World Cup Day 5: Your Running Commentary

Germany v Armenia - International Friendly


The highest scoring World Cup of all time gets back under way Monday, with a trio of games on the schedule from Groups F and G.

The day’s action will be kicked off by international powerhouses Germany and Portugal in one of the group stages’ most star-studded clashes. Despite suffering through an injury scare, Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo will be ready to go against the Germans, who the Portuguese have only beaten one time in nine tries in their history.

Up second are Iran and Nigeria, as the Nigerians will start a lineup including Victor Moses, Emmanuel Emenike and Ahmed Musa against the defensively-strong Iranians. Despite not being favorites, both sides could give themselves a chance at moving on to the knockout stages by grabbing all three points in the wake of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s loss to Argentina.

Finally, the U.S. Men’s National Team will finally get their chance to exorcise their Ghanaian demons when they take on the African nation in today’s final matchup. Both sides will view this game as a must-win as, with Portugal and Germany on the horizon, three early points will be necessary in the bid to qualify for the tournament’s later rounds.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV listings after the jump):


12 p.m. – Germany vs. Portugal – ESPN

3 p.m. – Iran vs. Nigeria – ESPN

6 p.m. – Ghana vs. United States – ESPN

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295 Responses to World Cup Day 5: Your Running Commentary

  1. bryan says:

    should be an intense day

  2. Wrighteous says:


  3. Clover362 says:

    I’m literally shaking with nervous/excited energy for the US match. World cups are truly amazing because they are culmination of 4 years of preparation and anticipation. Wishing for a 3-1 USA win.

  4. Nate Dollars says:

    cannot wait for iran v. nigeria!!!

  5. DanO says:

    HERE WE GO!!!!!
    Do us proud boys!

  6. Cheddar says:

    Everyone in agreement that our best result for Germany vs. Portugal is a big Germany win? The thinking of course that Germany will have qualification wrapped up before the US game… well as hurting Portugal’s goal difference.

    Feels weird pulling for this instead of a draw……but I do think that a big Germany win is our best option.

    • DanO says:

      Agree 100%. Would be awesome if we both had 6 points heading into 3rd match…

    • Increase says:

      Yeah, it is. Best for us. I gotta say I dont like this Germany lineup. I feel like it leaves the CB pretending to be a Right back too open. Basically tons of space on the wingsm we get to see how fit Ronaldo is and how healthy Kidierha is.

  7. Snack Time says:

    Dear Yanks, let’s get three points today in group G
    And be not screwed by a stupid referee
    Defeat the Ghanaian committee
    The group of death will be less sh*tty
    If the only loss is to Ronaldo’s knee

  8. Brian I says:

    Everyone at work already knows I’m running out of here at 5! Have to avoid spoilers until I can get home and start the game from the beginning (should be able to make it home by half time)…will be tough to hold back! GO USA!

    • Gordoninho says:

      You’ve got a long commute, if you’re in the Eastern time zone. I like your commitment in covering that ground quickly – Michael Bradley would be proud.

  9. SoundersFan says:

    Come On Germany, lets beat Portugal, lets start the day off right.

  10. Stinky Pete says:

    I have a US flag mounted on my bike helmet for the commute home and the good ol’ 94 denim kit dusted off for the match.

    • Patrick2 says:

      Umm…well, I would have preferred for Portugal to have their meltdown versus the USMNT…I don’t like the idea of facing a desperate Portugal. I guess at this point the best thing would be for Germany to win 5-0 and just shatter Portugal’s confidence.

  11. Francois says:

    First burst from Ronaldo on the counter, he didn’t look 100% there. Beat Metersacker of the dribble, but that’s not too hard. Expected him to keep driving forward there.

  12. bryan says:

    come on Khedira! wide open net!

  13. Increase says:

    Can we have a gift like that?

  14. Jack says:

    Wow some pretty nervous mistakes early

  15. Mr_A says:

    Ronaldo looks like he’s in good form.

  16. Shawn says:

    haha referee shoved pepe

    • Increase says:

      Lol Pepe runs up and complains again after a clear foul on Lahm. Ref knows better than to I listen to him.

      • Increase says:

        Now Pepe is “taken out” by Goetze bumping him. Goetze obviously being huge and built. Its obvious I dont like Pepe right?

  17. Shawn says:

    btw shouldnt we be rooting 4 germany?

    • Increase says:

      Yep, them winning makes our Job easier.

    • JC says:

      I’m hoping for a draw, I’d rather have them both at 1.

    • Mr_A says:

      Not so sure about that. If Portugal loses, they’ll be in a must-win position when they face us. If I had to choose I’d rather face a soft Portugal than a soft Germany.

      Either way we’ll have some tough games, and the only way to control our destiny is by winning. And right now it looks like we’ll face a desperate Portugal.

      • bryan says:

        guys, the math has already been done! Opta and SPI have both reported that the only positive result for the US in this game is a German blowout. move on.

  18. Increase says:

    Maybe a bit soft but Gotze was around him. That might not get called alot but that tug was enough to cause him to lose half a step. Maybe a bit generous.

  19. SoundersFan says:

    This game will will be wide open now. Portugal will be pushing forward, could be some entertaining soccer.

  20. JayAre says:

    I just got off work how did Germany score. The anticipation might kill me… Whats going oon??

  21. JayAre says:

    So this stadium was designed by a professional architect or nah? the shadow keeps throwing me off

  22. Luke says:

    Germany beats Portugal
    USA beats Ghana

    USA draws Portugal
    Germany beats Ghana

    USA draws Germany (Who will be through already. Yogi and JK workout an arrangement.)
    Doesn’t matter what Portugal does to Ghana :)

    • Mason says:

      Hopefully we can be in position to sign the Nonagression Pact of Recife.

      • A.S. says:

        Perhaps you are not aware of Germany’s compliance with nonaggression pacts? Or do we call you Mr Molotov?


  23. Increase says:

    Germany’s ball recovery after a failed cross is superb. Blah, Portugal have to collapse so deep defending there is hardly someone out of the box to recover.

  24. SoundersFan says:

    I gotta say the way Germany is moving that ball around, and the players are making their runs, this could be a contender. The tackling is impressive to, they are making Portugal look a little funny when they dive after Germany gets all ball and is standing next to them.

  25. RB says:

    My, what nice, classic kit designs Nike comes up with for some non-US teams…

  26. bryan says:

    big loss there for Portugal. Almeida replaced.

  27. Francois says:

    Portugal look very average, not too worried about our match against them. Shut down the flanks, and we can dominate the midfield.

  28. bryan says:


  29. Shawn says:

    gooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll. germany doing its job 4 us

  30. Snack Time says:

    Portugal is gonna be pissed in Manaus.

  31. Jack says:

    Portugal is not very good on set pieces,

  32. Increase says:

    I do like that the PM Merkel always makes time for the National team. Barack wouldnt bother its just not something Presidents do.

  33. Dawwilly says:

    Germany and France have shown they are quite for real despite injuries to key players. England could be there if they can convert opportunities. This is cup is of the to the best start in memory. Quite thrilling to see top players and teams play well. Except for the 1st game, the officiating has been pretty consistent. Not perfect, but better than usual. Let’s hope the tournament and the refs stay the course. #Brazilarenolongerfavorities.

  34. bryan says:


  35. SoundersFan says:

    Uh oh, PEPE is gone for USA match. :0)

  36. Will says:

    Ronaldo’s getting that sulkypuss look again.

  37. Shawn says:


  38. Wade says:

    Things are going great for the Yanks so far. No Pepe now in the next match. Germany could really run this score up.

  39. Shawn says:

    we should win vs portugal

  40. Marc says:

    Let us hope that we get similar moments of madness from Ghana.

  41. Rowsdower says:


  42. The Garrincha says:

    Just Hold it down U.S.
    We have now witnessed two teams implode.
    Honduras and Portugal.

  43. Jack says:

    Does Portugal just pull Ronaldo now?

  44. Chris says:

    What a horrible call but that works perfectly for the US

  45. Francois says:

    No Pepe vs. US hahah wow, what an idiot.

  46. Gordoninho says:

    That’s why the USMNT will eventually be better than many of these European countries. Where are the euro snobs to defend that kind of garbage? Ridiculous, but wonderful for our boys.
    I believe that we will win!

    • Paul6 says:

      Not defending the euros but I believe our own Concacaf brethren were using the same kind if shenanigans yesterday…

      • Gordoninho says:

        Fair enough. I’m just saying… Let me know when you see someone in the Stars & Stripes totally lose their mind like that.

    • Wood Chip Zip says:

      Except that Klinsmann wants the US to play “more nastier” like the Europeans and he wants our kids signing with pro clubs at young ages and not going to college so our players will eventually show a similar lack of discipline.

  47. mikeg says:

    Portugal is forgetting to play the fundamental team game.

  48. BeardedSoccer says:

    PeePee with a Red. Out for the US game. Nice headbutt.

  49. Will says:

    Pepe being gone means we lost our best chance to play Portugal 11 v. 10.

  50. Spectra says:

    Lets hope that almeida doesn’t play and Ronaldo strains that Knee some more

  51. Bitman says:

    Pepe out vs. US. Almeida out vs. US? Portugal with potentially huge goal differential issues?

    What could be better, realistically?

  52. RB says:

    Portugal definitely not mentally prepared for
    This tournament, as of yet…

    • Dawwilly says:

      They are never mentally prepared. They most likely spent half of training entertaining Brazilian co-eds.

    • Gordoninho says:

      I’m predicting further implosion for them. Mental toughness is something Americans take for granted in sports. We are raised with it whereas, Portugal will show us what the oposite of that looks like. Ronaldo knows the odds of his side advancing have plummeted – he should just exaggerate his injury to the doctors and remove himself from the rest of the tournament.

  53. Mr_A says:

    Wow. We’ll be seeing a lot of keep-away now.

  54. recovered amishman says:

    the only thing better would have been Pepe collecting red in the USA match. The little head butt at the end was the clincher,surely.

  55. Dawwilly says:

    It’s funny this game is almost partly a Madrid vs. Madrid scrimmage from two years ago with a few extras from Bayern Munich throw in.

  56. Dawwilly says:

    Pepe should try out for the Raiders. The love talented idiots who blow up team’s chances mid-way through a crucial game.

  57. Tom_in_So_IL says:

    This could get ugly…

  58. mikeg says:

    CD7 does not get back very well to defend. I think Germany will take advantage of that A LOT.

  59. Brett says:

    Ronaldo is gonna cry.

  60. Spectra says:

    3-0 before halftime. This looks to be getting very out of hand

  61. bryan says:

    lol this is amazing

  62. SoundersFan says:

    I bet Ronaldo is benched in second half to save for US game.

  63. Shawn says:

    keep scoring

  64. Justice from Brooklyn says:

    Germany looks really, really good. Jesus. Any thoughts on how we slow them down?

  65. blokhin says:

    the way this gets better is that Ronaldo can dive twice, get yellows and get suspended from the US game

  66. usaalltheway says:

    This must be the highest scoring Cup of all time. What are we at, 35 goals thus far?

    Anyone know the facts?

    Portugal’s flanks look DANGEROUS. Apart from that, I see nothing to worry about.

    Germany on the other hand looks killer. The fluid passing, especially in the attack is something to worry about. I predict they will get to the semis against Brazil.

    Today is MUST WIN for the USMNT, although I am sure everyone already knows that.

  67. XItilIdie says:

    There is no work getting done here. Trying to control outbursts at work and look busy.

  68. JayAre says:

    I missed the first half! I might have to take the month off work … How did Pepe get sent off??

    • Jack says:

      Muller goes down holding his head, Pepe thinks he’s faking so gets in his face and gives a little head butt.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      his hand (inadvertently, imo) hit mueller’s face, mueller went down holding his head, and pepe lightly headbutted him. straight red, easy call. so so stupid.

    • usaalltheway says:

      He threw his hand up in the arm on a challenge with Muller for the ball, then when Muller was on the ground, Pepe came up and shouted something in his face and kinda of head butted him.

    • Nate Dollars says:

      you know something’s true when 3 sbi commenters say pretty much the same thing.

  69. Scott e Dio93 says:

    This World Cup had worse refs.

  70. mikeg says:

    Bipedy Bopity Boop

  71. usaalltheway says:

    link to

    Did you guys hear about this? Apparently Holland’s players are being charged with doping. Check it out!

    • Paul6 says:

      That’s the only article I could find on that. I don’t think I believe it.

      • usaalltheway says:

        Well, the original source where I read it was Spanish-based.

        Do you read Spanish? I can send you that link as well.

    • KungFuSoccer says:

      Thanks. Fines only? that’s insane.

    • recovered amishman says:

      consider the source.

    • recovered amishman says:

      the link is to a fake news site. The same site has a story in which Sarah Palin says that soccer fans love terrorists. Real funny stuff. (eye roll)

      • usaalltheway says:

        Good old Fox News.

        I am guessing soccer fans are liberal then! hahaha

        No problem, I just thought I would share. Neither way, it doesn’t undo that 5-1 score!!

  72. Tom_in_So_IL says:

    I think all the concaf teams could still advance. Hoping America beats the crap out of Ghana. For christsakes why do all the teams fall for the 1st pass out of the corner. I think this World Cup is a great opportunity for the Concaf teams. This might be the best top to bottom World Cup since I’ve been alive. I’m 27.

    • Mr_A says:

      Honduras is a long shot still … and Croatia deserves some ref-love after feeding an underwhelming Brazil; I wouldn’t be too surprised if Mexico falls to both Croatia and Brazil, or ties Brazil and loses out on goal differential. The Ticos looked great, but England and Italy both looked better.

  73. mikeg says:

    Everybody says Germany looks good. They do they support off the ball by getting open and away from defenders….Bipety Bopety Boop.

  74. Snack Time says:

    Pepe is watching the game with Kaka. Should be a pretty clean game from here on out.

  75. wagner says:

    what a meltdown by Pepe.

  76. Dawwilly says:

    Nani is given further justification for Van Gaal to show him the door. #Horribledisplay. He should be sold to the Miami Heat.

  77. Shawn says:

    winning, coentreo hurt looks legit

  78. JayAre says:

    I’m not sure of what to make of this game is Germany this good or Portugal this bad.

    & it also crazy how the Seven Nation Army has caught on internationally

  79. nick says:

    now coentrao is down…definite pull of his hamstring or groin

    • Justin says:

      Could they be without Almeida, Coentrau, and Pepe for our match? Cards seem to be falling right (not that I’d wish injury on anyone’s WC).

  80. bryan says:

    brutal. Fabio out now too.

  81. Shawn says:

    kinda sad imma real madrid fan though. but could be a hernia

  82. jones says:

    Rats. I was hoping we would beat Portugal’s A lineup for more bragging rights. They are thinning out rapidly.

  83. Increase says:

    Anyone see this yet?

    Might be 3rd starter Portugal will be done if FIFA sees it.

    link to

  84. bryan says:

    so they lost Fabio and Almeida to injury and Pepe to red. YIKES.

    • Justin says:

      Now we just need Ronaldo to run himself into the ground trying to prove something, and for Germany to lay two or three more goals down.

  85. Mr_A says:

    OK, Ronaldo now has to dive for 3: himself, Coentrao, and Pepe.

    At least they are doing the job of lowering expectations for their next game.

  86. jones says:

    Germany rather lackadaisical now

    • Mason says:

      I can’t really blame them. They’re up three goals and a man. Finish up and get out of the building without any damage.

  87. nk says:

    Now Ronaldo has to go the full 90

  88. blokhin says:

    I’m getting nervous because portugal looks so bad, they are meant to mean revert next game and that would be a problem for the U.S. Also Germany is barelytrying to score now… it’s almost as if they are avoiding having to score despite Portugal leaving the left flank WIDE open-yet none of the vaunted German central mids want topass there and hit the open wing in stride….

  89. Shawn says:

    the soccer gods love ghana and the usa

  90. bryan says:

    wow, now Hummels…

  91. jones says:

    Group of Injury

    Pray for our back line!

  92. Justice from Brooklyn says:

    Portugal having a meltdown of epic, Fukushima proportions now…. Yikes.

  93. SoundersFan says:

    I think Germany has a rule, all players must touch ball with opposite foot before shooting on goal. :0)

  94. Shawn says:


  95. bryan says:

    this is amazing.

  96. Mason says:


  97. Gordoninho says:

    The Iberian Peninsula has been outscored 9-1 so far in this World Cup. It’s like they don’t even know what soccer is over there.

  98. blokhin says:

    is Muller the German Chicharito?

    he scores tons of goals yet not really a goal creator of his own-always right spot, right time

  99. Shawn says:

    its not possible we lose by 4 to germany

  100. Mr_A says:

    Take that, Holland!

  101. JayAre says:

    Seriously Portugal? LOL…. If they play like this in the Amazon we’ll railroad them. If there’s one thing I’m sure of its the fact that we have the advantage in that game. Portugal should at least trying and score one to save face.

  102. JayAre says:

    Ronaldo’s attitude is just terrible. It seems like they are trying to be the 2014 version of France/Italy

  103. Vlad says:

    Ronaldo hits a free kick into a 1 person wall….ahahahahahahahahaha cant help but lmfao at that one

  104. Stinky Pete says:

    How many step overs does Ronaldo do every time he touches the ball?

  105. run says:

    I expect Portugal will be hungry and desperate against the US. Would be a good game to score an early goal. Probably more important not give up an early goal.

    Oh, never mind… only need to worry about Ghana for the moment

  106. dave says:

    Did you all see how Germany played AFTER the red card? Calm, cool, and collected.

    Every ref who gives out a red card is always looking for an excuse to dismiss someone from the other side to keep things balanced. You have to tread lightly for at least a half hour.

    Just so controlled and professional

  107. beachbum says:

    opening PK changed everything in this game, Germany on the right end of it as usual (probably wins big anyway but we’ll never know). at least it’s in the USA’s favor too but what a soft decision to totally change the game in the 12th minute. how many like that have we already seen with no whistle in Brazil? All of them! But when it’s Germany, tweet

    Roberto Martinez and I agree…not a PK. Much more of a PK later conceded by Germany…and guess what, no tweet! gee, what a surprise

    • slyboy says:

      Germany deserved the win, but I am starting to see a common theme here. Its sad to see that players like Diego costa get away with these things. If the first Germany goal was a ok, then by all means Portugal had a a reason to get a decision their favor later on.

    • Mason says:

      I’m chalking that up to having watched 70+ minutes of Portuguese Pantomime. It shouldn’t happen, but there’s a little bit of a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” factpr/

      • slyboy says:

        Cell changed pk, to ok. Portuguese attitudes might have been poor, but Germany did just as much flopping and diving.

        • Mason says:

          They really didn’t though. They were also far less demonstrative in their dissent (being up 3 goals helps with that).

      • beachbum says:

        in the first 12 minutes of the game? boy who cried wolf? not buying it. If you’re talking about the PK conceded by Germany and not given by the ref, a PK that was actually a PK, then it’s a matter of the official’s perspective, which was already revealed in the first 12 minutes.

        as I’m sure you know, the first goal for any team in the World Cup relieves the pressure Big Time, especially for the favorites, like that pathetic call did

        • Mason says:

          Stop it. You either can’t read or you just want to argue. Look at what I said:
          1) 70+ minute
          2) Portuguese Pantomime (ie simulation)

          To which PK do you *think* I’m referring? FWIW, that probably was a penalty, but constant diving has a cost.

  108. usaalltheway says:

    This are about to get REAL!!

    The game of the cup is moments away…you guessed it…. IRAN v NIGERIA!!!!!

  109. Paul6 says:

    link to

    Woah! No essien or KPB in the starting line up for Ghana! Our midfield might have a little more space to create chances!

  110. bryan says:

    “No Essian, Boeteng, Mubarek or Waris (injured in final tune-up) in Ghana’s starting XI”

    • Mason says:

      Seriously? Are they available as subs, or have they been ruled out entirely?

    • usaalltheway says:

      Are the stars alining for the USMNT?

      If Portugal is really that bad and Ghana is without that many star players, the US should go through.

      I BELIEVE.

  111. Amru says:

    Anyone know of a good bar in okc to watch the game?

    • Mr_A says:

      I think that Mama Sinmi’s Chophouse will have the game on, but you might have to choose your colors carefully there.

      • Amru says:

        Wearing nothing but red, white, blue today. Anything else is unacceptable. Thanks for responding though

        • Mr_A says:

          Sorry, I was being snarky… that’s the wrong place to go. In SoCal, soccer bars are easy to come by. But good luck.

  112. RB says:

    Now, will the weather in Natal hold? Or are we looking at a potential #RainClasico?

  113. Pace says:

    Well that light on the camera is annoying in Iran vs Nigeria.

  114. Tony Meola says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like all Derek Rae does is say what player has the ball and what club they play for? He seldom offers and insight. It’s a shame b/c I enjoy Efan Ekoku

  115. Pace says:

    No beitashour!! Darn.

  116. Mason says:

    Yes, it is…because I clearly referred to Portuguese diving and the 70th minute. Any literate person would have known I was talking about the Portuguese penalty not given.

    Look… Back to the subject at hand: Do you not believe that constant diving will cause referees to look more skeptically at potential fouls?

  117. Tom_in_So_IL says:

    So…when is Mark Geiger’s crew Reffing a game again.

  118. usaalltheway says:

    So, Iran looks weak in defense. If Nigeria could finish, I imagine it would be 2-0 right about now.

    Which team from Africa is the strongest? Ivory Coast or Ghana?

  119. Tom_in_So_IL says:

    Soo when does Mark Geiger degree next …

  120. Shawn says:

    haha soccer gods so far loves the usa

  121. Mr_A says:

    Looks like Nigeria has better and more athletic players, but Iran might actually have a more cohesive team. On the other hand, Nigeria definitely has a better goalie. Pure suspense, as I can’t wait to see which side gives up more goals against Argentina and Bosnia.

  122. Shawn says:

    they better make a separate chat 4 usa game or comments probably crash

  123. Luke says:

    Looks like we’ll have our first draw of the 2014 World Cup. Yawn…I think this is one game I recorded that I will just delete. What a poor excuse for a World Cup game.

  124. JBMDC says:

    I thought both calls were correct. On the Germany PK, the defender was blatantly holding the German from getting to a 50/50 ball; On the later one, Portugal had already lost the ball before contact was made, so while it might be called, it shouldn’t because it didn’t prevent a scoring chance.

  125. chuck says:

    last time Portugal lost the first game, they went on to rip a new one to the opposition in the next match…just sayin’

    I hope they don’t though

  126. blokhin says:

    what are the odds JK actually goes with a straight forward “convenional wisdom” line up? He never, ever does… so forget the Jozy-Deuce-Bedoya/Zusi, Bradley, Jones, Dreads, FJ, DMB, Besler and Cameron… more likely JK will “out-smart” the opposition’s prep with something like:

    Davis Bradley Zusi
    Jones Beckerman
    Chandler Brooks Cameron FJ

    and have the fans going WTF???? I know I’ve felt that way more often than not when seeing the lineups…

  127. Ted Tran says:

    Nope reply option not working.

    It’s too bad that Demps, JJ and Jozy have gain a reputation for being divers.

  128. Mikebsiu says:

    USA win 1-0 don

  129. Cason says:

    LOL. Alexis Lalas just said that in football “you can not invade anyone’s space” referring to Pepe’s soft headbutt on Muller. Btw, that was not red, but Pepe is all to blame. Thnks God he did not play in CL final for Real Madrid.

  130. JayAre says:

    Ok no more talking and ruining up imaginary scores in our head the day of reckoning has finally come.

  131. The Garrincha says:

    Everybody have a great game, buckle up and enjoy the ride!.
    It’s ON!.

  132. The Garrincha says:

    The Deuce is loose “Beast Mode Brazil”.
    He had that stare, in the zone during the anthem.
    Go Bomb Pops!, Go Bomb Pops!, Go bomb Pops!…

  133. beachbum says:

    Stop what? you stop pretending you’re so tough behind your keyboard, if you can which I doubt

    my post was about the Germans getting calls, like the PK they didn’t deserve, and how they benefit from that all the time. That I somehow thought you were responding to that means I cannot read? I specifically addressed either scenario

    quit being such a know it all twerp for adding such little insight to the board. you’re all attitude…sizzle and no steak

    if only you had more insight to share with your volume posting. Unfortunate that you don’t but we’ll all suffer through

  134. beachbum says:

    ^^for you Mason

  135. Mason says:

    Stop replying to posts you have failed to actually read/comprehend.

    Don’t, for example, read a post that clearly is referring to a POR PK shout in the 70th minute and act like it’s actually talking about the GER PK in the 12. It makes you look like a dope. Get off the beach and into a library, .

  136. Shawn says:


  137. beachbum says:

    yep, I’m the dope.

  138. Mason says:

    When you barge headlong into a reply without reading the post you’re replying to, yeah, you are. Don’t double down on it, son.

  139. Tony Meola says:


  140. beachbum says:

    ‘in the first 12 minutes of the game? boy who cried wolf? not buying it. If you’re talking about the PK conceded by Germany and not given by the ref, a PK that was actually a PK, then it’s a matter of the official’s perspective, which was already revealed in the first 12 minutes.”

    my reply. That is barging into something? Get real. I’ll triple down on it

  141. Mason says:

    Yes… It is, because you were replying to a comment that was clearly referring to the POR penalty not given. That should have been clear. Yet you came in both guns blazing about the GER penalty in the 12th.

    On a more sport related subject: Do you disagree that constant simulation by one team will cause a referee to look at subsequent fouls against that team more skeptically? Because they absolutely do. Look at all the complaints USMNT supporters have re: Dempsey and Altidore gaining “reputations” for going down easy.

    (Site note: Is reply broken or something? )

  142. Mr_A says:

    Looks like it’s working to me. But site time is slow.

  143. Mr_A says:

    Nevermind. Reply’s not working.