Besler confirms transfer bids from Sunderland and Fulham

Matt Besler


Matt Besler’s stock is at an all-time high following an impressive World Cup campaign with the United States. His options? Equally so.

Wednesday the Sporting Kansas City defender and captain confirmed two of at least 10 clubs in England and Germany bidding for his talents.

“I know that Fulham has offered to Kansas City and I know that Sunderland put in an offer or are putting in an offer,” Besler told Sports Radio 810whb.

“We’re trying to get something done as soon as possible. It’s a situation which needs to get resolved. I want to be staying in Kansas City if I’m going to stay. But if they’re going to sell me, then I want to know as soon as possible. It’s not just my decision. It’s the club’s decision if they want to sell or not. But I would definitely have an input on a team.”

Besler returned to his regular duties for Sporting KC on Saturday in Montreal and Wednesday in Columbus, going the full 90 minutes in both matches. The 27-year-old’s contract is set to expire after the 2015 season.

Besler impressed scouts at the World Cup, turning in several strong performances in the heart of a U.S. defense that stood up well against some of the world’s best players.


What do you think of these developments? Like the idea of Besler joining Altidore at Sunderland? Think he should stay in MLS rather than join a League Championship team?

Share your thoughts below.

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45 Responses to Besler confirms transfer bids from Sunderland and Fulham

  1. Charlie N. says:

    Go man go.

    • Josh D says:

      Between those two mentioned, I’d take Sunderland. They have an aging back-line that could use him. He could start if he gets into pre-season fast enough.

      Kansas will always be there for Besler, but a chance to play in Europe at his age will only come this year.

      Take it!

  2. FRANK says:


  3. Blane says:

    Stay at MLS. Sunderland/Fulham too insecure for league position. In MLS, you can get the same (if not better) playing conditions/skill level as League Championship.

    • Torvald Coolguy says:

      The cash will be different though. At 27 this is Besler’s best chance for a cash grab move. Considering it is the beginning of a new WC cycle, he could try, fail and come back to SKC if that’s what became necessary. However at 31 he’ll be too old for a big money move. I would love to see Besler get a fair shot at the best clubs in Europe, but if the best offer is Fullham/Sunderland, I think he should get paid.

      • Anthony says:

        I agree with you. He has a limited timeframe to make money. He has to get paid now (and improve as well). On the low end, he shoudl get at least 2 million a season at Sunderland. Unless SKC can match (which history says they won’t), he should leave.

    • loosek says:

      He’s maxed out at KC. Europe, even the English League Championship, is a MUCH higher level of competition than MLS is right now (relegation/promotion fights, lots of young talent from around the world fighting for spots, etc.). Much better for his to leave for $ and a better level of competition than to stay and be polluted by the BS that Vermes is pushing.

      • slowleftarm says:

        Championship is not a “much” higher level of competition than MLS. Comparable or maybe a bit better at most.

        • Josh D says:

          The depth and quality of the Championship is bigger than MLS. The training grounds, the staff, the money, even opportunities.

          We, MLS, still don’t compare.

  4. abe says:

    No please not fulham. Sunderland is killing jozy. Id be interested to know the german clubs

    • Increase0 says:

      I would prefer a German team but as a CB I don’t have trouble with him chasing money.

      Defense is the one thing they know how to do in England. However, Besler doesn’t like to rely on emergency defending. It’s a toss up to me. Germany unless the pay is just that much better in the UK. 27 isn’t young anymore.

  5. Jesse says:

    Wasn’t this old news? I read several reports that Sunderland denied interest. Fulham is possible, but why go to championship. We will see him on TV even less than when he plays in mls.

    • kctc says:

      Sunderland Echo article from 7/16 confirmed Poyet’s interest at Sunderland

      • Jesse says:

        Weird there are numerous reports including one on the echo saying the opposite. Must be poyet using his inner klinnsman to throw off the competition.

      • Jesse says:

        Early morning report says likelihood is 2/10.

  6. Mike says:

    Geoff Cameron plays for Stoke, not Sunderland.

  7. espada says:

    Sunderland might be good for him since he doesn’t have to score goals and he’ll get experience defending against world class players, if they really are interested. Hope a nice Bundesliga club comes calling, though.

    • FAYLE says:

      Stupid. No upside at either. Blunderland or the Jags owner. A festival of garbage… how does one choose?

      Stay home or wait for something better.

      • FAYLE says:

        ESPADA sorry not directed at you.

      • Nate says:

        +2 for the handle too.

      • FulhamDC says:

        There’s never going to be a better offer than right now. No one in Europe will pay attention to the Gold Cup, they might if he excelled in the Copa America in 2016, but he’ll be 29 then. Khan is splashing the cash at Fulham, he’ll get paid and Fulham are the bookies choice to go right back up.

  8. BFT says:

    GO. Seriously man, do it! This is exactly the right time, go on and challenge yourself!

  9. SE says:

    The coolest part about this is even though Besler and I have never met I was able to get a rider written into his MLS contract stipulating that me and and friend had to go with him if he were to be sold to a foreign club. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a quiet country town. Bes: I’d love access to some mass transporation, though. Thanks dude!

  10. MikeG says:

    Be careful of scrub teams in England.

  11. Colt says:

    Sunderland would be a good fit. Would be a great place for him to cut his teeth and grow as a player. Will get to face some of the best attackers in the world week in and week out. Just because Jozy struggled there doesn’t mean Besler will. Sunderland needs a good CB to pair with Brown. Regardless, he definitely needs to leave MLS.

  12. Dan says:

    When your stock has risen to the likes of Fulham, you know you’re making it big. In all seriousness, you don’t go somewhere unless it really is the right fit. I’m sure there will be other suitors after the season is through. Take your time making the right decision.

    • Anthony says:

      All else the same, I agree with you. However, when you could at least 10X your current salary, you leave. He literally only has 4/5 years at his top level then he drops off. I agree, try to get the best situation, but if this is it, YOU LEAVE.

    • Andy in Atlanta says:

      you mean the team that played in the Europa Cup final less than a half a decade ago? The team with an owner that just spent 19 million dollars on a striker has 2 other players in Ruiz and Mitroglu that are valued at 10 million dollars a piece….

      Fulham has an owner that wants to bounce directly back up to the Premier League…

  13. mikeg says:

    So much drama in soccer press about what English team is after some foreign player. English teams have to buy. They certainly do not sell.

  14. CSD says:

    I think a move to Hull City would be the most comfortable for him. He is a KC guy through and through and he could go the EPL and if plays at Hull City half his games will still be played in the KC Stadium.

  15. Shane says:

    Heard Villa might be interested as well but haven’t heard anything about that. Playing 4 years with Guzan would be a nice bonus.

  16. Jon says:

    Hopefully he gets Sunderland. Fulham was relegated, and aside from being just awful, I don’t think they’ll earn promotion this year.

  17. beto says:

    At least Freiberg and Sunderland are 1st division!

    Fulham isn’t going to be the EPL for a while and I haven’t seen the English championship revolutionize Tim Ream’s (or any other USA international for a long time) game or help him get any USA caps.

    If you take away the prospect of promotion MLS > English Championship

    Can believe that I am excited about another American going to perennial losers like Sunderland or Freiberg but they would both be good landing spots for him.

  18. BamaMan says:

    Go to Sunderland and they can become my #1 EPL team. I think it would help Jozy to have another American there.

  19. Mo says:

    Like Steve Miller (and M.Bradley) said , “take the money and run”