Last-gasp goal from Varela sees USMNT settle for discouraging draw vs. Portugal

USA loses lead Germany


MANAUS, Brazil — The U.S. Men’s National Team’s once again delivered some late World Cup dramatics, but so too did Portugal.

Substitute forward Varela scored a last-gasp goal at Arena Amazonia on Sunday night to give Portugal a thrilling 2-2 draw with the U.S., which had rallied from an early deficit and was on the brink of securing an early ticket to the Round of 16.

Nani opened the scoring five minutes in, but the Americans responded through second-half strikes from Jermaine Jones and Clint Dempsey. Those goals had the U.S. on the cusp of advancing to the knockout phase, but Cristiano Ronaldo delivered a splendid cross from the right flank that Varela nodded home on the game’s final play.

The result leaves the U.S. a total of four points and second place in Group G behind Germany — but it also keeps Portugal alive in the tournament with one point, which Ghana has as well heading into the final round of group matches.

“When you get a goal in the last second of the game, when you would’ve been on six points, then it’s a bummer for a moment that you have to swallow,” said U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. “But I think it was an outstanding game with all the players. We discussed at halftime, ‘It’s all good guys. We’re going to get this first goal and then we’re going to get a second goal.’

“We felt very confident that we could turn things around, which we did that. We could’ve added a third or fourth goal with the chances we had. Unfortunately, we didn’t do that and it ended in a tie.”

Varela’s goal gave a shorthanded Portugal a result in a match in which the Americans dominated possession after falling behind early. Geoff Cameron whiffed on a clearance attempt after a cross was sent in from the left and the ball skipped to the back post, where a wide open Nani stood before smashing a shot into the roof of the net.

After a few more Portugal attacks that looked threatening, Klinsmann’s side settled into the match, bossed possession for large stretches and took multiple shots on goal.

“Maybe it was a better sequence this time than in the (2-1 win vs. Ghana) where we scored in the first minute and then defended too much,” said Klinsmann. “This way you concede a goal and then you take the game to the opponent. If it’s Portugal, who cares? Go forward, and that’s what we did.”

Added center back Matt Besler: “I thought we responded very, very well (with the way) we were able to calm down, to keep the ball. We really got into a rhythm after they scored and played some of our best soccer for the rest of that half.”

Dempsey, Jones, Michael Bradley and Fabian Johnson all had goes from distance, but none of their shots were accurate enough to beat Portugal goalkeeper Beto.

As good as the Americans looked in the first half, they still needed a couple of saves from Tim Howard to keep them in the game. Howard stopped Nani on a chance late in the first half, and then produced one of the best stops of the World Cup just before halftime.

Howard had initially botched a block on a powerful Nani shot that stung off the near post, but used his left hand to paw away Eder’s rebounded effort despite the fact that momentum was carrying the U.S. goalkeeper away from the ball.

Portugal also had a spectacular save in the match. Bradley had a golden chance to equalize the game after Johnson cut a ball back to him early in the second half, but Ricardo Costa came up with a huge goal-line clearance to keep the Portuguese out in front.

That changed in the 64th minute. Jones brought down a cleared ball outside of the penalty area and sliced it past a frozen Beto to record his third goal at the international level.

“In that moment, I think the whole team is happy. Me, too,” Jones said. “We missed a big chance with Michael, so we was pushing and pushing and pushing. We have a lot of energy lost, so when I scored I can feel Portugal was a little like down and you could see that we would push more.”

Dempsey added his second of the tournament 17 minutes later off a low cross from Graham Zusi that came after substitute DeAndre Yedlin played a ball in from the right, giving the Americans a dramatic lead that sent the pro-U.S. fans into a frenzy.

Varela, however, made sure that would not be the winner. He nodded home Ronaldo’s 95th-minute cross from the right flank to leave the U.S. in disbelief and Portugal alive in the tournament.

“It’s kind of sad,” said Johnson. “If somebody had told us that we’re going to have four points after those two games, we’d have taken it. But we’re kind of, little bit disappointed.”

The U.S. will need to look past that disappointment quickly, as the final game of group play comes on Thursday against Germany at Arena Pernambuco in Recife. A draw would see both teams advance to the Round of 16.

Portugal and Ghana play simultaneously in the other Group G match at Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha in Brasilia.

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595 Responses to Last-gasp goal from Varela sees USMNT settle for discouraging draw vs. Portugal

  1. stargate1 says:

    Michael Bradlet, nuff said. Hopefully, we will never have to see his face again on NT.

    • Matt says:


      • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

        Bradley was an absolute disaster. Unbelievable.

        • James says:

          Would you guys relax and think rationally for once. Bradley was not a disaster. He played pretty well. Not his usual performance, but not that bad. You’re a fool if you judge anyone for a single play. Cameron included.

          • Matt in Bk says:

            That’s silly, did you watch the game? MB giveaways from start to finish… What struck me was his general unwillingness to hold the ball. We were giving each other so much space… He gave it away one time too many. Hurts, I’m sorry but it’s true.

            • dibo says:

              It was strange to see him so lethargic. Jones was much more mobile and quick to the ball. Whole game, not just that last giveaway.

              • michael f. sbi mafia original says:

                Exactly. Look, he’s our best player in my book but he hasn’t played like it. He loses the ball with 30 seconds left and then walked. C’mon! That’s not Bradley’s game. He fight, and runs his arse off to win that ball back. Something is wrong with him. I’m telling you. Flu, whatever but he was so slow, walking MOST of the game. A few good plays don’t mean much to me because that’s what he’s supposed to do. And the giveaways? Who was that wearing his jersey?

            • Ali Dia says:

              “Did you watch the game?” is the lamest, most played-out, disrepsectful comment there is on this site. Of course he watched the game. Show some respect.

          • Ben says:

            He wasn’t good for the second game in a row. When you are supposed to be one of your teams best players, that’s bad. And the giveaway at the end? It might be unforgivable. Maybe don’t whine about not getting a shot at Arsenal?

            • usaalltheway says:

              THANK YOU!!!

              I said it last game: BENCH HIM.

              You simply cannot play that poorly in the World Cup.

              Does the name “Clark” ring a bell anyone??????

              • Fus says:

                As much as I agree with your comment who would you propose play in his place

              • Gary Page says:

                I wonder, were you one of those 3 or 4 months ago who said that Dempsey might not play in Brazil and shouldn’t start if he did go? Calm down people.

          • Big Red says:

            Dead giveaway to Portugal with 15 seconds left in the middle of the field. Thanks Bradley. All you had to do was kick the ball out.

            • Jonnypauly says:

              At the time of writing this response, there are 281 posts on this article. THIS post above by Big Red is the only one that matters. Had MB just booted the ball out or upfield, the whistle would be blown, and all these other posts would be about how we happy we would be about the ability to rest some of our starters against Germany.

              • Falsify says:

                Now we will NEVER see Julian Green score against Germany! Bad USA! Bad boy! Bad!

              • Ali Dia says:

                Ok genius… what about Geoff Cameron? Never would’ve been in a hole in the first place if blah blah blah….

                Welcome to world footsoccer. It happens. We are still in great shape. I had a great day. I’m still over the moon about how we took it to them… we will be fine.


            • Gary Page says:

              At the very least, once he gave away the ball, he should have run up on the Portuguese player if he could catch him, tackle him from behind, get the yellow card and take a lot of time getting up from the ball. He has had two serious brain cramps at the end of both games. JK needs to have a se4rious talk with him and/or remove him in the last 5 minutes.

              • Jonnypauly says:

                I think comparing what happened to GC in the first 6 min of the game to what happened in the last 55 seconds is ridiculous. When the whistle blows, the game is over, i.e. no more goals. I’m no genius, but I’m pretty sure that “no more goals” meant we would be atop the group with 6 points, and automatically through to the Round of 16. I had a great day as well, and I’m proud of our boys and the men and woman who came out, tuned in, and supported them. But, I’m pretty sure that we would all be feeling a bit better today if the last 55 seconds of the match happened differently, no? C’mon.

                link to

          • pdxbuckeye says:

            It was more than 1 play. Bradley passed to the only covered player for a turnover on a 5 on 2 break, he could not score a goal from 4 feet out with no keeper in the net, he turned the ball over 16 times, 16 times for a center mid is awful, he only broke a jog maybe 4 times, he only jogged back after that last turnover. The commentariat after game 1 said he was bad against Ghana also, that’s both WC matches he stunk it up, one play, you are the irrational one in this conversation. a 5 on 2 pass to the right where the two defenders were. on the other side 2 US players open field to the keeper, and he does not pass to them? Turned that break right over…

            • peterprinciple says:

              where do you go to get your stats? I do not doubt them they are consistent with my eye, but I can not find turnover stats that mirror those.

              • pdxbuckeye says:

                no stat sheet I could find…the only thing formally tracked is turnovers and I heard that count from a trusted source.

              • bryan says:

                guys, just go look at Opta and you will have all the stats in the world from the game. scroll down in the link below and you will see the “common” stats as well as an area to mess around with Opta stats.

                link to

          • Josh D says:

            Sadly, playing “pretty well” while his teammates are literally battered, broken, and bruised is pathetic. I wouldn’t be so harsh on him if he showed the same heart as the others. I said it in a different thread and got blasted, but this Bradley is showing signs of distraction. His head and heart isn’t in it.

            Other stray observations:

            – Klinsi is a genius. Though we only got out of the Amazon with a tie, his formation, tactics, XI, and subs were all spot on.
            – Cameron took the honorable place of “Gonzo-ing” it tonight. A wonderful performance was bookended by two mental lapses leading to goals.
            – Can anyone who bashed Jones before this World Cup please gravel at his feet. That’s two man-of-the-match performances for us and I think against Germany, he’ll earn a third. The man is an absolute Kraken, Cthulu of a man. FIFA needs to examine him to ensure he’s not part Terminator. He’s the heart of the team this year.
            – Yedlin earned his plane ticket back home eventually tonight. Thanks Klinsi for bringing him.
            – Bedoya was largely absent this game and I expect him to get a rest. Leading to my final thought…
            – Who do we rest against Germany? The odds are in our favor so we have to have a slight eye toward the final 16. Besler looks like an injury concern so I’d happily let Brooks strut his self against Germany as I would let Beasley rest and Chandler to get a stab. I also wish we could rest Jones, but he’ll be too eager to play. Maybe give Bradley a rest and start Mix then. He can’t do worse…

            • Sup says:

              Josh, agree with almost all of your points, besides the idea that we can go into our last game with an eye toward the round of 16. Given that Portugal is in desperate need of making up a bad goal differential, they will be forced to play very offensively. This compounded with the Ghana’s ability to counterattack as well as Portugal’s battered defense means that Ghana will have a very good shot at beating Portugal by multiple goals. If this happens, we will need a tie or a win to advance. Losing by even 1 goal won’t cut it. We need to fire on all cylinders.

              • Benny says:

                I don’t think that is correct. If the U.S loses 1-0 and Ghana wins 1-0, the tie-breaker maybe be head to head goals. Since the U.S., as of right now, has scored 4 goals to Ghana’s 3 and beaten Ghana 2-1, the U.S. would advance. If the U.S. also loses a slug fest with Germany, this also helps the U.S. .

            • Benny says:

              Klinsi did make the right subs. It is too bad the U.S. lost like they did, because Klinsi could have rested a lot of the starters without sweating it. I still think the U.S. goes through.

            • Emmanuel Herrera says:

              I never post on here but to think that you go into the last game against Germany with your qualification not guaranteed and still considered resting some starters is completely unthinkable. Klinsmann goes into this game for the win.

              I’m guessing there’s an unspoken agreement between the Germany and the USA for a draw.

              • Marco Antonio Ribeiro says:

                You don’t know about the German’s dislike of Klinsmann, and Klinsmann dislike of the German Soccer establishment. These particular teams would simply NEVER play for a draw in this setting.

          • Georg says:

            Sad when poster’s are so pathetic that they offer nothing but criticism when one player makes a mistake. Forget the player’s overall performance, forget the player’s contribution during all of qualifying, just jump on one mistake and show us all how little you know of the sport.

            • Big Red says:

              Eddie Johnson played well in qualifying but he is sitting at home. If Bradley had a hat trick tonight, I would have excused his last gaffe. Missing a wide open goal doesn’t help your cause. Nani sort of had a wide open goal and he nailed it. Howard falling on himself helped that but Bradley had no goalie in front of him.

              • Helium-3 says:

                MB90 shot into the middle of the goal where the last defender was standing instead of shooting towards the post.

                MB90 is not a forward, he is a defensive MF, so you cannot expect him to make the right decisions in a high pressure situation like that.

        • Uncle Sam says:


        • LeaveAReplyMof@ says:

          I agree, Bradley was not as good as he has been. Now I see why Roma unloaded him. Having said that, the nation was riveted today. Jones did all the work for both Bradley and Beckerman. One other thing, Wondo looked fat. Yedlin wasn’t too bad as a sub. Is it just me, or is Ronaldo prettier then about 85 percent of women? It does nothing for me since I can get women in the top 5 percent, but just saying.

          • K Haro says:

            Jesus H people, stop crucifying the guy for a couple games. Everyone has put the pressure on him, and this is the usual result. Think about how little CR has done for portgugal for 3 cycles, it’s a similar situation.

            I blame him as much as everyone else for that last bad giveaway, along with a couple others, but he created or was part of many of our chances tonight. The idea of benching him is laughable. Our game against Germany will not be pretty, but man I would be surprised if it is not Bradley’s play that keeps us organized and calm to earn that draw.

            There are just too many people bandwagging the bench-and-he-is-done Bradley parade. Klinsman has asked a lot of him lately learning new and unfamiliar roles really out of nowhere. Put yourselves in his shoes; would you be able to immediately switch to a more traditional DM with an occasional run up to a true 10-style playmaker in a matter of weeks?? There might be 2 people in the world who could do that, most international teams have guys who already do that for club.

            That being said, Jones is an animal. I doubted him for months and was so down on him, including posts on this site. I SO regret those comments….

    • Maykol says:

      Im not saying i want Bradley benched for next game, but i follow a lot of MLS guys on twitter. I havent seen a single one complain about him. If it was Jones, you best bet they would be tearing him apart

      • Fus says:

        Jones has been our best player by far this tourney

      • Cylo says:

        Your right. MLS guys are afraid to go after there own. Its sad but the German guys seem to be an easy guys to criticize. Jones and Fabian Johnson have been our two best players

      • pdxbuckeye says:

        Twellman and Dark have nothing but praise for him. They bagged on Dempsey, Zusi, everybody but him. No comment at all on the Bradley botched 5 on 2 break, did not name him on missed goal from 4 feet and no keeper in net, and did not mention him by name on that disastrous turnover. It is only a Bradley luvfest from espn.

        • Mason says:

          He didn’t miss. It was saved off the line by a POR defender. Good play.

          • Big Red says:

            It not a save either if it’s kicked right at you.

          • Nate says:

            he hit it right at the defender. had that tbeen altidore, ipeople would be al over him for missing another “sitter”

          • pdxbuckeye says:

            he has like 120 square feet of space to hit that ball into from 4 feet out, he sends it to the 3 feet of space that denies him a goal. That is bad

    • Don't mind if I Freddy Adu says:

      Too reactionary

    • JayAre says:

      True be told Bradley was the weak link in our 4-5-1 today. This formation works way better than the Diamond. We should have brought in Mix late.

      • James says:

        Why the hell would you bring a diminutive creative midfielder on late when we’re up 2-1?

        • JayAre says:

          Or anyone that can hold the ball brad Davis !!! Even the team trainer if possible

        • Josh D says:

          Diminutive? Mix is six feet. That’s hardly small, and he has shown a dirtier streak since Klinsi dropped him last January.

          Bradley is not playing the destroyer role anymore. His job is to hold the ball and keep position with creative passing. He did nothing of the sort this game, especially at the end when his team needed it.

          Bradley for Mix, at the moment, is like-for-like.

          • beachbum says:

            and MB goes back to the role and position he’s always played well for the USMNT instead of the one Jurgen has placed him in? with Beckerman to the bench?

            • Helium-3 says:

              Yes, while Beckerman is not a bad player. MB90 is more of an influential player in the DM role than Beckerman; he can help more on the offensive end of things also.

              MB90 slots back into his old role, and bring Mix into the attacking MF role. The bad decision making comes from inexperience in their roles.

      • T says:

        I’d say Jones was the weak link. He gave up the ball a lot more than Bradley did.

        • vlad says:

          Bahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahaha retard post of the day

        • Jack says:


        • unbeknownst says:

          You simply don’t know what you’re looking at.

        • alf says:

          Get a clue!

        • NolaJ says:

          Seriously? Jermaine Jones gets my vote for MOTM.

          • Falsify says:

            Or Tim Howard. Some amazing saves.

            • NolaJ says:

              That off-balance hopping backward on one leg to tip the ball over the bar save was special, alright. Still give it to JJ, though, for the wonder strike and the takeaways. Seems like every time something went wrong he came in to sort it out.

            • Northzax says:

              Please. Timmy went to ground on the first goal, before nani even struck it. And got beat high. Sure, it’s potentially decent goalkeeping, but it was hardly great. And he only had to make the reflex hand save when he missed the ball to the post.

        • RAMONE says:

          Not sure if serious ….

          Trolling perhaps?

          Jones had a really good game, Bradley a second horrible one in a row.

        • Gary Page says:

          Jones’ goal was as good as the one Messi made yesterday to win the game. That by itself was enough to win him MOTM.

          • Helium-3 says:

            That goal was like the bend from Roberto Carlos’ goal against France some WCs ago. World Class goal from JJ. You think MB90 has technique to bend a ball like that?

            Champions League player !!!

    • nk says:

      I don’t want to see “Bradlet” again either-Bradley’s evil twin. Bring back Bradley!

    • Barry Coyle says:

      Agreed. Last 2 games, he walked and was completely ineffective. He has the flu or something but they’re not letting it out to the media. That’s the only explanation. As a coach, I would be sitting him at 1/2 time. Klinnsman HAS to tear him a new one during game film mtg tomorrow. Last giveaway is INEXCUSABLE. Totally Claudio Reyna-esque.

      • scurvy says:

        Disagree. He did give up the ball, yes, but at 94+ minutes after a good game overall. He should have fouled or even given up a card to avoid the counter, but overall he had a decent game, as did the whole team. We would not be here without him.

        • Oog says:

          Good game overall? Did you see how many give aways he had that game? It was ridiculous. My wife and I were yelling at our tv all night about Bradley’ possession and distribution. It was terrible. I don’t have the stats now to prove it, but it sure seemed he had way more give aways than anybody else on the team. He’s played two terrible games in a row. The World Cup doesn’t last forever, he doesn’t get more games to prove himself. He needs to do it now.

        • pdxbuckeye says:

          he missed goal from 4 feet out. yeah it was blocked, but only 1 ball out of 10 or so options could have been blocked in that situation. he made the wrong pass on a 5 on 2 break. He passed to the covered men, two on left had no port players near them or between them and the keeper. Bradley instead passes right into coverage. Not only that, it was a horrible pass. Wrong and bad on that.

          that weak give away, the missed 4 feet away with no keeper in net goal and the blown 5 on 2 play were all game changing moments killed by a bradley mistake

      • Helium-3 says:

        Oh man how can I forget the Claudio Reyna gaffe against Ghana?!? There are similar moments like this too with Brek Shea and his dribble and getting dispossessed against El Salvador in the Olympic qualifiers where they failed to make the Olympics.

        Goes back to the Agoos days against Jamaica and Portugal!

        These moments are burnt in my memory.

    • SuperChivo says:

      US fans, or at least the ones who post here, are such hateful little perras. Bradley went went to recover a ball sandwiched between two Portuguese players. They beat him. Every other US player except Wondo was behind that ball and none of them could stop the subsequent goal.
      Big love to Jones for a beautiful goal, but less than a minute before he had turned over the ball in the defensive third and had that good fortune that nothing came of it. Big love to all of the US players. Absolutely better performance than against Ghana.

      • Joe C. says:

        We’re not all crazy, it’s just the crazy ones post the most. I think it’s interesting to see the Jones and Dempsey lovefest now after they were such goats for so long. The snake will eat its own tail and next week Fabian will be the source of all our woes.

      • pdxbuckeye says:

        it is not just the bad give away, by the way you are misremembering that last give away.

        he could not score from 4 feet out with no keeper in the net, he blew a 5 on 2 break by passing to the only covered guy out of 4 options, 2 of which had an entire side of the pitch to themselves, no one between them and the keeper on that side of the pitch.

    • JayAre says:

      All calls should go in our favour next game!!! FIFA you owe us!! We bought most of your tickets damn it

    • Andy Los Angeles says:

      I guess with Jozy out and Donovan no longer on the team, Bradley’s become the new player for all the stupid fans out there to fixate on?

      Why does there always have to be one player that everyone hates? He didn’t blow the game. Having 4 defenders in the box and none of them marking Varela was the bigger problem.

      • futbolisimo says:

        I certainly agree with you about the poor marking on the final goal (my impression is that was the product of exhaustion). I also agree too about everybody fixating on Bradley. He’s got big boots to fill and if the team doesn’t succeed, then almost invariably a lot of the heat comes down on that attacking/creative midfielder. That said, Bradley has been in really bad form. I think, fairly and objectively, if you compare his performances starting with the Azerbaijan game to yesterday to his performance in the Mexico friendly (April/May?), it’s reasonable to say he’s off his game.

        I think, at the end of the day, the U.S. just doesn’t have the players yet to compete genuinely at this level. Of course, we can enter the W.C. and squeeze out some dramatic performances and results, but the long-view is profoundly limited. (This, of course, is a larger topic).

        One other note, for discussion down the road – and this is coming from a gringo who fancies something of a style of tiki taka with a dash of Euro-powerhouse play. I find it interesting and certainly worth noting that Tab Ramos organized a fantastic Olympic team comprised almost entirely of Hispanic-American players, but we have a national team with, I think, only one Hispanic-American.

    • danny says:

      Bradley haters embarrasing themselves with their ridiculousness…

    • futbolisimo says:

      Yeah, I have a bit of empathy for Bradley. He’s just not a natural fit for that more attacking/creative midfielder role he’s being asked to fill. I see him more as in the position Beckerman is playing (with a tad of creative prowess). But, of course, it seems unequivocally clear that no one else on this squad could play that attacking/creative midfielder spot besides him. This all said, it’s also absolutely clear that Bradley has been in really, really bad form for weeks now, going all the way back to the warm games.

      One other note, I think the U.S. deservedly got punished with the last-minute Portugal goal. There were three or four U.S. players in the attacking third when Portugal made the counter and scored (and Bradley poorly gave the ball away). I saw a cut away to Kilnsmann screaming at them to get back and compress the field (hand gestures, etc.). But, that said, they all should know this. It is a no-brainer to a professional to sit tight in the final minutes in a game like this. Really tough lesson to swallow.

  2. psv says:

    Ricardo Bradley

    • stargate1 says:

      Absolutely .

    • Drew11 says:

      Jeff Agoos, Mike Burns. Other names that come to mind right now.

    • JayAre says:

      +1 I might need therapy after this result. I’m truly flabbergasted. We are no longer underdogs and we need to act like it. Portugal is horse $hit + Ronaldo. I’ll be sick if they get thru and we don’t

      • James says:

        I don’t want to tempt fate here, but there is almost no conceivable way Portugal goes through. Ghana is at least their equal, and will have plenty to play for, so there’s no way Portugal blows them out. It would take a disaster on either Ghana or the US for Portugal to go through. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

        • Mike says:

          Portugal advancing? Odds are that Ghana overcomes the one goal diff and sens usa packing for third straight wc. Bitting my nails tilll they bleed come thursday.

          • Bitman says:

            Ghana’s defense is horrid. Their game w Portugal will have several goals, prob 2 for each side like today.

            Won’t be good enough.

        • JayAre says:

          Portugal need more than Ronaldo they really are what the are on Paper a one man team. Take the European big name pedigree and transfer fees away from the tournament and judge these teams on how they play. Portugal suck, Germany beat up on 10 men and could barley handle Ghana, Belgium and Russia are playing like trash. Germany is nothing to be scared off we need to embrace this and earn our spot

  3. stargate1 says:

    Sorry I meant Bradley. really suck

  4. Mikey K says:

    This blows, we got scored on in the last minutes of the game.

    • JayAre says:

      5 minutes added time was absolutely criminal in the first half when we were down we only got 2! Same thing against Ghana we got 5 minutes in both halves. Someone needs too look into that.

      • Max says:

        I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories or anything but with an ending like that I need anything to boost to my spirits. And seriously 5 minutes was ridiculous.

        • Mark from LA says:

          Don’t forget there was an official water break. Then the US took almost 45 seconds to complete the zusi for gonzales sub, and the fourth official rightly added a minute.

          I would say the added time was maybe a minute too long, and was not completely unjustifiable.

          • chg says:

            Water break was in the first half. And our late game sub was just like every other by the leading team. 5 minutes was criminal.

    • usaalltheway says:

      It sucks for sure but it wasn’t the last “minutes”: it was the last 30 seconds.

      Cameron blew it. You have to stick your man.

      And Bradley was crap all time as well.

  5. Maykol says:

    Heartbreaking. But wow, Jones was so heavily criticized throughtout his US career. And look at him, best American in Brazil. Seriously, how many guys play with more passion than Jones

    • Soccerhorn says:

      +1. Fabian too. I’ve been anti-Germarican all along (mainly because I think Klinsmann is a fraud), but those two guys have really stepped up.

      • Maykol says:

        Fabian Johnson will go down as one of the all time US greats in my opinion

      • usaalltheway says:

        Honestly, I have been VERY anti-German too.

        Now, I have to admit I was wrong. Those Germans that hit the field have been HUGE for us. Jones, Fabian and that center back…what is his name again?

        As for Bradley…well, I called that one.

        • Josh D says:

          Brooks. You should remember it, at 21 he’ll be with us for the next decade – probably as a starter.

      • GW says:

        Why do you think JK is a fraud?

        • shaggie96 says:

          Seriously, the talk of JK being a fraud is beyond old. I don’t care what he is or isn’t doing, the results speak for themselves. This is such a crock of crap that he continues to be the target of this nonsense. We were 30 seconds away from making the round of 16 after two games in the “Group of Death, ” minus our starting striker, and there are still people questioning him? Pound sand is all I have to say.

          • shaggie96 says:

            Sorry, that was meant for Soccerhorn, and anyone else who feels the same way he does.

          • Ben says:

            Right on. The only mistake JK has made is letting Bradley lose that ball with 30 seconds left, which, you know, is not JK’s fault at all.

            • RAMONE says:

              That was all American “know how” giving up possession in a dangerous spot with 30 seconds left. Even ignoring that play which may be the one that spells our doom in this WC, Bradley has been horrible. Does he have malaria or something? Slow, passing to the wrong team, looks uninterested 90% of the time. Just awful for the guy who is expected to be the CM playmaker.

    • Gary Page says:

      Let me repeat what I have been preaching for some time. People should stop jumping to conclusions. A few months ago a bunch of posters were writing off Dempsey, some saying he shouldn’t even go to Brazil. I’d like to see those people apologize, BTW. Many times in the past Jones has been heavily criticized and many called him a red card waiting to happen. Now all the knives are out for Bradley, who admittedly has had 2 bad games. Michael Bradley has carried this team in the past and was crucial for qualification. It’s far too soon to write him off yet. Amid all the disappointment, let’s remember, if at the start of the WC somebody had said the US would beat Ghana and tie Portugal and need only a tie with Germany to go through, how many people would have turned that down? This is absolutely the scenario I had hoped for; it’s just a bonus that the US almost won both games. I’m as disappointed as anyone, but, it’s time to move on and move past the disappointment and keep this in context. The US was the better team today, but, let’s face it, Ghana outplayed them in the first game and the US didn’t deserve to win, so it kind of all evens out.

      • scurvy says:

        Thank you Gary!!

        Bradley, although not stellar, has been crucial throughout qualifying. Our performance was actually quite strong, given that Portugal has never lost or tied a game after going up in advance, and we have never won having gone down. The fact that posters here are whining about a tie shows how little they know–if anyone had offered 4 points after two games at the start of the tournament, we would have taken it hands down, and the fact that we were in a place to win is great. We chased the game and did our best to kill it off. Good coaching, great performance by most, and we were undone by the best player in the world. On to the last game, and those who hate can choose not to watch.

        • Big Red says:

          The US has a better record without Bradley the last 7 years. We beat Mexico to qualify for the World Cup 2-0 behind goals from Donavan and Eddie Johnson without an injured Bradley in the lineup. His club team Roma started undefeated last year while Bradley was hurt. Toronto FC has been tearing it up since he is missing games for the National Team. Now who’s paying attention?

      • TomG says:

        Darn you, Gary and your insidious logic and reason. MB was actually pretty great for most of the match, too. He had a tremendous match formthe most part with just a few terrible moments. This happens sometimes unfortunately. Brilliant, brilliant match from our boys today, for about 88 minutes, they played like gods as far as I’m concerned.

      • Oog says:

        It doesn’t matter what he did for us in qualifying. Doesn’t matter what Jones or any other player for us did in qualifying. What matters is what they are doing NOW. Bradley has seemed a lethargic ball-giving-away shell of what he was in qualifying. He needs to step it up. It’s not like this tournament is lasting forever. We may only have one game left and he is 0/2 so far in my book. Doesn’t matter what Jones did in the past either, he is tearing it up and helping the team. Point is, Bradley has been terrible in this tournament and he needed to come off the pitch long ago.

  6. Umlaut says:

    whatever sense of direction i had in my life is now gone

  7. BigBlueAL says:

    Safe to say Bradley and Cameron wont be getting good grades when those come out later tonight.

    • Turgid Jacobian says:

      Yep, and rightly so. Two (punished) ballwatching incidents apiece?

    • Harry S says:

      Who Scored gave MB90 a 7 and Geoff a 6.1

      • reignman says:

        ESPN gave MB a 6 and it has been downgraded to a 5 and they’re deleting comments it looks like.

        • peterprinciple says:

          Truth? Bradley had two high profile mistakes and a solid game in between. He was all over the field defensively and dangerous going forward. He blew his big moment on goal (though his role in goal two is being roundly ignored) and he had 3 or 4 turnovers like the last one, but all together he was not awful on the day

          • Ben says:

            A solid game, not a great game, not even a good game, and then a disaster of a mistake, so really a bad game.

          • RAMONE says:

            Bradley’s role on the Dempsey goal? You mean shooting it off of the defender which by pure luck deflected to Zusi who then passed it to Clint’s junk?

            Yeah, masterstroke. Bradley was sub-par against Ghana and he was sub-par today.

            • peterprinciple says:

              First he was in good position, second he struck it cleanly and the shot had a chance had it not been deflected. If he were worse on either of those two counts (being in position and striking the ball well) the attack falls apart.

              The numbers support my position on Bradley.

          • Clover362 says:

            This Bradley had a better game then people are giving him credit for. He was part of almost all of the us build ups, he did well passing, and he did a good job defensively. Bradly did turn the ball over on the last play but we was surrounded by 4 opposing players without clean control of the ball and facing the wrong direction (so he couldn’t just booted like everyone is asking for). Ronaldo made a world class cross, and the us weakly marked a player who made a great run and put a good strike on it. Heartbreaking.

  8. KapnAmerika says:

    We will still likely advance to the knockout rounds….

  9. Soccerhorn says:

    Cameron: F
    Bradley: F

    What else is there to say?

    • Paul says:

      Cameron a D- and Bradley a C-.

      Remember we needed a tie here and got it, against a Portugal team that was desperate. Not a bad day, though I realize it was moments away from being a whole lot better.

      Now we have to hope Portugal can beat Ghana, because if so I’d imagine our 5-goal lead over Portugal holds. If Ghana wins, we’ll need a point against Germany.

      • Turgid Jacobian says:


      • nk says:

        Or a draw….

      • Chad says:

        We needed a win to advance….not a tie

      • Ty says:

        Paul. What you said makes zero sense. We didn’t need a tie. A win and we’re in.

        Then you go on to say now we have to see what the other teams do.

        You must be one of those hipster new age soccer fans that follow the spot every four years and grow beards.

        So just to reiterate. You always play to win!

        • Paul says:

          Ty? What are you talking about?

          I never said we should play for a draw, especially when we’re 30 seconds from a win. But we needed the draw to stay in the drivers seat. Yes, absolutely, I’d rather have three points and through. On the flip side, I am reasonably sure we’d be in deep dog poop if we had lost today.

          • RAMONE says:

            But we are not in the driver’s seat. Germany is in the drivers seat and now we MUST get a result against them. Beating Portugal would have put us in the driver’s seat … but now we have our most difficult match ahead of us an no control over what happens elsewhere. If we keep playing like this Germany will beat us 3 or 4-1 and then if Ghana beats Portugal then so long. I would not call needing a win or draw against Germany the driver’s seat.

            • Gary Page says:

              Mighty Germany had to come from behind to draw with Ghana. Both teams (US and Germany) go through with a draw. Both teams could lose out if the other wins, although Germany is in safer territory. The managers should be fired if they have their teams take any chances. The US goes through no matter the result with
              Germany if Portugal wins by less than 4 goals or if the two teams draw. I like our chances.

              • JJ says:

                I know Belgium is underwhelming (and Algeria could be a scary matchup), but don’t we want to go out and try and win the group?

                I know I’m in the minority but going into the Cup I expected the US to get out (and put my money where my mouth is), and I’m not satisfied with a Round of 16 exit (not saying that’s inevitable at all).

          • Ty says:

            Then I apologize. Just not to thrilled with Bradley Cameron or the tie.

      • Ben says:

        That was a loss in all but name. We were through and MB gave the ball away.

    • JayAre says:

      You forgot Beasley D –

      • Paul says:

        I thought this was one of Beasley’s better games. The guy is limited, but we probably saw the top limit today.

        • usaalltheway says:

          Beasley has actually pretty good. He got forward quite a bit. But his age shows. He got beat several times.

      • Anthony says:

        Beasley was not a D-, I think hes a B-, C+ at worst.

        Bradley – D-, too many give aways in the middle, terrible link ups, not finishing on the doorstep. Another bad mistake where you would think he would have experience. Instead of just drilling the ball out once you have a bad trap, he tries to shield it from a player? C’mon, that was almost as bad as his cross against Ghana at the end of the game instead of taking it into the corner. Thought he would have more experience, but in the MLS he makes that play; how about even falling down and try to draw a foul at least!

        Cameron – D, The first play against him with the mishit was bad, but it was early enough in the game that it wasn’t devastating. The last goal against him was tough, as a header most likely would have been an own goal, but he did get beat or at least put some pressure on the forward. Didn’t distribute well but played okay defensively.

      • Big Red says:

        You forgot Tim Howard F+
        Why do you just fall straight on your bum and let Nani score?
        Why did you ole the last goal?

        Make an effort!!!!!
        Guzan or Rimando would have tried.

        • JayAre says:

          Absolutely Tim Howard is making the hard saves and scuffing the simple ones.

        • Mason says:

          Nani feinted a shot and Howard reacted because he had to. Good finish by a skilled player.

        • Gary Page says:

          To be blunt, this comment reeks of ignorance. A good player like Nani with the goalkeeper at his mercy from only 5 yards out, is going to score 99% of the time, no matter what the keeper does. Nani would have had to royally mess up to not score there.

          • Mason says:

            Gary: Chances are you or I could score at least 70% of the time from 5 yards in front of Howard’s net. It seems kind of silly to complain about Howard in this case. He may have had a nervy moment later, but the Nani goal wasn’t his fault at all.

  10. A.S. says:

    Bradley fail.

    So so disappointing.

    • JB says:

      Bradley = ball watching and walking (nice job there)

    • walt obrien says:

      Bradley is just an overrated player. walked through both matches and his poor play cost the US the win in the last 3 minutes. Shame on him.

      • Paul says:

        Man, you guys are harsh. Bradley has been our best field player for years. That doesn’t excuse some poor play here, but come on – overrated?

        • Soccerhorn says:

          I agree with you- Bradley is not overrated. He absolutely earned the opportunity to take Landon’s job and run our attack. What is also undeniable is what he’s done with that opportunity. Two matches, laid two fat eggs. Pitiful.

          • Paul says:

            I think part of the problem is putting Bradley as an attacking midfielder. He hasn’t been effective from that position, even in the friendlies before the World Cup. He seems to be more comfortable at DM, even when moving box to box (where we do get more attack from him). But all in all, he had some great feeds today, he has the best first touch on our team and easily could have had our first goal.

          • peterprinciple says:

            Two eggs? They have been productive with 4 goals and have no losses in the group of deathe. The Bradley MF is working fine.

            • Chad says:

              Have you just started watching Bradley or soccer? His ability his WC has been dreadful comparatively speaking. You are seeing reactions of other commenters that know this….but you do not.

              • peterprinciple says:

                Wrong. I watch the games, research the numbers surrounding my observations and decide for myself rather than formulating opinion based on the opinions of people on the SBI board. He had mistakes, but overall the USA attack has been on par with or better than average in the WC, especially considering the relative strength of our opponents. He was key in one goal against and one goal for. He has not been strong, but he has not been awful. He has not been world class, but he has not been bench-able either. (for contrast, I believe Jones, Johnson, Dempsey and Besler have been very good. Howard, Brooks and Beckerman good, Zusi, Bradley, Beasley, Jozy and Cameron OK, Bedoya as the only player really not giving us anything.)

        • Bitman says:

          Too many children here.

          Exactly how far do you think the US are going to go without Michael Bradley? He hasn’t played his best, that’s for sure, but this team is nowhere without him.

        • dibo says:

          He is a skill player who has to work every second to compensate for a lack of world class athleticism. He needs cover and he is not good when pressured.

          He also should have scored that goal, and he had a couple of bad passes.

          What I’m most upset about, though, is what I saw as a lack of hustle in this game.

        • Mike says:

          Bradley is a bald peyton manning. Great during qualifiers, average or below during playoffs

      • Big Red says:

        Apparently his dad thinks he’s good enough to go to Arsenal.

    • Chad says:

      His ability has declined since going to MLS…it took Dempsey a while to wake up…but this is a horrible time for a lapse

    • bizzy says:

      Bradley messed up big time:
      He looked slow on the ball
      He had poor control and lost the ball often
      Missed a wide open goal
      Then of course the last atrocious touch that gave Portugal possession.
      But is it all him? You lose Altidore and everything goes down hill (because you didn’t think about bringing players with similar attributes)? You bring midfielders that you cant even use or substitute during a high powered game because it’ll change the style of play completely. The Ghana game and now this game makes you ask the question; why did Klinsmann leave behind experienced impact players like Donovan or Feilhaber or Edu and drag alone players he won’t even use ( no matter how burnt out the midfield was)? Imagine 75 – 80 mins into the game an extremely tried Beckerman or a fresh Maurice Edu? An exhausted Bradley as attacking mid or a fresh Benny Feilhaber? An exhausted Graham Zusi or a Fresh Landon Donovan? No Altidore? where is the next best thing (Boyd or Eddie Johnson)??
      So many questions to ask. Hind sight is always 20/20 after the fact but he positive is that in a group or death involving 2 top ten teams, one of which has the best player in the world, WE FEEL A SENSE OF DISAPPOINTMENT FOR TYING!!!! Wow, we’ve come a long way……

      • usaalltheway says:

        Great post! Salient observations and poignant questions.

        It’s mute now but Donovan would be the perfect sub. And no real replacement for Altidore was also a bad call.

        You are right about at least one, if no one else likes you post: the team REALLY HAS come a loooonnngggggg way!!

      • Mason says:

        How can you say Bradley missed a wide open goal when the ball was saved off the line by a Portuguese defender? Doesn’t that defender’s presence make the goal not wide open? Are you stoned? Is this some sort of Schrodingers cat situation where the goal can be both wide open and not wide open at the same time?

        • bizzy says:

          No Mason I think you are stoned. Open goal with a player defending (not a goalkeeper) that cant use his hands, with space on both sides of him and you kick it directly towards him? Yes the chance was in his favor and he missed it.

  11. Brad says:

    Germany is going down, and we will win the Group of Death.

    • Matt says:

      Why would either team play for the win when a draw sees both safely through?

      • Paul says:

        Yep. And Germany takes wins the group on GD, so would be more than happy to get a point, not get anyone hurt, etc. But all that means is neither side will take risks and send numbers on attack as long as it’s 0-0. We’ll still have to deal with the good chance that Germany will find a goal without taking risks.

        • Turgid Jacobian says:


        • Chad says:

          Joy, so we get to play Belgium…we may as well go for the win against Germany.

          • Grumpy Goatmeal says:

            If we get Jozy back for a Belgium game, I’m on board.

            • Mark from LA says:

              Looking at the bracket, it’s debatable to want the 1G or the 2G spot. 2G gets you Belgium in the second round but a debatably less severe quarterfinal, most likely Argentina (barring a second round 2E upset of Argentina). Seeing what Iran did to Argentina and also assessing Argentina’s overall display so far I’d say the US’s defense is just as capable of accomplishing the same thing as Iran and has a much more potent offensive threat.

              1G gets a pretty easy 2H second round matchup, but then France is very likely to be the quarterfinal opponent, and France has looked to me to be as strong a team as there is so far. I don’t think the US gets past France.

              But nor do I think the US gets a result against Germany. I just think the US makes it through over Ghana on one of the tiebreaks.

              Setting up a probable loss against Beligium, in extra time. But there’s a chance against Belgium, the US’s team identity is simply stronger. Get through that game and the best World Cup in US history commences.

              So I say the 2G path has the best potential for a magical run to the semis.

              • Paul says:

                I just want to get out of group and worry about the rest later.

              • JJ says:

                Belgium is nothing to be afraid of.

                You people need to stop listening to the “experts” who have been proven wrong over and over again.

                The game isn’t played on paper, as we have seen. As we have seen with Belgium, specifically, in fact.

          • Gary Page says:

            Player for player, Belgium has one of the best collection of players in the world. But they haven’t exactly been blowing away the competition, as I have predicted. It’s the best team, not the best collection of players that wins. If the US can play as well as they did for most of the game with Portugal, we can hold our own with Belgium. Hey, look at Argentina, who needed a goal in stoppage time to win over Iran. Argentina is so good that Tevez didn’t make their team. The problem seems to be they have so many talented attackers, they get in each other’s way. There’s only 1 ball and they can’t all have it at the same time. If we get past Belgium, we probably face Argentina (a lot of ifs there) and we would probably lose, but this WC is showing that you can’t count on anything.

  12. Vince says:

    CR7 is going to drag his team along one way or another.
    Five minutes were given because all the injury faking we were doing at the end.
    It always comes back to bite you at the end.

    • Soccerhorn says:

      You’re kidding, right? Portugal’s strategy the moment the fell behind was to stomp on ankles. They had to since that greaseball wearing the ref #7 shirt refused to run a single step.

    • Jack says:

      Yep they changed it from 4 to 5 because of that,

  13. BigBlueAL says:

    Ghana is now in very good position to advance still, unbelievable how they continue to haunt us. Gotta hope for a draw or Portugal win assuming they dont win by multiple goals.

    • Bitman says:

      We are in a far better spot than Ghana. They way this team is playing, I wouldn’t exactly trade places.

    • Umlaut says:

      My concern is that Portugal plays a heavy attacking style since they can only advance with a BIG win, and invariably they get ripped by Ghana’s athleticism and get beat by multiple goals.

    • 1st Time Caller says:

      Some part of me would like to see Ghana and the US advance if that’s possible. I really do not think Portugal has enough to even draw Ghana.

      • Tony Meola says:

        It would require us to beat Germany, likely by more than one goal, and Ghana to blow out Portugal

  14. deno says:

    deport Bradley

  15. A.S. says:

    Gotta say, though, despite the disappointment, I thought we really played well. The quality of play was very high.

    • Umlaut says:

      Until those final 30 seconds my biggest takeaway from the game was that we legitimately and unarguably outplayed PORTUGAL. They score off a crap goal in the first five minutes, and then we outplay them for the final 89 minutes and 30 seconds.

      • 1st Time Caller says:

        That’s kinda how Ghana should have felt after their match against us

        • Dave says:

          Agreed! We were outplayed against Ghana and took 3 pts. Now we took another against a team that was odds on favorite to beat us. We will advance – dont count this team out, and Belgium is beatable, too.

      • JayAre says:

        We fell victim to our biggest sin in ussoccer. Giving out opponent too much damn respect. Portugal is horse $hit plus Ronaldo tie with them is a damn disgrace we’ve come to far for that

    • JJ says:

      Yup, very satisfied with how we played (almost exact opposite feeling from last game, happy with result, very disappointed with play).

      And arguably, it largely stemmed from the scoreline. I know it may be odd but I actually didn’t mind going down the goal (provided we didn’t go down another), because the recent USMNT tends to play their best soccer when behind, and the last thing I wanted to see was another 90 minutes of defending and looking like scrubs on the world stage.

      I know it’s not the most important thing, but we definitely earned some respect tonight.

  16. Jack says:

    It’s good that Bradley is playing in Canada

  17. Hejduk4President says:

    We’d have taken 4 points from two games before the WC started. If we still get eliminated though…man it will burn.

  18. 1st Time Caller says:

    As soon as Michael Bradley lost the ball to spark that final Portugal attack I knew it would be a goal… 95″ Bradley (who had had a strong match up until then) loses the ball, the counter is on, Ronaldo on the wing lolo king dangerous (after being more or less held in check all match,) Beasley giving him too much respect, Varela streaking into the box virtually unmarked… it was as if it was a scripted parable for all the inexperienced players and fans that one 10 second sequence can dash your entire World Cup hopes and dreams…. Now the boys face their stiffest contest and they absolutely NEED a result. Somehow I always knew that it would come down to this US v Germany fixture. At least it seems like Jurgen is mighty pissed off (judging by his post game interview with Jeremy Schaap, even if he tried to hide it) and that could be a good thing for us.

    Did anybody see if it was Omar who lost varela? I was screaming at the TV when Jürgen sent him in afraid he would make another late game blunder and blow the game for us. Something tells me it was Cameron who lost Varela though…. Never would have in a million years expected that early blunder from him. PS can somebody down there make sure Matt Besler knows how to properly stretch and hydrate himself?

    • stargate1 says:

      can not lose the ball there. Kick it away if you had to

    • Matt says:

      Bradley didn’t lose the ball. The pass was yards behind him.

      • Jags98 says:

        Really behind him, yards??? You are in the middle of the pitch with seconds left and gassed. Boot it.

      • Upstate Jason says:

        Like hell. It was at Bradley’s feet and he choked it away. Both the ball and the game.

    • Soccerhorn says:

      Bradley did not have a strong game. You’re high. Incomplete passes all over the field all night long.

      • usaalltheway says:

        I know!

        Bradley had a better game than against Ghana but it was still awful.

        Jones had a great game. Howard had a great game. Even Yedlin had a great game. Bradley? Not even close.

        • Harry S says:

          Jones was a beast, no doubt about that but to say that MB was making incomplete passes and not say the same for JJ is hypocritical. MB 87% accuracy. JJ 77%accuracy, which was tied for worst on the team

      • Ben says:

        Right, I spoke with my parents, who are old an not soccer fans after the game, and all my 60 year old mother was talking about was how bad Bradley was. Stop sugarcoating it, he was not good.

        • usaalltheway says:


          He was crap all night. Better than against Ghana but still crap.

          Jones was a beast. Howard was great. Yedlin put in a strong showing and Fabian dominated his side of the field.

        • peterprinciple says:

          So your grandma knows what she is talking about? Highly doubtful. Your grandma saw him miss the net and be bumped off possession with 40 seconds left. He completed 87 percent and was rated a 7.0 by who scored’s metrics (not opinion)

          • fcmuenchweiler says:

            Did those metrics include passes completed to opposing players? If so, the 87% figure sounds about right. If not, then I’d take those figures with a grain of salt. 87% in the first half is plausible, but there is no way in the second half.

        • Mason says:

          Regardless of wether or not Bradley was bad, citing the expertise of you 60 year old non-soccer fan mother isn’t the best way to bolster your argument.

    • Turgid Jacobian says:

      It was Cameron

    • Don the Jewler says:

      Are you me? My God you and I saw and experienced the exact same thing.

  19. Norn Iron says:

    If Portugal beats Ghana, they’re going to have to do so by 5+ goals, assuming the U.S. were to lose to Germany, to get through That’s HIGHLY unlikely. If Ghana wins, does it matter since we beat them? Or is only goal differential, I don’t know? If it is only goal differential that is looked at, and we lose to Germany 1-0 and Ghana wins 2-0, we’re screwed. Of course, if we tie Germany, we’re through.

    • Aero says:

      It’s only goal differential. The first tiebreaker should be head to head, but it is FIFA, so it’s not…

      • Upstate Jason says:

        No, it shouldn’t be head-to-head. At this stage the competition is amongst four teams, not just one selected after the matches are already played.

    • Umlaut says:

      Head to head doesn’t really play into it, be more concerned with goal differential. I think the head to head would only matter (as the 4th tiebreaker criteria) in points earned between the teams concerned, and for that to happen, we’d need to finish with the same points, goal differential, and total goals scored (i.e. if we lost 2 – 1 and finish with a 0 goal differential and 5 total goals, and Ghana won 2-1 and finished with a 0 differential and 5 total scored). Then it would move on to the 4th tiebreaker, points taken from teams concerned (USA and Ghana), and of course we beat them so we’re through.

      In other words, if we can score once against Ghana we’re in a pretty good position, so long as we don’t give up a bunch of goals.

      • Umlaut says:

        In other words, if we can score once against GERMANY (not Ghana, my bad) we’re in a pretty good position, so long as we don’t give up a bunch of goals.

    • Turgid Jacobian says:

      Points, GD, GS, then head to head comparisons.

    • JayAre says:

      Real talk we need to get this underdog talk out of our mouths. I’ve seen Germany play they beat up on a 10 man team and could barely handle Ghana. They’re good but we can break them

  20. Shaner97 says:

    Is it me or was it Fabian Johnson who just stopped running with varela on the last goal? Whoever it was, runs with him till the top of the box and then just let him go???

  21. l Smith says:

    Bradley needs to be benched, his play all night was horrible, this is not one bad game but two in a row. If he starts against Germany, I will lose all faith in Klinnsman. His lose of the ball at the end was not the first time but the 4th time and it was painful to see the rest of the guys put out and he gives it away.

    • 1st Time Caller says:

      Which game were you watching?

    • Matt says:

      His play was actually pretty good all night the way I saw it. Seriously, was I watching the same match?

      • l Smith says:

        lmao, u must not know how football is played

      • Umlaut says:

        I thought he wasn’t bad in the first half, but he really dropped off as the game went on.

        (And I won’t even mention that he missed A SITTER of a goal!&^*@$^*!@)

        • Paul6 says:

          He didn’t miss it by any means! He did his part, costa did an even better job.

          • Matt in Bk says:

            Who wants to score?

          • Byrdman says:

            Disagree. He had the entire goal on soft pass from 6 yards out and hit the one man in the knee who was in the center of the goal. And that guy couldnt use his hands. Totally unacceptable at this level. Very costly as well

        • NolaJ says:

          He did what you’re supposed to do in that situation. He put it on frame, the Portuguese defender made a great play. I will say that Bradley looked exhausted by the end, and I do wish he had just cleared the ball and allowed the defense to reset. So close….

    • swifty says:

      Bradley effed up majorly on that last play, but there is no way he should be benched. Other than that final play, he was solid this game, with several good plays to his name. U can bet he won’t make that mistake again. Do u seriously believe we would be better off without Bradley on the field? Meaning we most likely have mix take his spot.
      now, with that being said he should not be exempt from being subbed off if he’s not up to par.

      • l Smith says:

        name one play during the game that micheal did that lead to any positive result?

        • Anthony says:

          +1, he did not link up once. It was either besler, beasley or Jones that played the ball out wide for the attack. Bradley turned over the ball a ton in the midfield.

          • mike says:

            Wow, you two are clown shoes. How about that beautiful pass over the top to Dempsey which led to a shot and a corner. Everyone in this thread are being prisoners of a single moment at the end of the game.

  22. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Bradley is just getting out hustled. Head in the rear. Im afraid it may be 2 little 2 late if he decides to appear in Germany game.

  23. Steven says:

    I`m German. I don`t believe in Löw`s tactics (we play with 4 centre backs and Lahm in central mdifield FFS). We have better players than you, but I am not overly confident ahead of the match against you guys. You know how to fight.

    Anyone in for a deal? Let`s say 2-2 and everyone is happy?

    • chris says:

      haha I would gladly take a deal

    • 1st Time Caller says:

      Deal! In fact, I feel like with all the Germans we have this May have been the plan all along.

      • Steven says:

        Okay. So I will write a letter to my representative at the Bundestag and you will do the same. I hope we can somehow pressure our coaches to agree on a deal. We have more things in common football-wise than Germany and Austria in 82 – and who cares what the rest of the world thinks about a little pact amongst friends. I just want to get out of this group – and my trust in Löw`s abilities is gone.

    • Paul says:

      I’d take that.

    • espada says:

      I’ll fly to Brazil and hand each of the players USA and Germany flags to celebrate with at the end of their hard fought draw.

      • Steven says:

        Count me in. We could even share a flat and celebrate our friendship with some local girls over there. Germany – USA and a bit of Brazil sounds fine to me.

    • Umlaut says:

      Do you agree to throw in no injuries or yellow (or red!) cards? If so, I’ll take it.

    • JayAre says:

      If we have to pay off the refs where do I send my money I’m down. Jurgen, Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson, Julian Green, Timmy Chandler, John Brooks!!!!!! All of you need to get on the phone now and become best of friends with the other team

    • SBI TroII says:

      Do Ze Germans win the group? No thanks, we’ll beat you straight up.

  24. Brain Guy says:

    Bradley’s inexcusable giveaway looms large, but why, oh why, does the rest if the team leave Beasley our on an island, and then play so far up the fuels that they’re running back on CR7’s cross? JK was yelling and waving to get them to go back. And two assists for Cameron.

    • beachbum says:

      thought he was waving them to get forward and stay up to pressure once the ball went out

      • beachbum says:

        and I’m not a lip reader, but it looks like he’s telling them ‘Stay’ and his arms look like they are pushing forward, not back

        • Greg Laing says:

          Probably saying stay up so Bradley would have an outlet pass…had four Portuguese players surrounding him. Still should have cleared it though

          • beachbum says:

            he was facing his own goal, he tried to turn with the ball and face the Portugal goal but got muscled off the ball…it’s not crazy but it does hurt

        • Brain Guy says:

          You’re probably right. JK was on the other side of the field (bottom of the screen on TV). So, IF (a big if) my theory is right, JK made a mistake and should have told his guys to drop back instead. Or maybe I’m just so ticked off that I can’t think straight.

          One thing I do know, though, is that Jermaine Jones was once again the best US player on the field. He has been an absolute beast.

  25. RL says:

    Cameron falling asleep and getting beaten the way he was with so much on the line is just disgusting.

    • Benjamin C. says:

      Many are crucifying Bradley, and I believe he should have fought harder for that ball (take a yellow if you have to there, drag someone to the ground), but the U.S. had 6 or 7 players whose only responsibility was to play defense in extra time, and one (Beasley) gave Ronaldo acres of space and the others let a lone Portuguese runner slip in behind them with no resistance or marking. You win, lose, or draw as a team, people.

      • l Smith says:

        rightly so to crucify him, 2 bad games , all the hype, yet he cant even control the bad, doesnt get back and help defend with 5 minutes left, maybe it was a good thing he didnt try to help the team, it could have been worse than a tie

        • Bitman says:

          Kindly go stick your head in a toilet, and flush.

          Bradley played fine. Not his best, but OK.

      • Tony Meola says:

        I agree, someone’s got to take a yellow in that sequence, whether it’s Bradley or Beasley. If we are able to stop play and get numbers back I’m sure we win.

      • Jags98 says:

        Oh yeah bc every player marks CR close. You will get smoked. The ball should have been played out from Bradley. That’s what happens when you turn it over in the middle with players up the field. You put your entire defense on their heels running for their life.

        • beachbum says:

          MB never controlled that ball, he could have done better but it was stolen before he ever controlled it…that sh!t happens in midfield when surrounded by the defense. he got muscled off

          Cameron sleepwalking…if it had been Gonzo the outrage here would be incredible.

      • beachbum says:

        +1 Benjamin C

      • Ben says:

        Look, while I agree there is blame on a few players after MB lost the ball, the problem is that he had to lose it first, so the majority of the blame goes to him. It set everything in motion.

    • Aero says:

      Cameron was 5 yards in front of Valera, he let Valera blow past him while he was jogging along, completely lost him- AWFUL!!

    • Revumpkin says:


  26. chris says:

    Completely bush league move to remove Zusi and put on f*cking Gonzalez. Beasley was all alone sh!tting a brick because he had no LM cover. Unbelievable

    • chris says:

      I mean why the f*ck did you bring Green or Davis then?

    • Matt Bk says:

      MB d n want to score, worst does not want to hold the ball t/o game, then gives it away to lead to the score, worse game than v Ghana. Just terrible fail. Cameron also …

  27. Jcb says:

    Bradley has no heart. Sometimes you have to dig deep when your out of gas and if the World Cup is not a big enough stage to do so you don’t belong in it. As soon as we scored the tying goal Bradley was seen ball watching then to give it up on their final push was completely unacceptable. “Who suffers the most” well the msnt because of YOU BRADLEY!

    • l Smith says:

      thanki you, i agree

    • JayAre says:

      Bradley is seriously pulling a LD 2006 on us.

      • AP says:

        Bradley is having a bad “month”. He’s been awful since camp… He said all the right things, but he’s not showed up when it counts, this far. He’s been giving the ball away in bad spots, at bad times … It looks like his confidence his shot …

        That said… WE NEED him (period)

        Don’t Tread on Mike, We need to “back him, lift him up, bolster him”; for without him, where would WE be?

        • atleticodemadridfan says:

          Put Mix where Bradley is playing, and put Bradley back in the hole where Beckerman is playing, and Bradley will have a MOTM performance v. Germany.

  28. Abe says:

    I really hate bringing in Omar for the 5-4-1 we did it against Nigeria and they also scored on us. It’s dumb and doesn’t work.

    • Tony Meola says:

      +1 million

      • ilikefreddyyesadu says:

        The decision was the #1 reason Ronaldo had the space & Bradley did not have support in the midfield on the fateful play. Bradley just needed to kick it….SOMEWHERE! Makes me feel like I did when Shea gave it away and we missed the Olympics.

    • RustyRaccoon says:

      Agree completely. I remember saying “I’ve got a bad feeling about this [sub].”

  29. Smith says:

    Anothet bad game by the Son of the Legend Known as Bob Bradley!

  30. jman81 says:

    It states:

    The ranking of each team in each group shall be determined as follows:

    a) greatest number of points obtained in all the group matches;

    b) goal difference in the group matches;

    c) greatest number of goals scored in the group matches.

    These are the basic rules to determine progression and separate performance.

    However, the rulebook continues:

    If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their ranking will be determined as follows:

    d) greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;

    e) goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned;

    f) greater number of goals scored in all group matches between the teams concerned;

    g) drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee.

    • Mason says:

      So say GHA and GER win 1-0 each. That would put USA and GHA on 4 points with 0 GD and 4 goals scored each.

      That would then put it to (D) where the US wins.

  31. Dawnpatrol says:

    Bradley is in his own head. It’s like he’s playing a step behind right now.

  32. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Is that first belly goal?

    I wish would sub someone that could hold the ball like Mix.

  33. usaalltheway says:

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

    Seriously, I told everyone on here. BENCH BRADLEY.

    You attacked me, called me names, were nasty and rude and now…..EAT THAT CROW!!!!!!!

    Flop of the match: Bradley and Cameron.

    Men of the Match: Howard and Jones.

    • Hejduk4President says:

      What a pathetic little troll you are. Instead of taking satisfaction of players’ mistakes, get behind the team. Child.

      • usaalltheway says:

        How does that crow taste there boy??

        Deal with it. I was right. I told everyone on here to bench him. I know what I was talking about.

        You cannot put in the performance he did agains Ghana and keep your spot.

        Does the name “Clark” ring a bell?

        • Hejduk4President says:

          Lol get some fresh air, your parents’ basement must be getting stuffy. Still have four points in a tough group. I’ll take that.

          • usaalltheway says:

            Personal attacks…that means you have lost.

            I’ll take that!

            At any rate, the team played well and that is what matters.

            Peace be with you. I just had to put in the fact that I was attack to NO END the other day about my thoughts on Bradley…and in the end I was right.

            I have to admit, that feels good. I simply have a better understanding of the game than you.

    • ilikefreddyyesadu says:

      Johnson was great for most of the match but did not mark in the end. Bradley was good but choked the ball away abs also missed a golden opportunity.

      • usaalltheway says:

        Johnson was TERRORIZING the left side of that field all night.

        That last goal was Cameron’s fault. He marks his man, no goal. The first goal was also his fault. That “clearance” was what led to it.

        Bradley was better than last game for sure, but that is not saying much.
        He was generally garbage all night. And missing that chance at goal?

        When Clark screwed up, what did people say? When Bornstein, who was never that bad really, just not up to the level, got beat against Mexico what did people say?

        • Goalscorer24 says:

          The 1st goal against us was the best thing that could have happened, and that it happened early. Because we got out of the lame defensive mode and started attacking and when we do that we are dangerous. The problem is against Germany I guarantee you we will come out defensive, which is the sure way to lose.

    • B says:

      You must be a miserable person to post things like this on the internet. Hope you find something in life that works for you, cause its clearly not going well at the moment.

    • Gary Page says:

      As I have said before, for someone with your screen name, you spend an awful lot of time excoriating US players, as if you were a Mexican troll.

  34. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    I know Portugal really needed a win but a tie did not eliminate them. It is strange that Portugal did not celebrate the equalizer. Not Ronaldo, not the scorer, not the manager, nobody. Exhaustion sucks but USA & Klinsi would be jumping all over each other.

    • Turgid Jacobian says:

      Are you kidding, Valera was ecstatic.

      • ilikefreddyyesadu says:

        He looked like he wanted to celebrate but there were no dance partners. Ronaldo looked very indifferent.

    • Dawnpatrol says:

      No celebrating because they are ready to go home and knew they were given that tie. The yellow against Jones realky sux now because Bradley is playing so horrible.

    • JJ says:

      Yep, they reacted very much like it was a consolation goal in a lost cause.

      VERY alarming considering we need Portugal to step up and get something against Ghana to ensure our place.

    • Norniron says:

      They weren’t celebrating because they really needed a win. To get out of the group now, they’re going to have to beat Ghana by 5+ goals! AND the US has to lose to Germany. That’s not a very likely scenario.

  35. deno says:


    link to

  36. deno says:


  37. El Monje Loco says:

    Guys even if the US lose against germany remember the goal differential. Portugal has to eat Ghana alive and make sure that the US don’t score against germany and ghana don’t score against portugal. Goal Differential is a killer. THE US IS GOING TO BEAT GERMANY! PAYBACK FOR 2002!!!!!!!!

    • Don't mind if I Freddy Adu says:

      yeah, but you got to be weary of Ghana now too.

    • Tony Meola says:

      Why would you assume Portugal will beat Ghana. Ghana have played way better, I expect Ghana to win, which is bad news for us.

    • JJ says:

      LOL, Portugal is not the one we have to worry about. They looked checked out already — they know how unlikely it is — and Ghana looks as determined as ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if that game is 3-0 or 4-1 Ghana.

  38. Richard says:

    Way to go Bradley! You might have well passed them the ball. If I was JK I would BENCH YOU!

  39. D-Bo says:

    Though disappointed that we didn’t qualify for the next round, I wouldn’t say it was a discouraging draw. I really loved how this team played. I’ve enjoyed watching them more than any of the past teams.

    We dominated a team that many consider one of the best in the world. I was very encouraged and I’m looking forward to the Germany game.

    • RB says:

      Fully agree: “discouraging” is incorrect, suggesting a lack of understanding of this match, perhaps a lack of understanding of the word, or just simple carelessness in word choice.

      This is not really an opinion issue. Sure, it was a last-second _goal_, and that specific aspect of the game in that situation was deflating (just as surrendering the early goal was, for example). Absolutely! But the headline uses “discouraging” to describe the overall _result_ of the match. This just doesn’t make sense, implying the view that even going into this match between the USA and Portugal, the USA was fully expected to win, as if they were playing some team obviously recognized to be well below their level, but only managed to draw them.

  40. yadaki96 says:

    Wow what has happened to Bradley????? All he had to do was control the ball in the last few seconds, pass the ball around etc, but no he tries to make a crazy pass and they score. He just hasn’t shown up this World Cup.

  41. Roberto says:

    Whats the name of that witchdoctor in ghana?????

  42. Hush says:

    Michael Bradley though!! He has been awful.. He is scary to watch. Everytime he has the ball I can easily predict him losing it on the field. Great match either way

  43. DG says:

    Bradley was fine. Toughest position on the field to play. He played simple and kept possession most of the time. Yes gave it away a couple but that’s gonna happen.
    I was thrilled with F. Johnson, Jones of course, and even liked how JK added more speed in the subs rather than just defensive. Loved our possession, our patience and knowing when to attack. Loved that we never got burned down the sides. Felt it was quality team play- not on the back of one player.

    • Marsha says:

      DG did you watch the same game? Michael Bradley wasn’t fine, he gave the ball away in the last second of the game, tried to make a pass that he shouldn’t have and they went down and scored. He gave the ball away time after time.

    • Matt in Bk says:

      Kept possession? Are you kidding me? It’s like he was listening to his AYSO coach – only one touch, then pass, don’t ever ever ever hold the ball. Geez. His play was really poor.

      • B says:

        He completed 87% of his passes. I know it’s hard to acknowledge facts AND complain at the same time though.

  44. Tom Galperin says:

    Honestly, I don’t think many of you know a frak about soccer.

    There are 2 people to blame for the last gasp goal: Beasley for not closing down CR7 and Cameron for not staying with his man. But the big scapegoat is Cameron. He had 2 mistakes, and Portugal punished us for both. Brooks surely starts in his place Thursday.

    No, Bradley was still not on top form, but I would not say he was terrible, and I don’t think his play today warrants all of this criticism.

    I thought we played pretty damned well today. I’m proud of them and their efforts today. They did so many things right.

    • deno says:

      Loads of of space, plenty of time. Go ahead and blame Beasley and Cameron.

      link to

      • Ben says:

        Perfect pic. Yes, you can fault the other two, but only because Bradley completely crapped the bed.

        • Mason says:

          Turning the ball over 70 yards from goal doesn’t give up goals. Not marking men in the box does.

    • B says:

      +100000. Glad not everyone here is an overreactive, sloppy mess right now.

      • liberoo says:

        I’m with Tom. They outplayed Portugal – mainly because Bradley controlled the midfield far better than Moutinho. Yes – he couldn’t control one ball (surrounded by four opponents and with no-one to pass the ball to) but that was 50 yards from goal with six players behind him. I mean come on! I maintain that if Bradley is not in that game – its 2-0 Portugal at halftime and 3-1 final.

  45. espada says:

    Some things to take out of this. This is a very painful lesson on what not to do when holding a lead at the very end of the game. Ghana still are very alive in this tournament and could very well win against Portugal after this game in Manaus and go through coupled with a US loss, even though the loss of Muntari will hurt them in the next game. Portugal has to annihilate Ghana in the next game along with a German victory to have any chance of progressing. I’m hoping that either one of these matches include a draw, so the US and Germany advance with no problems… but with how the tournament is being unpredictable, who knows what happens on that day?

  46. Scott says:

    I’ve seen Bradley play well, but tonight he is sluggish and losing balls. Against Ghana he was terrible. Do we have any other holding midfielder or is that it?? I know there’s no way Klinsmann would drop him now, but to many observers he’s a weak link…But we don’t really have anyone else who stands out either. JJ plays great but doesn’t appear to be suited for that role.

    • Chad says:

      Jones or Mix maybe. Doubt they’ll roll the dice on that though. Someone needs to sit Bradley down & chew him a new one. He needs to wake up!

      • peterprinciple says:

        Losing balls? according to, he was disposessed one time. Check out his passing stats while there as well. Here’s the link. Then come back here and talk about who knows what…
        link to

  47. Harry S says:

    shouldn’t Howard be to blame as well, he’s supposed to be the organizer and he’s supposed to tell Geoff that there is a runner behind him. Also where was Omar, isn’t that the reason JK put him there to be the third CB and help protect from crosses.

  48. Hov says:

    The tie still hasn’t settled in

  49. biersal says:

    Bradley is pulling a 2002 Reyna. If he is looking at our goal and recieving a pass he never looks upfield before recieving it to see if he has time and space. He just plays back passes or square balls (the latter never being in stride with the player). Jones and Beckerman are actually looking to see what is upfield and taking the space that is given to them.

    • Chad says:

      It looked like he tried a step-over when booting the ball up-field like a 6 year old would have been much better.

      • biersal says:

        God only knows what he was thinking at the end of the game. I was just speaking about his play in general.

        • peterprinciple says:

          Wrong, he hit the most long balls, the most accurate long balls, the most attempted throughs, the most accurate ones and was the 6th most accurate passer total,attempted 5 shots…he was pretty good..but like I tell my boy, football is about mistakes, and that one moment was all it took

          • Chad says:

            Have you just started watching USMT? Bradley’s WC has been dreadful if you compare to his previous form. BS stats are meaningless if you see a player’s form & skill drop…wake up.

            • peterprinciple says:

              Right, I will just trust “Chad” because he is extra combative on a message board.

              He is not playing up to his standard nor the standard I set for him in my mind, but that does not make him awful. The team is performing well and he has a key role on it.

  50. Btown says:

    random side note but how do y’all think Beckerman is playing? I’m a huge fan of his game and I think he’s been such a key element of our midfield. just does what he’s asked to do and hasn’t had any brain farts that come to mind.

    • Ben says:

      Beckerman has been pretty damn good in my opinion, better than the heralded MB.

      • usaalltheway says:


        Bradley must be benched.

      • T says:

        What? Ben, you’re just trolling now. Sorry you jumped the shark so early in the evening.

        Beckerman cannot CANNOT pass the ball forward. What he is is an extra defender that can pass the ball laterally and keep possession by slowing things down. If anyone comes off the field next game, it’s him. Replace him with Mix Diskerud and push Bradley back into a DCM role if you want 5 midfielders or we should just play a pure 4-4-2 diamond.

    • usaalltheway says:

      He has been great!

      In fact, I am surprised no one is talking about him more.

      He earned his spot and is proving his worth. And to think I used to not like they guy…boy was I wrong on that one!

      • BigPoppaPump says:

        same here! i seriously admire his commitment to his role. just provides good coverage in front of the back four, is a constant outlet, and has served some nice forward passes occasionally. can’t really ask for any more from him. Happy for the guy.

        • Umlaut says:

          I counted two or three excellent one-touch through balls he played tonight. I’m so pleased with his play.

    • Roy9 says:

      Beckerman has been totally solid and reliable.

  51. BBC says:

    We go from great to amateur in the blink of an eye.
    There is absolutelly no reason to let CR7 catch you in a counter attack with time pretty much expired. None

  52. Jack says:

    My guess is Ronaldo pulls out of the tournament now. None of them even cared when they equalized because they knew they had to have 3 points.

    • 1st Time Caller says:

      I think you may mined one of the rare nuggets of truth here in this comments section with that observation.

  53. Matt in Bk says:

    Portugal < Ghana

    gotta detox, bye

  54. beachbum says:

    the outrage and venom here is hilarious, how it’s always one player’s fault, or so and so’s fault…maybe Jurgen is right to think US soccer fans are stupid and naïve so he can say and do whatever he wants! like having us play a 6 and 7 player D backline down the stretch in epic bus parking, or telling his team to stay up high in the Offensive third to pressure the ball in the 95th minute and so stretching out the defensive shape of his 6 and 7 man back line, and so allowing all that space for the final goal

    this board has devolved into little trolls only wanting to say I told you so to spout their anger and attack players they hate. awesome!

    • Tom_in_So_IL says:

      We could play better defensively. Im not happy but I take a draw. A point is better than none and letting Ronaldo go at you 1v1… not good. I

    • GW says:

      Since everyone else is engaging in the SBI hater’s version of recrimination here are my admittedly less heated thoughts:
      1. The US is playing better and finished the game looking physically better. Following this team over the last two years, when they played more than a few games in a row they seemed to get better and better. If everyone is fit and healthy JK should start the same lineup because, unless the short turnaround is a problem, the Germany game should be this team’s best game of the three. Besides they should be royally pi++sed off. JK certainly is.

      2. Loew may have been the tactical genius behind the 2006 German team but so far JK has gotten everything right. Notice how Fabian has completely exploited Cristiano’s reluctance to track back ( something he fails to do even when he is healthy), how Jones has been so integral these two games, how Brooks turned out okay, how well they compensated for Jozy’s absence, how Deandre Yedlin was integral to the second goal, how it seems like Kyle Beckerman can actually play at this level, how he was right about not playing Cameron as his right back, etc., etc.

      3. Germany are great but vulnerable and there is absolutely no one who knows them and their weaknesses better than JK. The US can beat them. Right now our Germans are playing better than their Germans.

      4. JK made Clint the Captain to make him more of a team guy and basically turned him into the team’s alpha dog. Anyone want to complain now about him being Captain?

      5. I don’t know about Cristiano’s health and he did save their butts but it’s as if he is their designated hitter ( i.e. no defense at all) and it just seems like Portugal have not yet figured out how to integrate CR7 fully into the team.

    • GW says:


      Since everyone else is engaging in the SBI hater’s version of an orgiastic circle j++k of recrimination here are my admittedly less heated thoughts:

      1. The US is playing better and finished the game looking physically better. Following this team over the last two years, when they played more than a few games in a row they seemed to get better and better. If everyone is fit and healthy JK should start the same lineup because, unless the short turnaround is a problem, the Germany game should be this team’s best game of the three. Besides they should be royally pi++sed off. JK certainly is.

      2. Loew may have been the tactical genius behind the 2006 German team but so far JK has gotten everything right. Notice how Fabian has completely exploited Cristiano’s reluctance to track back ( something he fails to do even when he is healthy), how Jones has been so integral these two games, how Brooks turned out okay, how well they compensated for Jozy’s absence, how Deandre Yedlin was integral to the second goal, how it seems like Kyle Beckerman can actually play at this level, how he was right about not playing Cameron as his right back, etc., etc.

      3. Germany are great but vulnerable and there is absolutely no one who knows them and their weaknesses better than JK. The US can beat them. Right now our Germans are playing better than their Germans.

      4. JK made Clint the Captain to make him more of a team guy and basically turned him into the team’s alpha dog. Anyone want to complain now about him being Captain?

      5. I don’t know about Cristiano’s health and he did save their butts but it’s as if he is their designated hitter ( i.e. no defense at all) and it just seems like Portugal have not yet figured out how to integrate CR7 fully into the team.

      • beachbum says:

        hey GW, Jurgen doing all kinds of good things, you point out many. I’ll stand by my post though on what happened at the end

        great opportunity vs. Germany. funny call on the better Germans so far. JJ and Fabian always have been class additions

        Portugal, once again, tremendously overrated. uncoordinated defensively and once again the paper tiger with the ludicrous FIFA ranking. Nice call on the DH role; the game the way it’s played today pretty much calls for all 11 to defend and spend energy working together to create easier chances on O and it’s tough to hide non workers on D

        as you know I have always believed in Clint

        good to chat. cheers

      • RB says:

        “4. JK made Clint the Captain to make him more of a team guy and basically turned him into the team’s alpha dog. Anyone want to complain now about him being Captain?”

        Well that change has only come through clearly relatively recently, but yes: I was already thinking that I’d complained about that point before and am not complaining now.

        I cannot help but wonder if getting his nose broken didn’t actually help a bit!

  55. deno says:

    There’s not much of a point for Portugal to show up in their last game.

  56. deno says:

    This movie expresses how I feel:

    link to

  57. Goalscorer24 says:

    Bradley kicks that ball away in midfield at the end and the US wins. He has had two poor games in a row. He looks tired, not the usual workman stuff from him. Will he snap out of it for the next game?

    • Barry Coyle says:

      True. Simply put, you’re exactly right. He walks the entire game unless the ball is at his feet. ANY of my kids on my team do that for more than 20 sec are subbed and talked to.

    • liberoo says:

      Rubbish. What talented player kicks the ball out of bounds in midfield? Everyone is talking as if he was on the penalty spot when this happened. He tried to control a non-pass and hold it to take a foul and gets pushed off the ball. I’ll bet good money he ran a full mile more than any other US player – no effort my ass.

  58. Ben says:

    It’s already amazing. How many US soccer reporters will fault Bradley? Grant Wahl, who is now a complete and utter clown, doesn’t even mention the Bradley mistake in his “three thoughts,” which I put quotations marks around because the “thought” part is doubtful. Bradley had an average game and completely blows the pooch at the end, but crickets from the reporters.

    • T says:

      Grant Wahl…don’t get me started…

      • Ben says:

        Our soccer reporters need to grow up, too, right? Bradley gets totally crushed by the reporters in any country besides the US.

        • T says:

          I think we dislike Grant Wahl’s reporting for different reasons.

          • Ben says:

            Maybe. I haven’t been a fan ever since he gave Landon love for being honest with reporters or whatever, as if that were some sort of qualification for the World Cup.

  59. T says:

    end of game comments from Klinsmann I think were spot on: Germany tied Ghana and, in most people’s minds, should have lost to Ghana. The US having beat Ghana and almost beat Portugal (mind you because of a once-in-a-world-cup wunder-cross and wunder-header in the last 30 seconds of the game) means that the US is more than capable of taking the game to Germany and coming away with the points it needs.

    To channel Jurgen, we showed the world we are class and that we are improving with every game. Germany doesn’t want to play us. Now is our chance. Enjoy the moment, make it last.

  60. Troy says:

    Guys don’t think of Match Fixing! It will never happen! Germans and Miroslav Klose has a record to set! In the End Germany will whip US, Ghana beats Portugal and qualifies!

  61. Roy9 says:

    Ghana will slaughter Portugal.

    And seriously, don’t any of our guys watch the NFL? Would have like to see Bradley or Beasley execute a good arm tackle, take the resulting card, the save the game.

    • Bitman says:

      You’ll make a lot of money then, since Portugal has opened up a favorite in the game.

      Ghana’s defense is not good. Portugal will score against them.

  62. BeardedSoccer says:

    Am I the only one afraid of a Portugal implosion if they go down early to Ghana. They will have to press and the flood gates in their defense will open.

    • T says:

      If their coach is smart he’ll play the counter attack against Ghana. Germany thought they could out finesse Ghana and almost paid the price.

    • Ricardo says:

      I am very concerned about this. We really need at least a draw against Germany.

  63. usaalltheway says:

    Regardless of anyone and everyone’s feelings about players and whatnot there is one thing no one can deny: US games are ALWAYs dramatic in the World Cup.

  64. Roy9 says:

    Yeah, we have shown heart and grit no matter what the future holds.

  65. Ben says:

    This was a loss, simple as that. If Klinsi gets us up for the Germany game and we get a point to advance, just incredible coaching job.

  66. Benjamin C. says:

    I have been down in the doldrums for the past hour and a half, like many other U.S. fans. But maybe, just maybe, the days of scratching in the dirt are over. That was a brave, creative performance by a TEAM. We deserved the three points against Portugal, a team we were terrified of a few months ago and who has high calibre players all over the pitch; they were wounded, but so were the U.S., and there were still long stretches of beautiful play from our guys. I for one feel confident of advancement, and absolutely this squad will fight until there is nothing left to fight for. Very proud fan here.

    • ilikefreddyyesadu says:

      Good stuff but we are testing fate. Ghana is going to be so deadly against Portugal so we better be sharp against Germany.

    • Scott says:

      We looked good against Portugal after they took the lead and retreated on defense. I don’t like watching how we play defense where everyone just drops back and waits for the opposing team to make a bad pass. It’s tough as a fan to watch no-pressure defense. I hate it. But I am impressed how we put together passes to maintain possession and move the ball around the field. We do show some talent. And we did look better than against Ghana. But Ghana is much better than Portugal, I think Portugal is deflated and Ghana will crush them.

  67. Matt Bk says:

    Better to play with MB in the 10 role? Ha ha, would be easy to see Donovan in the position tonight. Hate to say it. How it looks tonight, so many bad passes from MB.

  68. chuck says:

    Calm down. Klinsi has to be calling Jogi right now:

    – So, Jogi, Nichtangriffspakt von Recife?

    – Ja, genau! und Party nachdem Spiel!

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      Is this actual German?

      • Mason says:

        – So Jogi, Nonagression Pact of Recife?
        – Yes, agreed. And party after the match!

      • chuck says:

        bad German, but yeah

      • 1st Time Caller says:

        So Jogi, Non-Aggression Pact of Recife (town in Brazil where the USAvGER match will go down)

        (Note: the infamous 1982 match between West Germany and Austria that ended 1-0 and saw both nations advance is referred to as Nichtangriffspakt von Gíjon in Germany)

        Yeah, that’s right! And Party after the game!

      • Jeremy Gallagher says:

        Ah! Thank you gentlemen. Very enlightening. A previously agreed upon draw is the first thing I thought of, too. There is no one better than Low and Germany to play when hoping for this to happen.

  69. Jack says:

    I’ve kind of talked myself around. It would be very unsporting but does Germany really want to run them self into the ground? Take cards, and risk injuries or just have a kick around and win the group?

    • chuck says:

      In 1982 they were involved in a very shameful match which resulted in FIFA making a rule that the third group games must be simultaneous. So I doubt they’ll blatantly kick it around; but it’ll be a game no one wants to lose and risking a win is not worth much.

      • Mason says:

        Yeah.. but with that 1982 match, nothing was done to the teams, and nothing changed except for scheduling. The thing is, if two teams are sitting on four points and playing one another while the others have two, then the two four point teams have put the work in to control their own fate.

      • peterprinciple says:

        Non sense. there was not even a team named “Germany” in the 82 Cup

    • Tiny says:

      The answer is Belgium or Russia. I’ll take Russia every time.

  70. r.benjamin says:

    but gotta say usa is on the stage .. for the first time ever that is a fact.

  71. Jeremy Gallagher says:

    I have always wondered what the big deal is with Bradley. To me, what I see on the field has never meshed with the way fans have spoken of him for years. He was only on Roma because they were in a rebuilding period. He clearly was not good enough to play under Rudi Garcia. He failed straight outta the Prem. Take away the game vs. Slovenia in the last WC and I have never seen him play particularly well in a competitive USMNT match. He’s like Eddie Johnson, CONCACAF competition is one thing, but this level of play is a class above for him. Mix should get a chance in his stead.

    • Smith says:

      I could not agree more.

      I don’t get the love for his old man either.

    • GW says:

      “He’s like Eddie Johnson, CONCACAF competition is one thing, but this level of play is a class above for him. ”


      Yeah those CONCACAF teams are being exposed for sure in this the World Cup.

      • Jeremy Gallagher says:

        So that’s it, Costa Rica wins two games and that dispels every notion the world has had about CONCACAF forever? CONCACAF is now in the pantheon of UEFA and CONMEBOL because Costa Rica won twice in a group stage! I guess you have never heard of the word anomaly…or the word outlier…or the word aberration…

        I mean, come on dude. You honestly believe that two wins proves a mountain of evidence collected over decades untrue? It’s also just one team. Remind me how Honduras is doing? And how come New Zealand made the WC four years ago? I can’t believe I’m even arguing against such a juvenile, easily disputed statement.

        • GW says:

          You haven’t watched too many World Cups have you?

        • JJ says:

          At the top, claiming Africa is superior is a bit of a stretch. Club status means nothing in this argument, team performance does. CONCACAF potentially (probably) getting 3 out of 4 teams out of the group stage (with 2 of those being groups of death, esp Costa Rica’s) speaks for itself. And beyond one tournament, Mexico and the USA are way more consistent than any of the African sides.

          Also, New Zealand in the world cup has nothing to do with CONCACAF, clueless clown. Costa Rica lost to Uruguay 2-1 on aggregate 4 years ago to fall short of playing in the WC.

  72. chuck says:

    ooh hadn’t seen the first goal…Cameron pulled quite an Omar huh?

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      At least that screw-up was early in the game. Bradley’s end-of-game mistakes (really all WC mistakes) are unforgivable.

  73. Adam M. says:

    The hating on Bradley here is ridiculous. He perhaps should have done better in a spot 60-65 yards from his goal, fine. It bears repeating — 60-65 yards from his own goal. But there were many defenders behind him and the one playing the ball and the one playing the scorer did nothing to stop the resulting play, and it still took a world class cross and on point header. In my view, Beasley should have flat taken Ronaldo out, Cameron should have looked someone other than at Ronaldo, and Gonzalez should have been planted on the spot where the ball ended up from the moment he entered the game. It was a breakdown and the worst time, but the US outplayed Portugal, deserved the win, and should be proud of getting through two tough games in control of its fate and still in an excellent position to advance even if it loses that control. Making radical change now would be nonsensical.

    • shaggie96 says:

      You do not give away the ball anywhere in central midfield at that juncture of the game for any reason, at all, period, end of story. Without a doubt, Cameron shares some of the blame there, but Bradley losing the ball there is simply inexcusable for someone of his talent and experience.

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      No, it is not ridiculous or unwarranted at all. If it were just that one mistake that you are describing, then yes, the criticism would be excessive. But Bradley has been utterly wretched this whole tournament so far. Yes, he is out of position, but these are mistakes you see children make. And he keeps making them. His touch is absolutely atrocious. The game looks too fast for him. If the speed of the game is too much for him and his touch is not up to par, then the scrutiny is, in no way, “ridiculous”. In that case, he needs to be benched. It is a simple fact that he is killing us right now, two games in a row. We can’t afford to make it three.

    • liberoo says:

      The hate is completely ridiculous. The charges of “bad touch” “constant giveaways” are the complaints of fans who think that top players should never make an error. The players on the other team are pretty good too! We need to grow up as US fans a bit – jumping on every non-perfect play from our top players is naive. We’re talking about the player who created multiple chances – took charge of the tempo of the first half (where I think we actually won the point by not panicking and giving up a 2nd goal) and covers the most ground of any US player.

      • beachbum says:


      • JJ says:

        Don’t get the hate either, and I was very critical of him last game. I’m guessing it’s mostly from low-information World Cup fans who only noticed his missed chance and turnover at the end. He wasn’t spectacular but far from bad enough to warrant the criticism he’s getting. If anyone should be scapegoated this game, it is CLEARLY Cameron — 100% responsible for the first goal, and in position to prevent the second.

  74. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    So much focus on Bradley but why didn’t Yedlin let the ball run out in the corner after his cross was blocked? It would’ve been a US throw with 1 minute left. Waste 15-30 seconds on the throw, reset, and run it out. So many what ifs.

  75. El Comandante says:

    We need to learn how to close out games like our neighbors Costa Rica did against the mighty four time champs, Italy. I told you so before, but neither you, nor Klinsmann listened. Now, as for the game, Howard is way overrated. Did you see how he chickened out again on that first goal by falling on his butt even before the shot was taken? He did the same against Ghana by diving away. today he should’ve closed on Nani and make it difficult for him to shoot, maybe a goal but the keeper let us down. On the last goal, I guess he was caught ball watching since he thought there was no way the play would end on a goal. That ball wasn’t that far from him and the cross was high and from a distance. If I was Klinsmann, I would start Guzan and die with Guzan. Howard is chicken sh!t.

    On Bradley, I feel sorry for the guy since he has been set up to fail by the all-knowing Klinsmann. He was made an attacking midfielder one and a half months before the World Cup by Klinsmann maybe to justify even more not needing Landon Donovan. He lost the ball, but this is a team sport and Portugal had to travel two thirds of the field to score with basically nine or ten USMNT player behing, and somehow that ended up in a goal. Blame Johnson or Cameron all you want, but it is a team sports and Ronaldo was allowed to cross the same that Iran let Messi shoot from the only angle he always scores. Bradley should start but in his defensive posture, and please take Beckerman out. I guess not having Landon makes that move a little more difficult.

    Finally, better overall performance by USMNT. Well deserved tie, which is huge since now Germany doesn’t have to beat us now to win the group and I don’t see any reason for both teams to play to a tie. Germany and USMNT have done what they had to do in their first two games, so I am sorry for Ghana and Portugal, but they should play to tie the game. Belgium is a very beatable team for the USMNT, more so than the three rivals we had/have in our group, so I am optimistic now that we will make it to the Quarters.

    • Scott says:

      Perhaps Howard has been hyped too much because the media has to hype someone up, but he is still pretty good. Guzan is great too, but I don’t think he has the same reach as Tim. I think I’ve seen Guzan great one on one close range. The one where Nani gets the ball Howard does overreact, but closing down on Nani with (I believe) 2 of his other teammates next to him is a recipe for disaster. I’m not a goalkeeper but I think he has to stick to his position there, hope Nani makes a wrong decision. I agree with someone else who said that maybe he should have shouted at his defenders to track back better on the last goal.

      On the Ronaldo crossing, I’d have to see the replay again, but you get too close or aggressive playing on Ronaldo and he will blow by you. And the same people complaining about the cross getting in would be complaining about a player over committing on one of the best players in the world. And in the other WC games I’m watching, a lot of teams are getting crosses in. That’s life. You have to be able to defend them when they come in.

      You’re probably right about Bradley. Maybe he and Jones should be the 2 in front of the back 4, and rest filled with Dempsey and attacking midfielders.

      • liberoo says:

        Or maybe we think our best players should win EVERY one-on-one challenge. I mean really? We’re going to rip Howard for overplaying the fake by Nani when he’s alone on goal?

        While we’re at it – I think Dempsey sucks because he’s only scored two goals in this WORLD CUP!

        Come on people – the other teams are fairly good too. This isn’t the women’s NT playing against Mexico in the 90’s.

  76. alf says:

    In the long run, it must be said that this may be a blessing in disguise. When we get out of this group and into the round of 16 this lesion could help us.

  77. AC says:

    Blame Michael Bradley, blame Cameron, blame Howard….Bench them all!!….Wow, love seeing people’s irrational emotion

    • Smith says:

      The only irrational thing here is the continued love that some US fans continue to show for the extraordinarily mediocre Michael Bradley.

      Not a BAD player per se; just a very average one who is prone to mistakes and doesn’t show up in big games.

      • Jeremy Gallagher says:

        Too, too true. Roma fans kept saying that the offense died when Bradley entered the game. The guy is a decent holding mid, but nothing more. It is so clear now why Rudi Garcia essentially replaced him with Radja Nainggolan. Bradley has anvils for feet. Absolutely no touch for the ball.

      • Michael Bradley says:

        wish he was playing in the role he’s done for the USA for years and done well, but he’s been playing in a different role for Jurgen for about 2 months…he’s a D mid not an attacking midfielder or something like that, I think we all agree…but the one in charge does not. Cameron another player being asked to do what he typically does not, and he was in on both goals pretty big time. Not really his fault though imo

        • beachbum says:

          that’s my comment above :)

        • Jeremy Gallagher says:

          So why don’t you tell Jurgen you want your spot back?

          • beachbum says:

            ??? so Jurgen lets his players tell him what they want? funny

            anyway, with the team that is in Brazil, how about starting Mix and moving MB back next to JJ?

            • Jeremy Gallagher says:

              I would imagine they have some say in where they play. They must be able to lobby Jurgen for a particular position. Of course the manager makes the final decisions, but I would be shocked if the players are not allowed to voice their positional preference during the decision-making process.

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      Today’s “loss” was irrational! 30 seconds left and they’re going for a third goal????????? Literally nothing anyone says on here is more irrational than that!

    • Ben says:

      Oh yes, brilliant game, everyone played amazing, praise and high fives all around, trophies, too!

    • AC says:

      The main point is yes Bradley was dispossessed, Cameron messed up, Howard was a little shaky at times. BUT who, seriously who will you replace them with? Mix isn’t a physical player and would have been pummeled as well. Bradley is the best option right now whether you like it or not. Naysayers seemed to disappear when he played great during qualifiers and last I saw those are big games. I’m sure Bradley knows that loss of the ball was on him and guess what, Messi, Ronaldo, Donovan, etc etc etc have made mistakes in their careers as well. You keep playing. Don’t mix emotion with thinking its objective observation.

      • Jeremy Gallagher says:

        Mix is the better option at the 10 spot. It’s a position that comes far more naturally to him, his touch is miles ahead of Bradley and his creativity is possibly the best on the team. Move Baldy Balderson back to CMF next to Jones.

  78. B says:

    So many of the comments here are shockingly dumb. I usually value the commenters’ insight here, but this is unbearable. I won’t be coming back till after the WC.

    • Matt Bk says:

      Do you want valuable insights? Me, too. Ha ha, deep thoughts… I felt like you during the whole lead up to today”s game. The “we stink, we’re not worthy” trend in the comments last week after the Ghana win was off-putting. Seemed remarks were mostly by people who hadn’t been following the team. However, today is different. We really let ourselves down. Too bad. I really liked this team. What a letdown.

  79. Old gaffer says:

    Jonesy…Man of the match, man of the tourney so far. Thursday will be our new D-Day…Never in the field of human conflict has…[somebody finish my sentiments please]

    • Mason says:

      … something as boring as 22 men standing around for 90′ waiting for another man to blow a whistle three times occurred.

      Except that one time in Gijon.

  80. espada says:

    I guess our best bet for the US and Germany to go through is a 1-0 US win or a tie. Losing is not an option. (a tie our best bet in either game)

    • El Comandante says:

      Neither the USMNT or Germany need to win. They can tie the game and both will happily progress to the next round. There’s no reason neither for a match fixing, since these facts are well known to all the players involved. Both teams, USMNT and Germany, have played their hearts out in their first two games to put themselves in the position they are in to qualify with a tie. Germany and USMNT need a clean 90 minute game, free of injuries and cards. If Klose wants to break the record he must wait for the knock out stages. Bottom line is, Ghana and Portugal should not be expecting a result other than a tie between Germany and USMNT. That’s why nobody in Portugal celebrated the tying goal. They wanted it because as competitors no one likes to lose, but they knew it wasn’t just enough. Germany may get Algeria or Russia, and the USMNT will get Belgium, a very beatable team despite us having lost to them in friendly.

      • Jeremy Gallagher says:

        I expect Belgium to break it open…wide open. That team is just waiting to explode. Their talent is absolutely extraordinary. They have frustrated so far, but have produced when they had to. I don’t think anyone would look forward to having to play Belgium. I have a hard time believing we can beat them in a knockout round match. They are a class or two above Portugal and I believe are a dark horse to win the whole shebang.

        • El Comandante says:

          I would definitely NOT want to piss Germany off by scoring an early goal. This is not going to be their second game.

          • Jeremy Gallagher says:

            Of course not, I never said we should. I was merely referring to your comment about Belgium “being beatable”. Of course anything can happen, and anyone is beatable on a given day, but Belgium is more elite talent than they know what to do with. Very scary team. When they play their best, few in the world can hang with that group.

        • JJ says:

          This eurosnob conventional wisdom hasn’t really been working out so far, perhaps you should atleast consider the possibility of being wrong.

          rofl really hard to believe you’re an actual fan of the USMNT. you reek of a brit who’s lived in the States for a couple years and decided to follow the team during the World Cup

      • espada says:

        Klose and anyone else from the US team could both get a goal in and call it a day btw haha. It’s on the players to decide what’s best and playing smart is the way to go. No need to go all out for a victory when that strength is sorely needed for the next round. Germany can get Algeria/Russia and we get the Belgians (who are talented individuals, but not a team).

  81. Patrick2 says:

    Having three big athletic box-to-box midfielders on the pitch in Bradley-Jones-Bekerman has been a huge key in the US having a shot to advance. Nobody left on the roster fits that description since Edu was left at home, so people who want Bradley benched for the Germany game, well, lets say it borders on certainty they will be disappointed.

    Given Bradley’s “team that suffers the most” quote, and the fact he was basically seen as one of the three leaders of the team after Dempsey and Howard, I STRONGLY suspect that he pushed himself too far in training trying to “set an example”. I think his body is now serving up the bill. IF (and my comment is pure speculation) that is the case, the training staff should have monitored him more carefully.

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      Bradley and Beckerman are athletic?

      • Jeremy Gallagher says:

        and box-to-box???

        • beachbum says:

          that’s definitely MB’s best role, not the one he is currently asked to do

          • Jeremy Gallagher says:

            He really isn’t a particularly good box-to-box guy either. He is utterly allergic to scoring. His best, really only, role should be as a holding mid. He’s back in MLS for a reason. He never quite cut it in Europe. More was always expected of him. He was on Roma during a significant down period for them. When Garcia came aboard it was bye-bye Baldy. Miserable in the Prem. No longer wanted on Monchengladbach. Notice a theme?

            • beachbum says:

              we disagree on what MB can do and what he has done for years for the USMNT is clear for anyone to see…or not of course

              He was fine at Roma, not great but fine, and at Chievo he was really good. Verona is in Europe, and he had folks ready to sign him out there but NOT for that coin he got from MLS

              • Jeremy Gallagher says:

                Roma fans would groan when he entered a game. Their fans would basically say that the offensive output ceased when he played.

                He’s another player who is more than competent against CONCACAF-type opposition, but has a tendency to disappear against quality teams.

              • beachbum says:

                I watched most of his games at Roma, you overstate the fans distaste

                Verona they loved him. Verona is in Europe, not Concacaf. doesn’t fit your opinion but it happened

              • Jeremy Gallagher says:

                My CONCACAF remark was only pertaining to international soccer, not club level.

                Yeah, he did pretty well at Chievo, but it’s Chievo. No one’s really watching. He didn’t create offense for them, however. He hasn’t created much of any offense since his Dutch days.

              • Jeremy Gallagher says:

                His Chievo “heroics” were also years ago at this point. Who cares about what anyone did years ago, it’s about NOW.

              • beachbum says:

                I know it’s about now…You are the one bringing up his Eurpoean days…all I did was fill in the gaps you left out from your account of it

                re. now, Jurgen is playing him out of position and he’s still not the hot mess you are pretending he is


              • Jeremy Gallagher says:

                Yes, I said he is a decent holding mid. But he has been worse than a hot mess these last two games. If you truly don’t believe that, you are a denialist who had to have offered undying allegiance to MB someone along the way. He has literally played like and made the mistakes of a child these past two games. It has been ghastly, unadulterated by even the faintest of silver linings. The giveaways and sloppy passes on breaks have been utterly unforgivable. That attempt on what should have been the game-tying goal was “pitiful’s crippled bastard child”. He then almost blew our second goal. It is inarguable that the 10 spot has been a black hole. He has anvils for feet. Always has. It’s not his position, but these are mistakes children make…and not European or South American children.

                What did he ever do at Chievo other than be a solid d-mid? That’s all he’s ever been. The performance has never matched the acclaim of his extolling fans.

              • beachbum says:

                man, please quit labeling everyone who disagrees with you. I’m not a ‘denialist,’ I supplied points which opposed your arguments, that’s all. I see you don’t like that, OK, message received

              • Jeremy Gallagher says:

                I apologize. Truthfully, you’re probably just keeping it together much better than me right now. I’m probably letting emotion get the better of me and am saying some things that I don’t mean. It’s just beyond disappointing to lose in that fashion. Literally ripping “defeat” (a draw) from the jaws of historic victory. All will be forgiven with group advancement, but the uncertain wait is killer after what was, seemingly, certain furtherance. Next-level frustration.

              • beachbum says:

                accepted. cheers Jeremy

              • Jeremy Gallagher says:

                Cool, thanks man.

        • El Comandante says:

          MB has been set up to fail by JK.

  82. peterprinciple says:

    Lets talk about some other players for a moment. Bedoya was a waste, dont know who else to play out left, Bedoya may match up better with the Germans. the Johnson/Zusi combo functioned well and dealt with Renaldo well. I dont see any reason to swap that out.
    I dont think Jozy will be back, maybe a late sub if a goal is needed. Cameron made some bad plays, but really they were his first since being moved to CB, and his back up is awful. If Omar comes in a game, an opposing goal is sure to follow. Everyone else was good or really good in their roles.

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      Johannsson can try his hand at wing. Brad Davis is available, but no one really wants to try that experiment now. I suppose Beasley could be moved forward in a case of last resort. I REALLY want Mix to come in for Bradley. Mix, unlike Baldy Balderson, has proven he can play as a 10. And Mix arguably has the softest touch on the team. Light years ahead of the anvil-footed Bradley.

      • El Comandante says:

        I’d bring Mix alright, at the expense of Beckerman, not Bradley, and move Bradley to his natural position along with Jones. Nobody has says this, but Beckerman slows this team down way too much.

        • Jeremy Gallagher says:

          I’m fine with that. I’ve never been a Beckerman fan. Steady, but slow and dull. A bit more is needed at this level than what he’s capable of. But Mix should get a try at the 10 and Bradley needs to be evacuated from the offensive midfield.

          • peterprinciple says:

            I too have never been a Beckerman fan (well maybe a little today when he pushed that fake bully Raul around) but I have to say he has been solid.
            However, it is reasonable to expect Bradley to succeed as well in that role AND your point about the excellent touch of Mix is something to consider.

            • Jeremy Gallagher says:

              So it’s settled. Will you call Klinsmann or shall I?

              Seriously, I hope JK realizes something needs to change. That AM position is a black hole right now.

        • T says:

          +1 he needs to learn how to pass the ball forward at the international level. sadly given his advanced footballing age he likely will not have that opportunity.

  83. The Other Jeff says:

    I can’t believe this is SBI commentary. I try not to post negative comments, but I have a suggestion to bring some decorum and reason back to the table here: Will everyone who loudly predicted the US would crash out against Ghana and Portugal please leave the room or at least pipe down for a while? You have no standing to be tearing US players and tactics apart and demanding benchings. It worked, guys, deal with it. JK, MB, JJ, Brooks, Yedlin, no Donovan, Beckerman, Johannson, … it effing worked. All of it. We got the 4 points in our first two games. Scored 4 goals in the process. We outplayed – thoroughly outplayed – the #4 ranked team in the world today, and Portugal were very fortunate to come away with a point.

    There is no team in this tournament we need be afraid of. Germany included, if they won’t come to some sort of “arrangement”. The sky is not, in fact, falling, in actual fact it is pretty sunny right now. Our odds of advancing now should stand at somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90% when they run the numbers. Belgium has hardly looked like an inspired opponent for the R16, in fact I’m not even sure I’d rather face Algeria the way they played earlier today.

    Get a grip!

    • T says:


      we’d have to not be competitive against Germany and Portugal would have to not put up a fight against Ghana. The latter may be possible but I know the USA team will make Americans proud on Thursday.

    • El Comandante says:

      I generally agree with evrything you said there. Only thing, there has to be no “arrangement”for that last game. These are professional player and should know that a clean tie, with no yellows or injuries, in this game benefits both. What I don’t want to see is the USMNT trying to take it to Germany early on and scoring an early goal. That would be like suicide by cop.

    • Jack says:

      How many people said going into this, the US would be lucky to get a single point. We got a late winner and gave up a late equalizer. That’s part of the game,. We just have to learn from it and move forward. To be honest after we gave up the first goal I thought we might just loose by 3. Still a lot to be proud of in this performance.

    • scurvy says:


    • Mason says:

      Yup yup yup.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      Thank you.

  84. ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    A tie feels like a loss on Sunday but feels like a win on Thursday.

  85. El Comandante says:

    Has anybody noticed that every time Gonzo comes in to make the three centerbacks, we get scored on? I believe it has happened in the last four games, beginning with Turkey. I am not blaming Gonzo, just the tactic.

    • Jack says:

      Yeah it’s seems like they get confused as to who is suppose to step up and who needs to drop back.

    • MikeG says:

      I believe since Turkey we have given up 4-5 goals after the 80th minute. This needs to be looked at. Maybe do a concacaf style 5-3-2 in the last 10 min? A little game management. Tough to work that out.

  86. T says:

    I think too many readers of SBI lost money on the USA-Portugal game when the two tied. Otherwise I can’t explain all the hate for USMNT lynchpins, without whom we would not have been in the position to win in the first place.

  87. scurvy says:

    Sorry to say this, and I will probably have to avoid posting after this, but you are all missing the point. The team beat Ghana, and tied the fourth best team in the world, with the best player of all, and are in a good position to go through from the team of death. Perhaps you young pups have not watched the US for years, but DO NOT forget that we required help in 2002, were eliminated in 2006, and required a last minute goal in 2010 to go through against Algeria and Slovenia. We took a game where we goofed and were one down in the first ten minutes and took it within 30 seconds of a win. That is freaking huge. And, we go into the third game with our fate in our own hands, and odds-on favorite to advance even if we lose.

    If you want to bench Bradley, you haven’t watched the last year of games. Everyone on this team played their hearts out and I’m proud to be their supporter. Did the goal hurt from CR and whoever? Sure. Am I proud to be a supporter? Hell yes, and for always.

    • Scott says:

      You have to start the players who are in the best form in the present, not who is supposed to be the best on paper. Bradley stays on the field only because there doesn’t seem to be competition for his role. It makes you wonder if he’s nursing an injury or illness the way he’s playing. I’ve seen him play and look a lot better.

  88. MikeG says:

    Klinnsman was yelling for everybody to get back seconds before the second Portugal goal. There was too much separation between the lines. They lost shape and were not compact. Fabian Johnson at RW, Cameron at RB, and Brooks in at CB.

    • beachbum says:

      nope, he was yelling at them to ‘stay’ and his arms were pushing forward, not backward

    • T says:

      this is a game for speed down the wings. I think Klinsmann hit the nail on the head with Yedlin in at RM in front of Johnson. I could see Bedoya getting a break for Brad Davis on the left and Beckerman being subbed for Mix. Yedlin is a super sub from here on out. It’s a tad surprising that Klinsmann trusted Yedlin more than Green in this game.

      • Jeremy Gallagher says:

        He wanted Yedlin’s defensive ablilities. He was really there to help preserve the tie and he helped to score the second goal. But the idea was to put two FBs on Ronaldo. That was the reason for Yedlin and not Green.

  89. El Comandante says:

    All I have to say is that, despite my harsh criticism at times, this is a great performance thus far by USMNT. I did not have them sitting on 4 points after 2 games needing only a tie against a team like Germany who also only needs a tie to top the group. I say to our players, be professionals against Germany, don’t try to pull any heroics and expect likewise from them. If they cross the line, however, let them have all our might and let’s see what happens. But, please, oh please do not cross that line first in our last game. Facing Belgium is better than watching Ghana do it. I could be wrong, like many times in this WC, but I don’t see Portugal beating Ghana.

  90. MikeG says:

    A Portugal Ghana 0-0 tie would be alright with me. I do not think Germany will take a chance giving up ANY goals. I expect the first half Germany may play conservative and then look to take the game in the second half. I see the USA counter attacking more in the second half and catching the German defense playing too deep and getting caught.

    • El Comandante says:

      If Germany tries to take this game, I expect our boys to eat them alive. Without the need of fixing anything, the German players must understand that everybody here is happy with a tie. So, must understand our players. Nobody needs to call anybody. All the players involved should understand this as professionals. After all, why try risking something you already have, and risk cards and injuries in the process?

  91. WayDownInTexas says:

    Hmm…What would Aldo The Apache do? Settle for draw? I think not! Let’s take take it to em’!

  92. Dave80 says:

    Just spent a while ca,Ming down and watching the tactical cam on WatchESPN, which is pretty cool though it is a bit difficult to see who is who.

    After the go ahead goal, Portugal took it up a notch and we began to look tired. They challenged every ball while we began more and more to walk and give them more space to chose where to pass.

    This got worse when Omar entered. As far as I could tell he never touched the ball, and was all over the middle and right side leaving DMB on the right more exposed without Zusi. It appeared to me the back line lost its shape further when he entered.

    Uncharacteristically, a bunch of our guys appeared to run out of gas tonight before their opponents did. Either mentally or physically, there were four good chances at least in the last five minutes for Portugal, and the last one was their sub moving faster than anyone in our back line.

    Overall, the USMNT took it to this highly ranked team. Very proud of a comeback from a bad defensive goof. Sad that they couldn’t stay focused at the end. That has become a habit lately. Maybe they have trained too hard sine the start of camp?

    I do think MB is off, don’t know if the midfield config is really the reason. I guess you could move him to Beckerman’s spot and replace him at the point with Diskerud.

    Now a real good test for the boys – Ghana will probably eat Portugal up especially if they get an early lead. To pull it out of the fire, Portugal has to beat them by what, four goals to have the GD advantage over either us or Germany? More likely, Ghana will beat them by more than one goal which will mean we cannot lose our game with Germany. My thinking is that Germany will want to prove that they are top of the group with a win over the Jurgentraitor.

    Good luck to our boys! Rest and then go full heat on Germany. Must score at least one or two even in a narrow loss.

    And now the biggest decision at work this week will be how to engineer the extended lunch break for Thursday.


  93. Thom says:

    maybe this is a bit nit picky, because it was an overall stellar perfromance today, but Zusi’s corner kicks were absolutely atrocious. We always have an advantage on set pieces and poor delivery is unexceptable, albeit Jones’ goal come off a corner but that one too was poorly sent in. I really cant think of anyone in the starting 11 to take them, maybe Bedoya like against Ghana? maybe Beckerman?

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      Except for the corner which Brooks’ headed in, I have always been left wanting when Zusi takes corners. I don’t watch much MLS, so I can’t speak about those, but in a Nats jersey, I’ve almost always been unimpressed. Traditionally, it’s one of the few advantages we’ve had.

    • Jack says:

      They were off, but it could have been the field. It seemed like everyone was takes chunks of the grass out.

  94. DJ777 says:

    is this ghana match-fixing thing really true?

    link to

    • Jack says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised. Might explain why there results are so uneven, then show up strong at the World Cup.

  95. Cal says:

    I’ve had a few hours to mourn and digest, and I have to say, drawing the No. 4 team in the world is still something to be proud of, even if the U.S. deserved to win. At the very least I’m more confident against Germany. But seriously, no more of this Omar-in-the-final-minutes crap. Didn’t work in that run-up game, didn’t work against Portugal, won’t work against Germany or any other World Cup squad. One last takeaway: Yedlin and Wondo looked like legit subs today. More of them, please.

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      Portugal ain’t a true number 4. And that was before the injuries crept in. With an ailing Ronaldo and the incredible volume of unavailable players drawing them is not saying much of anything. And drawing them after being ahead by one with seconds left is completely unforgivable.

      Portugal has rarely, if ever, lived up to their FIFA ranking.

    • AlexH says:

      The Omar in the final minutes “crap” worked well in the gold cup. Omar had nothing to do with the last second implosion. It was all on Cameron who just let his man run right by him which is hugely ironic because Omar was supposed to be the guy who lets his man right by him and everybody was happy that Cameron got the job because he wasn’t the kind of guy that lets his man right by him.

  96. Dennis says:


    Less than 3 weeks ago, nearly everyone posting on Ives agreed that MB was the key to the US fortunes. Today, he made several incisive passes that his teammates did not score from and is remembered only for NOT fouling in the last minute of play!

    For the past 6 months, people here have been claiming that the US would be lucky to get a single point and when Donavon was dropped several people almost guaranteed it!

    Now with the US second in the group with 4 points in 2 games and a goal difference of -1 Portugal is on 1 pt and GD of -4 while Ghana is 1 Pt and GD -1, everyone seems to think the sky is falling. Sure things are not as good as they were at 94 minutes, but it is scarcely a disaster.

  97. texescape says:

    What the hell is wrong with Bradley?

  98. AlexH says:

    Wasn’t Cameron the guy that everybody wanted at CB because he didn’t make the stupid mental mistake (1st goal) and wasn’t the guy who never forgot about the backside runner? Not a good game for GC. Totally at fault for the first goal and partially at fault for the second.

  99. Dc says:

    Anyone that blames an individual player for a game result has no idea what soccer is. You are confusing it with golf and tennis, a*holes.

    • Jeremy Gallagher says:

      What is being done is blaming an individual for a particular goal. Nothing wrong with that, after all, facts are facts. It just so happened that the goal in question occurred on the last kick of the game.

    • AlexH says:

      Well if players can get individual accolades for scoring goals (not to mention fat checks) it seems only fair to blame them for letting them in as well

  100. Benny says:

    We will all become fans of the Ghana vs Portugal tie or a Portugal victory, provided the U.S. doesn’t give up a ton of goals.On the other side of things, since Germany does not have this sense of must win urgency both sides may go through with a 1-1 tie. The U.S. just has to do its best. I think they go through.

  101. Jeremy Gallagher says:

    Where would this team be without Clint Dempsey? His ability to create and finish is absolutely essential to this group. Who is going to replace him after he is gone?

  102. bryan says:

    Heck of a game guys. Really bummed but we are still in a good spot. We still control our own fate. It’s not time to hate, let’s push this team and get the result Thursday!

  103. Jack says:

    This is all fixed, ESPN knew if the US won no one would watch Thursday….Now everyone’s going to be watching 2 matches at once.

  104. Glove69 says:

    Just finished watching the replay. Yes hindsight is a day late and a dollar short so if I am reiterating this don’t shoot me. Klinsmann makes a tactical error pulling Zusi and inserting Gonzales in the 91st minute. In theory the 3 central back should provide cover for onslaught by Portugal but Gonzales was coming in cold and Zusi had put in some really good defensive work on the right flank. Gonzales was nowhere to be found on the cross to Varela and thinking of how little Ronaldo had contributed to the game while Zusi was manning the right flank makes me wonder if that was a bad move. I hate seeing 90+ minute moves to bring on players. They are time wasting measures at best eating a whole 30+ seconds and any player rolling into a world cup match at 90+ is like throwing a frog into a blender he can’t swim or better put adjust to the game in that short time. Gonzales was not at fault but he should have been at home to cover that cross that landed in between Besler and Cameron.

    Not sure if Klinsmann can make any changes to the lineup for the German game as the team overall has played well. Don’t fix what is not broken, but the both centerbacks have been very shaky so far as we expected. Change for the sake of change at this point does not make sense. Who on the bench offers a real upgrade or creates a matchup problem for the Germans other than maybe Yedlin adding more speed the Bedoya. Speed of Ghana stretched the Germans and made them look slow. I think the US speed could pose problems for the Germans.

    • Ali Dia says:

      I agree…. this was silly. Gonz must be crazy bummed– he can’t do anything right this days.

      • Alex H says:

        Gonzalez had nothing to do with this. This was on Bradley for losing possession and on Cameron for letting his man run right by him. There seems to be a lot of Gonzo haters out there and I am sure that if the position of Gonzo and Cam were reversed not a single poster would even mention Cam.

  105. shawn says:

    You guys are overreacting, Bradley played ok but made a bonehead mistake. We need Bradley on the field he still has the high iq and passing ability that he showed.yOu

  106. Murray Braun says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jones as an Amid and Bradley-Beckerman as Dmids vs Germany.
    Diskerud, a sub at 70 minutes for one of the three–Bradley? moving Jones back with Beckerman.
    Davis at LMid and corner kicks instead of Zusi? Brooks instead of Cameron?

  107. JAC1950 says:

    GC did not “wiff”on the first goal. The ball came in hard, GC was able to deflect it away with a reaction move with his left leg. It bounced high and went to Nani, who buried it into an open net. Tim Howard’s foot had slipped on the turf and he was down. Two pieces of bad luck. It happens.

    • El Comandante says:

      Tim Howard did not slip; he dropped on his butt. He got scared as he is not comfortable taking pain. Yes, he is good at stopping long range shots and distributing from the top, but he avoids pain and as a goalkeeper, to be at the next level you must be brave. Howard is not. That’s exactly what Sr. Ferguson saw in him and therefore gave him the boot when he was in line for the starter job at Man U.Against Ghana he did something similar when he dove to his left way before the shot was taken, again avoiding being hit with the shot. Of course if a goalkeeper does that is a lot harder for the attacking player to miss. Also, in this game he was gracious that Elder’s shot after Ronaldo or Nani hit the post found him, again on his way down to his grassy bed, and somehow managed to stick his arm up and deflect the shot. Even at that moment he knew that he was being exposed for his weaknesses; you must’ve seen his reaction.

      • Pila says:

        Interesting thoughts, but if Klinsmann thought Howard was flinching in his job, Brad Guzan would be between the posts.

      • JAC1950 says:

        El C. Look more closely at the You Tube of the first goal. His left foot slipped out from under him.

        I absolutely disagree with your “scared” assertion. Having watched almost all of TH’s games with The USNMT, I have seen nothing to support your position. Your point about “Sir Alex” (not a big fan), was it in one of his books or were you mind reading? When it happened, the story was that TH had not held on to a ball in a big game.

        Funny that Moyes thought enough of TH to keep him around all those years. Martinez has gone of his way to praise him and gave him a multi-year contract just recently. Bob Bradley and Kilnsman have used him consistently for years.

        Bottom line, I’ll take TH every time.

  108. Joe says:

    If Bradley can’t stay mentally in the game for 95 minutes, then sub him out.

    I’m sorry but it’s like his brain shut off. It’s that he or was so physically exhausted he couldn’t just kick the ball to the other end of the field or pass it. Either way, being able to finish out games to the very is as much part of being a good player than anything else. And I thought Bradley had played very well tonight.

    Geoff Cameron messed up twice and it cost him twice. Cruel. But as a defender, that happens. The Bradley giveaway was harder to understand for me.

  109. Junes says:

    I’m a rugby fan from Australia and don’t have much interest in Soccer, but I just enjoyed watching the replay of the USA vs Portugal game… At the end of the game I felt compelled to google search “USA world cup player Bradley is useless”.. which lead me to this site. Guys that Michael Bradley dude is pathetic, his shots on goal were lame, especially when the goal was open from 2m, I lost count of the times he gave the ball away and defensively he didn’t even bother marking his man in the second half…. My immediate thought was this guy is either completely useless, taking bribes from match fixers or rooting someone in senior management… get rid of him!
    I wish you guys the best for the rest of the Cup… Enjoy

  110. sabiray1 says:

    Bradley was very poor, its all been said and its right and fair so im not gonna beat a dead horse.

    Whats funny is that a few weeks ago Bradley and his old man were crying that he was overlooked by Arsenal cause junior is American. Now its plain to see, for the whole world that Michael isnt good enough…yet

    Whatever happens in Brazil, he shold look to go back to Europe and improve. Bradley has too many apologists stateside and he is coddled here. Its not good for him or the national team

    • El Comandante says:

      Dude, drop it with Bradley already. Before yesterday’s mistake nobody here was saying anything against Michael. It was mostly praise. He made the wrong decision in one game that his team mates did not help correct, and that’s it. Also, he has been playing for only maybe two months now in a position he had never played at any level. The same exact scenario goes for Cameron, but nobody here is criticizing him as much as Bradley. A lot of players are to blame for that last goal, not just Bradley. It is a team sports and everybody should contribute. Truth is, Michael has contributed a lot to the success of this team and needs to start alongside Jermaine in his DM position. Klinsmann should bench Beckermann, who is just another body on the field and slows this team down in transition, and bring in Diskerud or another attacking midfielder more accustomed to that position. But, he is the coach and I am not, so I must respect his judgement and support all of our players.

      • Joe from Philly says:

        I think you nailed it. Michael is out of position and Beckerman is just a body on the field…a slow one that Michael and Cameron had to help throughout both games. It’s hard playing two positions and Michael and Cameron were dead tired. Bring in Mix and let Michael and Cameron play one position each. Let Beckerman run slowly on the side of the field. I’m not saying Beckerman sucks, I’m just saying his speed of thought and body are slower than the international game requires and others have to cover him…near the equator, that wears those other players out and they’ll tend to make mistakes.

      • Ali Dia says:


  111. Pila says:

    It was heart-breaking to lose at the end. BUT I remember thinking four years ago, God, the US needs a coach who can change them into an attacking team. Not slamming Bob Bradley, just wanting to see the US raise its game another level or two. Klinsmann has done that, hands down. Yes, Michael Bradley played so-so and it hurt. And I was one of the Dempsey doubters who thought his game was in decline if he’d moved back to the MLS. But if there is one thing Klinsmann has taught me, watching his team, is the man knows what he’s doing. If the US had a better player to do MB’s job, Klinsmann would have had him on the field in a heartbeat. He doesn’t give a rat’s a** about reputations or past effort (re: Donovan). So I’m assuming Klinsmann saw things in Bradley’s play that kept him on the pitch. MB used to the take-no-prisoners mid-fielder for the US. Jermaine Jones has clearly taken over that role. Bradley will find his feet and deliver or he’ll be the next bencher. But clearly, Jurgen thinks differently and he’s made a believer out of me. And they can put Dempsey on Mount Rushmore now, as far as I’m concerned.

  112. Jay says:

    Ghana is going to knock us out of this world cup with a win over portugal and us losing to germany.

    aint that a b*tch.

    • Ali Dia says:

      If you wish hard enough for anything, it just might happen…

      So don’t wish for it.

  113. Moose says:

    The funny thing is all the Michael Bradley haters will be on his nuts again when he plays great against Germany or in the next round.

  114. Desmond says:

    Klinsmann told his players to push forward in the last 30 seconds. That it the absolute dumbest coaching strategy in the history of the game. If you think any differently you have no clue.
    He put Omar in there to win headballs in the box.
    Any high school coach knows enough to to put everyone behind the ball particularly against a team that had NOTHING left in the tank.
    Bad coaching

    • Alex H says:

      We had 4 defenders in the box and they all let a single Portuguese player beat them all to the ball. This isn’t the coaches fault, it was the players that didn’t execute, particularly Cameron who let the goal scorer blow by him.

  115. BumpBailey says:

    I laugh at all who lame Bradley for the last second goal…. c’mon. He was 60 yards away from goal when that happened. Yeah sure he should have just booted it should have fouled him etc…. There were numerous gaffs on that play. But the main thing, at that point of the game, WHY are our defenders running back towards our goal???? Cameron, Besler and Gonzales should have all been camped out back there before that ball even got to Ronaldo. Why were they all so far up the field? We should have had 7/8 guys behind the ball not chasing the play…. The real mistake i think comes from Fabian not staying with his runner. Didn’t we bascially bring Gonzo on to win head balls???

  116. Desmond says:

    You are right Bump. EVERYONE should have been behind the ball with seven players in the funnel of the box. Horrible coaching…horrible

    • Helium-3 says:

      You are blaming how the people are reacting to the fire (CBs running back) instead of the person causing the fire (MB90).

      MB90 should have passed the ball into the open space on his left where FJ would have ran into instead of trying to protect the ball with 4 guys around him. Everyone knows MB90 cannot possess the ball even against 1 guy, let alone 4 guys!!!

      Bad decision making because holding the ball is not his skill. How many more games will it take for people to be convinced this is not his strength? He is a ball winner, and a very good one at that but he cannot possess the ball as an attacking MF. He was playing as attacking MF for the past 2 games.

  117. Desmond says:

    That is a very good point, a very obvious one to someone like you who knows soccer
    Another example of bad coaching

    Don’t know what the solution is but MB should be playing deeper. Yup he made two bad plays yesterday but how fickle are all of the people here who would be adoring him if he puts that ball away

    You can’t convince me LD could not have helped yesterday

    • Helium-3 says:

      LD is not a central or attacking MF. LD does not have technical or individual skill to create space for himself in tight spaces. The only place where LD can help is outside midfield.
      LD has high workrate and good vision but I would never put in in the middle. He even knows this fact and always drifts wide where there is space to receive the ball and use his speed to beat players or put in the crosses.

  118. BumpBailey says:

    Blaming Bradley for that goal is utterly rediculous, blame can be placed on 1/2 he team for that goal. Then blame Yedlin for not earning a corner or a throw in. That alone would have killed off the game. Bradley had a bad first touch and tried to keep possesion.. OUr defense should have been bunkered in at that point. Not chasing back. The blind hatred for two of our best three players, Bradley and Jones, just shows the ignorance of the posters on this booard. Without those two we get no where . We are exactly where we wanted to be at this point. It sucks that we didn;t get the full points out of this game but , who really thought we would’ve before this Cuip started? We are in the Driver’s seat to make it to the next round. We control our own destiny. I like where we sit.

    • bryan says:

      agreed. it was a comedy of mini-mistakes that led to a crucial mistake. i still don’t understand how with three defenders in the box, not one was closely marking the only Portugal player making a run. that, to me, is the bigger issue than Yedlin not earning a corner/throw in and Bradley not keeping the ball. did they all contribute? absolutely, but i don’t think attacking Bradley is fair.

  119. BumpBailey says:

    Thats my point. Yedlin did a great job off the bench. Not blaming him at all. Just putting it on par with those fools blaming Bradley. Neither are at blame. Could they have done differently, sure. I just can’t wrap my head around the defensive blunder at that time of the game. Sure Cameron, Besler, Johnson and Beasley are all gassed. Thats why J.K. put Gonzales in. If I am Gonzo and I finally get my minutes, I aint lettting anyone beat me. Especially in the air(the only thing he is supposedly good at!). The bottom line is, all three central defenders got caught ball watching because they were chasing the play. They should’t have been chasing!

    • Alex H says:

      If I am Gonzo I don’t bother going to where 4 other defenders are because one of them would surely pick up a single runnier. This isn’t on Gonzo. It is on Cameron, you know the guy that replaced Gonzo because Gonzo would let people blow by him in the closing minutes of games.

    • Wilbur Kookmeyer says:

      Watch the Bradley fiasco at 1/15 speed on your DVR, and it will be clear as light that he had full control of the ball and failed to make the pass to FJ on his left, and instead put himself between the player and the ball. You will see the opposition had left their spaces to trap him so putting the ball into that voided space was the best decision he failed to make.

      Come back and report when you are done and we will see who the fools are.

  120. Fredo says:

    Aside from Cameron & Jr. costing us points, Jürgen deserves some credit for having the team play well against Portugal.