Must-See Video: Stephen Colbert on the USMNT’s chances

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9 Responses to Must-See Video: Stephen Colbert on the USMNT’s chances

  1. Stinky Pete says:


  2. AJH says:

    HA Kaiser Klinsmann.

    Come on you Yanks! I had trouble falling asleep last night.

  3. usaalltheway says:



    This was great!!!!!!!

  4. Kor says:

    What is up with the ambush auto start for a video halfway down the page? That’s a rude, intrusive and impolite way to generate referred “click” credits. SBI, up to now, has avoided the tacky approach of other sites. It has been my soccer destination for easy access to insightful info without the sleazy WAG features from Fox or the over-the-top self promotion from the mediocre Mickey Mouse network.

    Having a high volume video start that is out of sight down the page kind of kills the discreet look-in during a slow time at the office. SBI is getting cheap attaboy credits out of its viewers. If you need that to build credibility, at least mute the sound. I thought SBI had more class than that.

    • Kor says:

      Sorry about the fit of temper, but I’d just received a dose of reaction from colleagues who objected to the sudden noise emanating from my computer

    • cpldaniel says:

      Video auto-ambush ads with sound were why I stopped going to yanks-abroad and any other soccer site that I stopped checking almost entirely after a few months. I also don’t tolerate websites that stop loading and waits until a slow-ass 3rd-party ad-server finishes buffering and loading it’s ad. The site I go to most is SBI because of it’s good ad experience…and it will always remind me that I want Dominos pizza on sale monday-thursday.

  5. Kor says:

    Again, sorry for the negativity in my fit of temper. Ms Murray, your contributions make SBI a much nicer place to visit. There was nothing personal intended.

    I was once a media person in another sport, radio and Internet. We had clients that demanded auto start messages to generate a click count. Similar to Facebook likes, the click count gave them credibility with their own clients. Sometimes it is a shabby business.