SBI World Cup Man of the Match: André Schürrle

AndreSchurrleGermany1-Algeria2014 (Getty)


André Schürrle entered the World Cup Round of 16 match between Germany and Algeria at halftime, with coach Joachim Löw desperately trying whatever he could to give Germany the upper hand.

Algeria gave Germany everything they had, nearly finding the winning goal several times in the second half before pushing the match to extra time. Shortly after extra time began, Schürrle broke their spirits.

Thomas Müller played the ball across the face of goal to Schürrle, who somehow poked the ball into the back of the net with a back-heel flick. The goal gave Germany a 1-0 lead in the 92nd minute.

Germany ended up needing the second goal they got from Mesut Özil in the 120th minute, as Algeria would go on to score one minute later, but Schürrle’s goal gave Germany the advantage it desperately needed. It also earned Schürrle the SBI World Cup Man of the Match award.

Schürrle wins the award over Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and Algeria goalkeeper Rais M’Bolhi.


Do you think Schürrle was the Man of the Match? What did you think of his performance? Did anyone else stand out to you?

Share your thoughts below.

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17 Responses to SBI World Cup Man of the Match: André Schürrle

  1. Increase says:

    Neuer MVP of normal time.

  2. Asma says:

    I think Rais M’Bolhi was THE MAN OF THE MATCH …. his performance was Outstanding but also Schürrle played well :)

    • Paul Terry says:

      MOTM is from the winning team, libtard. Are you one of those modern humans that like to give everybody participation trophies?

      • yoyoman says:

        but he was the man of the match/ Germany had like 20 shots on goal but just 2 goals scored. algerian defense repelled them harder than russians back in 1941

    • Asma says:

      No Sir I’m not one of those modern humans that like to give everybody participation trophies !!!!!! I’ve watched the match and he was the best and also you can check Fifa choice Of MOTM 😉 link to

  3. Jake says:


  4. Fast Eddie says:

    Where is the poster who stated here that Özil was a bad player?

    • Jake says:

      It wasn’t me, but I’ll bite. In general, I thin he’s a very good player, but Ozil has been poor in this WC as far as I’m concerned. He had a nice finish for what turned out to be the game winner, but that papered over what was a poor game for me. He didn’t impress me against the US either.

      • Fast Eddie says:

        Thanks for responding. So then, I would assume you also think Bradley is playing good so far?

      • Adi in Oregon says:

        I’ll bite too and agree with Jake. Oezil, Kheidra & Kroos have not controlled the German midfield optimally because in this WC they are too slow by a half-step which then also results in turn-overs. The young and very fast Reus who got hurt in the last friendly is also a major loss for Deutschland. Even if they get Hummels back and Neuer is again “another defender”, they will be the underdog against France and so I wish them all the luck that they will need to get a Sieg!!.

        • Fast Eddie says:

          LOL, the bookies will have France favored you say? Really?

          • Fast Eddie says:

            Oddschecker have Germany favored over France. France are 4.6-1 and Germany are 1.5-1 to win. Per the bookies France has a 22% chance to win and Germany has a 67% chance to win.

            Odds are for winning in the regular time, 90 minutes.

  5. P says:

    Neuer doesn’t look the part, but he is unreal. Seems to clearly be the top GK in the world at the moment.

    • Fast Eddie says:

      Neuer did 2 things I have never seen a goal keeper do, and he did both in one game.

  6. Rayl says:

    Neuer is the best and his instincts for the game are incredible. He is the reason that Germany may win it all despite an average back line….

  7. Fast Eddie says:

    first thing. He had the ball at his feet in the box, an Algerian ran to him and he, unlike every other keeper I have seen, put a fake on the guy and dribbled to his left and made a pass. Every other keeper would have picked up the ball..

    • DB says:

      Ehh, Nick Rimando might have dribbled around him too…played some defense in college and has shown to be good with the ball at his feet (especially at the last GC).

      But you’re right, not many would.