World Cup Day 13: Your Running Commentary

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Two more spots in the Round of 16 at the World Cup are up for grabs on Tuesday as groups C and D come to a close.

Group D begins the action on Tuesday. Costa Rica, the surprise of the group, already has a spot in the next round. With a win or draw against England, they will win the group. England, on the other hand, will have its miserable World Cup adventure come to a close on Tuesday. Losses to Italy and Uruguay have eliminated the Three Lions already, so the match against Costa Rica is merely for pride.

Italy and Uruguay will play for the other Round of 16 spot from the group. Wins over England but losses to Costa Rica have put both former champions in a tough position on Tuesday. A draw will put Italy through. Uruguay needs to win in order to advance.

In Group C, Colombia has already clinched a spot in the next round, but things can get tricky in a group where everyone is alive. If Colombia beats Japan, the scenario becomes simple, as the winner between the Ivory Coast and Greece will advance. However, Keisuke Honda and Japan are going to come at Colombia with everything they have. When Honda is at his best, he can take on anyone, which means Japan always has a chance.

Greece has looked uninspiring so far in this tournament, first getting kicked around by Colombia then playing to a miserable scoreless draw against Japan. On Tuesday they go up against an Ivory Coast team that, like Greece, is looking to reach the Round of 16 for the first time ever. The Ivory Coast has struggled to find goals early in the match, usually only becoming dangerous when Didier Drogba takes to the pitch, so that will have to change if they want to easily secure their spot in the Round of 16.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV listings after the jump):


12 p.m. — Costa Rica vs. England — ESPN2

12 p.m. — Italy vs. Uruguay — ESPN

4 p.m. — Greece vs. Ivory Coast — ESPN2

4 p.m. — Japan vs. Colombia — ESPN

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183 Responses to World Cup Day 13: Your Running Commentary

  1. Andy in Atlanta says:

    If I was Costa Rica… I would not want to win the group…I think they would match up against Colombia far better than they would against Ivory Coast….

    • Increase0 says:

      Costa Rica isn’t trying all that hard. I mean oh they kinda want to win but you can see that they are just killing the game. They are so good at it too.

    • Tom Wilhelm says:

      Interesting, but I’d disagree. Colombia is playing very well, even without their talisman, Falcao. Ivory Coast does present a physical challenge to the Ticos, but they’re suspect on the counter, which Costa Rica has elevated to an art form over the last week.

      Plus, if CR can get past Ivory Coast, it sets up a one of two mouthwatering quarterfinals against either Concacaf rival Mexico or the similarly counter-attacking style of the Dutch. Not saying the Ticos would win either tie, but it would have a puncher’s chance. Not so much against Brazil, assuming they can beat Colombia.

      Generally, I don’t think anyone would want to match up against any of the CONMEBOL sides in the knockout stage…

      • Andy in Atlanta says:

        well it worked out perfect…they gave minimal effort against England, won the group and get a very very average team in Greece now… Go on Costa Rica, QFs are in your future!!

  2. malkin says:

    No writeup on Jozy not being available?

    • QuakerOtis says:

      By “this tournament” they mean to say he will be back if we make it to the semis. Maybe.

      • Tom Wilhelm says:

        Exactly. Even the slightest of hamstring injuries means a long recovery and a high risk of re-injury if the player tries to come back too soon.

        Sadly, I think Jozy is done for this cycle. If not in actuality, then as a threat on the field.

    • Snack Time says:

      What do you need to know? He won’t be available… apparently he is recovering well but the short timeframe between games was not conducive to him returning. Believe!

      • malkin says:

        Just surprised several hours have gone by since Klinsmann confirmed he wouldn’t be available vs Germany and there’s no article/discussion on it. That stuff generates tons of clicks

  3. usaalltheway says:

    So, it’s do-or-die for both Italy and Uruguay?

    I say Uruguay takes it off the back of their star striker.

  4. argh says:

    Let’s go Uruguay. Let’s go SUAREZ.

    A brace today,

    Hope to see Costa Rica beat England but with Gerrard scoring. Loads of criticism against him lately

  5. Paul6 says:

    anyone else having trouble with the Watch ESPN app?

  6. Jefpal says:

    All Uruguay does is con the ref. Balotelli called for a foul for having a guy jump into him, then yellow carded for doing more or less the same thing himself!

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      Dude…Balotelli’s knee was at the back of the dudes skull… it was a reckless just as he is as a player.

  7. Andy in Atlanta says:

    So annoying to watch two of the dirtiest footballing nations play this match…. constant play acting…shameful really.

    • slowleftarm says:

      So annoying to see endless comments about stuff you see in every soccer game everywhere.

    • Jack says:

      I’m not even sure which match you are talking about

      • slowleftarm says:

        I don’t either but I’m sick of endless comments about diving or playacting or whatever. Get over it.

        • Andy in Atlanta says:

          Italy and Uruguay have been constantly laying on the ground holding their heads and faces like they have been assaulted… It is a complete joke… Yes lots of teams do it… but this one has seen 5-6 incidents in the first half…

          It still sucks that people do it to waste time at the end of the match but in the first half… it was laughable and disgusting…

        • Andy in Atlanta says:

          AND… I am not going to get over it… It is makes the casual fan hate the game…

          I am have been saying it all my life… it is the dirty side of football and it needs to start getting punished…

          I am not a casual fan either…

          • The Garrincha says:

            K Navas took it.
            one could argue he was fouled,
            he did appear to touch the ball first.
            regarding your query QwaUSs.
            One never knows about England, they are such a mixed bag, even more so than France.
            They did have a half decent Euro run,
            but one could probably have a good debate
            about just how good UEFA is?.
            Water under the bridge, but it would have been
            good for the US, to have some time to tinker around and rest.
            So now with everything they have,
            onward they must go.

          • away goals says:

            Luckily the casual fan has a half dozen other sports to turn to. I’ll still enjoy this ridiculous world cup even if Ted in accounting would rather check his baseball fantasy team.

            But the complaints about diving/faking are as tiresome as the rants about traveling in the nba which thankfully died off.

            • Andy in Atlanta says:

              It means you do not care about the game enough… if you are an American citizen it is a completely ignorant way to look at things… Soccer in the US needs the casual fan… NEEDS IT

              • slowleftarm says:

                Yes, we do need casual fans, like any other sport. However, my point is that diving isn’t the real problem, it’s obsessive complaining about diving.

              • away goals says:

                Or what? I won’t be able to play anymore? I won’t get moments like stewart against colombia? mcbride against mexico? donovan against algeria? john american brooks?

                I’ve never cared much for missionary work, I’ll keep on enjoying it on my own terms.

            • Older & Wiser says:

              I didn’t realize the NBA had died off — about time. . .

            • smartestonthepitch says:

              diving and play acting hurt is a HUGE problem.

              • away goals says:

                It’s such a huge probelm that with dozens of super slow-motion angles of these dives in stunning quality high definition, worldwide soccer popularity is at an all-time high.

                Diving in soccer looks theatrical on replay because it has to communicate a foul to a referee 35 yards away. It’s actually pretty useful.

                Imagine how dramatic basketball players would have to be if the only ref was standing on the opposite baseline.

          • slowleftarm says:

            There’s plenty of fakery in other sports too, it’s just that there’s an obsession with people pointing it out in soccer, including endless posts about it even a fantastic world cup like this one.

            • Andy in Atlanta says:

              The World Cup on whole has been amazing… but this crap needs to be taken out of the game.. it makes it a joke at times… this game has been a complete disaster for promoting fair play…

            • smartestonthepitch says:

              it is detracting from the world cup. How do you enjoy a sports contest when every 3 minutes someone dies on the field, and then miraculously gets up and runs around. It should only happen is tent revivals.

              • away goals says:

                Because 3 minutes of continuous action is still better than what you’d get from ANY OTHER MAJOR SPORT.

                Plus sometimes the ball hits the corner flag and stays in bounds and I will never get tired of that.

            • Tom_in_So_IL says:

              Reggie Miller

          • Mr_A says:

            Yeah, the bite marks should be enough for a retroactive red card…. that might get the practice stopped. A few retroactive yellows for acting, and the players would concentrate less on their acting skills. It can be stopped, and it should be.

            • Bite Me says:

              There is no such thing as a retroactive card. He could/should receive a long ban and be sent home.

  8. Quit whining about US soccer says:

    Did anyone really think that England was going through ?
    Man….every time…they have to be the most overvalued team in all of sports, for about forever years running.

    • slowleftarm says:

      They’ve made it to the knockout stages the past four world cups, including the QF in 2002, but I didn’t think they’d go through this time. Thought Uruguay and Italy would but was wrong about that. England should do much better – rich country where soccer is by far the #1 sport and a decent size population. They should be at the level of Italy, France, Germany or Spain but haven’t been anywhere near any of them in recent years.

      • Jack says:

        I feel like England was prepared to go out Uruguay and Italy going in. However when they look up at Costa Rica it’s kind of hard for them to swallow.

      • Quit whining about US soccer says:

        I guess it just annoys me because people think they are so much better than the US…they are not.

        • Jack says:

          the line you always hear is, how many US players would make it into the England side.

          • Quit whining about US soccer says:

            And he answer is ?

            • Increase0 says:

              More than the English would like to admit.

              If it was based on their ability in international games? All of them. Seriously.

              • Quit whining about US soccer says:

                Probably a little less deep,
                But that has closed, from way less
                deep, so quickly.

            • Tom Wilhelm says:

              Without a doubt:
              Bradley (though he’s been a mess this tourney)

              Case to be made:
              Fabian Johnson
              Beckerman (no really, he’s been superb)

              And that’s not including the youngsters we brought along who are performing admirably…

              • Jack says:

                Fabian is one of our best players for me. Him pressing forward seems to be where so many of our best attacks come from.

              • Don the Jewler says:

                Fabian I think is our best player

              • Quit whining about US soccer says:

                Landon obviously too

                Ok I am going to supper now…..

              • Tom Wilhelm says:

                Totally agree. Fabian has been amazing. His ability to get up the field and create 2 on 1s in the attacking third on the wings has been a huge factor in our success.

              • chris says:

                I’d say Besler as well. His stock is rising from this WC.

      • Quit whining about US soccer says:

        Wasn’t trying to put a top 16 team down, which they have proven to be.

    • iggy says:

      I think the players actually overvalue each other on the field, and just have this feeling that ‘we’ll get it done, we’re England’. As a result, no one performs at a high level, and the team has no bite.

  9. Snack Time says:

    Chiquidracula sucks the life out of Italy

  10. Fredo says:

    Disgusting by Suarez

  11. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Suarez bit him…. yeah guys…these teams are not dirty and disgusting…

    • slowleftarm says:

      Yeah, biting is a different story. If people were biting each other every game, that would be a problem for soccer. Fortunately, that problem seems to be limited to Suarez.

  12. Jack says:

    Costa Rica 10 minutes from winning the group if either of these scores stay, who would have thought that

  13. Shawn says:

    control your vampire urges suarez

  14. The Garrincha says:

    Nice Call Snack time, looks like Saurez, took a nibble?.
    And they get a goal.

  15. Shawn says:

    italy is by by

  16. Fredo says:

    Damn! I do not want Uruguay to go through. Suarez needs to be banned.

  17. QuakerOtis says:

    He wanted Italian for lunch. Tastes better than Russian.

  18. Bite Mark says:

    Suarez proving he has psychological problems…

  19. KungFuSoccer says:

    Both of these teams are so hatable. And Uruguay scores. Can Suarez be banned from the next game or is the post game discipline just an MLS thing?

    • blokhin says:

      i can’t believe I now have to root for Italy….Suarez made me

    • Mr_A says:

      I think bite marks should qualify for a post-match red. If FIFA can fire the refs, they can ban a player, too. Upon a player’s recommendation, a 4-ref panel can do postgame reviews, and hand out cards for egregious (and obvious) acting, and reds for cannibalism.

      Would stop the practice in short order.

  20. blokhin says:


  21. Mason says:

    Not watching…

    Did Suarez just bite somebody again? Put a Lecter-mask on that dude.

  22. apw says:

    Hannibal the cannibal is back, if proven I hope they kick him out of the tournament.

  23. dasdude says:

    Louis Suarez The Cannibal

  24. Increase0 says:

    Why didn’t Suarez pass to the completely open man… That is greed and oddly he doesn’t normally show that much greed.(Stupid too.)

  25. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Concacaf…. 12 matches played….. only 2 losses… suck on that rest of the world…

  26. The Garrincha says:

    Cannibal Suarez, sorry for the misspell,
    every now and then my dyslexia kicks in.

  27. blokhin says:

    some ish is about to go down

  28. Quit whining about US soccer says:

    CR wins Italy’s group and Italy doesn’t go through
    Wow !

  29. Bite Me says:

    What an ugly, ugly example of the beautiful game

  30. JayAre says:

    Costa Rica won a group with Uruguay, Italy and England. Wow If you had that on your betting card I commend you.

    • blokhin says:

      so far teams advancing: CONMEBOL-3, CONCACAF-2, UEFA-1
      teams going home: Spain, Italy, England…

    • TheMaddox says:

      I had them on my betting card at 50 to 1 odds. It was quite a nice payout. :) The USA has been a good payday so far too.

      • John says:

        Same…but that Portugal last second miracle cost me quite a bit! Gotta love these lines set by Eurosnobs lol. Been making a killing. Still can’t believe Portugal are favorites against Ghana; then again, with that one I hope I’m wrong.

  31. Shawn says:

    honestly why is everyone whining about someone getting bit lmao. Not like he has Aids. I would be mad but people act like he stabed him lol

    • Jack says:

      yeah lets make biting people a part of the game

    • usaalltheway says:

      Really????? Are you seriously taking that side of the argument?

      I have said many of you are lost before but you definitely take the cake Shawn.

      • Shawn says:

        maybe because im not a wimp but it seems elbowing someone is more acceptable then biting some1. hey slapping a ref would give you less of a suspension

        • Rowsdower says:

          so you are saying throwing an elbow should be a worse offense than biting someone.

          • Shawn says:


            • Paul6 says:

              I agree.

            • Mr_A says:

              Sorry dude. You’re wrong on that one. For one thing, it’s basically impossible to sheathe your elbows while running around, and avoid contact the whole game. But teeth have a normal place where they belong, nicely covered up with the pointy parts at an angle unlikely to hit other people by accident. And biting hurts a lot more than an elbow, and doesn’t improve your field position.

        • Roger says:

          So are you ok with spitting? just saying….
          It’s a cowardly attack, just like hitting someone from behind.

  32. JayAre says:

    Vacation time for Suarez. This must be a childhood thing affecting him.

    • blokhin says:

      some very deep psychological issues…opposing fans should bust out the Gator Chomp next time he plays

  33. usaalltheway says:

    Three times is a sign that this man is a cannibal.

    Seriously, FIFA MUST do something about that.

    How many times is this guy going to bite people???????

  34. Stinky Pete says:

    I just don’t get it, why would you bite someone? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I can understand hitting someone, but biting? What the? You know he is guilty too because he was clutching his teeth afterwards.

    • Mr_A says:

      He was clutching his teeth because the victim elbowed him in the face. He expected to get away with it. I’m sure that many opposing players would have a moment of “WTF” disbelief before reacting, but this guy had quicker reflexes. Good for the Italian guy. Shame on the ref for ignoring it, even after the guy wants to show the bite marks.

    • Mason says:

      It’s on par with shoe throwing.

  35. Raymon says:

    Apparently Suarez likes Italian food

  36. Pgloerse says:

    Our ref Geiger was 4th official on this match – how does he factor into this?

  37. The Garrincha says:

    Blokhin is that the great Oleh Blokhin,
    The Ukrainian, CCCP, Blokhin?.
    Along with Paolo Rossi, you were one of the most memorable players of the
    Do you think they will suspend him, not sure what the precedent it?.
    Maybe he should be out at least a match, other considerations, banned all together?.

    • blokhin says:

      the rationale would be a danger to the health of other players-do they test for rabies?

  38. Neal says:

    Gotta ban Suarez, permanently. This is ridiculous.

  39. reignman says:

    link to

    Picture of Chiellini’s shoulder. Suarez should be looking at a very long suspension, this is the third time he has bit someone. I don’t care that the first two happened in different competitions, the cumulative effect should lead to be a massive ban.

    • Mikey K says:

      That is crazy! He looks like he broke the skin too. EEEWW!!!

    • away goals says:

      What they don’t show you is that every single italian player entered the game with bite marks already in place for just this scenario. They’re a clever lot, the azzurri.

  40. Tom Wilhelm says:

    Do Uruguay fans even defend Suarez anymore? What a total headcase…

  41. Raymon says:

    Personally, I would prefer a little Chianti with my Chiellini

  42. Don't mind if I Freddy Adu says:

    I can’t imagine his IQ is any higher than 80
    he HAS to be mildly retarded

    • blokhin says:

      please don’t insult the mentally disabled, most do not bite people-he’s more on a raised by wolves level

  43. bryan says:

    lol what a dumb a$$. dude, we have slo-mo HD video!

  44. Shawn says:

    link to

    so a big bruise from being punched or elbowed is worse then these teeth marks?

    • Mason says:

      An elbow or a punch is SFP or VC, but IFAB saw fit to explicitly include spitting at an opponent as a sending-off offense. That they differentiate it indicates to me that they take it at least and possibly more seriously than SFP or VC.

      Human mouths are nasty.

    • Jack says:

      At this point, he knows very well what the punishment is for this action, and still can’t stop himself.

  45. Nate Dollars says:

    so…who plays uruguay next? they just became a lot easier to beat.

  46. Gill King says:

    Suarez, and because it’s the 3rd offense, richly deserves lifetime banishment by Fifa! This psycho is a menace and a massively destructive distraction to the game! There is no place in soccer for this abusive type of behavior. There’s no defense for his actions that should merit any type of re-instatement conversation.

    • Adi in Oregon says:

      GK, I partially agree with a “WC” banishment. If there is one more incident in his “professional” career, than there should be a lifetime soccer banishment from FIFA. The WC is the world’s peak sports championship and this type of childish behavior makes it look foolish if he is not banished. Secondly, any type of other super dangerous “WC” behavior (like breaking a leg purposely/recklessly should also receive WC banishments).

    • slowleftarm says:

      Give me a break. Sure, he should get a ban but a lifetime ban?

      • Bac says:

        I just read that the max FIFA ban is 2 years or 24 games… wonder if that’s International play or what….
        I would have thought every news source would be publishing the FIFA rules within 5 minutes….

      • Gill King says:

        @ slowl.. THIRD F’N TIME! … First time.. my bad, second time no excuses, Third time.. stick a fork in this psycho, he’s done!

  47. Dan Shaughnessy says:

    Suarez is the best player in the universe.

  48. The Other Jeff says:

    UEFA roll call:
    In (3): Netherlands, France, Belgium
    On the margin (5): Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Russia
    Going home (5): Croatia, Spain, Italy, England, Bosnia and Herzogovina

    • Mr_A says:

      In defense of UEFA, Netherlands and France both look pretty scary. And Germany too, although hopefully they’ll be caught out and look sheepish on Thursday.

    • slowleftarm says:

      Yeah and 5 out of 6 South American teams through, with Ecuador still alive too.

      • chuck says:

        Also, Germany and France meet in the QF if they both win their groups and 2nd round matches.

    • JayAre says:

      I’m 100000000% behind Ivory Coast

    • The Other Jeff says:

      I’ll say this then duck. US 1-0 Germany coupled with Ghana 3-0 Portugal sends Ghana and Germany to drawing lots. Ghana 4-1 Portugal sends Germany home on goals scored.

      • The Other Jeff says:

        Put another way, a 1-0 defeat is a potential catastrophe for either US or Germany, so absent an agreement in advance to tie, both teams have a strong incentive to push for goals not just bunker.

  49. Tony Meola says:

    Does Kasey Keller really not know how to pronounce “Drogba”???

  50. JayAre says:

    These Europeans are dropping like flies. I know it’s hot down their but it’s not Qatar. Its bearable.

    • Tony Meola says:

      How can this be? Europe pretty much invented the game. I think we can all agree the fourth divisions in European club soccer are miles better than any domestic league in the America’s. The worst team in a European youth recreation league would probably beat the MLS All Stars 10-0.

      • usaalltheway says:

        that’s pretty stupid, considering the MLS all-stars have a 7-4 record in the annual all-star game. Stop hating.

  51. Jack says:

    Anyone following whats going on in the Ghana camp? Some reports are the refused to train this morning and then refused to get on a bus to take them to the airport. The President had to step in and get the players the bonus money they were demanding.

  52. Fredo says:

    James: Star of this Cup

  53. JayAre says:

    Life without a true Number 9 has been cruel to Japan the Wc

  54. Matt Bk says:

    Wow, Gk dude stubbed his own foot.

  55. Tony Meola says:

    If Alexi Lalas says it’s a penalty, then it’s a penalty.

  56. Francois says:

    Unbelievable!! I can’t believe the Ivorians blew it like that. WOW. Great, my picks have failed me.You think you can pick the knockout round usually, but not in this world cup.

  57. JayAre says:

    No penalty that was soft I feel like FIFA wanted the Europeans to go thru.

  58. espada says:

    Wow, Greece advance at the death.

  59. JayAre says:

    I’ve got Cpsta Rica beating Greece

  60. Bac says:


  61. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Ivorians can only blame themselves…they had a 5 on 2… break in the 89th min… simple execution wins the game… then 2 of them did not get back and allowed Greece to move the ball down the field with ease… cheeky penalty call but it probably was the right call… he clipped his foot whether intentionally or not..

  62. Raymon says:

    Greece advance with -2 GD. Has that ever happened before?

    • Raymon says:

      Oh, and maybe even more interestingly, they only scored 2 goals in the group stages.

    • chuck says:

      in 1986 Uruguay advanced with -5 and 2 points, although back then 2 points were awarded per win and the 4 best 3rd placed teams advanced.

      • Raymon says:

        I am both impressed and intimidated by your encyclopedic knowledge or football arcana.

        • chuck says:

          Had the 3-point per win rule been implemented, Hungary would have advanced with -7 cause they won one game (Canada) while Uruguay just had two draws 😀