Howard gives his take on FIFA 15, Chicharito, and more

Soccer: World Cup-USA vs Portugal

Photo by USA Today Sports Images

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14 Responses to Howard gives his take on FIFA 15, Chicharito, and more

  1. AMPhibian says:

    What are your thoughts about fruit candy covered in chili powder?

  2. dude1 says:

    He makes a good point about FIFA helping noobs become educated about the sport.

    I remember years and years ago, playing a soccer video game, and discovering all the Serie A, EPL, and La Liga teams. Before then, I was mostly just a DC United fan and USMNT team fan, but I’m sure just as many players get educated about MLS through the FIFA games. So I think he’s right, an underappreciated avenue for noobs to learn and become involved.

  3. JakeTheSnake says:

    It’s true…the game has educated people. I had no idea about European teams a few years ago. I knew ManU, Inter, Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc, but that was about it. Now I get up on Saturday mornings to watch EPL games, and look forward to Bundesliga games being shown in the US soon.

  4. Gill King says:

    I’m too old and blind to play video games, but I have to thankfully say that I feel as though I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information that is making me truly enjoy world class and lower level soccer by reading so many of you avid soccerheads. Thanks for this friends!

  5. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    FIFA doesn’t just educate people about the sport, but it makes people fans of the sport. I can’t give FIFA enough credit for that. It has turned some of my most staunch “anti-soccer” friends into full-fledged soccer supporters.

    • Sean357 says:

      What he said. My country boy Cousin from Louisiana comes over sees FIFA and tells me him and all his frat brothers at Uni in Arkansas play all the time. People who would have never been soccer fans get into the game by understanding it through playing FIFA.

  6. Luke says:

    My brother has become a really knowledgeable and passionate Chelsea fan. This originated simply as him juxtaposing Manchester United when he played against me on FIFA. Now he’s taking long lunches getting drunk and watching the World Cup. So proud