USMNT advances to Round of 16 despite falling to Germany


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RECIFE, Brazil — The U.S. Men’s National Team is off to the Round of 16, but not with the result that it had in mind.

Thomas Muller scored a superb second-half strike and Germany defeated the U.S., 1-0, in a rainy World Cup group game at Arena Pernambuco on Thursday afternoon. The victory saw Germany finish atop Group G with seven points while the Americans came in second with four and advanced to the knockout stage ahead of Portugal based on goal differential.

“We wanted a tie out of this game, but maybe in the beginning we had a bit too much respect,” said U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. “Then. more and more we got into the game. We should have created a bit more chances – that’s really something we have to improve on – but overall, tremendous energy, tremendous effort from the whole side.

“It’s huge for us getting out of this group that everybody said, ‘You have no chance (in).’ We took that chance and now we move on. We really want to prove a point.”

Muller broke the deadlock in the 55th minute of a match with few actual chances due to the wet conditions. Tim Howard initially saved Per Mertesacker’s headed effort following a corner kick from the right, but the ball fell to Muller before the midfielder hit a beautiful curler into the back of the net.

The Americans had two late opportunities to tie the game through Alejandro Bedoya and Clint Dempsey, but neither was able to capitalize on the looks they had inside of the penalty area.

The Germans were on the front foot in the opening stages of a game played in front of 41,876 soaked fans, controlling most of the possession and sending in a bevy of crosses that the U.S. back line struggled to deal with.

One of those crosses came in from the right and skipped by the U.S. defense before reaching Lukas Podolski, who skied a volley over and wide from the left corner of the penalty area.

The Americans eventually settled into the game and some nice build-up play led to a chance in the 22nd minute when Graham Zusi buzzed a shot just high of the crossbar.

“We needed to do a better job of not letting them have the ‘German Effect,'” said Zusi. “A lot of times teams will just sit back and allow them to come at them, but we didn’t really want them to do that. It took about 15-20 minutes for us to realize that we can knock the ball around as well and we had some good moments in that first half.”

Both teams continued to search for a goal, but the wet conditions limited their chances in the scoreless first half. Germany had the only other real opportunity of the opening 45 minutes when Mesut Ozil cut inside of Matt Besler and got a shot off that Howard pushed away.

Howard also denied Mertesacker’s header 10 minutes after halftime, but could do nothing when Muller curled in the follow-up attempt from the left side. The goal was Muller’s fourth of the tournament and tied him with Neymar and Leo Messi in the Golden Boot race.

“Obviously, those things are things that we now look at the video and see what we did wrong,” said Klinsmann. “Every time you concede a goal you did something wrong. It’s just normal, and it’s mostly sequence of mistakes that happen there but it happened there as well.

“If you get him that one chance or just the opportunity to kind of have a clear picture at goal, Thomas is a player (who) doesn’t need two chances. He’s fine with one and he puts it into the net. We’ll have a closer look at it.”

Germany continued to push forward and could’ve taken a bigger lead had it not been for some fine last-ditch defending from Gonzalez, Besler and Kyle Beckerman.

That kept the U.S. in the game and allowed for substitute Alejandro Bedoya to have a chance in stoppage time to pull the Americans level, but the ball was cleared away by a sliding tackle.

Dempsey then had a header from close range skip off the soaked grass and over the crossbar, leaving the U.S. and its fans frustrated until they were informed by the scoreboard that the team was reaching the Round of 16 after Portugal did not make up the goal difference it needed to advance in a 2-1 win vs. Ghana.

“It’s great to advance out of the group, a group a lot of people thought we wouldn’t advance from,” said Dempsey. “We would have liked to end the last game on a better note, we would like to have got a result. But at the end we’re excited about getting to the knockout stages and hopefully we can do better than the last World Cup.”

The U.S. will head to Salvador next for its Round of 16 match on July 1. The Americans will play the winner of Group H, which will be either Belgium or Algeria.

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391 Responses to USMNT advances to Round of 16 despite falling to Germany

  1. JayAre says:

    Why do we respect these European teams so fvcking much? Once again we left a game on the field. In the round of 16 we need to actually win the game. A tie won’t cut it and Seattle Sounders and everyone that has coached DeAndre Yedlin have gotten it wrong. He’s suppose to be a midfielder.

    • MLSsnob says:

      Then we’ll deal with that when we have to, these circumstances were different. Jesus, we’re through, complain much?

      • JayAre says:

        We aren’t playing well at all. Germany was in the same position as us, if they attacked too much and we got a few goals on the counter they are out but they still attacked fearlessly.

        • zdub says:

          There was no way Germany was getting eliminated today.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Oh hogwash, there were people saying they’d play for a tie and that’s not what happened. They played a disciplined effort to win, didn’t overstretch, and we conceded plenty of possession. They only went through the motions the last minute.

          As it ended up, since Portugal matched our Ghana result and tied us, it came down to how well we lost. We played 3 controlled matches give or take an isolated play. They imploded with Germany — forgot about GD perhaps — and that’s why we went through.

          I think we did “enough” generally bunkering but that was a group round strategy and I think we need to be able to score to keep up with Belgium.

        • Ben says:

          Germany has, from top to bottom, arguably the most talent in this tournament, even more than Brazil or anyone else. We do not. Yet, despite all of that, it’s not like Germany carved us open, and we shad some chicness ourselves, so not terrible in the end.

          • Paul6 says:

            They didn’t score but I would say we were carved open early and often..

          • Dr.K says:

            WOW What are you thinking? Germany is a bit of a plodding team whos defense is BELOW average. They can be scored upon. They are too weak to win the WC. Shut down Mueller and whats left? Ozil? give me a break. Mueller is not Messi For sure.

            • away goals says:

              Yeah mueller is easy to shut down. What’s that? Nine goals in nine world cup matches? I stand by my argument.

            • sam says:

              “Shut down Mueller and whats left? Ozil?”

              Ozil, yes. Götze. Kroos. Podolski. Klose. Schürrle. Draxler, if they wanted to give him a run-out. Should we keep going?

    • slowleftarm says:

      Wrong and wrong. Just like you were wrong when you said Portugal wouldn’t try today.

    • Skyman says:

      You are correct he should play as a MFer, at least at this juncture of his career. He’s not very good in defense but excellent going forward.

      • Jesse says:

        excellent is a stretch that first cross was pretty bad. He is fast though, which makes him dangerous.

        • Fair Observer says:

          Yedlin is good at 1v1 defense, his defensive liability is inexperience which comes into play when he’s out of position. he has tremendous speed which he thus uses to recover very well. he did that several times against portugal. while yedlin being a full out RM isnt best for us i dont mind the idea as a late sub there. in the long run he needs to be our starting RB. Chandler will come into the LB role, FJ will move to LM/RM with Brooks eventually taking over at CB while besler/cameron/gonzales work out the remaining back four slot.

          i wouldnt mind yedlin at RB and FJ at RM thus essentially giving the yedlin option to overlap and switch roles for moments and FJ would become RB for a few minutes

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        He is being used as a speed sub for FJ in the back. We don’t trust a slow back and apparently Chandler hasn’t made an impression, or is deemed untrustworthy, or whatever.

        He allows Jurgen to push FJ up. That’s it. Given his shanked cross, I don’t think he offers very much going forward now to be worth the tactical risk. His job should be to cover FJ’s flank late in games where we need some wing runs up the right.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          In short, FJ who is better does the crossing, and Yedlin mops up.

        • Josh D says:

          Chandler was about to get on when Beasley looked like her hurt himself last game. I think Klinsi has players in set positions. Chandler is a Beasley replacement.

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            Chandler is naturally right footed. If the rosters were penned, Beasley would be typed in.

            if JK really trusted Chandler, he’d be starting or at least “Yedlin.” he doesn’t so he is nominally Beasley’s backup. The least likely sub.

            JK obviously thinks the World Cup requires speed and that’s the basic reason Chandler’s here and not one of the slow soccer IQ defenders people love.

    • buttian warlord says:

      Yeah, we’d be silly to have respect for the highest rated team remaining in the cup. Sarcasm aside, I think the defensive posture was due both to the result we needed to achieve (a draw) and the injuries and fatigue sustained by the team after 2 insanely hard fought matches and the toughest travel schedule in the cup. Guys were running on fumes out there. Against Belgium we’ll have no reason to play it safe, which is a playing style this team is far more suited for.

    • Jeff in Ohio says:

      at the University of Akron, DAndre played several games at right forward and some at mid. When he played back…we was always pushed forward anyway and was not asked to stay home back there very much with the scheme that was played there.

    • Clover362 says:

      Not sure I agree with Yedlin as a midfielder (we will see if he has the touch and skill to be an actual midfielder)/ Seattle gets it wrong because their team doesn’t understand how to cover for a back that gets forward . Notice how the US doesn’t get exposed when Fabian flies up the wing, its because beckerman/bedoya always cover when he does that. If seattle did that people wouldn’t complain about Yedlin’s positioning as much. Also Yedlin has looked good but coming on 75′ into games and running at slow tired defenders is always going to be a good match up for him.

      • GW says:

        Everyone complains when JK makes midfielders play fullback so now JayAre wants to complain when JK makes a fullback a midfielder.

        JK can’t win can he?

        Mildly amusing.

        • Fredo says:

          I didn’t like JK’s penchant for playing players out of their club positions. But, hey, we’re through!

      • So wrong says:

        Seattle has got it so wrong they’re top of the table

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Interesting to consider:
      of the different confederations, using Group H’s previous standings, advancing would be :
      CONMEBOL 5/6 (84%)
      CONCACAF 3/4 (75%)
      UEFA 6/13 (46%)
      CAF 2/5 (40%)
      AFC 0/4 (0%)

  2. Maykol says:

    Wow Jermaine Jones arguably man of the match again, but also good performance by Omar. Seriously Jones has been one of the best players in this tournament

    • MLSsnob says:

      +1 on Omar. Klinsmann with the magical touch on the line ups. I was shaking when I saw his name on the card.

      • buttian warlord says:

        Sure Omar did well. Davis on the other hand was severe mistake.

        • iggy says:

          agreed. did nothign on offense and sent out that needless corner that led to the goal.

        • JT says:

          +1000. Davis was terrible today; not even one cross in

        • smartestonthepitch says:

          Wow. Give it a rest. No one did much in the first half. Why always look for someone to call out.

        • GW says:

          You don’t know what JK expected Davis to do. At worst, he gave Ale 45 minutes of severely needed re

          • ronniet says:

            He deserves to be called out because he shouldn’t be on this roster to begin with!!! He did the same exact things he did in qualifying and in the send off games which quite frankly is absolutely nothing! Thankfully we made it through and I have high hopes for the boys but I think depth and quality will bite us in the derrier going down the stretch!

            • GW says:

              Davis “”deserves” to be on this roster because he is who JK wanted and the roster is JK’s responsibility.

              Based on these three games it seems like the roster is working out for JK. And there is still at least one game to go.

            • Paul says:

              There is no stretch. There’s only the next game.

              If we win that, we’ll focus on what’s next. But prior to that, which would be a noteworthy upset over Belgium, there’s only the next game.

        • Ben says:

          Davis didn’t do much, but I felt that was just because Bedoya was gassed and couldn’t go 90. Still, it wash’t like Davis was a horrible mistake or anything, solid if nothing else.

          • Nate says:

            Davis was a liability because he offered nothing and the Germans knew it. They could smother Clint and Bradley lnowing that there was no significant threat from anyone else but Jones and Johnson.

    • Tyrone says:

      I got to say, it feels good to eat crow about Omar, today.

      • Landy Cakes says:

        Klinsman is a genius. Omar was incredible today. Incredible. I’m sorry I said he shouldn’t be on the team. And Yedlin is my favorite fire cracker off the bench, he’s the type of dynamo people think Mix should be. Just incredible speed, incredible energy he wreaks havoc.

        • Fair Observer says:

          Omar does the things he usually does well today. why people say he had a great game is because he didnt have that moment lapse where he doesnt recognize to mark someone or whatever. so yea he played well but its not like he’s an awful player that played out of his mind, he was the guy being groomed to lead us and had a set back from bad form and injury but still is a player that we should feel excited for moving forward. he’s coming along as we’d all hoped for when he was playing well last year, just went through a rough patch as CBs can do sometimes

          • Landy Cakes says:

            That’s fine but I never thought he was good in the first place. Now to be fair I grew up a striker. and usually can’t even be bothered to learn the name of defenders.

          • Josh D says:

            Well he did “Gonzo” it with that first cross he shanked. If a striker was behind him and put it away, we would have been bashing him. So, today he played well, but he was lucky. Cameron against Portugal wasn’t.

            • empty space says:

              Yes, in fact if he touched more of the ball on that shank he would have own-goaled it… But he had a few tackles in the box which were world class. The good news is that all 4 of our CBs now have experience, lived through the mistakes, and one of them is even responsible for putting us on 4 points.

      • Raymon says:

        Pass the crow, I’ll have some too. When he went 1v1 on Muller….

    • EspinDOHla says:

      +1 on both Maykol

      Jones has been the best US player so far. So happy for him. Omar had a huge game today. JK has made great decisions with line-ups/subs. And don’t forget how solid Beckerman has been as well.

      Congrats to all!!!!!!

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      This level you need some destroyers as well as some people who make pretty stuff happen.

      And I’d swear he was sneaking up some to be a target player, which was useful since the CMs were useless building the ball up. All the play was going wingward and through Jones.

  3. Don't mind if I Freddy Adu says:

    Good thing Germany waxed Portugal I guess.

    But we’re through to the KO round, and now anything can happen.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Good thing Portugal didn’t try to stop the bleeding. I couldn’t understand the tactics watching it. You bunker just to preserve the GD.

  4. DanO says:

    The US is leading the tourney in broken noses…

    • buttian warlord says:

      If Deuce rebroke it on the German defenders back, he could win the cup’s Golden Nose.

  5. Portugal says:

    You’re welcome.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Appreciate it. Although if you were really thoughtful you wouldn’t have scored that equalizer on Sunday. That would’ve made today a lot less stressful.

    • Jack says:

      Thanks Ronaldo!

      • recovered amishman says:

        Ronaldo taketh away and Ronaldo giveth. Not to take anything away from the USMNT…they put themselves in a good spot today which meant they didn’t need to win under the most likely scenarios and that’s exactly the way it worked out.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        His fruit basket is in the mail.

  6. H-Town says:

    Leave the backline with Gonzalez in and put Cameron on for Bradley in midfield. It is time Bradley saw the bench.

    • H-Town says:

      Zusi and Bedoya as wingers as well.

      • Tyrone says:

        Zusi has not impressed. On a slightly related note, Davis has not, either.

        • RAMONE says:

          He does have 2 assists ….

          No, he hasn’t been stellar, but who in the US midfield has?

          Bradley has been way below form from qualifying.
          Bedoya has been OK (which is a surprise to me that he has had so much PT and not been a liability … but surprise “OK” is not the same is impressive).
          Beckerman has been solid for the most part but isn’t exactly doing anything impressive.
          Jones has been most impressive of the group but even he was giving balls away that we should have done better with today.

          Someone else in this group needs to step up … we all expected it to be Bradley but he has had at best a “conservative” WC through 3 matches, at worst a sloppy one.

          • dman says:

            Beckerman has been solid.. that’s what he is supposed to be.

          • g-dub says:

            I think Beckerman has been outstanding. He is so good at knowing how and when to cover space defensively and recover for defenders when needed.

            He’s living up to billing as “glue” and “true giver”

          • Scott says:

            Beckerman is the reason Jones has had the liberty to look so good and Bradley has not looked worse.

        • Ben says:

          Really? Zusi hasn’t impressed? We have looked miles better in possession with Zusi in the game. You’re nuts.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        AJ for Bedoya.

    • slowleftarm says:

      So replace Bradley with someone who’s arguably played worse than he has and not only that but play the new guy in a position he hasn’t played in a year. I can’t understand why you aren’t the coach.

      • Tom says:

        Seriously. I spent a loong time looking at the stats the other day. Bradley hasn’t been up to expectations-absolutely. But the moron-squad doesn’t realize that we have nothing worth playing in his stead

        • Dennis says:

          If you like stats, in the Ghana game Bradley had the second best pass completion 75% of the us starters, while Jones was ahead of only Altidore with 49%!

          • empty space says:

            And if you look at the passes he completed in that game many of those were 3 yard back passes. But I don’t think we can afford to change too much, however I’d rather we sit Beckerman and bring in mix or another forward to play in front of Bradley. Put him back in a holding role. It’s a risk however at some point we need to trust our back 4.

            • slowleftarm says:

              We tried that already and it doesn’t work as well as this system. This system doesn’t get the best out of Bradley but I think it’s best for this group of players which is what matters right now.

              • The Garrincha says:

                You are correct SlowLefty.
                Bradley is being asked to be something he is not, he is not an AM. he is a solid and reliable DM, who can foray forward from time to time and help out on the offensive side.
                see Claude Makelele, that’s what Bradley, and Edu, both can be.
                but anyway they made it through “the group of death”.
                American Garrincha’s,
                Da Bomb Pops U.S.A.
                onward and upward now.

              • Matthew R says:

                I have to say I used to not be able to look past your issues with the Germericans but every point you’ve made this WC has been spot on. Bravo to you for being an informed fan and I really think more people need to realize that in this system where Jones shines it’s almost a necessary evil that Bradley’s play suffers a little (I say almost because he could still do better).

        • H-Town says:

          Name calling doesn’t change the fact that slow is wrong. Bradley is killing the attack, while Cameron’s gaffe from the Portugal game was a defensive/mental mistake. Cameron has played CB before the WC almost as much as he has played DM. It was why he was brought on to the team, because of his versatility.

          Bradley has improved every game, but his poor passing and his inability to be able to trap the ball (it happened 3 times) is killing what little attack we have. It has to stop. love Bradley, I don’t know what is going on with him, but he is currently a liability in the attack.

          • Tom says:

            Yes, I apologize for name-calling. But I re-iterate: who else can we play, really, that has his ceiling? Who else can we play who has his median impact? Who else can we play who has his average impact?

            1) Mix, who has HUGE downside risk
            2) Nobody
            3) Nobody

          • danny says:

            Poor passing? Look at the stats. Sure he missed a couple in the pouring rain, but also had a couple brilliant balls (like the one over the top to Jones- who barely missed it). Bradley is playing out of position, but no one else can replace the quality he brings at ACM (except maybe Jones) playing it. Other teams are also tactically trying to make it hard for him. I don’t know what people expect from his performance given these circumstances. And the U.S. has done WELL to advance and has created good chances despite losing Jozy, the most important U.S. offensive player. The good news is Bradley does seem to be improving over each performance. The irrational calls for Bradley to be benched remind me of the accusations of nepotism.

            • Only Results Matter says:

              The Russian sports newspaper, and they kept saying how great the US team was since the beginning of the WC, gave Bradley the highest grade today of all US players. They said that he singlehandedly moved the game away from the US goal in the first half after the first 20 minutes.

        • RAMONE says:

          We have nothing to replace Jozy with either beyond a jogging CD.

          • GW says:


            So Clint has been a poor sub for Jozy?

            • RAMONE says:

              Do you think Clint’s best position is a #9, let alone a lone #9? I don’t. He is much more effective when paired with another forward or playing an attacking mid. Jozy on the other hand can play that role.

            • Fredo says:

              Clint has been great this tournament up top. I really doubt Jozy would have scored with such limited chances.

        • JDub says:

          What about this lineup:

          Jo – Clint
          Jones – Fabian
          Beckerman – Bradley
          Beasley – Besler – Gonzo – Cameron

      • H-Town says:

        Simply, yes.

    • Jack says:

      I switched to Portugal the last 15 minutes but I thought Bradley played well today.

      • Skyman says:

        Football is a game of moments, and MB has not risen to the occasion on several plays his WC. Today, I remember the pass for Jermaine to MB at the top of the box. Under normal circumstances Bradley may have scored. Instead he took his eye off the ball and completely missed played it

        • Dennis says:

          So if the facts don’t fit your opinion, you choose to look at only those “moments” that support your opinion and ignore the rest!

          • RAMONE says:

            Unfortunately Bradley has had a lot of bad moments. Lots of sloppy touches, pass receptions, passes directly to the other team.

            I will forgive the missed sitter against Portugal … that happens. It is much more worrisome that he is making so many mistakes in giving away possession in deep central midfield.

          • Jesse says:

            really. That was an odd criticism especially as you didn’t provide any facts. Key moments are all there are in a soccer game. Bradley had a few careless moments when he broke down the attack or created an opportunity for the opponent. He also had a couple of nice balls forward. His pass to Jermaine right over the top nearly created a one on one chance with Neuer.

          • skyman says:

            Look, its the World Cup

            Again, it’s the World Cup.

            Are you telling me MB has brought his “A” game?

            If so I have higher expectations of him than you do

          • skyman says:

            “So if the facts don’t fit your opinion, you choose to look at only those “moments” that support your opinion and ignore the rest!”

            Huh? Here’s three facts (and BTW, I think MB is a fantastic player, just not playing as well as he can or should, it being the WC):

            1. Missed sitter against Portugal. Watch the play from the tactical cam, he hits it in the middle of the goal. This works sometimes, not at the highest level with GKs like Howard, Neuer, etc.
            2. He gave the ball away on the last play of the Portugal game that led to the game tying goal. See the GIF, he has time, and there’s no excuse for anyone at the top level for losing the ball in that situation. Just ask yourself if Ozil, Alonso, Hazard, Del Pierro, Pirlo, or any other top leagers would have done the same.
            3. In the Germany game, JJ played a ball to MB at the top of the box, to his feet, with time to strike the ball. MB misplayed it, lost the ball, and allowed another counterattack while losing a very nice buildup for the US.

            That’s enough for me. . .Remember, we’re not talking about Bedoya, this is Captain America, he is better than this.

            • tom johnson says:

              you mean that play where the commentator alllll say he defender magnificiently saved them on he goal line? you hear many magnificients casually thrown around?

            • Mason says:

              Hitting at the middle of the goal usually works when the GK isn’t home, and Beto wasn’t. It took a really good save by an outfield player to keep that one out.

        • chris says:

          The same thing could easily be said of Jones and Dempsey. They played great but when it came down to it Jones stopped running we he was clear on the sideline and Dempsey should have taken the shot instead of deferring to Bedoya. It happens

    • Dennis says:

      @H-Town, That is just about the silliest thing said here, except by those attempting sarcasm.

      Oh! Wait! Where you?

      • H-Town says:

        Love Bradley, but he is a liability in the attack. Who else on this squad other than Cameron has any experience playing in the middle? No one…

        • slowleftarm says:

          Sounds like a good reason to continue with Bradley. I don’t agree with benching you core players due to a couple of subpar performances anyway but certainly not when the other options are pretty much non-existent.

          • H-Town says:

            So, you disagree with Cameron getting benched for Gonzalez?

            • Fair Observer says:

              the switch at CB was for fresh legs as much as it was to “punish” cameron; this is possible because there are viable, solid options. with Bradley, the only option is Mix, who is a 65′ sub to provide creativity type of player rather than a starter (for now, i think as he really starts to gain chemistry with the team he will become a more important player).

        • sregis says:

          not apologizing for his sub-par performances, but he did create 3 or 4 long chips that represented most of the attack today.

        • ben in el cajon says:

          You have noticed that Bradley is really a defensive midfielder, and not doing very well in attack. Okay. But you want to replace a defensive midfielder with a more defensive midfielder/defender to bolster the attack?

          You are a fine human worthy of respect. Your suggestion is stupid.

        • The Imperative Voice says:

          Seriously? Mixx. If the focus is attack, there are plenty of attack minded mids far more adept than Cameron.

        • GW says:

          H Town,

          At this stage in the tournament panic moves are usually a bad idea.
          Which is what dropping Mikey for Geoff would be
          These three games represent the toughest three games JK’s unit has faced. And they have passed the test by moving on to the next round.
          Replace Mikey with Geoff and you know what Belgium (most likely opponent) will do?
          They can attack Jones and keep him from continuing his all-tournament play because now they don’t have to worry so much about Cameron’s offensive abilities like they would about Mikey.
          Sure Mikey isn’t as sharp as most expect but that is because these three games are much tougher than anything the US has faced before. And Mikey is still a threat because he will eventually hit one of these chances he has been blowing.
          And the other thing is Mikey is not as used to this level of competition as Jones, who has played in more high pressure games in the Champion’s league a Champion’s league level player.
          JJ has been inspirational but that is also due to Beckerman and Bradley freeing him up to shine.
          Geoff is a nice player but if you influence JK to drop Mikey for Cameron the Belgium manager will invite you to their victory party.

      • Scott says:


    • Paul says:

      The thing I noticed today is Bradley’s usual solid first touch is gone as well. There’s something wrong here.

      • Skyman says:


        He’s simply not as focused as we are used to, still the best option for us but not the million dollar man we once thought. He may be having problems with the pressure. Fortunately Jones and Beckerhead have made up for what his usual top shelf play.

    • Clover362 says:

      No Bradley had a rough game against Ghana, a decent game against Portugal, and today was solid but no one overly impressed for the US today. Bradley is one of our better players but is struggling in the more advanced role because he is going up against world class defensive midfielders when he plays further up the pitch. In a more reserve position he gets to gather himself and only has to fight off forwards and attacking midfielders. This is where you see Bradley do a great job of being poised on the ball and helping to break pressure and start the US forward. Bradley has never been an attacking midfielder for club or country until very recently. His best position is as a 6 but he is also a very good box to box midfielder.

      Finally, A lot of the reason Jones is being such a monster in the US games are opposing defenses are collapsing and pressing Bradley which is opening up space for Jones which he is stepping into beautifully.

      • crcounts says:

        well said. the subtlety and extra attention of the role change for Bradley is what is giving him problems

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      If a team plays more direct soccer I don’t trust Gonzo up the middle dealing with combo play. I trust Gonzo with them working the ball to the wings and lumping it high across.

      Cameron for Bradley? I thought he was a sloppy, run straight up the field CM for the Dynamo at MLS level. No way that works in a frenetic international game which demands 1 or 2 touch. I am worried Bradley is playing poorly but I’d go with a specialist option, not the jack of all trades master of none.

  7. That_Guy says:

    Besler, sack up!!

  8. Benjamin C. says:

    The temptation has to at least be there to start Yedlin-Johnson on the right side against (most likely) Belgium on Tuesday.

    • buttian warlord says:

      I love Yedlin’s fearlessness but i think his impact is more felt off the bench, blowing peoples doors off in the 70th minute. Still I’d like JK to use his subs a little earlier.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        I would be leery of rolling the dice on Yedlin for 90. I think the current setup covers RB best, bring Yedlin on late and push FJ for winners. Now, whether the RW could be covered better, more interesting question. But I wouldn’t risk the game on Yedlin.

  9. DanO says:

    Klinsi’s golden horseshoe continues… Brooks in game 1. Yedlin in game 2. Omar today. Maybe he really does know what he’s doing…

    • Mason says:

      After a certain amount of repetition, luck becomes skill.

    • Jesse says:

      There are counter examples to each of yours – Davis this game, Omar last game, Johannson in the first. Sometimes his changes have worked, sometimes they haven’t.

      • Mason says:

        Omar was fine vs POR. Cameron laid the eggs.

        • Clover362 says:

          Except Omar had no reason to be that high up and he ball watched when the US was tracking back.

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            Amen. His whole purpose is to be back for something like what happened.

          • foooo says:

            Omar is on the record saying he was instructed to play higher up in more of a dmid position at the end of the Portugal match.

          • crcounts says:

            Disagree he was inserted at a CDM not as a CB. I know the annoucers said CB but his positioning when he came in the game was CDM

        • White Kix says:

          The problem was the change in formation when Omar came in. We lost our left midfielder, which put Ronaldo 1v1 against Beasley, DMB had to give up the cross so not to get beat and let CR in on goal. Then, our center mids (We had four at the time, according to Jesse marsch, and how it looked in the game, Omar was told to play in front of the back line) all ran out to help cover for Beasley, and non of them tracked the runners in the middle. If we would have not changed our formation, we could have pressured CR on the cross to prevent it, and had better assignments and tracking of the runners into the box. That goal was on Klinsmann as much as any of the players (Yes, there were player mistakes as well). Klinsmann has got some things right this tournament, but he has also gotten some wrong. Hopefully the right things continue and he learns from the mistakes.

          • Dave80 says:


            And that the unusual intended shape did not happen for most of the final minutes after he came in, like the D didn’t know where OG was supposed to be and where they were supposed to be relative to him.

            Omar did not touch the ball after coming in.

          • Nate says:

            Cameron was not covering for Beasley. He lost sight of the most dangerous pass recipient who cut in front of him to score far psot u9

      • Byrdman says:

        I would counter your counters by saying: 1) Davis was only playing because Bedoya was not up to 90 and to have any success next game, he had to be rested. Davis did nothing good, but he did not hurt us. It was a lesser of two evils, if you consider moving through was a likely outcome.

        2) Omar did not allow that last goal against Portugal. Should he have been in the box, yeah, but Zusi would not have been there. That was Cameron/FJ’s mark, and Bradley probably should not have allowed the turnover. But maybe Omar Zusi would have been out there to pressure Ronaldo. I can see your point, but don’t really agree.

        3) Johannson game one??? What else could he have done at that moment? Move Dempsey up and bring someone cold into the middle of the park where Ghana was pressing ultra aggressively. Wondo’s forté is not hold up play, so to me Johannson was “let’s see if he can rise to the occasion.” He didn’t, but it wasn’t a horrible move. His hands were tied. If you want to say the problem was having Wondo on the roster instead of Boyd, well then I can agree with that.

        Anyway, good discussion.

  10. Colin in MT says:

    Can we all just enjoy that we got through the group of death for a minute?

    • Benjamin C. says:

      The achievement is truly amazing if you step back and just look at it. Took Ghana’s best punch and still found a way to win. Outplayed Portugal for long stretches and were unlucky to not win. Crazy travel and overall schedule for the group stage. And had to deal with insane conditions in the last two matches. I am very proud of this team, players and coaching staff alike.

      • MLSsnob says:

        Here, here!

      • RAMONE says:

        Drawing a game we should have won, followed by a fairly slow / lifeless loss takes some of the joy out of it.

        But yes, we should be enjoying the accomplishment. 6 months ago I thought we were cooked. 1 month ago I thought we had a chance.

        Really, thank you Germany for beating the living snot out of Portugal. Had the Germans only won 1-0 against them we would be dead even with Portugal (1-1-1, 4 points, GD0, 4 goals scored, 4 conceded) and be drawing lots right now to see who went on.

        • BumpBailey says:

          Might want to check your math…. Portugal GD -3 not 0. They did have 4 goals for but, they gave up 7…

          • BumpBailey says:

            guess i missed your point… IF they didn;t get the snot kicked out of them….

            • RAMONE says:

              Yup … now you got it. If Portugal puts up a good game against Germany it would have changed the dynamic significantly.

              Had Portugal – Germany been (assuming the rest of the results had been the same)
              1:0 Germany — Result = US/Portugal drawing lots to see who goes on. Any result that saw Portugal score a goal and only lose by 1 goal would have seen Portugal through.

              A lot happened in the games we didn’t even play in that helped us to get through, the biggest of which was Germany 4 – Portugal 0.

        • Ben says:

          Well alternatively, IF Bradley doesn’t make that mistake and IF Ronaldo does;t put in an inch perfect cross, we were already through. I love the IF game because anything you say is correct!

          • RAMONE says:


            Just once I want to see us punch our own ticket when in control rather than rely on goal difference.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        They do need a different game plan against Belgium that is at least sometimes more possessive and punchy. We didn’t need to beat Germany to advance. So the game plan could be more passive. But from now on out we need Ws, as JK even acknowledged in the postgame.

      • MikeP. says:

        Hell yeah!We played an amazing group stage.Without Jozy nonetheless.I think part of Bradley’s problem has been no Jozy.He takes some of the pressure off of Michael.We went through as a team though!I love this team and I’m so proud to be a U.S. Soccer fan right now.I’ve been watching since 1990 and we’ve come very far since then.Look at our fan support now!These are different times for us!

    • Cliff Poncier says:

      Bigger than nailing it at the Catalina Wine mixer! Pow!!

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      Yeah, what’s this “Believe” crud. I want a skull and crossbones “I survived El Grupo de Muerte” shirt.

    • GW says:

      No. JK must pay for not bringing Donovan.

  11. KrankyKoot says:

    Bradley should not start next game. Zusi or anyone else needs the start in the middle. Yedlin can start on right with Bedoya on left. Bradley needs a wake up call and might contribute as a sub.

    • slowleftarm says:

      You need a wakeup call – Bradley is playing every game in this competition unless he gets hurt.

      • Benjamin C. says:

        I guess people have a right to say what they want, but I am with you. There is more chance of me being brought in as an emergency replacement than there is for Bradley to sit if he is eligible to play. There is no real point in arguing the matter. He has not had the best Cup so far, I grant you, but he could bring his best against Belgium. I just don’t know at this point.

        • Clover362 says:

          Bradley hasn’t had his best cup but other than the Ghana game he has been fine just not up to his usual standards. Also there is a reason Bradley never plays the attacking midfield role for club or country until very recently. His best attributes are poise on the ball, work rate, and very good passing/vision when given time. This is why he is a world class holding midfielder and a medicore attacking midfielder because you never get time in the attacking 3rd and your work rate nets you a lot less because you are always outnumbered. Also it should be noted he has played 3 games against really good defensive midfielders (and in portugal was a big reason why the US bossed large portions of the game).

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        The leash will become shorter and at a certain point of repeated poor performance he gets yanked.

    • blokhin says:

      a ridiculous, emotionally dirven comment-he’s getting better every game this tournament and if anyone deserves to be stapled to the bench-it’s the wingers who cannot put in a decent cross, like Zusi, Bedoya and the invisible man, Davis…

      • Tom says:

        Tough to criticize them, honestly. If Bradley had played to his standard we’d have more respect for our wingers. But still: good enough to advance. And I agree, Bradley has been better every game. Still, I wonder if he isn’t hurt. He doesn’t have either the touch or the pep he usually has.

        I do not believe that has ANYTHING to do with his move to MLS… which is why I posit a nagging injury 😉

        • chris says:

          What standard though? Have you ever seen Bradley play an advanced role with the US before? No because its never happened

      • Donovan'sGhost says:

        yeah, and the old, slow, inaccurate corner/free kicker, unmotivated Donovan would not be an asset at this stage of the tourney. Thankfully we have Wondolowski, Davis, and Green in his stead.

      • KrankyKoot says:

        Emotion has noting to go with it. Instead of contributing he is giving the ball up and is one step behind in most of the play. He frankly seems lost out there. If were anyone else you guys would be all over them.

        • GW says:

          Mikey will continue to play for the same reason he played every game for his nepotistic dad, there is no credible sub for him.

          That and the fact that the team is doing well and he has more than a little to do with that.

      • Helium-3 says:

        Davis is a highly specialized player who provides crosses. Everyone who follows MLS and USMNT should know this. He was useless because we could not get the ball to him.

        • empty space says:

          “Couldn’t get the ball to him” for a midfielder means he isn’t finding space for himself. Yes there was poor passing from almost everyone, which would break up any initial positive touch. But Davis’ free kick ability requires that we earn a free kick, which we didn’t in the German half. And his crossing ability requires that we have more than 1 person in the box… Which we usually don’t unless we have a minute to come forward.

        • Byrdman says:

          Germany knew that Davis’ only play was a cross, so they never allowed him to get the ball with an opportunity to cross. He did not make space for himself, because he can’t. I don’t have a problem with Donovan being left home(mostly because I think his sabbatical sent a bad message to the team-crucify me if you must) but I don’t really see why Davis is here. Out of his depth.

    • Dennis says:

      @KrankyKoot Bradley has more completed passes than any other US player and is close to being the leader in pass completion %. He covers more ground getting open to help teammates and wins more tackles than he loses. What are you smoking,

      • H-Town says:

        Prove it. Let’s see the link for stats this world cup.

        • sregis says:

          through the last game, MB was #2 in the entire world cup re mileage. just sayin

          • The Imperative Voice says:

            So what? He looks like his best miles were back a couple games ago. Jones was the two way star and Bradley was giving it away. If it’s a gas issue JK needs to get his man refreshed.

            • sregis says:

              Well sure, everybody is gassed. But half a Bradley is still better than the alternatives. Could be that his exhaustion is carrying over to his confidence on the field.

        • Tom says:

          Look it up yourself, H-bag. Many sites carry the info.

      • Scott1 says:

        He has more plass completions because of his role he plays, many small taps to defenders and back again. I’d avoid using passing stats and don’t think much of them.

  12. Bac says:

    1. We’re through
    2. Jermaine didn’t get another card
    3. We may get Jozy back now
    4. We’re through

    And, by the way… we’re through…

    • NolaJ says:

      5. Cameron got a day off to rest up and Gonzo has confidence.
      6. Zusi and Bedoya both got significant time off.
      7. We are through.
      8. We are through.
      9. Nobody got hurt or red carded.
      10. We are through to the round of sixteen!

    • buttian warlord says:

      11. we are through
      12. ding dong the ghanian witch doctor is dead
      13. we get to attack again next game
      14. yedlin is a young break out player
      15. we are through

    • Tony Meola says:

      I still think Jozy is done for the tournament. I had a pretty mild hamstring pull in college and it took a couple months the get better. The way he pulled up looked bad.

      • The Imperative Voice says:

        The way he pulled up is a 1-2 month injury from suffering it myself. People will say fewer weeks but then the player “surprisingly” goes back down with a repull. Broken record: don’t waste the sub. He’s not been so productive on this stage to merit the risk.

      • céu says:

        You Americans still have a lot to learn about football. When a player is running and puts his hand on the back of the thigh ….. it was! Romario had this problem, at least 2 months to get back to playing. Sorry, Altidddore not play more this Cup. Sorry.

        • Bac says:

          You Americans have a lot to learn about football…
          Do hamstring injuries only happen in football?
          Are hamstring injuries that happen in football different than hamstring injuries in other sports?
          Please enlighten us…

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I for one am glad that we don’t approach our personnel management at this sort of populist, Balotelli CYA approach. if he’s on the team trust in him.

  13. Tom says:

    Bradley was better but still off. Did someone piss in his cornflakes?

  14. blokhin says:

    1-1-1, through on goal differential-the American special…

  15. David M says:

    Thanks god, we have all those players who are ahead of Donovan right now. Davis, Green — where would the team be without them??

    • buttian warlord says:

      While I agree with you, I still wish you’d give it a rest.

    • Rowsdower says:

      We advance and you (and others) still can’t give it a rest. This just speaks of personal bitter resentment.

      • Donovan'sGhost says:

        no its just about fielding the best team possible for a deep run into the cup. We can beat Belgium and many feel would have a better shot with Donovan on the team. GO US!

        • buttian warlord says:

          how long are you going to hold onto this?

          • Jesse says:

            The answer to your question assuming it was serious, is there will be calls for Donovan as long as his replacements look bad. Green not even on the field, Davis might as well not have been, and Wondo did what exactly? I think he beat a guy down the sideline only to give the ball up and start a Portugal counter 5 seconds later.

            • Buttian_Warlord says:

              All valid points but are you going to continue saying it after every game? Repeating yourself over and over doesn’t make it more or less true. It really just take away from the discussion.

            • Byrdman says:

              Green is in Brazil, because he is wearing a US jersey. It was recruitment. To me it is that simple. OK. I’m fine with it. What no one is taking into account is the hard feelings that may have developed if a LD was with the team. He came in out of shape, out of form, and for most of the cycle out of the team BY HIS OWN CHOOSING. I don’t know because I don’t spend time in the locker room (hint neither does anyone here) but maybe there were some entitlement issues. All I know if JK has come up smelling like roses.

              • Jesse says:

                LD is guilty of a lot and I’m frankly tired of talking about him.
                Not sure how out of shape he truly was, that is all conjecture. He was with the team in qualifying at the end. He scored against Mexico in the game that sent us to the World Cup. Certainly he contributed more in qualifying than any of the people we complain about taking his spot.

            • slyboy says:

              Uhm, if you are going to knock wondo… he beat a guy down the sideline, ran it to the corner wasted time, exactly what he was supposed too

              • Jesse says:

                For Wondo not exactly something to write home about, as he turned the ball over the other time he had it. 50% ball control isn’t great. IMHO Donovan is best suited to play the Bradley role. Bradley is better suited to be playing the Jones or Beckerman role. It would be nice to have that option. Right now, no matter how poorly Bradley is playing, we really don’t have a backup good enough to fill in for him. We have to keep him up top and out of his comfort zone.

    • Helium-3 says:

      If Donovan is such a world beater and influential player, why can’t he event help his team
      get past 2nd division Carolina Railhawks in the US Open Cup?!? Yes, LAG played with their full team.

      Landy Cakes is simply not that good (anymore). Beat teams like Puerto Rico Islanders, Alajuelense, etc, consistently before claiming you are worthy of a national team spot.

      • Brashwinder says:

        Maybe because his team is crap right now with such stars as Robbie Rogers as a LB and the amazing ZARDES.

        Face it Donovan would have provided more depth instead of brad Davis or Julian green.

        Whatever, what’s done is done and we’re onto the knockout stage!

      • Jesse says:

        That note is so dumb it is hard to respond to. Did you just say Donovan has to prove he is good by beating a few low class teams? You’ve seen Donovan’s resume right? He is more accomplished than any American on the team. You can look at each of the American’s who did make the team and say “prove against X” first. Start with Julian Green.

        • Helium-3 says:

          What does Donovan’s resume have to do with him helping his team beat the likes of Carolina Railhawks?

          He still has to perform as a professional whether he’s playing against the Railhawks or PSA Elite (put top amateur club here). It means he has to bring his ‘A’ game each time he plays and he just can’t mail it in when he feels like it as evident throughout his career.

          So he gets a pass because he has accomplishments on his resume from 2002? I guess all MLS players should let him run past them now that they went through his playing resume.

          • Jesse says:

            I just don’t think you understand LD. He needs exterior motivation. He is one of those players that needs a reason to turn it on. He isn’t driven to be the best just because, which is different the Jordan, but other than that, they are very similar.
            Jordan was at his best in the biggest moments. When the moments weren’t big he needed to feel slighted to be at his best.
            Donovan has a very similar personality. He needs a chip on his shoulder to play his heart out.
            The thing is, he can and does show up when the moment calls for it. That is part of the Jordan mentality that works for him.
            BTW, they also both walked away from teams that needed them.
            A lot of people don’t like these diva’s personalities, but they sure do make your team better as they come through in the clutch.

            • Helium-3 says:

              Exactly, even a Donovan apologist admits to his lack of ambition.

              • Jesse says:

                It is a knock on Donovan yes. It is a bigger knock on Jurgen. The talent is there to be unlocked with the right motivation and coaching.

        • GW says:

          If you want to play for a team the number one thing you have to do is prove to the manager that you are better for the team than the alternatives.

          For whatever reason LD was unable to do that. And that is really all there is to it.

    • Jo says:

      These people make me laugh. At first they said we’d never win a game without Donovan. Then after Ghana they said we’d never make it out of the group without Donovan. Now its we won’t win the World Cup without Donovan. GET OVER IT.

      • Jesse says:

        did you just say we are going to win the world cup? Impressive.

        • Jo says:

          I don’t think I said that. Do you think I said that?

          • frank from santiago says:

            Jo, …well you’re right the US won just one game actually, barely.

          • Jesse says:

            To summarize what you said:
            People keep saying we can’t do X or Y because we don’t have Donovan. Now they say we can’t win the world cup….

            Sounds like a pump up speech in pregame. “Us against the World. We can do this!” How else should I read that?

    • Sandtrout says:

      This game showed again how the team would have been better WITH Donovan. Klinsmann deserves to have this critique shoved down his throat every time it matters in the game. And today it mattered.

      • Mason says:

        When you go “shoving it down his throat” after successes, it just makes you look bitter.

  16. bryan says:

    Bradley not bad until the final 3rd. but other teams clearly all over him. Jones still being a beast. Zusi and Davis will poor games. Davis, for me, was utter useless. am i being too harsh?

    either way, 1-0 against Germany ain’t awful. time to re-group, rest, and get focused. at least it’s a short flight from camp to Salvador.

    • blokhin says:

      agree, agree, agree, agree, no you’re not

    • H-Town says:

      What are the wingers supposed to do when the central midfield couldn’t hit a barn door with a pass? All of our wingers would have been invisible the way we gave up possession in the middle.

      • bryan says:

        anything would be nice. Davis did nothing to provide an outlet and gave up possession himself. Zusi did more, but not enough. and his corners still subpar since the Brooks’ goal.

      • Jesse says:

        Hopefully have a little pace and creativity. That is what good wingers do. They find space and attack down the ‘wing’. Playing two crossers with no pace leaves us hemmed in.

  17. PSU says:

    It has been mostly overlooked, but Bradley just has not been the same since his ankle surgery. He looked bad in his MLS games leading up to the World Cup. I still think he has to start, but he needs to be better for the US to advance.

    • Increase0 says:

      Ya, he isn’t quite right. Supposedly it was a nerve injury. Maybe he is still feeling it.
      Last Fall Jones was carrying an injury and you could see it. Now its Bradley’s turn.

      • RAMONE says:

        He doesn’t seem to be able to feel the ball hit his feet …..

        • Increase0 says:

          Ya, he had a bad touch today at the top of the box. The ball just pinged off that left foot and kept on going. I really don’t think its a “form” issue.

          I think he picked that nerve injury up after a few games in the MLS. He was himself the 1st game Toronto played and the 2nd but not so much after that.

          • Dave80 says:

            I thought it looked like a wet grass skipping ball that got there just a little sooner while he was trying to lift his head to see the opportunities before him.

            Bradley had his motor on today. No complaints about that.

            I’m inclined to agree with those saying its is a combination of this new position and higher quality opponents.

            I think Belgium is eminently beatable by this USMNT.


  18. PN says:

    We have to do it the hard way. South Korea saved our skin in 2002, we waited until the last minute in 2010, and now we send a thank-you card to Portugal.
    For whatever faults Gonzalez may have, he redeemed himself very well today. Outside of a few errant passes (everyone had some of those), he made some stellar defensive plays.
    JK deserves a lot of credit for making the 2nd round. I questioned certain roster selections (Beckerman over Edu, Yedlin), but he made it work.
    Spain, England, Italy and Portugal are packing their bags. 3 of 4 from CONCAFAF are alive. Well done.

    • RAMONE says:

      The thank you card needs to go to Germany for beating Portugal 4-0. That was the difference that got us through. Sure, Portugal could have just packed it in and let a depleted Ghana team blow them out too.

      Interesting how two games we didn’t even play in (Germany – Portugal and Ghana – Portugal) had a bigger effect on our fate than our own game today.

      • Jo says:

        Not that interesting. The two biggest games that had en effect on our advancement were Ghana and Portugal. A win and a draw.

        • RAMONE says:

          Obviously – yes.

          But you don’t advance on 1-1-1 without help.

          • sregis says:


          • Increase0 says:

            The problem is that the same could be said for the rest of our Group. We just gave up the least goals in the end.

            • RAMONE says:

              True, but the Germany 4 – Portugal 0 was the game that blew the GD issue wide open for us and allowed us to play a slow defensive game today … trying not to lose by crooked numbers.

              Again, I take nothing from the accomplishment of beating Ghana and drawing (should have won) Portugal and playing a close game with Germany. We should be proud of that (and we can all see that we STILL have a lot of room for improvement), but the truth is if a couple of things go differently in games we didn’t play in 1-1-1, 4 GF, 4 GA is usually playing with fire. Thank you Germany for blowing one of our opponents out of the water so this very average result was good enough.

              • Increase0 says:

                The game order in a group is always key. The stats on those who go on after winning their first group game are nuts. I can’t remember what it is but its well over the 50%.

                In some ways, I think us and Portugal both going out on 4 goes to show that it was proper “a group of death.” At times we looked like the weakest team. At others we looked better than Portugal.(Somewhat depleted)

            • foooo says:

              I believe it’s 84% of teams since 1998 that won their first match made it to the second round. Only 9% of teams that lost their first match made it out of the group.

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      As a defender, you don’t redeem yourself with One Game. Defensive trust is a multigame process. No one expects Besler to get beat because we go games without it happening. One Game is not that level of trust.

  19. Roy9 says:

    Thanks JK and USA!

  20. chris says:

    Wow almost had a heart attack. JK please, how can you start Brad Davis in your biggest game yet? He was absolutely outclassed. A liability on defense (the German attack literally attacked his side all game) and looked completely lost on offense. I mean you seriously believe Beasley and Davis on the same side is not going to be exploited? You are stressing me out with this sh!t. Adding another CB f*cked us last game please stop this sh!t against Belgium

    • EspinDOHla says:

      When it was 1-1 in the other game, I thought I was about to have a freakin heart attack as well!!!!!

      • Raymon says:

        At that point, GHA could have eliminated us. Again!

        • RAMONE says:

          Instead they scored an own goal to see us through.

          Thanks Ghana!
          Thank you even more Germany for the 4-0 win against Portugal to give us the big GD cushion!
          Thanks Portugal for not playing the scrubs given there was almost no chance in you guys moving on.

          We owe a lot of thanks to what the rest of the group did to each other. That isn’t to downplay the accomplishment of surviving the group of death (realistically we should have beaten Portugal and been through days ago), but when we needed luck with things we couldn’t control, we got it.

        • EspinDOHla says:

          Exactly. I had my score scenario print out sheet and my eyes were darting from my TV, computer, to the sheet and my heart was freakin pounding!

          After beating Ghana and then seeing them go through, that would have been painful!!!

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      I thought it was a poor decision myself. I never imagined Davis at this level as anything but I need a deadball specialist late chasing a result. But as a full game wing the Dynamo have to cover for him a lot.

  21. Vic says:

    Someone posted a stat once that 33 percent of Usmnt team games Bradley plays in he has a turnover that leads to a goal. Not sure if thats true but so far he’s had one against Portugal and one against Germany.

    • Kmac014 says:

      One against Germany? Off a corner kick that Davis headed out

    • KrankyKoot says:

      But Dennis says he has the best stats of anyone on the team! Guess he missed that one.

    • Dennis says:

      Probably because he is involved in most of the US plays so those looking for him to make an error have lots of chances. When Bradley makes an error, unfortunately, he has no teammate covering for him with the effectiveness he covers for them. Seriously, if you think that losing the ball at midfield to 3 Portugese defenders is a serious blunder, you have to ask where was his support as well? Today, it was scarcely the direct result of his turnover, you have to bee looking to fault him to see it that way. Also, FWIW, he is the leader in the statistics of completed passes by USMNT players in the 2014WC and close to the leader in pass completion %.

      If you watch the games, you will see that Bradley is almost always available for his teammates to relieve pressure, but that there is no one who helps him consistently in the same way. Although, Beckerman comes closest in that regard.

      • Tom says:

        Dennis, you’re so right, again and again.

        • Dave80 says:

          Yup. I spent a good bit of my time in adult league play as a center mid in 4-3-3 or similar, and I found this also to be true for me, that when I gave up a poor touch or pass it always created a dangerous situation in counterattack where I couldn’t help out much no matter how fast I tracked back. Even though I was player-coach level in those days so often the breakdown that turned a game the wrong way started with a miscue in the middle. Feel for MB on that last sequence in the Portugal game.

      • Byrdman says:

        I love MB. He is not playing up to his standards, but he is out of position. That being said, I watched him defending his man with the ball about 8 yards from the box in the first half. His man passed centrally and broke for the box looking for a 1-2. Bradley turned his head and watched as Sweinsteiger (I think) continue on but the pass back went past him into touch. Bradley has had this habit in the past. But it was way back in his Dad’s tenure. My point is this, He lacks confidence and focus right now. He knows his game is off so many of his touches are too firm because it appears he is tense. All of that seems to distract from his normal very solid thinking of the game. He will come out of it, I just hope it’s next game and not next month. Again all of this is simply one guy’s opinion, and could all be a load of crap.

        BTW – We are thru to the round of 16!!

    • Raymon says:

      Because everything goes through him. Correlation does not equal causation. In the POR game, he lost the ball in the POR half of the circle, and there were 6 or 7 good guys behind the ball! Agreed though that he is not playing at his best. I predict he’ll be a hero by the time we are done in this tournament. It’s a marathon now.

    • away goals says:

      USMNT goalkeepers have failed to stop 100% of the goals we’ve conceded. Isn’t it time we tried a non-goalkeeper in goal?

  22. Raymon says:

    Now we know why Belgium blamed the “traffic” – neither side wanted a scrimmage with the possibility of meeting in the sweet 16. No reason why Belgium arent tops in their group today.

  23. Alex H says:

    So now that we have gone through and England, Italy and Spain have not can we expect a crush of Europeans angling for work permits to play in the states :) Immigration being such a touchy issue these days I wonder if we are prepared for the influx???

    • Brain Guy says:

      Yah, when they become big football nations they’ll know how to deal with tournament pressure. ; )

  24. cabrito says:

    Although having to Belgium (most likely) will be difficult, getting the extra day off will help us more than any other team.

    • sregis says:

      I don’t see beating Belgium a bigger task than any team from our group.

      • Jesse says:

        They have more talent defensively than Ghana. Pretty comparable to Portugal in many respects. Not as good as Germany. They are in no way a cupcake. I’m always nervous to play against Feillini. When he is on, he is bulldozer through the middle of the field. They have pace on the wings and a solid CB pairing. I hope Tuesday finds our team rested and up for a fight.

        • Tom says:

          Also a true Hazard in the attack.

        • Tommy B. says:

          And currently the best keeper in the world.

        • empty space says:

          They are better than Portugal. Many options going forward, rather than just one. And also a healthy back 4… although they don’t attack much with their fullbacks since they are mainly repurposed center backs. With 10 men tonight they held off a fast and motivated Korean side, and scored a late winner. And in the end the Belgian 10 didn’t look winded. But if I can predict how JK will prepare then look at the Belgian-Russian match… actually don’t look at it, because it was ugly. I hope we don’t play that ugly.

          • Jesse says:

            Maybe, but not significantly if they are. Contreo is better than any fullback Belgium has. Ronaldo is better than Hazard and Nani is as good as Miralles. Lukaku isn’t in form right now. Pepe to Vertonghen, both good CB’s. Mountinho and Miereles V Feilini and Witsel, different style players but all of a good pedigree. Goalie is a major difference. I stand by my “comparable” definition.

  25. Roy9 says:

    To everyone bashing JK and his player selections: we are through. It worked. He’s dealing like all coaches with a limited roster. He knows things about his players that we don’t. If we had eyes and ears in the locker room his choices (like Davis today) might make perfect sense, but we don’t. At some point I think JK has earned a little trust and benefit of the doubt.

    • buttian warlord says:

      I’m sick of all the whining about JK’s roster selections on this site, but too be fair the limitations of the squad right now and in fact JK’s fault.

    • Dennis says:

      Like I said back in May, JK’s roster decisions would either prove good or not and after the WC he would be judged on the results.

      Since so many thought the US would exit the group with out a point and without scoring a goal, you can only admit that JK’s vision worked.

      Of course, in fairness, it is unknowable how making some other choices would have changed the outcomes, but surpassing expectations would suggest that other choices would not have worked out as well.

    • Donovan'sGhost says:

      Well said, back to the booth.

    • RAMONE says:

      My only complaint is that there was no back up plan for Jozy. Dempsey obviously isn’t a natural forward in a 4-5-1 (maybe a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 where he has some help). Johansen isn’t going to work there either, nor is Wondo. Sure, he couldn’t have predicted an injury … but you have to have a better backup plan than your whole attack goes into turmoil if one guy goes down.

      Davis was to rest Bedoya. Didn’t work well, but there was good reason.

      I assume Gonzales was to send a message to Cameron after several mistakes last game (and that worked mostly).

      Klinsmann’s desire to bring along young guys who he had no intention of playing over players who might actually help win games if certain situations arose is my only complaint.

      • GW says:

        “My only complaint is that there was no back up plan for Jozy.”

        There was a backup plan. The US scored 4 goals in three games and went 1-1-1. They advanced out of the group.

        No other American is as good as Jozy at doing what he does. So when he goes down you change things around a bit.

        • RAMONE says:

          Our back up plan was to score goals? Deep thinking.

          Our back up plan was to go 1-1-1? I suspect somewhere about 90 minutes in on Sunday we would have thought 1-1-1 a disappointment.

          With our without Jozy our plan was to advance out of the group so I don’t see how that logic works either.

          We had/have no adequate back up plan at striker. Clint isn’t a natural #9, particularly by himself. Johansen and Wondo were brought as situational subs, never to be starters. I would have much rather brought Eddie Johnson and Landon Donovan (and I am not a fanboy of either, believe me) than Julian Green or Brad Davis or maybe even Mix Diskerud if the guy isn’t going to get a sniff of the pitch.

  26. BeardedSoccer says:

    Thank-you Pepe.

  27. dasdude says:

    I hear you Ives

  28. EspinDOHla says:

    Congrats all around!!!!

    Another solid performance despite the loss.

    Out of all the players on the squad, who do you think will be making moves after the tournament?

    I think several players have raised their stock:

    Johnson (although he already signed for Borussia ‘gladbach)
    Jones (I don’t know why no MLS teams has offered him any thing yet)
    Beckerman (although I don’t see him leaving RSL at this stage of his career)

    • Benjamin C. says:

      If Yedlin and Brooks continue to work hard at their craft, they both have very high ceilings; both have shown supreme composure in their short cameos, despite being so, so young. Very excited about both of them. It would not shock me to see Yedlin even start against Belgium.

      • EspinDOHla says:

        Yep. Definitely think Yedlin and Brooks have huge potential. (and probably Green but we’ve yet to see him)

        I just hope Yedlin doesn’t go to a new team and sit on the bench. Nonetheless, the future is bright for him, no doubt.

        • Clover362 says:

          It’s insane to me and evidence of anti-american bias that Yedlin doesn’t have more serious suitors n Europe. Yedlin had a really good u-20 world cup and has gotten first team minutes on one of the better MLS teams since graduating from their player academy. That combined with his obvious physical skills would normally make someone a really hot prospect.

  29. Raymon says:

    Please stop belittling this accomplishment. We did not go through “thanks to Ronaldo”.

    The USMNT won the first game against our WC rival, and we got a result against Por. We looked not half bad playing in the rain today, against a determined German side. We EARNED our ticket out.

    Group of death indeed – just not for us.

    Grab a caipirinha and rest up boys. Cant wait for Tuesday!

    • away goals says:

      Ronaldo’s goal wasn’t even the deciding goal, points-wise. The own goal is the only one we ended up needing. Ronaldo’s goal just gave us some (very welcome) breathing room.

  30. Dawnpatrol SC says:

    Sloppy wet mess of a game for the US. We held our own with one of the best (if not the best) teams in the world. We are not Germany. American soccer is rough and tumble. We lack the grace and skills that a team like Germany has, but we had our chances. I think if we can get Altidore back to bull his way around the goal, we might advance a few more games. Who knows. I’m just along for the ride. Go USA. Make us all eat crow! Bradley will be fine. Everyone is allowed 3 crap games in a row during the WC…right:)

  31. H-Town says:

    We had one less day of rest and traveled more than anyone. Everyone who played in Manaus except Portugal lost their next game. Well done USMNT! I believe we can beat Belgium!

    On a side note, we seem to be moving down the Brazilian coast; Natal, Recife, and now Salvador.

  32. chris says:

    Next game is Tuesday at 4pm ET. Grr. Running out of excuses to tell the boss!

  33. shorembo says:

    Some very odd pairings for the round of 16. One semifinal group features 4 of the 5 surviving south american teams. Also, Costa Rica and Mexico paired in the same semifinal group.

    It could possibly be an odd final 4.

    • Benjamin C. says:

      Or you could just as easily end up with Netherlands v. Argentina and Brazil v. Germany. Love the unpredictability of this Cup so far, though. It has been a fun ride.

  34. buttian warlord says:

    Does CR7 get USA’s man of the match?

    • Benjamin C. says:

      If his goal had tied it at 2-2, maybe. But he simply made our passage through academic. Too many brave performances from our guys to give anyone else credit. We earned our spot in the Round of 16, plain and simple; it was ultimately fair that Germany won the group and the United States advanced in second.

      • buttian warlord says:

        Sure, sure. I was joking mostly. i’m fine with jones getting MOM though Omar also played lights out.

        • Benjamin C. says:

          Jones is playing like this is his one and only shot at the World Cup, which it basically. He is giving everything he has for this team. I love that! Plus, he spent part of his childhood in Mississippi. We are all very proud of him here.

  35. BumpBailey says:

    All of these Bradley nay-sayers…. I just don’t understand the thinking.. He is one of the 3 best on our team. He hasn’t played spectacularly sure. But, look at the competition we’ve played. Germany ranked #2 Portugal Ranked #4 and Ghana probably still the best African team. All keying on him! They all know he is basically our best player so they give him all of their attention. Take him out and what else do we have left??? He has played good in each game. Sure he has turn-overs it comes with the territory when you have more touches on the ball thany everyone else escept maybe Jones and Beckerman- who by the way has been a total stud! Show me anyone in the cup playing a center mid type position that has completed 100% of his passes. Benching Bradley is about the stupidest idea i’ve heard on this board and there are a lot of uneducated and utterly stupid comment on here!

    • RAMONE says:

      Bradley won’t be benched. I think talk of that is silly (unless he is injured and can’t play which is totally different).

      That said, the Bradley can do no wrong man-crushers need to open their eyes. He has been way below his recent standard of play (Hex qualifying) and has been a liability at times. Anyone who has watched this team for the last year can see that with his bad passes, bad touches, frequent miscommunications. I would argue coming into the world cup that he was better than top 3 on the team and the expectations were such … most expected him to be the best player on the team (not 3rd best). I think most of the team (starters) is playing relatively better than Bradley right now … that said, because of the 23 we selected, we have no competent backup (just as we had none for Jozy).

      Yes, you leave him in because his upside is high … but you can’t deny that his play has been under what was expected and will be needed if the US has any chance in the round of 16.

      • BumpBailey says:

        You gotta ‘t deny that. He is getting more pressure put upon him than he has had previously. We haven’t been playing against Concacaf Foes, we have played two of the best teams in the world and got out of the group of death. Did you expect us to walk through this group with a smoke and cup of coffee? Again, when you touch the ball more than anyone else on the team your are going to give some away. He played a couple of dangerous through balls today that were just cleaned up by their, to use an old term, sweeper Manuel Neuer… maybe if it’s Jozy instead of Clint up top he gets to those. Made a couple of key tackles too! I for one am really happy with the Jones Bradley Beckerman trio and i don’t see it being broken up.

        • BumpBailey says:

          can’t deny that he is getting more pressure

        • RAMONE says:

          I wouldn’t dis CONCACAF foes too wildly. He looked better against teams making the WC round of 16 (Mexico and CR) as well as Honduras than he did against teams who are going home.

          Can we all just accept that he is off? He has looked really good against good teams in recent years in friendlies too (yes, sometimes quality is circumspect, but we have had some friendlies that have been quality). He is either buckling under the pressure or he has some undisclosed injury that isn’t enough to keep him out but is significantly affecting his play.

          Did I expect us to walk through this group? No. Did I expect Michael Bradley to look and play much better than he has? Yes.

    • That_Guy says:

      With Altidore coming back (knock on wood) we will probably move back to the 4-2-3-1 with Dempsey dropping into the role Bradley currently resides. What happens then? Do you take off our defensive anchor in beckermen? Do you rest our star player or force him out of position out wide (Jones)? Force Bradley out wide? Not start Altidore?

      If Altidore comes back, it may be the smartest idea to sit Bradley. Unless you want to trot out the unsuccessful Bradley-Jones tandem in the back or just rest Altidore.

      • Clover362 says:

        If altidore comes back I don’t know if he gets a start considering the team is playing well and he is coming off an injury. More likely you see Altidore as a sub for Beckerman if we are pressing and need a goal with the us switching to a 4-4-2.

      • Byrdman says:

        Could we see the lineup we saw against Nigeria & Ghana to start – 4-3-2-1 with Jozy, clint & Bradley, Bedoya Beckerman & Jones, etc..

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    Holy Cow, we did it, we did it. No other U.S team in history has ever done it. We got out of group and into the FINAL 16, to become the first ever second-in-a-row to do it. And we did it in the Group of Death!

    What a successful World Cup. The best U.S team ever, and Klinsmann is indeed a God.

  37. Roy9 says:

    It will be interesting to see what Klinnsman does next. Today was clearly a day for conservatism, but next match, maybe not so much…

    • Benjamin C. says:

      My bold prediction for a roll of the dice would be starting Yedlin on the right wing in front of Johnson.

  38. Robert Lee says:

    Bradley has not done well these games but he’s improving and he’s way better than any other option we have – other teams are keying on him and that has helped Jones and Beckerman as they have more space/time. I think we should try having Jones more advanced and have Bradley sit back more. We’ll need much better flank/final 3rd play to get past Belgium.

  39. The Other Jeff says:

    I am reminded by much of the commentary here of a sign I saw on someone’s desk a long time ago: “Do a little more each day than anyone expects… and soon everyone will expect more.”

  40. Tom says:

    A number of people saying that MB90 is a DM. He is not: his natural position is B2B middie. His second best position is DM. His 3rd is AM.

  41. espada says:

    Well, time to scope out the Group H competition now.

  42. Clover362 says:

    a few other interesting observations I want to make. First Badoya is getting a fair amount of hate from people which i don’t get. Sure bedoya has not been great going forward but that is not really his purpose on this team. His purpose on this team is to use his speed and work rate to keep opposing backs and midfielders honest so we are not in constant 2-v-1 situations on the wing and 2) to cover for when out backs fly up the field. Badoya never has been great going forward (he isn’t for his club either) but he has decent touch, good vision, athleticism and will run through a wall for you. He is doing a lot of dirty work for the US which is allowing our backs to have good cups so far.

    Finally, Zusi is experiencing an almost opposite effect to MB. Zusi has been pretty poor in the games, though he is working hard on defense which deserves credit, but he has not linked up well and his touch has been loose but he has had 2 moments that produce something positive for the US and everyone thinks he is great. The only thing he did against Portugal was make an easy cross to dempsey and the only thing he did against Ghana was deliver one good corner. Today he did nothing at all except deliver an exceptionally bad effort on his corner.

  43. Alex H says:

    So how about putting Cameron in at RB pushing Fabian into the midfield and replacing the weakest link of Bedoya, Davis, Zusi?

    • Clover362 says:

      Fabian has been good as a RB, he got beat one time in the Ghana game and had some loose communication in the 94′ in Manaus don’t rock the boat as the back line has been playing pretty well.

  44. Raymon says:

    Clearly GER was going for the W from the first whistle. Assuming 5 gears, what gear do you think they were on, on average? Looks like a high 3rd / low 4th to me. Much more than “calling it in”, but not firing on all cylinders. Thoughts?

    • Ben says:

      Maybe not, but who can say they would have hit that fifth gear anyway? They didn’t against Ghana. They have three attacking subs this game, but we played well enough and get to go through, which is all that matters.

    • Dave80 says:

      Yes, the shots of the German coach having a fit when something went awry were telling. This was an all in game for the players he fielded. And Klose die wunderdog didn’t score on us did he? Despite his intensity.

      Great game.

      Now let’s hope our boys get effective rest so they can have an even higher intensity for Belgium. And put their shots on frame – make the goalie stop it, look what happened to us, Nigeria, et al.

  45. didoson says:

    Great job to the team effort throughout the group stages. I am very happy Jones has played so great, and of course some other players probably deserve some criticism, but all that matters is that the TEAM played well enough to get another game. GO USA!

  46. BeardedSoccer says:

    Every time Yedlin has come in he has immediately been part of a goal scoring chance. I dunno if he should start, but put him in earlier!

  47. Bac says:

    When all of the critics-who will never be satisfied- wake up tomorrow, maybe you’ll realize that:

    1. We made it through when nobody gave us a chance

    2. We did it in the following conditions:
    – Game 1 in a sauna on green concrete
    – Game 2 in the Amazon
    – Game 3 on a terrible pitch after 23 hours of rain
    – That we traveled more miles, played in the 3 worst conditions, in the shortest possible timeframe

    For Chrissakes if anyone would have said before the tourney this is where we’d end up after those 3 games, vs those 3 teams, in those conditions..
    100% of you woulda screamed “I’LL TAKE IT!” “I’LL TAKE IT!”

    Instead we’re benching Bradley, starting Yedlin & Cam in the midfield, ragging on Zusi and his 2 assists, still psychoanalyzing the 4 mistakes that led to the Portugal goal, obsessing on the roster selections, assuming we can train our team better than our coaching staff, and blah blah blah…


  48. Tru_Patriot says:

    I can’t believe you guys are ‘happy’/’satisfied’/’complacent’ with this result! Areyou freaking kidding me? it’s the worst game yet and makes it the worst groups stage for the US since France! I mean c’mon! ALL 3 GAMES we just played back with no offense whatsoever. Ghana was all over us and if it wasn’t for that early goal we would have been in some serious trouble. Even with the goal advantage, it was just pouring on us until a single play changed it in our favor.

    The Portugal game wasn’t “as bad” as there where at least a couple more instances in which we moved forward, but otherwise full of incomplete passes and a much more offensive Portugal midfield.

    But then today… I mean, I get that last minute goal with Portugal took away an early pass and group lead, but we had everything to make this game a statement and take the lead in the group. we knew we could risk it because a tie would have kept us in. But what doe we do? “same thing we always do Pinky”.. we fall back and let the rival take possession of the ball.. I’m so sad… So disgusted that as we were 0-1 and Ghana had tied the game and had a sudden burst of hope and energy, we did not react! What was JK thinking? One more goal from Ghana would have put us temporarily out and against a team that was already all over us, I don’t see how in that situation, we could have moved lines forward and even thought of tying the game with out Germany taking advantage of the spaces left behind. We literally played a 6-3-1 for like 60 minutes… How is everyone blind to this? How did people not throw the remote control at the TV when the game ended and JK is smiling like he just passed the group stage with 9 points!?!

    The worst part is inferior nations like Mex and CR 4th and 3rd in concacaf respectively, come in and play offensively and very well, one in a group with 3 previous WC champs and the other playing against the host nation?!! W-T-F?!?! We’re AMERICA for crying out loud!!! we don’t “settle” for a freaking pass with 4 points! Portugal had 4 points too and sadly… they played better than us.

    So think again forum… Actually… just THINK in the first place before typing your opinion. The last 3 games have been a disappointment. Just a display of a backed up team with a few good players doing the right thing at the right time… And now that we go to the knock out stage, where this ugly strategy will buy us maybe 50-70 minutes with out a goal against,only to wait for the other team to score, I hope you all remember JK’s grinning face knowing we came, with JK’s promises of fancy football and we leave with a well established reputation for not shining, for playing back and letting the opponent have freaking 68% of ball possession.

    Keep fooling yourselves into believing this was a “goog” result… So long for a dangerous USMNT…

    • Ben says:

      Let me be the first, hopefully, to say, you’re a complete and utter clown. We were in possibly the most difficult group, dealt with two silly injuries the first game when we were looking dangerous, then did get rattled but held on. Second game, we outplayed Portugal and tied, but c’est la vie. Third game, we play arguably the most talented team in the tournament, and while they did have the better of the game, we had several chances going forward and we weren’t carved open by any stretch. Go troll somewhere else you loser.

      • Tru_Patriot says:

        Oh.. you’re right.. I forgot that’s how you win tournaments… with excuses and self pity… I’m not trollin’… I’m just tired of reading people excusing the team only because they made it through. OBVIOUSLY it was a hard group… I’m not saying it was easy or that the we should have won every game easily… What I’m trying to make you understand, is that we’ve had no real display of power over our opponents and that today, after the clunky way to this game, we had the chance to prove ourselves and take 1st, we had the opportunity to shut everyone’s mouth and come out 1st place out of the group of death! And we didn’t take that chance! We drew back… and the worst part we need to acknowledge, is that for a brief period of time, we ran the risk of being left out, and instead of holding our n*ts and die trying to at least tie the game to avoid any chance of letting Ghana score and take 2nd, we did nothing… it was like if JK was just hoping Portugal and Ghana tie or Portugal win. And why do I have to settle for “thanks to Ronaldo” or “because of Ronaldo” and not “thanks to our boys” or “because of the hunger for triumph of our coach”…

        • Ben says:

          If you think this team is good enough to win the tournament, you’re not a troop, you’re a complete and utter fool.

          • Ben says:

            sorry, not a troll, (replace troop)

          • Tru_Patriot says:

            I think the boys had a REAL chance to take 1st… but I’m not a troop…

            I think the team could realistically could have made it to the round of 8 or even the semis (looking at the bracket), but I’m not a troop…

            However JK says to the media that we can’t win the cup, and you REAL troops just follow like sheep and then say “at least we made it out of the group”

            yeah… I’m no troop for sure.

            • Ben says:

              You must be one of those who yell at your kid FOR NOT SCORING FIVE GOALS in his rec league soccer game. What a loser.

            • Roy9 says:

              Clown. Go back to your Palin rally.

              • Tru_Patriot says:

                Classy, real classy dude.

                Yeah, I totally feel like it’s worth voicing my opinion here.. no wonder I do it every day.

        • Ben says:

          You “settle,” or, for the rest of us, are please with the result, because that is the realism of the game, instead of relying on cliches that are bouncing about your head, like “hunger” or “triumph of our coach.” You really think every team isn’t “hungry” or doesn’t want to win? Sorry the team doesn’t adhere to whatever cliche you are only capable of thinking of at the moment.

          • Tru_Patriot says:

            Dude, I have no interest in this back and forward with you. All I’m saying is I’m disappointed that knowing a tie had us both in the next round, we didn’t risk a little and we played back just like we did in the other games too… Granted the 15 minutes after we scored against Portugal were probably the best of the tournament for us, but today we could have come out with first place and face Algeria instead of Belgium…

            I’m not content with this “at least we made it” attitude because it was up to us to take 1st… Like I said, I don’t believe we needed to win all games easily, but we could have at least risked a little more today. and we ABSOLUTELY needed to show some will, ANY kind of will, to tie the game knowing Ghana was 1 goal from knocking us out once again.

            Yes, I’m grateful we “got out” as you would say… I know the Belgium game is a difficult one, but not impossible. However, unless we play offensively, this whole “wait back and hope we’re accurate when we counter” strategy is not one I’m fond of. I’m also unhappy that being 1st in concacaf qualifiers, and having that golden opportunity to take 1st in group, we passed with 4 points and thanks to Germany for skunking Portugal (also with 4) and meanwhile countries like CR and MX not only pass 1st and 2nd with 7 points each (given MX is only their because of us), they are playing very offensive games, scoring, looking dangerous on the field, and I have to sit back and watch our boys, who are as capable (if not superior) than MX and CR, play on their end of the field and grant 68% ball possession to the opponent,…

            I hope we come out with a different attitude against Belgium, I would not even feel bad if we lost with our heads held high… I just can’t stand us playing like this when other smaller teams are putting concacaf on the map when it should (and could) have been us.

        • D-Bo says:

          You win tournaments with a few good players doing the right things at the right time. That’s ultimately how every tournament is won.

    • Bac says:

      Yes!! You are absolutely correct. We should all think before inserting our opinions that we’re proud of our team for advancing from the group of death in terrible conditions after traveling 9500 miles on a short schedule…
      How dare us??
      The insanity of it??

      I amend all of my comments:
      Gosh, I wish our team was as talented and deep as Spain, or possessed the fortress of Italy’s defense with sublime playmakers, or had a roster of individual stars like Ivory Coast or England, or the brilliant coaching of Russia’s master… or had the heart of a Lion like Portugal or Ghana!!!!

      Oh the humanity!!!!

      • Tru_Patriot says:

        All I’m saying is Mexico has looked absolutely amazing. Coasts rica is definately better than us because they have been much more pleasing on the eyes. My US team…smh we barely made it out of the group!

        • usaalltheway says:

          I agree with you Tru_patriot!

        • Bac says:

          Yes, both Mexico & CR have looked great, I don’t see one person disagreeing-even those who hate Mexico.
          You said think…really really think.. about what you’re writing.
          Well I did think- and what I think is this:
          -This team was built to get through the toughest group, with the toughest travel & playing conditions…and we did..(even without Jozy)
          – We’re through. Pleasing or not, the results matter
          – And now we’re in a position to rest, heal up, and get ready to play again when there’s a lot of teams who on paper are 10 times better than us who can’t say that…
          That’s what I think

          • Adi in Oregon says:

            Bac, good points about the 2014 USMNT WC success. Here are are a few of my comments:
            1. Congratulations to the US team in WINNING the 2nd place in the 2014 WC Group G!!!
            2. Sehr gut gemacht Herr Klinsmann!
            3. This 2014 WC achievement is another great & significant advancement for the USMNT at the WC level!!
            4. The USMNT’s exciting & successful 2014 WC games have resulted in a lot greater US fan excitement & involvement!!!
            5. When I came to this great country in 1954, there were only 6 amateur soccer teams made up of immigrants in Oregon. So, lets remember that it will take the US some additional time before we have our own Pele or play like a “soccer” dream team!!!

      • Jay says:

        ^^ This.

        We made it out of the group, get over it. I know everyone wishes otherwise because then complaining would make so much more sense.

        Haters gonna hate.

    • Don garber says:

      i thought vs portugal game was pleasant to watch. others boring hardly any attack especially vs germany. jk also said in pregame that they were gonna try n win game… yeah right.

    • D-Bo says:

      “display of a backed up team with a few good players doing the right thing at the right time” – Isn’t a few good players doing the right thing at the right time exactly how you win games.

      Portugal had some fantastic players who didn’t do anything at any time or the wrong thing at the wrong time (Pepe).

      Ghana had some very good players would could not do the right thing at the right time in the attacking third and they lost.

      Germany put out 11 world class players that could only do the right thing at the right time once for a goal. Otherwise they were held by a group of good defensive players who spent 90 minutes doing the right thing at the right time.

      Seems like in a tournament setting, all you really need to have success are a few good players who know how to do the right thing at the right time.

      • Tru_Patriot says:

        Hey, I’m way happy about making it into the round of 16. Not making it, even with the difficulty of the group, in my mind would have been both a disappointment and a failure because even with all other teams being as strong as they were, our boys are not so far level wise on the field. I’ll probably take Germany as the only one that is far superior both on the individual and collective levels.

        What I am frustrated with, is the fact that when the team pushed forward, we looked quite dangerous and caused trouble for the opponents, So why fall back like we did with Ghana? It took us 2 plays to win the game… What if while ahead, we took advantage of Ghana’s forward play and desperation and attacked, let’s say 5 times more… could we have ended the game comfortably? maybe not have to suffer through the whole second half and specially after they scored when it seemed like we could possibly fall behind on the score?

        Like I said, those 15-20 minutes when we played aggressively against Portugal, those were the bomb… That’s what I know this team has potential for. Portugal really felt it and we were superior, no feeling of insecurity. Obviously the last minute goal was just “pffft” and yes… there’s nothing you can do, but had we pushed Portugal back like we did for those minutes since the begging, I think we could have avoided that.

        So then knowing we had the chance to take first with a win, knowing we have the potential to play well and dangerous, to create opportunities, and worry the rival, and knowing we had little to risk since even on a loss we could have passed (which happened), then why not go out like Germany did and start making attempts on goal from the get-go? Why did we let Germany take the ball 68% of the game? same thing we did with Ghana (69% that game) and not try to make it at least a little more even and not have to fall back with a very defensive stance.

        And lastly, what I meant about “thinking” is with all these factors in play… the worst possible outcome (other than not going to the round of 16) is what happened yesterday. We play back, Howard works extra time, and we risked a very possible disqualification for a few minutes and did nothing on the field to show we didn’t want that to happen. Germany was in no hurry and it would have been not as difficult to go out and at least play a little more on their side of the field… That’s why even though I am happy we get a chance against Algeria, I’m upset I can’t have the confidence in JK that he will take advantage of the strengths of the team and go out and make our opponents worry about us. Instead Algeria now has 3 tapes to study how to get the ball through a line of 6 and how to stop Bradly from making it over to JJ or CD8. And I have to watch a game fearing defeat and dreading every play against.

        That’s my frustration.

    • Mason says:

      Worst group stage since France? Are you forgetting 2006? I stopped right there.

      • Tru_Patriot says:

        Well 2006 we tied with Italy and got a point.. 98 we went out blank…

        • Mason says:

          That’s not what you said, though. You said that this – 2014- was the worst performance since 1998. It not. 2006 was worse by any measure. That you think progressing with four points is worse than finishing last with one indicates a severe lack of perspective and basically invalidates your opinions.

          • Tru_Patriot says:

            Point taken, I was thinking of France as the worst in recent times but chronologically, yes it should be since Germany.

  49. Jack says:

    Belgium down to 10 men, if South Korea and Algeria both score in the last 20 minutes here, then we face Algeria.

  50. Ben says:

    Also, let’s not make the superficial comparisons to 2002. Go back to that Portugal match, and while we score an era three, we were under siege the rest of the game, and after we were thoroughly outplayed by Korea and smashed by a Poland team no one thought was that good. Overall, this group was much more difficult, yet we beat the best African team in the World Cup, outplayed Portugal yet finished with a draw, and showed well enough against the most talented team in the tournament to go through. This was a much better group stage for us than 2002, but that team did then play brilliantly the next two games, so we will hopefully match that, but for the group, I think this team was much better.

  51. Roy9 says:

    Honestly, Belgium has just squeaked by a bunch of so-so teams while we’ve made it through the toughest group in the competition. Not scared of them.

  52. Clover362 says:

    Belgium is a good team but also very beatable. Of all the teams thwt have been talked about as “powers” in this tournament they are the weakest. Also their results came against a feisty but very average Algeria team, a mediocre Russian team, and a terrible Korean team. We will be the best team they have played so far in this World Cup and thy have the pressure of a teams with expectation and the label “golden generation”.

  53. donaldo says:

    i’ll be worried if it comes down to penalties. is there anyone on the team besides jurgen who can take a penalty?

    • Bac says:

      Take? Or convert? j/k

      • beachbum says:

        no, really 😉

      • donaldo says:

        haha. i guess i’m talking ‘convert.’

        jozy will be on the bench
        junior will hit it hard over the crossbar
        deuce will shoot at the keeper
        bedoya will shoot wide
        gonzo will whiff, beas will whiff

        jermaine has a chance, fabian has a chance
        we can count on wondo and iceman… if they are on the field.

        my 2 cents…

  54. beachbum says:

    glad we’re through

    deal with discussions of aesthetics another time

    enjoy this America!!!

  55. Smith says:

    I can’t believe how many people aere kocking Bradley!!!!!

    Don’t you know it’s deeply unpatriotic to knock either him or his old man??????

  56. Everyone on this website says:

    We made it out of the group, but I still need to complain about something…

    • Dr.K says:

      Because of lack of technical ability, The USMT must play a counterattacking style. Ball control is out of the question with Bradley in the middle. Beckerman is the most important player on the team right now. Doesnt anybody realize that Italy went out because Pirlo was playing in the middle? Dempsey is NOT a striker so the USMT has a lot of problems that will manifest soon. Thank God Belgium is playing like they have never been to the WC. That is why they aint goin far

  57. Stefan. says:

    Gratulation from Germany

  58. Mikey K says:

    Bench Will Farrell next game! He was suppose to bite all the German players and did not!

  59. Stefan. says:

    You have a good Chance , if you Fight and Run.
    Make Pressure and the First Goal.
    You as a Team can Fight , i saw it ….do it again.
    Best wishes

  60. Stefan. says:

    Enjoy it , is right.
    Fight and go for it , dont wait for Konter.
    Suprise the Opponent. Make Pressure , play in there Half 😉 ,

    If you will Fight like against Ghana , you have a good Chance.
    And … The Game is over if the SCHIRI pfeift.
    The Last Minutes are also Important .

    USA, go for it !!!

    • Adi in Oregon says:

      Stefan, ja good Fussball suggestions but do you think Herr Klinsmann is listening?

  61. Stump says:

    Most P!ssed Person in the World?

    The Prime Minister of Ghana – blackmailed for $3M (plus shipping and handling) and still didn’t get the reward the nation craved!

    • Jack says:

      Seriously what a mess, now Nigeria is doing the same thing.

    • Les Legroom says:

      Ghana FA will get their money back after FIFA distributes the World Cup payments. The cycle will start again where they delay appearance fees to the players, and the players will stand ground until they get their money. Happens every World Cup with (west) African teams. Nothing has changed.

  62. BC says:

    After the majority of pundits and so called “fans” trashed Jurgen for his roster decisions and were certain we had no chance to advance, I can’t help but thinking of Ed Rooney, principal from Ferris Bueller. His secretary: “Made you look like an ass is what he did, Ed”.

    All of you naysayers are Ed Rooney. Jurgen Klinsmann just taught you a lesson. Hope you learned something and close your mouths next time.