World Cup: USA vs. Ghana (SBI Live Match Commentary)



NATAL, Brazil — The U.S. Men’s National Team is back in action at the World Cup today, and a familiar foe awaits as the Americans take on Ghana for the third straight World Cup (6pm, ESPN).

The U.S. will look to snap a two-match losing streak against a Ghana said that has eliminated the Americans from the past two World Cups.

The Americans enter the match riding a three-match winning streak after rolling through their World Cup send-off series undefeated. It was a run that saw a likely starting lineup come together, as Jurgen Klinsmann put the finishing touches on a defense he will trot out to stop Ghana’s dangerous attack.

SBI will be providing live commentary from the match, so please feel free to follow along. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s live commentary is after the jump):

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234 Responses to World Cup: USA vs. Ghana (SBI Live Match Commentary)

  1. froboy says:

    No Essien or Boateng in the starting lineup

  2. Maggs says:

    How do you see essien and boeteng’s a sense changing this match?

  3. hashmaluum says:

    How accurate is this? And how much does this help us?

    link to

  4. Tom_in_So_IL says:

    They’ll come on in the 2nd half.

  5. Kwesi Anorful says:

    Hahahahaha. Let’s do the talking on the field. Go Blackstars go!!!!!!

    • EvertonBrian says:

      I can’t wait to talk smack to you in a few hours.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Commenting on a BLOG in your OPPONENTS country = no life. Ghana could win 10-0 and I would still feel bad for you.

      • Kwesi Anorful says:

        WHY???? Lorenzo

      • Joamiq says:

        SBI is on the internet, not in a country. Be polite and respectful to opposing fans as long as they don’t troll.

        • Lorenzo says:

          SBI is accessible across the world, yes. But it’s out of the USA. It is an American soccer blog. I am putting what I have to say polite, as there are much more rude ways I could put it or say.

          I am always polite and respectful to opposing fans. But I don’t go stand in their middle of their group and start chanting USA. That would be rude.

          • Kwesi Anorful says:

            Then I don’t see why a handful of supporters travel with their team when they are playing an away game.

        • bizzy says:


    • Chris says:

      Hahahahhaha, you’ve been doing all the talking here though son.

      We will crush you on that field.

    • Marcelo Balboa's Mustache says:

      Hey Kwesi, are you surprised that Essien and KPB are not in the lineup? Or is that something that was expected in Ghana?

  6. David M says:

    Won’t be surprised to see all Germans in the starting lineup.

    Also, the win over Nigeria doesn’t look so good now. Nigeria and Iran are atrocious.

    • usaalltheway says:

      Nigeria can’t finish. That is their problem. They should have scored multiple times in the first half.

    • Kwesi Anorful says:

      Nigeria is a disgrace to African football. They cannot score against Iran. No wonder the US scored them 2-1.

    • Bac says:

      All Germans in the starting lineup?
      It’s game day and you’re predicting all Germans…

      I BELIEVE!!!

    • Will Smith says:

      But all the good Germans are going to be knackered after whupping Portugal!

    • RB says:

      “Won’t be surprised to see all Germans in the starting lineup.”

      Well of course: that’s the main rule very team at the WC has to follow, you know. But you’re either confused or several hours behind, as the Germany–Portugal result is in, and this is the USA–Ghana match coming up now.

  7. Troy says:

    Is this the team the USMNT beat just 2 – 1 ?

    • Lorenzo says:

      Friendly. World Cup games are going to be different, for Nigeria but also for the USA. Look at Portugal trash Ireland and then look at today. Hard to make too much of pre World Cup friendlies, USA players had said this multiple times.

  8. kmac014 says:

    Ghana Starting XI

    Adam Kwarasey

    Daniel Opare

    Kwadwo Asamoah

    Jonathan Mensah

    John Boye

    Rabiu Mohammed

    Christian Atsu

    Sulley Muntari

    Jordan Ayew

    Asamoah Gyan

    Andre Ayew

  9. Troy says:

    USMNT – Howard, Bradley, Besler, Beasley, Dempsey (c), Bedoya, Jones, Beckerman, Altidore, Cameron, Johnson

    • Gio Geo says:

      imagine being told in 2010 that beckerman was starting in world cup 2014. no one saw that one coming…..

  10. Vlad says:

    This is the exact same lineup as Nigeria no?

  11. Troy says:

    Now let the game begin

  12. Cason says:

    Go USA. Fire Klinsmann. RIP Tony Gwynn.

  13. Tony Meola says:

    Nobody respond to anything Kwesi Anorful says. He is a troll and is not worth your time. Let’s keep the comments educated everyone and good luck to our boys!

  14. PD says:


  15. JayAre says:

    Ok no more talking and ruining up imaginary scores in our head the day of reckoning has finally come.

  16. Tony Meola says:


  17. Kwesi Anorful says:

    I will congratulate the US team if they win after 90 minutes, but that will be very hard this evening for the US team. I am an adult and will not insult anyone even if am insulted. Thanks.

    • PD says:

      kwensi- My respect for your team is borne out of having my heart broken by them. Twice. I will cheer for them as the shining stars of Africa on any other night. But tonite, I sing and stomp and chant and scream for the RED WHITE and BLUE!!!!!!!!!

  18. Scott A says:

    Put me on the field; I’m ready to go nuts.

  19. The Other Jeff says:

    “There she blows! – there she blows! – there she blows! There again! -there again!” he cried, in long-drawn, lingering, methodic tones, attuned to the gradual prolongings of the whale’s invisible jets. “He’s going to sound! In stunsails! Down top-gallant sails! Stand by three boats. Mr. Starbuck, remember, stay on board, and keep the ship. Helm there! Luff, luff a point! So; steady, man, steady! There go flukes! No, no, only black water! All ready the boats there? Stand by, stand by! Lower me, Mr. Starbuck; lower, lower, -quick, quicker!” and he slid through the air to the deck.

    “He is heading straight to leeward, sir,” cried Stubb, “right away from us; cannot have seen the ship yet.”

    “Be dumb, man! Stand by the braces! Hard down the helm! -brace up! Shiver her! -shiver her! -So; well that! Boats, boats!”

    Soon all the boats but Starbuck’s were dropped; all the boat-sails set – all the paddles plying; with rippling swiftness, shooting to leeward; and Ahab heading the onset.

  20. BDWG says:

    I Believe
    I Believe that
    I Believe that we will win
    I Believe that we will win
    I Believe that we will win!

  21. Jesse says:

    Do we have a list of our available subs, or are they all available?

  22. OPAXO says:


    • Gill King says:

      @OPAXO.. We will be missing Mr. Donovan far less than you could have ever missed Mr. Zusi. Go USA!

      • OPAXO says:

        Mr Zusi should come and claim his check at Televisa, they surely owe him a lot of money. As for him, I am indifferent.

        • Francois says:

          If it wasn’t for him, your team and your country wouldn’t be at this World Cup.

  23. emma says:

    we’ve longed for long for the game to kick start. USA desperately wants a revenge and will be firing at all cylinders whiles Ghana wud luv to do a 3 on u guys.great line up from Ghana, be wary of atsu,de ayews ,gyan and muntari. sorry guys, u just can’t beat Ghana.. lol

  24. manicmessiah says:

    I thought I was ready… then I heard Jack Bauer narrate the opening.

  25. Coach says:

    I can see there is decorum here, this clearly shows the respect we have for the two countries. As a Ghanaian, l will like Ghana to win, but may the better side win

  26. Landy Cakes says:

    Holy crap, here we go here we go here we go.

  27. Timber Danny says:

    America, F*** Yeah!!

  28. Kwesi Anorful says:

    Marcello, I am not surprise at all. These guys will come in after the break when the US team is tired. Essien has tired legs though and believe the young guys can do the running better than him. Second half will be better for Essien. My opinion.

  29. Ga1atic0 says:

    I BELIEVE !!!

  30. EspinDOHla says:


  31. JayAre says:

    So lets hope Jozy bends his knees in the team picture.

  32. JayAre says:

    I think I just saw the witch doctor in the crowd

  33. Adrian Zahir says:

    Let’s go USA!!!!!!!!

  34. Shawn says:

    Witch doctor did work on portugal mainly but hurt germany too

  35. Kwesi Anorful says:

    Hey, my eyes are on game. See you after 2nd half.

  36. Shawn says:


  37. Ali Dia says:


  38. Shawn says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. JayAre says:

    Goallllllll Dempsey!!!!111!!!!!!

  40. atleticodemadridfan says:


  41. Jack says:

    decent start… haha

  42. Mikey K says:

    FACK YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. matt in japan says:

    USA USA USA 7 am here in Japan, and Ive never been happier

  44. Edmondo says:

    Shut up Taylor! Don’t Jinx

  45. matt in japan says:

    my friend on a long train commute is asking for a feed. Any ideas?

  46. Patrick2 says:

    US is giving up the ball too easy with long pass attempts.

  47. JayAre says:

    I’ve never been more nervous for a USMNT game.

  48. Tony Meola says:


  49. Shawn says:


    come on AJ

  50. Jamie Z. says:

    Oh, God. Where’s Terrence Boyd?

  51. Jack says:


  52. cformusic says:

    time to samba AJ

  53. Shawn says:


    i really hop altidore is ok. YOU GUYS GOT YOUR WISH FOR DONAVON YOU HAPPY?

  54. chris_thebassplayer says:

    We need some possession badly…Ghana targeting Beas’ side trying to isolate him…stressing our coverage having to continually rotate over.

  55. JayAre says:

    What happened?? How? Jozy???? Why???? I can’t believe this. This guy was suppose to be our goal getter this WC

  56. Shawn says:

    thats a fucccckkkkking red card

  57. Jack says:

    need to just get to half with this score line, and then sort a few things out

  58. Shawn says:

    bradley needs to play better

  59. Paul says:

    USA is NOT looking good. They cannot maintain possession.

    • Luke says:

      I agree. They are not possessing, passing good. Despite the lead Ghana is dictating the game. Only thing saving us it Ghana is horrible in the final third. JK needs to ream the guys out.

  60. Tony Meola says:

    That’s another yellow that doesn’t get called.

  61. Silversurfer says:

    ESPN will have a reason to ask that question at half…

  62. Ga1atic0 says:

    Beasley need to be subbed anyone else agree?

    • Tony Meola says:

      He’s been the weak link, but Chandler makes me even more nervous

      • Shawn says:

        noooooooooo nope i like him

      • Anthony says:

        This is what sucks. If Cherundolo was healthy we could have moved Fabian to the left. I still don’t know why we did not bring a back up to Jozy (Boyd or Johnson). Sorry…but I I just don’t buy into Wondolowski.

  63. Mr_A says:

    Wow… We’re lucky he crossed inside instead of running in for one-on-one.

  64. Chris says:


    Also, we NEED to do something different in front of Beasley. Put Zusi on and tell him to freaking stand there.

  65. Jack says:

    So nervous right now, we can play so much better then this I hope

  66. Dudester says:

    Klinsi needs to switch Jones to Beckermans spot.Bring on Zusi in Jones Spot and a straight swap for Beas and Chandler.Beas is not physical enough to put a body on Atsu.

  67. Jeff Carter says:

    Maa, the meatloaf!

  68. cformusic says:

    Landon wit dat “they” talk..smh

  69. Jack says:

    Sounds like Brooks is coming on

  70. Cason says:

    After the goal, USMNT reverted to World Cup mentality…score, bunker down and relinquish possession. They need to maintain more possession otherwise is just a matter of time.

  71. KrankyKoot says:

    US making a bad team look good. Long passes just turning it over. Bradley needs to get in the game

    • Paul says:

      Ghana is a GOOD team. Their ranking is way off. They have one of the better midfields in the tournament/world. Think about this, they are not even starting Kevin Prince Boateng and Michael Essien. They are deeper than USA.

      • KrankyKoot says:

        Sorry but a good team would have taken advantage of the many opportunities they had tonight. Glad they didn’t.

  72. KungFuSoccer says:

    So did the Ghana player put his hand on the neck of jones or did I imagine that?f

  73. espada says:

    US has got to change their approach or Ghana will take advantage of their possession eventually.

  74. Ted Tran says:

    Dayum ruff game so far…

  75. Vince says:

    We can talk about formations for months but we all know that when the important games start we bunker and counter attack. Always.

  76. Shawn says:

    come on brooks!!

  77. fischy says:

    This game is showing how/why the USA is missing Donovan.

    With the three center mids, Bedoya is in for set piece kicks, and that ain’t happening. With Zusi and Davis there, I thought, well, there’s two guys who are as good or better on the set piece kicks. The USA lives and dies on set pieces….except with this lineup, we won’t. And you can’t play Davis against Ghana because he’s too slow. Donovan can play Ghana — he had a great game 4 years ago. This is something we’re seriously missing. We can’t match Ghana when the ball is in play, but on set pieces, we should be able to score…if there’s someone to set ‘em up. Bedoya ain’t that guy.

  78. Finn says:

    Team playing so much better under the genius Klinnsman, I seem to remember a lot more possession against Ghana in both last World Cups.

    Maybe Julian Green will save the day. Because you know Donovan is not really good enough for this team.

    Klinnsman is a fraud!

  79. JayAre says:

    Whats up with these guys cramping up? What was all that so called intense training for? No Cameron and Brooks at CB? This is getting scary.

  80. Gio Geo says:

    Bradley’s pass so far behind and over head of bedoya, he managed to injure befoya

  81. Paul says:

    Game is getting dangerous! Boateng is coming on. Ghana is DEEP!

  82. Uncle Sam says:

    Despite winning we are playing terrible can’t pass the ball at all Bradley picked a great time to play his worst game

    • Ted Tran says:

      It’s obvious by now that he shrinks in important games.

      • chuck says:

        Well it was obvious the day he moved to a team which won’t play many important games

    • Landy Cakes says:

      yeah this is insane. i’ve never seen us play this bad even against Ukraine….

    • Landy Cakes says:

      I din’t know if its over training, the if the nerves i don’t know. the whole team seems to be breaking down or losing their mind. every pass is miss timed, over weighted, no idea. there’s just so much pressure to beat ghana.

  83. Luke says:

    Aside from Howard, everyone should get a below average grade. We are playing like Greece.

  84. Mr_A says:

    Ok, bring on Portugal! If we win this, I’m buying a lottery ticket…

  85. Dunno says:

    Bradley is awful tonight.. let’s hope he redeems himself at some point in the last 25 minutes.

  86. Fred says:

    Who will be the 3rd US sub?

  87. Realfan says:

    Is jones the only real man on this team? Besides Howard he is the only one making any impact….

  88. Tony Meola says:

    Worst game of Bradley’s career. He has been one of the worst players on the field

  89. Francois says:

    Ghana flops and complains so much. Unreal.

  90. soundersdude says:

    No. Not graham suzi!

  91. JayAre says:

    Jermaine Jones I just can’t say enough about how good he’s played today. Please keep it up.

  92. Luke says:

    So much for great conditioning of the US players we kept hearing about.

  93. KingGoogleyEye says:

    Aagh! Sorry guys, I don’t know if I can keep watching; I just pulled my hamstring.

  94. JayAre says:

    We’ve got to stay organized that’s all that can save us in this game.

  95. Realfan says:


  96. JayAre says:

    How’s everyone holding up? I can’t handle the pressure

  97. Landy Cakes says:


  98. espada says:

    To be honest, a draw would be the worst case scenario for both teams.

  99. Tab says:

    Absolutely terrible goalkeeping by Howard. Left huge opening on the near post.

    Wonderfully worked by Ghana. But it’s not the first time that Timmy got his angles wrong.

    • BCE says:

      You apparently never played goalkeeper. because if you did…you must have been awful due t your lack of knowledge of the position.

  100. RB says:

    We were never going to hold Ghana scoreless the entire game without much better possession and focus…

  101. JayAre says:

    The chemistry on that Ghana goal was unbelievable smh

  102. espada says:

    Brooks you stud.

  103. Shawn says:

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu brooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkssssssssssssss <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333333333333333

  104. Landy Cakes says:


  105. RB says:

    And there’s the second goal we were always going to need! From a guy many didn’t think should be on the roster.

  106. Luke says:

    OMG!!!!! Brooks!!!!

  107. Tab says:

    Holy smokes. Heart attacks.

  108. Mikey K says:


  109. JAB says:

    All that, plus Brooks got cap tied today!

  110. JayAre says:

    Goallllll!!!!!! I’m naming my kids John Anthony Brooks. I love you bro I love you bro I love you bro. You can have my sister!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  111. JayAre says:

    5 minutes extra time what the hell!!!!

  112. espada says:

    Someone hold me.

  113. Shawn says:


  114. Kwesi Anorful says:


  115. Francois says:

    Yessssssssss! Where you at Ghanains?!?

  116. Shawn says:

    the German American’s and tim howard showed the most heart. also dempsey

    • Paul says:

      I know. The best field player was Jones. He was everywhere! Brooks cried when he scored…but yeah, he’s not an American.

    • Tom_in_So_IL says:

      If we beat Portugal do we start all the guys born in GER or at least get them in the game.

  117. fischy says:

    I just want to say that I was saying all over the internet that Zusi needed to come on for Bedoya so we could get a set piece goal.

    • Diego's Maradoughnuts says:

      Here is your prize. The USA won and it was awesome. Not personalized, I know… but it’s still nice. Isn’t it?

  118. ikidas says:

    I think i died

  119. JB says:


  120. gangof4 says:

    Great team effort. Wasn’t pretty but three points is three points. John Brooks thank you……

  121. Punk Soccer says:

    Thank GAWD!!!

    (We coulda blown them out without all that bunkering, but I’ll take it.)

    • Paul says:

      How? We were not linking/connecting passes. If we did that, we would have been slit open by Ghana

  122. Chris says:



  123. Shawn says:

    damn i think i lost 10 pounds

  124. Byrdman says:

    Can we just call them Americans during the tournament. I know that they have spent large amounts of time in other countries, but they are playing the guts out for the US. Great game Jones, great finish Brooks.

  125. espada says:

    Ok. Now to Portugal and Manaus. If we get a win somehow and Germany beat Ghana, we’re set guys.

  126. JayAre says:

    Klinsmann is a genius he’s done what the past 2 coaches can’t do. And bring Brooks to the WC was absolute genius!!!!

  127. JayAre says:

    Bring on Portugal

  128. KrankyKoot says:

    Happy with the win but not happy with the play. This was not the same team that was in Jacksonville last week. Just wondering if they were over trained. Several injuries and they looked tired for most of the game.

  129. MLS_Soccer_Talker says:

    Portugal not gonna be easy.

  130. Troy says:

    CONGRATS! Guys. We may meet another time. Such a sweet revenge!

  131. sabir says:

    awesome win long time coming. Ghana is extremely good and tough, wish them well as long as it’s not at our expense

  132. BCE says:

    Will say it again. Only in America can you win a World Cup in dramatic fashion and have people still whining.