SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Guillermo Ochoa

GuillermoOchoaMexico2-Brazil2014WorldCup (Getty)


The fact that Mexico has four points from their first two World Cup games is due in no small part to one player: Guillermo Ochoa.

After not knowing whether he’d even be a starter at the World Cup until just before El Tri’s opening match, Ochoa has put together two impressive performances, especially in Mexico’s scoreless draw with Brazil on Tuesday. Ochoa made a number of saves, including a couple from close range, and was an easy choice for SBI World Cup Man of the Match.

Ochoa beat out teammates Rafa Marquez, Neymar, and Julio Cesar for the honors.


What did you think of Ochoa’s performance? Which player stood out the most to you?

Share your thoughts below.

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19 Responses to SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Guillermo Ochoa

  1. Tony Meola says:

    CONCACAF 3-1-1 so far this world cup. We are representing well. There’s a chance we could get three teams through to the knockout!

  2. Jack says:

    Yeah no question

  3. bizzy says:

    So well deserved……playing offensively, being aggressive and having a quality shot stopper like Ochoa. Hats off to Mexico…..

  4. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Ochoa was Kasey Keller circa 1998 vs Brazil today…. was fun to watch.

  5. jar says:

    Neymar, neytierra, neygol.
    (neymar is pronounced in spanish “Ni Mar” meaning not by sea, so:
    Neymar, neytierra (tierra is land) neygol and you know what “gol” is.

  6. Maykol says:

    One of the better 0-0 friendlies ive seen in my life. Hope Ochoa goes to AC Milan

  7. Uncle Sam says:

    Man of the match for saving a bunch of shots made right to him? Most overated performance so far

    • MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

      No way.. you dont have to like the guy.. but that neymar header save was at full extension. Great reaction save.

    • El Comandante says:

      Why not give the man his credit. He was well positioned. You sore because Howard dove the other way because he was scared of the shot and Ghana scored?

  8. Mason says:

    Every Mexican defender owes Ochoa a beer.

  9. JMart says:

    Ochoa was really great in goal today. Some top notch stops. Definitely MoM performance and one of the best individual performances of the tourney so

    • Ali Dia says:

      +1. I had not been sold on Ochoa so much before today… but that was a big boy performance. Early though it is, no doubt he is the clubhouse leader for the GK spot in the all all-WC first team. Mexico still have work to do against Croatia, but they will have run quite a guantlet if they find their way through to the knockout stage. Panama would probably not have fared so well out there today.

  10. KingGoogleyEye says:

    Wait—which Guillermo Ochoa? ‘Cause there had to have been, like, four of them in the match I watched.