USA vs. Turkey: SBI Live Match Commentary



HARRISON, N.J.– The U.S. Men’s National Team takes on Turkey at Red Bull Arena today (2pm, ESPN) in the second match of their World Cup send-off series, and the Americans know Turkey will provide a significantly tougher test than their last opponent.

Clint Dempsey is back in the starting lineup for today’s match and Jurgen Klinsmann has made a pair of changes from the Azerbaijan match, with Brad Davis and Timmy Chandler in the lineup in place of Alejandro Bedoya and DaMarcus Beasley.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s action so please feel free to follow along with all the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s commentary is after the jump):

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194 Responses to USA vs. Turkey: SBI Live Match Commentary

  1. Parker says:

    Streaming this from Cape Town, SA! Ives, a final scoreline prediction for tonight’s game??

  2. bizzy says:

    Altidore and Dempsey up front with bradley as the attacking midfielder in a diamond shape midfield? No goals in the first half again…..

    • Fredo says:

      There was a goal, a very nice one. But, yeah expecting Jr. to help shield backline and start attack and play the point? Gonna be tough in Brazil. We’re lucky to have not given up a goal.

  3. bobby oshea says:

    its the battle of the crappy shields.

  4. PD says:

    I’m willing to predict a 2-2 draw on some back line errors. I’m also predicting that all hell will break loose shortly thereafter.

  5. shawn says:

    When will I get my chance to kick lalas in his throat?

  6. Bitman says:

    Where is this game televised? Anyone know?

  7. Fair Observer says:

    second half sub— Yedlin for Davis (moving johnson up to LM)

  8. TR3Y says:

    Lalas’ reaction to that Julian Green clip was nothing less than annoying

  9. JayAre says:

    New purple jersey for Timmy not bad.

  10. Measuring Cup says:

    Turkey carving injuries are at an all time high

  11. FRANK says:


  12. Troy says:

    Will be nice if they play this same diamond formation against Ghana’s 4 4 2 system too. Hehehe

  13. slowleftarm says:

    Why isn’t Fabian Johnson singing the national anthem like the rest of the players? Maybe because he doesn’t even know the words. Shameful.

  14. Nandez says:

    Geez lady liberty really wants some KFC

  15. Nandez says:

    Inan likes to play dirty

  16. Petrov says:

    Any alternate streams? Stuck in airport with NASCAR drones controlling bar TVs.

  17. Captain Obvious says:

    Rossi is out of the world cup

  18. NASL TO EL PASO TX 915 says:

    Play Dempsey, johansson, altidore, diskerud, together!!!
    Suzi n Davis suck

  19. Increase says:

    Ghost foul on Jozys goal. Concafed. I dont know he is from but concafed.

  20. Tony Meola says:

    Coulibaly sighting

  21. Citronomics says:

    Why was Jozy’s goal disallowed. Looked like the keep did some crazy backflip and landed on his a$$?

  22. hudson says:

    Oh, so this is what Red Bull Arena looks like with a true sellout.

  23. Captain Obvious says:

    The US defense is in shambles and Brad Davis keeps getting beat.

  24. Citronomics says:

    Nice cut back pass by Jozy to set up Mikey’s shot. Seeing lively things from the front line so far; back line ughhhhh…

  25. Natsalways says:

    Man Davis looks awful on defense…his guy getting free over and over.

  26. shawn says:


  27. Mikey K says:

    Sweet goal by Johnson

  28. Natsalways says:

    But that was freaking beautiful.

  29. Ga1atic0 says:

    Can we get Twellman off?

  30. Nandez says:

    FAB J AWESOME! Creating the pass that lead to his goal. Props to MB90

  31. Citronomics says:

    Sweet Lordy. Sublime give and go with Mikey and FJ. Right on!

  32. chuck says:

    wow great finishing by Johnson. :)

    oh but he didnt sing the anthem. Does it count?

  33. Jack says:

    Great goal,

  34. Joe says:

    Davis and Chandler look vulnerable on the left.
    Bradley and Johnson connecting on a beautiful goal!!!

  35. JayAre says:

    I can’t say enough about that goal. Excellent build up clean finish!! Come on Jozy take notes

  36. Joe says:

    Aerial 50/50 balls in Altidore’s vicinity are more like 90/10 balls.

  37. Ga1atic0 says:

    Beautiful atmosphere at RB wish every mls game was the same

  38. Paul6 says:

    ‘The one thing he brings is his speed’ Taylor Twellman on Timmy chandler. I believe he brings a lot more than that. Smh. Taylor is garbage.

  39. JayAre says:

    Dempsey is really something else today had he been watching messi and ronaldinho highlights on YouTube or something

  40. chuck says:

    Seeing the defense from afar, I could swear Omar is playing… but turned out to be Besler!

  41. Nandez says:

    Yedlin at RM

  42. JayAre says:

    Is the whole Turkish team made of glass or something they keep fouling our guys and instead of out guys going down they go down.

  43. Brett says:

    I’m so sik of Demspey’s heavy falls, but that should have been a PK or st least a dangerous FK.

    • Fair Observer says:

      that was a definite foul tho, defender attempted to tackle, swiped and missed ball completely and took out Dempsey’s knees. FOUL. Dempsey fell appropriately.

    • Zdub says:

      I was wondering if someone was going to mention Dempsey’s turnovers. He has done everything that everyone kills Altidore for (no defense, bad first touch, turnovers, falling down, etc) but he will end up getting praised at the end of the day.

  44. Fair Observer says:

    Everything i notice about Jones that is positive is about his defence. Everything i notice about him that is negative is offensive (his passes……)

    • Increase says:

      He ia having a good game. Tactical set up is leaving space. I dunno if our back four quite know how to deal with it just yet.

  45. Increase says:

    This Ref is just no good enough to be running this game. I have no idea why he gave clint “advan

  46. Bomb Pop says:


  47. Ali Dia says:

    This referee is pretty excellent. In addition to having massive cateracts and two left feet, he also has the excellent name “Slim Jedidi”. He reminds me a little bit of Peter Sellers character in “The Party”

  48. RB says:

    So question for the people who complain about which members of the team are or are not “real” Americans, or are not as American as others, or however you might want to phrase it. Do you consider that to be a fully good and valid goal? Is our team really winning right now or is it more like you’re watching a scoreless tie? And did we really win with a couple of fully valid 2nd half goals the other night against Azerbaijan? Or is that result similarly somehow questionable, in your minds?

    I’m not being facetious, I’m just curious how you view these goals and the results that depend on them, if in the end you don’t somehow fully accept as legitimate the players who are scoring them…

    • Jack says:

      How many assists did Fabian have in qualifying as well? At least a couple.

      • RB says:

        Yeah I don’t know but now that I think of it, I’d really like to hear some reaction to that question, because I just cannot imagine what it must be like for a supporter when his team scores/wins so clearly and directly because of the play of guys who supposedly should not be on the team. And I don’t mean a kind of Donovan situation, where someone thinks the coach picked/left off the wrong guy, but one where the supporter doesn’t even accept the player is fully legitimate, for reasons that have nothing to do with skill level or performance or who chose him.

  49. Fredo says:

    Team looks better.

  50. User222 says:

    -Bradley is way high up the field leaving JJ all alone against smart, fast turkish players…

    -Davis not athletic enough to cover the LM side of the field, turks recognize this and are going at Chandler with vengeance. Thats why the switch to send Zusi on that side… actually it kinda slowed Turkey’s attack on that side.

    -Zusi has the skill, tools to take on defenders on RB but he lacks confidence… at least in this game and I dont think it’s tactical.

    -Good half up the field for Altidore, Davis. Bad passes from many US players in midfield but good game for JJ.

    -Not enough from Bradley who had a minor exchange of words with JJ.

    I wish JK stops playing Chandler and Fabian in inverted positions. They would produce more in their original spots.

    I guess Bedoya in for Davis to help contain Turkey.

    PS. y’all can see Beckerman would get blown away by elite teams in the WC.

  51. Gabe says:

    David Robinson never sang along with the national anthem for Spurs games.

    He must not be a real American…

    Seriously, guys, this continued calling into question of the German players is ridiculous. Enough.

  52. JayAre says:

    38 minutes in and Germany isn’t running over Cameroon they are being press and seem beatable.

  53. Mike W says:

    Alexi Lalas is an annoying, pompous prick. I don’t know how he has any credibility left. He hates JK, Green, seemingly all decisions. Meanwhile the USMNT continues to improve.

    • JayAre says:

      I think it’s jealous with Alexi. He played during a time when the game was not to as big as it is now, and because of that a few mediocre players became professionasl and got the chance to go to a World Cup because of that he keeps trying to downgrade this generation of players to make it on time see more relevant. Deep down inside he knows he wouldn’t cut it in today’s MLS

    • PN says:

      Would we prefer a dull, tepid commentator? Lalas, besides being the first American to play in Serie A, has done pretty well in management after retiring. He knows the game and players well. The same for Wynalda. He’s outspoken and critical, but that’s a refreshing change from the tedium of commentators in other sports.

  54. User222 says:

    Najar did a number out of the turkish RB a few nights ago… Zusi should do even better against him… it’s probably the stupid hair bun…

  55. Fredo says:

    Nice to see an adjustment from JK.

  56. JayAre says:

    2-0 they’re making all the mistakes this is almost to easy

  57. Bomb Pop says:

    Brad Davis you moron this isn’t basketball. SCUM

  58. JayAre says:

    Nice one Brad Davis!

  59. Increase says:

    Oh Brad…. thats um… ya lets not. Handling is not cool.

  60. chuck says:

    Brad Davis’ handful. Disgusting and shameful.

    LD would never have done that.

  61. Paul6 says:

    I personally loved that move by Brad Davis. Some of y’all are too damn sensitive. It’s only cheating if the ref catches you.

    • Nandez says:


      • Paul6 says:

        Haha touché. Mine isn’t as stupid as yedlin at RM considering he’s a TB through and through…

        • Nandez says:

          His defense isn’t that great and would be a better option farther up the right because of his speed and his ability to cut in

          • Paul6 says:

            Cut in to his left? That makes no sense considering he’s right footed..? And from what I’ve heard, I’ll admit I haven’t watched much, his crossing leaves a lot to be desired.

    • JayAre says:

      I don’t think society understands that. I agree with you though

      • Paul6 says:

        I’ve seen a handball like that get France into World Cup, be one of the most talked about goals in World Cup history, and a more blatant handball put Uruguay into a semifinal. Nuances of the game. And not getting caught is part of it.

        • JH says:

          You can take your cheating out of this country. Qatar is good at it. you can go there.

    • fastrightleg says:

      Interesting point of view…

      Let me make an analogy. Is it okay for someone to murder another individual as long as they do not get caught?

      Also, if a player deliberately breaks a rule of the game, is that not considered cheating?

      • Paul6 says:

        We are talking about a game. Not murder. I understand your analogy nd it makes sense. But games are a competition and any advantage that helps you win is ok in my book. Too me it’s part of the game.

        • fastrightleg says:

          Breaking rules is considered part of the sport?

          The sport of soccer (football) does not involve the use of hands, so if you use your hands to play the sport, then you are not playing the sport of soccer. You are playing a completely different game. Using your hands is not a part of the game, so using your hands is considered cheating.

          Am I wrong? I would like to hear your opinion.

          Also, the rules of society say that killing someone is wrong, and the rules of soccer say that using your hands is wrong. The example is extreme, yes, but there are many similarities, and if you have a problem with the example, should you not have a problem with the other?

          • Paul6 says:

            Obviously, using your hands isn’t part of the game. However, finding ways to gain an advantage. I listed three examples above of players of much high talent then our USMNT used a hand to alter a game. People bashed Suarez for his antics in 2010. I applauded it. He did everything in his power to ensure his team the best chance of winning. He knew he wouldn’t get to play the semifinal if they went on to win but he did it anyway. So, like I said, if the ref catches you it’s cheating. Otherwise, it’s part of the game. That’s my opinion. I understand the side of it to. As for your analogy, it isn’t always a 1:1 thing. I can see fault in something and not in a similar activity. And too me murder isn’t the same as using a hand in soccer.

            • fastrightleg says:

              So, by your logic, you think cheating is okay as long as the ref does not catch it.

              Do you think steroids are okay as well? I assume you would think that is okay as long as you do not get caught, correct?

              To me, cheating is not a part of the sport or game, so if someone does it, whether they “get caught” or not, I do not think it is acceptable or morally right.

              I understand your point of view, but I just do not see how cheating is acceptable through your eyes.

              • User222 says:

                it is part of the game… catchers cheat and bring the ball closer to home plate in the hopes of having the umpire calling a strike.

                in football, if necessary, wide receivers trap balls against their body on the bounce off the ground… they dont get up and say to the ref… “it was NOT a catch”…

                get a grip… it is part of the game.

  62. Good Jeremy says:

    Wow. Interesting interview with Green at the beginning. He first explained that it was his dream of playing for Germany. When his mom was asking him if he was sure he wanted to choose the USA, he said “mom, you don’t understand. It’s the World Cup.”
    He’s just as American as anyone else on the roster, but can you really hear that without suspecting that the rumors are true that he was promised a spot or came in as a mercenary?

    Ditto Jermaine Jones when asked about switching. He talks relatively little about the USA and much more about the World Cup, but then he also got an American flag inside a star tattooed on his knee.

  63. Ga1atic0 says:

    Another off day for Altidore….

    • Paul6 says:

      Not at all. Very good game. This team isn’t reliant on him scoring. The goals will come eventually though.

      • Citronomics says:

        Agree. Jozy has done a much better job physically and has looked dangerous when getting the ball in attacking positions. Great cut back pass to set up MB90 too. And as I write that, in on goal with the goalie to bear and (though the whistle eventually blows) takes a poor shot. He’s got to bury that.

        • Paul6 says:

          Uhhh I think they’ll eventually come. Geez. The poor guy can’t catch a break. This is one hell of a slump.

  64. Byrdman says:

    Kind of ugly this half

  65. JayAre says:

    Green in the game late the pointless rhetoric begin

  66. andrewinTally says:

    Ives, the quality of the comments have really dropped on this website. It’s almost like the soccer IQ of these posters have been cut in half. No insight, no soccer knowledge. Nothing positive to add.

    • Paul6 says:

      The lack of soccer knowledge I believe has to do with the US still being a growing soccer country. Folks are popping in with their view on the game and most of them only watch every four years. They don’t have the background knowledge to have a discussion like they would about football, basketball or baseball. That’s a big part but not all of it. Some of these comments are just plain bad.

    • matt says:

      I’m so glad you posted this insightful 150+soccer IQ comment

    • QuakerOtis says:

      And that’s the problem. We kinda have to put up with it if we expect Ives’ site to grow… But yes, very annoying.

  67. buttian warlord says:

    This ref really deserves consideration for another suspension.

  68. Lake says:

    Where are my Jozy lovers at? If you want him up top over Wondo you’re nuts. I’m sorry, but Jozy has zero confidence and is on a pathetic downswing. JK continuing to start him is bordering on the ridiculous.

    • Paul6 says:

      Watch the first half. That’s why he starts. Subs have slowed down the game. His confidence is down and it’s hurting him in front of goal. No doubt about that. But he does everything else so well. He combines with Clint and MB90 almost telepathically. He’s been in the right spot always. Zusi should have set him up earlier. That would have helped tremendously. Wondo won’t be able to do all that Jozy does.

    • Timberquake says:

      I’m a huge Wondo fan, but no. Jozy is making runs at pace and holding up the ball like Wondo simply can’t. The only thing in which Wondo has an edge over Jozy right now is finishing (I guess you could argue decision-making if you want). Frankly Wondo plays best with someone like Jozy on the field at the same time anyway. If you want Wondo starting for somebody, it would be Deuce. There really isn’t a comparable player on the roster that can swap in for Jozy, but AJ is closer than Wondo.

    • Benny says:

      He scored on a header. However, there was a phantom foul call in the sequence.

    • Benny says:

      He scored on a header. However, there was a phantom foul call in the sequence. Overall, he played well.

  69. Byrdman says:

    I look forward to every USMNT game, but i get so frustrated with Twellman.

    • AMP says:

      +1 He only complained in the 79′ when Jozy didn’t try to force himself a chance, but instead made the best play, and gave Mix a chance for a wide open header in a great position. Mix elected to chest it down, but I thought it showed Jozy putting the team first, above his drought, and I was applauding him, while grumbling at Mix for being too lax in that spot.

      • Brett says:

        Host should have gone for goal because he’s a goal scorer. I didn’t hate the play, but I was disappointed that he didn’t have the confidence to go for goal.

  70. Nandez says:

    Green has been invisible so far this half

  71. shasta says:


  72. Bitman says:

    Does anyone want to kill themselves listening to Twellman, other than me? God he’s terrible.

    • Buttian_Warlord says:

      He’s better than Lalas and Wynalda, but yes still terrible. All the American commentators are just old bitter has-beens. It almost seems like they read the posts on these boards and repeat the assertions of the most obnoxious trolls.

  73. JayAre says:

    The commentators are giving European teams too much credit with the “Germany won’t miss that chance” line, from what I’ve seen in friendly’s over the last few days they actually miss a lot of those chances.

  74. shawn says:

    God dammit

  75. Fredo says:

    Embarrassing by Chandler.

  76. Mikebsiu says:

    Well the Germans were responsible for that goal. Nice work chandler…..

  77. Ty says:

    Much better…but Altidore needs to sit in favor of Iceman annnnd Green is way overmatched. He looks like Bobby Convey at 15 years old playing in the MLS.

  78. buttian warlord says:

    JAB is looking solid.

  79. Dc says:

    has anyone seen anything from green that explains hist roster spot? he looks out-matched, intimidated, and weak every time he gets the ball.

    • PN says:

      Couldn’t agree more, thus far.

      • Dc says:

        does it really matter how much he “impresses in training” if he can’t produce on the field?

    • Fredo says:

      Nope, haven’t seen anything.

      • James says:

        +1 all.

        This isn’t even about Donovan vs. Green. Any of the 30 for Green.

        He reminds me of a young Freddy Adu. Plenty of flash and knows how to win a corner, but he has yet to make a substantial play.

        If he was promised a spot in the 23 to assure his longterm commitment, I might not like it, but I can accept it. But with Klinsmann’s “right now” mantra, I just don’t see what makes him worthy of a spot on the 23.

    • Gary Page says:

      He is so raw, he looks like they recruited him from a rec league. If anyone has watched Zardes of the Galaxy so far this year, they’d have to agree that he is playing soo much better than Green, it isn’t even close. And he is young, fast, and plays wing. This game is a sure sign that bringing Green to Brazil was the price JK paid for getting him to commit to the US.

      • PN says:

        One recalls the apparent story of Rossi making the demand of inclusion on the WC team in exchange for picking the US over Italy. As the rumor goes, Bruce Arena declined, and Rossi commits to Italy. Ironically, he was cut today and is not going, just like 2010. One wonders if the rules have changed with JK and USSF.

        • DB says:

          Did anyone see the pre-game feature on him?

          Green’s mother is quoted as having asked him why he declared so quickly, and according to her, his response was “it’s the World Cup.”

          Now you can either read that as he was promised a spot or that he thought the had a better shot at some point with the U.S. While the latter is obvious, I’m inclined to believe the former.

          The kid’s got talent, but I highly question whether he is physically ready to make any sort of impact this time around.

  80. buttian warlord says:

    The last 20 of this game were useless

  81. shawn says:

    Yedlin can be very very good if he gets rid of random rw syndrome

  82. JayAre says:

    I think Brooks and Yedlin have put the Goodson and Parkhurst/Evans arguments to rest. They are clearly good enough. Green has got some work to do.

    • Jack says:

      Parkhurst not making that mistake Chandler made.

      • JayAre says:

        One mistake shouldn’t take away a game and a half’s worth of work. He made one mistake but apart from that he’s been solid all through.

    • shawn says:

      Green looks afraid to make a mistake, maybe he shouldn’t play until after world cup

    • Joe says:

      JR. Has some work to do? That’s treating the kid with kid gloves. Klinsmann promised him a roster spot and if he doesn’t do something to show he deserves it, the LD supporters will really be out in full voice. And they won’t be singing the praises of Herr Klinsi.

      • Increase says:

        So far Green looks like the only mistake in the Young guys he has brought.

        Yedlin, Brooks, and even Chandler played well.

  83. Ray tango says:

    Jermaine Jones scares me sometimes. Really not a susi fan. I u/s he’s a top player in mls I just don’t see him impacting the game against the other group teams.

  84. Rob says:

    So, now you see why Green will never play for Bayern. Enough with the wishful talking and the bullsh!t. Green just doesn’t belong. Enough said.

    • Dc says:

      that is a little harsh, but he seems to need way more experience before he can make a difference in a game, much less the world cup.

    • whoop-whoop says:

      I have to think it is pretty hard… I’d even say ridiculous for anyone to reach any conclusions based on Green’s playing time with the US. Guess I’m left with the opinions of US players who have trained with him and Bayern, US German National team managers and coaches who seem to think he has great potential.

      • Rob says:

        German coaches think he belongs I’m the 4th division. Can’t argue with that.

        • whoop-whoop says:

          Word it however you like, you could also say he plays on Bayern Munich’s reserve squad, and drew much praise from it’s manager who was looking to call him up before an injury. What conclusion exactly do you draw from the fact that he can’t crack one of, if not the deepest lineup in the world? Please dude… neither you or I have a clue about this kid, but some very credible people have lots of positive things about his physical tools, soccer mind and attitude. Its every bit as moronic to declare him unfit or a bust as it is a savior at this point. Unless of course you are some incredible soccer talent savant soothsayer who judges soccer futures from a few touches in the waning moments of a friendly.

  85. Billy says:

    i liked brooks better than besler

  86. PN says:

    Trending up
    – Brooks. Outside of communication problems, was solid in the back.
    – Yedlin. Needs to avoid getting caught upfield. Shows value of speed. Gaining confidence.
    – Beckerman. Integrated well in MF. Good distribution and possession.

    Trending down
    – Davis. A liability on defense and in transition. Not sure who starts: Bedoya or Davis.
    – Chandler. Doesn’t appear to be match fit.
    – Green. Lots of question marks….too many to mention

  87. Scott says:

    If Altidore continues to play while being in a scoring slump and his main attributes are holding up the ball and creating opportunities for other players, then shouldn’t we be playing a false 9 instead and replacing Altidore with an attacking midfielder??