Dynamo sign DaMarcus Beasley

DaMarcusBeasleyUSMNTCamp (ISIPhotos.com)

The Houston Dynamo’s trade to acquire the top spot in the MLS Allocation Order figured to mean the arrival of a U.S. Men’s National Team player, and it didn’t take long to find out that the player in question was none other than veteran DaMarcus Beasley.

The Dynamo announced the signing of Beasley on Tuesday afternoon, just a few hours after completing the deal that sent midfielder Warren Creavalle to Toronto FC in exchange for the top spot in the MLS Allocation Order, which gave Houston the opportunity to sign Beasley.

Beasley joins the Dynamo as a Designated Player, Houston’s third along with Oscar Boniek Garcia and Alex Lopez.

The first American to play in four World Cups, Beasley is coming off an outstanding performance at the 2014 World Cup, and gives the Dynamo another dangerous left-footed weapon to go with Brad Davis and Corey Ashe. Beasley’s arrival could free up Davis to play in a central midfield role, as well as spelling Ashe at left back as well.

The Dynamo are in dire need of help, sitting in ninth place in the MLS Eastern Conference. Houston is currently four points out of a playoff spot, and is winless in eight straight matches (posting an 0-6-2 record during that stretch).

Beasley returns to MLS after a career that has seen him play in the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Germany and most recently Mexico. A standout with the Chicago Fire during his first stint in MLS, Beasley moved to Dutch power PSV Eindhoven, where he enjoyed some of his most success on the club level. He would spend the next decade overseas before most recently deciding to return to the league where his career began.

What do you think of Beasley’s move to Houston? Think he can help the Dynamo reach the playoffs?

Share your thoughts below.

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32 Responses to Dynamo sign DaMarcus Beasley

  1. malkin says:

    Starting right away? Can he play in All-Star game?

  2. Kmac014 says:

    Saw it was for 2.5 years and he signed a dp contract. Anyone know how much he’s getting?

    • well they were drunk says:

      No less than 400 K and no more than 800 K

      why didn’t Chicago just bring him home?

      so stupid. maybe he wanted to retire with the FIRE.

  3. Duke says:

    Guess that WC performance didn’t help his career that much. Houston was the best he could do? OMG

    • chris says:

      I can’t tell if you’re joking…….

    • nato says:

      he was playing in Mexico.

      surprised he ddn’t re-up or sign with a bigger club there. i think he was making 4-500 K a year there which is 3.6-4 million pesos?

  4. Garber's Penny loafers says:

    So, I’ll be the first to say it…

    DMB is a Designated Player, yet the Dynamo still had to trade to the top of the allocation order to get him. Why didn’t Toronto FC or Seattle have to do the same to sign two certain USMNT DP’s named Bradley and Dempsey?

    Guess the rule is “USMNT DP’s that Garber wants to place on a certain team don’t go through allocation” rather than “USMNT DP’s don’t go through allocation.”

    • Kmac014 says:

      Yeah I was wondering y he had to go through the allocation process since he’s a dp. Rules don’t make sense

      • UnionFan says:

        Because just like Philly with Edu, Houston is not Seattle nor Toronto!

        MLS rules come down to 2 plain facts:

        1) If you are Seattle, LA Galaxy, or Toronto, there are no rules!
        2) If you are anybody else, we make up rules on the fly to go against you!

        MLS Rule Committee

    • chris says:

      Because he is no where near the level of Dempsey and Bradley.

    • bryan says:

      they actually stayed within their own rules this time. here is why:

      with Dempsey and Bradley, we of course learned that DP’s aren’t subject to the allocation order. with Edu coming back on loan, MLS magically decided that if MLS does not spend money on a transfer, the player will be subject to allocation. so sure enough Philly had to trade up and get the allocation spot despite Edu being a DP. with Beasley’s move, as a free agent, MLS is not spending any money on a transfer. so, like Edu, he would be subject to allocation.

      the roster rules and regulations says returning US players who are DPs must meet a “certain threshold-as determined by the League,” to avoid allocation. obviously this leaves it up to MLS to just about whatever they want. but at least they were consistent here. we can now assume that an American coming back to MLS on either a free transfer or on loan results in not meeting this “threshold” and is thus subject to allocation.

  5. Umlaut says:

    What position is he expected to play?

    • ZZToppppp says:

      I think wide left with Davis pinching in and playing centrally.

    • IndyElevenFan says:

      When he was back in Indy for an XI game, he proclaimed he was a “left back.”

    • The Imperative Voice says:

      If he doesn’t play back then we haven’t addressed the problem area and you can flush the season. It would also render our apparent pursuit of another M this window even more pointless (why sign one if we have Davis and Clark inside….suggests Davis LM and Beasley LB, which is how it should be).

      If you play DmB LB then he can cover Davis and overlap with quality crossing. If you play DmB LM then someone awful like Ashe keeps a job and you diminish the technical quality of the left side. This is really a no brainer — or at least should be — the question is who do we get next to play where. We really need a F and 1-2 CBs. But I hear we’re shopping Ms, which is the surplus area.

  6. nato says:

    does this make Beasley the first African American DP?


  7. bob says:

    trades,,,allocation order,,,,what a dumb league,

    I’m done with this league until there is free agency and no single entity.

    • El naranja says:

      You’ll be gone forever.

      See ya!!

    • Gary Page says:

      Many of the lesser clubs in the major European leagues are losing money, some are near bankruptcy. England is moving toward a salary cap. Unless some sheik comes in a buys a team, the same teams dominate year in and year out in the top European leagues. MLS is doing some things right.

      • reiter says:

        i agree. i live in Germany, and unless Dortmund recovers, it’ll be Bayern Munich running away with the league…again. But even if Dortmund puts together a decent challenge, it’s prolly at best a two-horse race. It’s boring.

  8. Good signing but dynamo need new blood in centre of defense.

  9. Ah says:

    Not DP worthy.

  10. beto says:

    Houston need this and he should be a good fit there.

    Not bad.. If they can get Lopez working might be a pretty good attack.

  11. Bean says:

    Love this move.