Must-See Video: Mike Magee’s Day Off

Mike Magee

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28 Responses to Must-See Video: Mike Magee’s Day Off

  1. Reg Chapman says:

    This is great

    • Mark says:

      OMG I’m in love with Sydney Leroux! So gorgeous! Did you see her tweets from the @espys account last night? Daaaaaaaaaaang!

  2. William the Terror says:

    Am I mistaken, or was Hope Solo actually sober?

  3. Bart says:

    I loved all the cameos. Favorite was when he grabbed the drink out of Bruce Arena’s hand as he ran through the yard!

  4. Eggbert says:

    Anyone have any info on this Silverbacks to Birmingham or Hamilton rumor?

    link to

  5. jack says:

    Missed Jimmy Conrad’s cameo – when is it?

  6. TheFrenchOne says:

    This is genius. Well done. and 1,000,000 better than any Adidas world cup commercial with robots…

  7. CeezNYRB says:

    Absolutely excellent subtle touch on turning the green preview screen into a soccer pitch!! Missed that the first time around.

  8. ButlerBob says:

    I like Hope Solo as the evil sister. LOL

  9. reignman says:

    link to

    Those are the bloopers, pretty funny as well.

  10. Ryan says:

    This is hilarious and amazing and well done! Makes me want to maybe go to an MLS game at some point

  11. NIck says:

    More of this.

  12. Felix says:

    Sydney Leroux…………….

  13. Tweaked says:

    Clint Mathis needs to lay off the Rice-A-Roni. wow.

  14. EspinDOHla says:

    Bravo KickTV!!!!

    Donovan would have been great as Ben Stein’s economics teacher character. :)

  15. Brad M says:

    More of this. Very well done. It’s difficult to get athletes to show this type of personality, and we really don’t get to see it from most sports. But MLS pulled it off and I’m surprised.

  16. curva sud says:

    Great work Will Kuhns!