Johnson sets up game-winner in Moenchengladbach debut



Talk about making a good first impression.

Fabian Johnson wasted no time in introducing himself to Borussia Moenchengladbach fans, assisting on the winner in his debut for the German club on Thursday. Johnson helped give Moenchengladbach a 3-2 victory over FK Sarajevo when he found teammate Branimir Hrgota for the decisive tally in the 73rd minute of the first leg of the two sides’ UEFA Europa League play-off in Sarajevo.

After sitting out the weekend’s DFB Pokal triumph against Homburg, the U.S. Men’s National Team fullback earned a start at right back, went the distance and did his part in breaking a 2-2 deadlock that would have made it anybody’s series going into the return leg in Germany.

Before meeting the Bosnian club again next Thursday, Johnson is likely to take part in the Foals’ Bundesliga opener on Sunday against visiting VfB Stuttgart.

Impressed to see Johnson make such an impact so quick? Do you see him enjoying a solid season with Moenchengladbach? Will he and the club make a strong run in the Europa League?

Share your thoughts below.

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15 Responses to Johnson sets up game-winner in Moenchengladbach debut

  1. Increase0 says:

    Hmm, I wish I knew where he lined up. Gladbach should be a fun team to watch this year. I’m pretty sure they are deeper than last year and pick up André Hahn in the off season. Their depth is fairly young but one of those young midfielders started in the WC final

  2. john says:

    Started at right back and moved to left mid in the 65 minute. He got his assist from midfield.

    • dude1 says:

      If Yedlin keeps his form up, we should move Johnson into the midfield. He’s so damn good in the midfield.

      • Diego's Maradoughnuts says:

        +1 This could be a freakishly damaging tandem if lined up on the same side. As you say, Yedlin has to stay the path for a few more years (might actually be him who plays further forward under such a scenaro) but we are definitely in a good place to try some things out.

        • Joamiq says:

          Unless they greatly improve their defensive positioning/awareness, I would most definitely not want to see Yedlin and Fabian teamed up on the same side. I like them both a lot, but they both have similar defensive deficiencies.

          • Diego's Maradoughnuts says:

            No doubt (I’m not sure Fabian is as bad as you seem to think, but I respect your view here)… But I couldn’t agree more that defense comes first.

          • Nate Dollars says:

            i haven’t noticed these ‘defensive deficiencies’ of fabian’s. he’ll have off games here and there, like everyone else, but in fact, i think he’s a very good defender; it’s just that he’s also a natural attacker.

    • bryan says:

      yup, that should be noted because apparently he did not play well at RB. was among the guilty on their 2nd goal. once moved to RM, his impact was, from what i’ve read, fantastic. dude needs to stay in midfield.

  3. SBI TroII says:

    Best American field player in Europe.

  4. Del Griffin says:


    • JayAre says:

      Replace Trapp with Kitchen and this line up looks more solid.

    • bryan says:

      i think you can count on one of Bedoya and Zusi to be in that other wide position. at least for now. i also wonder if we see Bradley in that advanced from now on. i think he drops back to a double pivot position with Trapp/Kitchen/Stanko/Williams/Jones with Dempsey playing in front of them and a bit behind Jozy.