U-18 USMNT 3, Hungary 1: Match Highlights

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16 Responses to U-18 USMNT 3, Hungary 1: Match Highlights

  1. Increase0 says:


    ‘murka scored.

  2. AMP says:

    Look what you’ve done, Jozy!

    The front row needs to take a knee, or stand fully upright, because this just makes me uncomfortable. Can’t the photographer try to direct them a little bit, or something?

    If I’m ever coach of a USNT photograph, my front line is squatting with some pride and patriotism. Furthermore, every player is going to agree to convey the same emotion with their face. We can’t have a handful of players looking “happy to be here”, another handful looking “ready for war”, and the rest looking vacant, possibly unaware that a photo was being taken. Even if we decided on “mildly puzzled” as a prematch look, it would be a significant improvement from the norm.

    • Leo says:

      Let us know when you accomplish that.

      • AMP says:

        That complaint was really all the effort I planned on putting forth, towards a better prematch picture tomorrow. However, I’m pretty sure Sunil Gulati frequents these comment boards, *cough* slowleftarm, so maybe he’ll notice and appreciate my idea, and go about implementing it across all of US Soccer. When that day comes, I am sure I’ll be too proud to not let everyone on here know.

        • MLSsnob says:

          Wait, are you insinuating that slowleftarm is Sunil Gulati? If that’s the case, why is he always complaining about players not being american enough? You just blew my mind, how do you know that’s him?

          • AMPh says:

            I never said I knew it was him, just that I was pretty sure.
            I have vague reasons to believe that Sunil comes on here to gauge USMNT supporter’s criticisms. What better way to do that, than to create a cover where you can play devil’s advocate? For divulging this “unconfirmed” idea, I fear for my safety, and the safety of my loved ones, because I have no idea how high up this goes, or what the people in power may do to shut me up.

            Christ, someone’s knocking at the door…

            • MLSsnob says:

              Haha, if he has a German accent, don’t answer.

            • Football Forever Soccer says:

              I wouldn’t be surprised if this is done by US Soccer and, especially, Klinsmann’s team.

              But, it’s very unlikely that they’d do it themselves due to how busy they must be with their jobs. It’s probably just a small expense to have people on these boards reading and posting to shape public opinion how they wish it.

    • Del Griffin says:

      You know they are in that position for less than a second, right?

  3. TomG says:

    Never saw Elney play before. Very impressed with his first touch. Looks like he’s got good size and pace as well.

  4. Hejduk4President says:

    Who’s the guy w the bleached mohawk?

  5. Dr.K says:

    the kids won but they played awfully against a very weak team. Many fundamental mistakes that will hurt them against better teams. Might be poor coaching. I hope so.

    • don Lamb says:

      I didn’t see the game. Just the highlights where it looked like they controlled every aspect of game. Can you elaborate on the “fundamental mistakes?”