to contribute in two weeks — and therefore his presence on the team.

          • DCUPedro says:

            One more point Ives, that I think youre missing here…

            The way Green ended up on this team, with only having 2 minutes at the professional level to his name, is what is forcing people to evaluate him on a match-by-match basis. Not some psychological disorder about short memories or instant gratification. It’s that we literally have nothing else to go on in this case other than “Klinsmann’s judgment”. Its only natural that people are going to evaluate him based on the ONLY 60 minutes we’ve seen from him. Or anyone has seen from him publically. We can evaluate Brooks from the Budesliga, we can evaluate Yedlin in MLS.

            But when you select a guy for the world cup who has 3 first-team minutes in his career (and yes, when you omit a 32-year old guy who is a proven commodity at his level), you are inviting people to make these snap judgments and ask these questions very loudly.

            And every journalist in every significant football nation would be right there asking these same questions and making these same assessments with the fans. Can you not see how your rant in the podcast can come off as a little condescending to a lot of fans who are actually just asking very basic questions in a situation that leaves us very little else to go on? Sometimes I think you let your contrarian side (which I always appreciate) get ahead of you!

            • Ives Galarcep says:

              We’ve already spent time on these discussions and questions on the beat. I know I have. I was the one who asked Klinsmann in his very first press conference after the roster came out whether he thought his team had enough experience. I’m not pretending there aren’t issues with the roster, and I’ve gone on record saying I was surprised Donovan was left off and I would have selected him. What I can also do is try to see the other side of the argument, and I think where I get into it with some people is because while I can see two sides of an argument some of the more vocal opponents just refuse to believe there can be another side, or a legitimate explanation for something they can’t possibly comprehend. It’s not about me being contrarian, it’s about having already gone through the process of trying to understand Klinsmann’s decision and coming up with a logical, albeit not ideal rationale for his selections as opposed to drawing elaborate scenarios where Klinsmann hates Donovan.

              Everyone is entitled to question Donovan’s absence, I just think it’s extremely lazy, EXTREMELY lazy, to point to Julian Green and say “he looked like crap in his 23 minutes, how is Landon Donovan not here?” People can say it, it’s a free country, and I can also say it’s lazy and a bit misguided. Thinking Donovan should have made the team doesn’t make you a Donovan fanboy, because if that were the case then I’d be one, but I do think there are SOME, and I stress SOME people who are so emotionally invested in Landon Donovan’s existence on the team that they can’t look at things rationally and painting pictures they want to see. That’s the extreme side of the “WHY OH WHY IS LANDON NOT HERE!?!?!” people.

              And please spare me the “what people in REAL football nations do” crap, because that’s not the case. A story like Donovan’s snub makes the news a few days and then people move on to the next stories. That’s what has happened here as well, at least for a majority of the regular media who cover the team on a day-by-day basis. Donovan’s snub will become news again once the tournament start if the team falters, which is to be expected, but this daily grind of “Donovan would have done that better than player X” stuff is something I’m not all that interested in hearing, but folks are well within their right to spend time doing. And I’m in my right to say “Get over it already, or at least give it a rest until the group stage, when the narrative can at least have some fresh legs if guys like Davis and Green are struggling or not being factors.

              • KingGoogleyEye says:

                Ives, wow. Awesome comment.

              • Troy in his apartment says:

                On Green, he has what 45 minutes on the pitch with the team in his life?Not many have looked good that quick.

                Lets look at Yedlin. he looked out of place the first couple times and this last game he made more interceptions, tackles, etc. in defense in 30 minutes than Fabian did in 60 minutes, Now Fabian brings defense and a well rounded offense so there is no way I would say Yedlin played better but Yedlin looked like he belonged. He got caught up in the offensive zone one time and a little high a couple times. For the time there were out there together, Brooks and Yedlin looked better than Chandler and Cameron defensively.

                My point is, that Green hasnt had very much time to show much time,. Ives is right, get over the whole Donovan v. Green. Its not all connected, individually. Its much bigger in my opinion.

            • p-welch says:


    • H-Town says:

      Ives, I like Green for the future, but Garrett was right. I don’t think Jurgen is wrong for bringing him, Brooks, and Yeldin… but Garrett is right.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      I thought I made the point that no, not EVERYONE who criticizes Green is a Landon homer. I CRITICIZED Green as well. My main point, as it seems to be in far too many cases, is I think folks are overreacting to a small sample size and/or simply buying into what the WANT to happen and what they WANT to be the case, not necessarily what the reality is.

      As I noted in a comment above, Klinsmann has made this about Julian Green by not simply coming out and saying he wanted to get Green experience at a World Cup and Donovan’s omission was more about Brad Davis and/or Wondolowski than Green, but instead of coming out and saying that he sits the fence, stays obscure and lets everyone draw their own conclusions, which in many cases are offbase.

      And yes, I normally bring a calmer perspective, but I always bring an impartial one, and just seeing the feasting on Julian Green go on for two weeks has me at my wit’s end trying to understand how people are overreacting about the kid. I get why it’s happening and have tried to illustrate why it’s an easy trap to fall into. You can feel free to disagree.

      • Ethan says:

        Ives, it’s a fair point to make, but you’re really missing the forest for the trees. Omitting Landon Donovan from the US team is inarguably a baffling decision (you admitted yourself that he should be in the 23). Yes it’s unfair to Green, but seeing him struggle (badly) in our *second to last* world cup game just hammers home that point to a lot of fans who are still struggling to understand that omission. And really, I think JK has done Green a disservice by essentially putting the kid in this position. Fair or not, it’s obvious that Donovan brings more to the table than Green (or Davis or Bedoya in my opinion) at this stage in their careers. That’s the issue. That’s the elephant in the room. And that’s what most US soccer fans are gonna focus on, like it or not.

        • the original jb says:

          This is best post on the subject by far. I was about to write a comment along these lines but Ethan nailed it on the head. This situation is Klinsmann’s fault. If Donovan was not quite as sharp as he needed to be, then just maybe you spend the last roster spot on the guy who has proven time and again he can change a game if he gets up to form. And maybe you leave the severely inexperienced 19 yr old phenom off the final 23 and give him Copa 2016 to shoot for with having the experience of the initial camp, and spare Green the unfair public backlash that should have been OBVIOUS to predict would happen.

      • Bac says:

        Ives, your answers perfectly describes what’s happening here. People are hearing what they want to.. and anything not meeting that narrative 100% exactly means you:
        Hate or Love LD, JK is the Devil or you’re a JK apologist, Green took LDs spot or LD is over the hill, Jones is horrible or Beckerman is horrible. ETC..

        • Landon Klinsmann says:

          Can we stop writing about __________? Please?

          • DCUPedro says:

            You guys act like it’s the fans who are creating “the LD issue” and not Klinsmann. Is there any other country in the world that leaves off a 32 y/o player with 5 world cup goals in 12 matches who just last year had a goal and an assist in the match that clinched qualification and was MVP of the confederation’s championship?

            The LD omission was an absolute shocker. Actually it was a howler. And in “big boy” soccer countries, this stuff gets talked about. Probably a lot louder than it has been here. And if a player with 3 first team minutes in his career and 30 national team minutes had been selected, you better believe people would be comparing and contrasting those decisions. And not for days, but for years.

            But I guess my argument makes me an “LD fan boy”, though your argument doesn’t make you a “JK fan boy.” Sure.

            • Ethan says:

              Plus effin’ 1. Hate this bs about “all you Donovan lovers” and “get over it.” This is THE issue going into the World Cup, like it or not. Listen to the last couple episodes of the Soccer Today podcast. They’ve talked openly and candidly about what a baffling decision it was. AND they’ve actually talked to former players (Paul Caligiuri and Brian Dunseth) and announcers (Andres Cantor), people who know a hell of a lot more about this than we do, and who are just as baffled. They’ve managed to do this while still intelligently discussing the current squad and their performances. As you can see in any comments section in any USMNT story, LD/JK is the main talking point and ignoring it won’t make it go away.

            • Bac says:

              And you illustrate my point exactly. You have no idea what my opinions are of JK, LD, or any other decision or selection. ZERO idea. And you immediately follow it up with your reasons why ..(insert opinion here)… and then make a snide smart ass comment to complete your response.
              I stated no opinion on any of these topics, I gave a few EXAMPLES of the way people are reacting to these topics.
              Thank you, you have just illustrated my point..right on the money..

            • GW says:

              “You guys act like it’s the fans who are creating “the LD issue” and not Klinsmann. “
              Actually it was LD who created “the LD issue”.

              All of these players have been “on trial” since the day JK took over.

              I have been concerned about LD not going to Brazil since he lost his job to Zusi.
              I expected him to react to that by reasserting himself and come back breathing fire. Instead he has basically been indifferent. Sure he had a good Gold Cup. Then again he showed himself to be less than optimum on the wing. And it’s the Gold Cup, a competition with very watered down teams.

              I just got the feeling he was not all that into it until about a few weeks before camp. I find it hard to trust LD’s willingness to sacrifice for the team.

              LD saw his willingness to accept a reduced role as being in the service of the team. But why would the team want that? What kind of record does he have as a super sub?

              Everyone has pointed out has great he still is, so it is hard to escape the idea that had he just pushed himself a little harder just started on it a little bit sooner that he would have made the cut.

              Landon’s attitude is a defeatist one. He’s telling you he is no longer willing or able to put the work in necessary to beat out Graham fricking Zusi. And if he can’t do that why should I think he is willing to put in the work to beat Ghana, Portugal and Germany?

              This “settle for” attitude is exactly what I don’t want around an inexperienced team based on the idea that they can overcome all kinds of obstacles.

              In 2010 he sharpened himself for the World Cup by going on a spectacularly successful loan to Everton. In 2014 we get nothing like that from him.

              For a player of his talent to not adapt himself to the regime of the new boss when everyone else was doing it, that tells me he didn’t want it all that much.

            • p-welch says:

              Plus 1!!

              • p-welch says:

                The +1 was for DCUPedro. As for LD creating this, that’s stupid talk. After his sabbatical, he did everything JK asked without complaint. He talk in the press has always been positive regarding the team. And suggesting that he was left off to spare his other team mates is LAUGHABLE, as someone already pointed out. JK is all about pressure. He doesn’t want anyone feeling to comfortable or entitled. That’s what makes the JG situation so interesting, and it’s not because I think LD should be their. Just based on his own merit’s JG doesn’t seem like a real good choice, unless you’re thinking ahead to 2018, but then JK insists this team is all about the present. Wish he wouldn’t say that. It’s more stupid talk. Just be honest. He’s got a contract through the next cycle and I’m good with that. I like him as a coach, but don’t try to tell peolpe you’re not planning ahead. Good Grief, I hope you’re thinking a little about 2018. Many of the starters here in 2014 probably won’t be great starters then.

      • Matt says:

        You know, it would help if the coach himself would move past it. But everyday he gives yet another interview that raises more questions than it answers about his roster choices. The fact that he can’t help but tout his own genius in every interview is also turning a lot of fans off.

        Why no mention of that? He’s the one that is keeping this story going more than anyone else. In fact, it’s quite revealing when you compare Klinsmann’s reponse to Donovan himself. The player discussed it once and moved on and refuses to discuss it further. Klinsmann can’t go five minutes without telling the world how smart he was and unconventional and all that nonsense with his Donovan exclusion held out as his prime example.

        The NY Times article where he threw the entire US sporting culture under the bus and made some bizarre comparison to Kobe Bryant is just the latest example of this.

        • KingGoogleyEye says:

          Matt: you crucify Klinsmann every time he answers a question about the roster—and he’s asked those questions every day. Jesse D, another fan on this site, crucifies him because his answers aren’t detailed and clear enough (and don’t conform to Jesse D’s preconceived answers, but that’s another issue).

          Bottom line: there is a segment of fans who will never be happy about Klinsmann’s decisions—who effectively tout their own genius every time they gripefest about how much better their decisions would have been—and you’re the ones keeping this controversy alive.

  4. Matt in Bk says:

    “Run to the Bundesliga, run…” That was funny. Nice show!

    Actually, thinking about it, I look forward to the German-American players coming to the MLS, because that’s what this team is going to open up: a bridge for US players to go to Germany, as well as to attract German-American (and German) players to the US. It’s legit, and… ahem.

    We want to be World Cup champions, and will do everything we can to win. Say. It. This US team is going to play it’s heart out and we’re going to have fun, baby!

  5. g-dub says:

    Ives – a constructive suggestion for the podcast. Less time spent refuting histeria and opinions of ‘a lot of (unnamed) people’. More time on your own analysis and observations.

    • john.q says:

      I started to feel bad for Garret there. Guy is basically getting shouted at by Ives for an hour over opinions that aren’t necessarily his! Yikes. On that note I do completely agree with Ives.

    • phillypride says:

      Agreed. It’s the only thing I don’t like about the SBI Show, but it bothers me every time.

    • p-welch says:

      +1 for g-dub. Ives, Cool it man. As I’ve already said. Like the show. But last episode was more than a bit of a turn off.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Actually doing both works just fine. I can do both, and did do both, and will continue to do both, though probably not that loudly again. Tying in my analysis along with the refuting of what I consider to be silly theories and opinions isn’t that tough, though for people having their views shot down I’m sure it isn’t an easy listen.

      As for “a lot of unnamed people”, I see it in the comments section of SBI as well as on Twitter. There are clearly people who have the very opinions I pointed to, which is why I made the statements I made. These aren’t voices in my head, or me reaction to one or two random people. And if people can’t take having their views shot down, then so be it. People can free free to disagree with me all day, every day. I won’t be hurt or offended by that. Too bad more people can’t share that same approach.

  6. Sam T says:

    Along the lines of your professional respect, I’d love to see further updates to your blog roll. I’ve been enjoying American Soccer Now,,

    I for one like when Ives gets all worked up.

  7. Amru says:

    Disagree with you both on Jones, he likes to press up the field and break up counter attacks before they happen and fails to stay home. This works well against teams like Azerbaijan, but against better teams one quick turn or pass and they are off to the races against an unprotected back line and Jones trying to play catch up. Turkey exploited this, they just lacked the quality in the final third that our group opponents have in spades

    • Palisades says:

      I agree with this…that’s Jones’ game for sure. I would add though, that the attitude of Beckerman>Jones (which I don’t buy personally) is magnified because of our backline right now. They weren’t stepping up which gave the forwards time to turn. Also, our fullbacks push up a lot. So it’s a lot of work to ask of our central defenders, considering they have only played together…twice now (if my memory is correct). Add to that Jones’ past history of wanting to push, and Bradley’s new? desire to be the point of the diamond…it’s just too much (again, my opinion). In the 2nd half it seemed that MB dropped back further and that helped Beckerman do his thing (10-20 yard passes that don’t stress out the backline). All that being said…I give Jones the position in Brazil and have Bradley not be too far forward (4-1-3-2) AND have Dempsey do more captain’s defensive work AND pray to God our defense gels :)

    • Kosh says:

      Nope, Turkey exposed the flaw in the diamond. That’s what exposed Jones.

      • Amru says:

        I considered that but I don’t think so, doesn’t explain why he was always behind the play when Turkey tried to counter. Ives even said that he thinks Bradley wants to play with Beckerman, so I’d like to see that in the next game.

        • Kosh says:

          Oh I agree with you that Jones pushes up a bit but Turkey did what Mexico did and exposed that main weakness. Still don’t see how Beckerman sitting back solves the problem if the attacking team goes at the 6 with two guys on either side.

          I am all for Beckerman getting some minutes but I think Jones is the starter and Beckerman comes on later as a sub.

          • Amru says:

            In theory having Beckerman stay back should allow our to CB’s to only have to worry about the forwards trying to make runs in behind them instead of having to step up and pressure the man with the ball. It helps shield the middle of the field and slows down any fast breaks, in theory anyway.

            I think you’re right though, and we see Jones starting with Beckerman on as a sub

  8. andrewinTally says:

    I like Yedlin and Brooks. Green is not as polished as I would hope. My concern was mainly for Zusi and Brad Davis didn’t track back and follow the extra man.

  9. andrewinTally says:

    Beckerman struggles against athletic teams. I see him struggling against top tier midfield talent.

  10. run says:

    Jones vs Beckerman: I was surprised that you didn’t discuss Jermaine Jones as an enforcer. Not a pretty role, but who’s got your back when Pepe goes studs up on Bradley.

    • Ah says:

      Hopefully the referee with a red card. No room for hot heads who will run in after such an incident and potentially get themselves red as well. No enforcers needed (the physicality is needed and Jones does well there).

      • run says:

        I agree, but I don’t think Jones is a hothead. He is more clinical and will give a foul to send a message. Not that he’s going to turn around and take out Ronaldo at the knees. Just a well timed bump, that puts him right on the edge of a yellow. He can play the head game without injuring anyone or getting a red. I see Dempsey and even Bradley as more prone to receiving a reaction card.

        • Mike Parmenter says:

          Thank god for people actually seeing this Jones/Beckerman debate clearly. Listen, I understand why Beckerman is receiving tons of praise, he has held his own. I was never a huge fan of his but he is proving to do some good.

          However, Beckerman consistently has his back facing our opponents goal when receiving the ball, thus exposing us if he loses possession. He is way too slow to be competing with the likes of Essien and friends against Ghana- regardless of his work ethic- and any other team for that matter. Jones is the enforcer, and let us not forget, has pace. He will always wear his heart on his sleeve and bleed USA.

          Even if there are mistakes, we need him to be in there.

          • Amru says:

            Jones has pace, but he is a tactical liability. And Beckerman isn’t exactly afraid to mix it up either, I’ve never seen him shy away from a challenge. Both players have their limitations I just think Beckerman is a safer option

            • Troy in his apartment says:

              Jones is somewhat more proven against any competition. We dont know if Beckerman can do what he does against awesome midfielders. That doubt is what makes me say Jones. Thing is I dont really like Jones with the national team. For some reason I just dont. I think he drifts to far forward and really Bradley should be the one doing that most of the time. I think Beckerman stays home a lot more and it is actually why I liked Cameron there as well because he stays back as well.

              Bradley is the key to out balance and needs to be able to get into the attack. He is out most important player and I want him forward and not being stuck covering for Jones a bunch of times.

              Its hard to say but the experience at the high levels that Jones has puts him ahead. If it was a year from now, I would probably want Cameron there because Brooks would most likely be 100% ready and could pair with Besler (two left foots oh well).

  11. Gunnerstahll says:

    How and where do you rate the show?

  12. Falsify says:

    I found myself laughing a lot during this cast. Well done gentlemen.

  13. lucio says:

    dengue really hurts (sometimes even the first time you get it), and outside the Southern Region, it’s everywhere, especially the Northeast and Northern Regions during June. Campinas, Sao Paulo–the base camp for Portugal and Nigeria–is in the tail end of an epidemic that’s seen over 30,000 dengue infections in its 1 million inhabitants since January. Yes, authorities are conducting spraying campaigns, including neighborhoods where national teams will be, but people there will keep catching it. In Sao Paulo city proper, the USMNT will train in Barra Funda district, and the Lapa district, right next door, is in “emergency” transmission mode (with an incidence of ~560 / 100,000 / yr) according to a May 29th press release from the Sao Paulo State Secretary of Health. I, for one, think I got it in June (during the off season) right next to Argentina’s training grounds near Belo Horizonte. Not fun. For the sake of perspective though: If there are 600,000 tourists, no way that more than 60 of them will catch dengue. (Statistical explanation: the national incidence rate hasn’t yet exceeded 10 / 100,000 / month during June, and this year has lower transmission than other recent years).

  14. Increase says:

    I’m gunna be nice to Garret cause I have been grumpy before.

    Having lived in Bangkok for 3 years. (Not anymore though.=/ )
    I will say that If you aren’t comfortable with being totally lost and confused in chaotic pit of humanity, It’s totally not the city for you. Basically get out of it as soon as possible and get to an island.

  15. corrine says:

    Ives must be on Klinsi’s payrol

    • Troy in his apartment says:

      Or maybe Jurgen isnt as stupid as people want to believe. When was the last time the US had a coach who made it to the semi’s in a world cup? Not saying that will happen for us at all but dont doubt the man.

      People quickly forget we had our best qualifying campaign ever while the competition from non Mexican teams being stronger than ever. How much was Landon Donovan a part of that? Trust Jurgen or dont, you still have to face facts that it is his team and I would rather him be coach over any plausible alternatives when he took over

  16. DB says:

    Ask yourself this:

    Had Donovan been named to the roster in lieu of Davis, would anybody…anybody…from the media on down, have been clamoring for Davis instead of Donovan?

    I understand the retro-active arguments and Klinsmann-style spin, etc. but people aren’t being very realistic as to what LD could bring to the table.

    An argument for Davis is based on late game service? Some of the best spot-kick service this side has ever seen has come from Donovan. Does Davis provide that much better defensive coverage than Donovan? Ehh.

    Landon’s only a forward though….riiiiight.

    I’m tired of the talk around The Decision too, but be careful with believing the spin and convincing yourself that this thing was more cut-and-dry than it was.


    Also, just for reference, it’s Brooks who still needs to be cap-tied.

    • wandmdave says:

      I wonder if this outcry, which JK probably saw coming, made Donovan’s bid to get on the 23 a starter or bust proposition. I imagine the pressure on people above him on the depth chart would be even higher as every tiny mistake would be a reason for Donovan to start in the public’s mind.

      • Ives Galarcep says:

        A VERY, VERY good point. Based on comments Klinsmann has made I absolutely think was a consideration.

      • Nate Dollars says:

        yes, because klinsmann has always been opposed to putting pressure on players. i can hear him now: “the important thing is to keep players in their comfort zone.”

        • wandmdave says:

          Maybe but the time for pressure was during qualifying and these prep games to push people to higher levels. Once we are at the WC its not time for growth its time to execute. You want your guys settled and confident so they can execute without overthinking things or playing tentatively. JK preaches fitness but he isnt going to do the beep test the day before we play Ghana.

        • wandmdave says:

          More importantly if the publics perception of Donovans current abilities or how well he fits into JKs game plan is overinflated (I think it is) then they would be getting pressured by the olympian ideal of donovan not present form donovan. That is being overly critical and isnt productive.

          • AMP says:

            Both good points.

          • Ethan says:

            Yeah, let’s leave off one of our best players because his Olympian ideal might distract the other players. Jesus H Christ, this is turning into Alice & Wonderland

            • wandmdave says:

              If he’s one of our best he would be a starter and on the team. That clearly isn’t the case.

              • Ethan says:

                But maybe his Olympic ideal would be a starter? Keep smoking that German kind bud: makes everything look nice and peachy…

            • Troy in his apartment says:

              Donovan did himself no favors. How many sabbatical’s did the other players think. Donovan didnt help in this team’s qualification. He isnt a starter and so he would be put on the bench. Who would you have him start over and why? Dont leave out players like Zusi’s ability to do things that Donovan doesnt either.

              • Ethan says:

                First of all, he doesn’t have to be a starter to be useful to the team–as you might be able to tell, I’m not buying this absurd argument that Donovan’s Platonic ideal (or whatever) would haunt the other players into bad performances. Second, I think he could start over Zusi or Bedoya or Brad Davis–take your pick. I’d argue that Donovan can do anything that those players can do better, minus maybe just pure work rate. In regards to that, I think his vision and creativity would more than outweigh any negatives regarding his age. Just my opinion (and you know what they say about those), but I think LD’s resume (again, the greatest of any American player in history, period) pretty well speaks for itself. Can’t say the same for any of those other guys.

              • Ethan says:

                Also, Donovan had a goal and an assist in the 2-0 game against Mexico that qualified the US for the World Cup last September. He also virtually single handedly led a US D-team to the Gold Cup crown before that. But maybe we should have had him wear a crown of thorns and be crucified at the stake for his sin of taking 3 months off after playing 15 straight years and logging probably the top-3 most minutes in USMNT history. Because I’m sure you and Jurgen Klinsmann have never taken a vacation.

        • p-welch says:

          Ives, enjoy the show with you & Garrett, but I’m sorry man. You were over the top last episode. It’s actually puzzling that you can’t seem to admit it. Greylo and DCUPedro are actually spot on in this topic. Fans have every right to question. You’ve already stated several times that you wouldn’t have chosen Green. So it’s puzzling that you are defending it. And your new article on starting Green against Nigeria?? CRAZY! And I’m talking from YK perspective. Why would he put Green in a position to fail like that. And actually for JG’s own emotional balance, I hope he doesn’t start. I really actually feel sorry for the kid. I know everyone want’s to talk about how mature this 19 year old is but come on… What 25-30 year old could function under the fervor of emotion that would be poured out if he displays another subpar performance? Much less a 19 year. Like it or not we all care about what other people think. Especially, entertainers. And lets face it, sports is just entertainment.

          And before you say otherwise, I really liked JK being the USA coach. And I have liked what he has done in general with the team. The handling of the JG saga, however, is going to do down in USMNT history as either a black eye or at the least a big hiccup. That all depends on how they perform in the group of death. I just hope that JG can emotionally/mentally hangin there, or LD won’t be the last USMNT star who needed a sabbatical… :0

          • Ives Galarcep says:

            My piece calling for Green to start was more about calling Klinsmann out for the expectations he’s placing on Green than me thinking Green is ready. Basically, if Klinsmann is going to sing his praises repeatedly, and say how great he’s looking in camp and practice, then he has to play him. That’s my opinion, though if I were the coach I would have come right out and said “Green is on the team as a nod to the future, and realistically he probably doesn’t play a huge role this World Cup.” Maybe that would be too realistic a thing to say, but at least it would put things into perspective and not have people expecting so much from Green and then practically reveling in the fact he isn’t meeting these unrealistic expectations.

            And I never said fans can’t question things. They can do whatever they feel like doing, and I can say that the views of SOME people are seriously misguided and/or emotionally driven. If the shoe doesn’t fit, then I’m not talking about you.

  17. wandmdave says:


  18. justn says:

    you guys are great …I laugh my ass off !!!!!

  19. phillypride says:

    Ives, I’m a huge fan of your site and podcast, but I like the show more when you don’t yell. Maybe it’s just me, but the volume and tone when you were arguing about Green was hard to listen to. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  20. FRANK says:


    • Ives Galarcep says:

      I’m blaming my new headphones, which left me with zero sense of my own voice volume. That and exasperation. Haha

      • Troy in his apartment says:

        I loved the fire. Im sure your sick of being pestered by the same asinine questions about Green from people like me on twitter. @realDirtyDish

  21. Lazlo Hollyfeld says:

    Really enjoyed the backstory on Rossi, Mr. Ives.



  22. Mike says:

    Prediction: Julian Green will draw a penalty at the WC.

  23. Birgit Calhoun says:

    Good show as always. I agree about Julian Green, and I would have much rather seen Clarence Goodson go to Brazil that John Brooks.

    • JohnDoe54 says:

      No disrespect, but did you listen to the comments on John Brooks? Not only is he an investment for the future, but he’s an great defender, mobile, aerial, and athletic. If he has another showing like he did vs. Turkey, it proves his worthiness. What has Clarence Goodson done to be chosen above Brooks? He was decent showing at the Gold Cup?

    • Troy in his apartment says:

      On ESP… earlier this year they interviewed a scout from a Champions League club and he graded Brooks ceiling at that of an above average Premier League defender and just below a great Premier League defender. the reference to the Premier League is because more people would get the relation to what he could be. You can see Brooks quality.

      Brooks had some of the hardest debut minutes for a defender in a while. Playing in Bosnia and playing against an emotional Ukraine team who was playing for more than just a national team friendly that day. That is an incredible trial by fire. Brooks starts for a Bundesliga team quite a bit.

      Personally, if it was a year away Goodson may be thrown out of the discussion and Chad Marshall could be thrusted in, Marshall is arguably the best CB in MLS right now. I cant make that argument for Goodson.

      Goodson, like Evans, did an admirable job against the opponents they faced. I wont slight that in the least. At some point you need the athleticism. If Besler gets hurt Brooks is the perfect replacement (or if Besler is struggling)

  24. mark schofield says:

    Wow, I agree with everything you guys said!

    IVES! There are people who are ok with John Brooks. What kind of evil emails are you getting;)

    Agree about Chandler. People focus on the last 20 minutes. he is not fit yet.

    Like the rant!

    • Troy in his apartment says:

      I agree that Chandler played pretty good the first 70 minutes especially when he had to flip everything he knows to the left side. The problem I have is if he isnt fit then what happens if Beasley goes down and you have to play him there and need him for 90 maybe 120 minutes. That is worrisome.

  25. Mark says:

    Ives – love the show, but I have to respectfully and completely disagree with you about Jozy Altidore. What is it that Jozy provides that no other US player on the roster or not cannot provide? This question about our need to have him b/c he is the only guy that can perform good hold up play is bemusing to me b/c in all honestly I don’t see Jozy use his large frame to perform hold-up duties. He uses what every normal int’l player does; his first touch and his good sense of where his fellow teammates are located. In all fairness, the pass to Bradley in the first half was beautiful and completely unselfish and Bradley will want that chance back. However, are you saying that there is no other American player that cannot hold the ball up as effectively as well as score goals better than Jozy Altidore? A Terrence Boyd (I know not selected) or a Chris Wondolowski can’t be effective at all? Because you can’t get any worse results than what we have right now, which is normal hold up play with zero goals from the striker.

    • QuakerOtis says:

      Dude, you’re anti-Jozy is showing. Feel free to dislike his play. It’s awkward right now, because he’s in bad form. But Wondo and Boyd? Serioudly?

      Boyd: Big does not equal holdup play. He’s a poacher. Watch him in Austria some time… though it’s hard to watch, even if you can find a stream.

      Wondo: See the Azerbaijan game. And in general, his lack of technique in the buildup has always been an issue, even in San Jose (HUUUUUUGE Wondo fan, btw. Stoked he’s there.).

      So yes, Jozy is our holdup guy, even if none of his play is world class at the moment.

      And as to this: “Because you can’t get any worse results than what we have right now, which is normal hold up play with zero goals from the striker”

      Wins aren’t good results? Dempsey didn’t score? Goals only count if they come from a striker?!?!

      Get outta here!

      • QuakerOtis says:


      • QuakerOtis says:


        Just in case the grammar/spelling police are out today.

      • Mark says:

        I agree with you completely when you say that Big does not equal hold up play. I feel the same way about Jozy. I think people see his large frame and assume incorrectly that he is going to be a tough fighter like Jermaine Jones, when in actuality, I feel he shies away from most 50/50 challenges or to be fair will try and draw fouls which many would argue is effective, but I personally think it’s a weak style of play.

        On your last point about “can’t get any worse..” your response was to point out that we got the win and the Dempsey scored, when I was speaking specifically about the role of the striker position up top, not the overall result of the game, which in my opinion was brought about by other players on the team: Bradley, Johnson and Dempsey.

        I appreciate your feedback, but please don’t think that I have a personal issue with Jozy or label me a “hater” just b/c I don’t think that this particular player is the best option for the USA up top. I personally think he is a very classy and professional player.

  26. Sebastian says:

    Hey Ives loved the show as usual but I really want to hear your thoughts on NYCFC’s influence on the CBA.

    Obviously the high rollers of the Middle East will want to push the salary cap to the limit but that’s obviously not going to happen. What I am trying to say is do their signings impact the urgency of the league to get the CBA done and dusted? I mean imagine if David Villa and Frank Lampard show up for the 2015 season in New York next February only to find out that there’s actually a work stoppage going on. When you think about it there is already worry that a work stoppage may occur next season but it’s much more worrying now. With two expansion teams, and 4-6 potentially big name DPs to come with, joining up next season the league has to be somewhat worried for how it would be perceived should it tout such glorious DPs to the media, and through that the rest of the world, only for February to come and for no games to be played. People would be mystified as to why the league can’t agree to raise the cap and minimum wage yet pay DP’s more than triple the rest of the team.

    I guess I went off a bit there… Anyways what do you think happens in the next CBA in terms of salary cap, minimum wage, free agency, etcetera? Do you think that the league needs to make this a priority?

    • MisterJC says:

      I know you didn’t ask me, but I’d like to hear more discussion on this topic, too. Personally, I think the salary cap will double, AT LEAST, with the new CBA. I also think that there will be another DP slot added and the minimum wage will reach 6 figures.

      Your point about how the new clubs will affect this CBA, especially NYC, is right on. Garber and the owners will want no part of a work stoppage, especially the season after the World Cup and with all the anticipated and potential new high profile signings coming to the league…

  27. MisterJC says:

    First of all, we have a whole lot of soft skinned, sensitive fans out there. Man.

    Second, I love the show, as usual. Please continue as is…

  28. bobbyoshea says:

    Enjoy the website but can’t stand the podcasts. To borrow a frequent criticism of our current President:
    Ives is a pyromaniac in a field of strawmen.

    • Ives Galarcep says:

      Right, straw men, since obviously NOBODY thinks the way I’ve stated some people think. This entire comment thread pretty much proves my point regarding the sections of the U.S. fan base and how some folks feel about the issue. So no, this isn’t a case of straw men, but as usual, people who use the term “straw men” are folks who want to pretend issues don’t exist that clearly do.